YouTube Rewind 2019: The Musical

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    The "unofficial" musical retelling of 2019.
    See how we made the musical:
    Listen to the songs on Spotify:
    Donate to #TeamTrees:
    Directed by Garrett Kennell & Michael Thomas-Visgar • garrettkennell
    Produced by Michelle Khare & Michael Thomas-Visgar • mtvisgar
    Lyrics by Steve Greist
    Music by Alex Winkler •
    Choreography by Joseph Corella •
    Director of Photography - Kevin Stiller
    Edited by Madeline Puzzo and Garrett Kennell
    Ryan Castellino • ryancastellino
    Steve Greist • stevegreist
    Cornelius Jones, Jr • corneliusjonesjr
    Julia Aks •
    Lacey Beegun • shoelaceybee
    Steven Agdeppa • stadam_
    Desiree Gillespie
    Christina Licarione • christinalicarione
    Jasmine Vinuya • jkvee
    Spencer Ramirez • nyspencerramirez
    Olivia Marie • olivia_marie_makeup
    Emily Price
    Leasa Hood Shuklar
    Danielle Powell
    Dani Johnson
    Camera Operators - Matt Sweeney, Mark Christian, Erik Deutscher
    Lighting Designer - Bill Wilday
    Stage Manager - Drew Lake
    Production Coordinator - Iris Sullivan
    1st AD - TJ Marchbank
    Assistant Choreographer - Anna Hiran
    Recording Mixer - Christina Gonzalez
    Hair & Makeup - Olivia Marie
    Costumer - Alison Boresi
    Still Photographer - Tony Moux
    Motion Graphics - Taylor Dolniak
    #CNselRewind #CNselRewind2019 #TeamTrees

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    1. Michelle Khare

      Hi friends! We need your help! We want as many creators featured in this to see this so we can bring awareness and generate as much traffic to the fundraiser as possible!! Be sure to tag any creator you see featured or mentioned in this on Twitter and Instagram so we can get everyone excited about this!! 20 MILLION TREES!!

      1. badd hair country boy

        YOUR SO TALENTED!!!! and the guy who played pew die pie woah

      2. James . J . Beckham

        Beautiful work Michelle , i wish i could have seen this live

      3. Luis Chavez

        Michelle Khare what’s happen. You haven’t uploaded anything in a month

      4. Lara Karaman

        when are you getting back


      I can’t stop listening to the Shane Dawson song

    3. angelmushahf

      I was waiting for them to say like and subscribe like they did in the rehearsal

    4. Annika :3

      In 2020 rewind, how about we give CNsel a break and chill and leave Michelle to make.. y'know... art?

    5. Tamia's Camera Roll

      3:34 🤣 Someone please make this a meme!

    6. ikshwaki bhardwaj

      who are these 13k dimwits !!!!! this is gold !!


      oooo tana

    8. Ducks And Dogs

      This should be a yearly thing.

    9. Jackson Pawlow

      How about smokejumpers

    10. Ami Z.

      am i stupid or is the full musical not even in the video? where can i watch it?

    11. M Yt

      Please make this an annual tradition. This was so awesome. Michelle you are so inspirational! You can do anything!

    12. Ken Russell

      Love this video.

    13. BlackBerryTrees

      I loved this so much! Made me realize by watching the ending, how CNsel really does seem to be dominated by men and it made me proud to see Michelle there in the middle. I hope if next year there was a rewind, more females would be taking the front stage ending bow ❤️ also awesome job with the cast and so much diversity!

    14. Samahri Jordan

      Mr. Beast : wow.... I'm a good singer..

    15. Keila serendipity

      Your really give me goosebumps and make me cry .Have you ever sing before ? Your voice is so amazing .How are you able to participate in many artivities like how you even do your videos ? I'm 15 years old and I been watching your videos like for a year and I got to say you really inspired me to be me to do the things that I really love and explore more .I love you and What advices can you give me on doing things like you ?

    16. Neutral Queen

      I hate all the people who disliked this video, youtube take some notes for 2020 rewind

    17. Evie Anh Wong

      Some absolute BANGERS in here

    18. Evie Anh Wong

      Wow this is absolutely amazingggg

    19. KatietheLady

      I loved this and I'm so proud of Michelle for going out of her comfort zone! I loved the tap number as an ad XD I know you guys didn't have the means/audience to do this live and unedited but I would have bought a ticket! I loved you in that red sparkle coat too

    20. Ana Lucia Cárdenas

      Holy why am I just coming across this!! This is great!!

    21. Holsa B

      This has such Team Starkid vibes

    22. Emily Taylor

      Is it just me who heard Charles e cheeses instead of chuck e cheese? 🤣

    23. • Leah •

      Holy crap don’t know why I haven’t seen this till now but LET THIS SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE

    24. nala beans

      The making was stressing the singing while dancing part but these weren't untouched vocals from the performance. I totally get why you wouldn't use just the live vocals but it's odd to lead that way.

    25. Sunaina N

      CNsel should learn from this🤯

    26. corazon de gatito

      Lovely, creative, wonderful, so many things but most important?, Talent on it's shinest, beautiful, applause to everyone who participated on this, and specially to Michelle and the producers for pulling this off in 6 weeks.

    27. Rose Lapis

      dang, pewds has some vocals

    28. Christine

      Omg! Michelle you sound amazing! You definitely have talent.

    29. *• Purple Panda Playz •*

      Newsies.. Chicago.. Wait.. WHAT

    30. Moonwalker- A.R.M.Y

      Good job bit thought there was something you didn't put in that deserved to be in ther

    31. Amber Griffiths

      I would literally die if I held that high of a note for as long as the guy playing PewDiePie

    32. Lillian Hachmann

      even though it was hard they should do it all over next year

    33. Lillian Hachmann

      omg i know im lat

    34. darcone9

      I am here from a convo with.

    35. Charlotte Gilkerson

      How did i just now find out about this???? This is amazing!!!

    36. sactiger

      Brilliant... absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Michelle - you are truly a Renaissance Woman... I am SO in awe of you!! Love you so much!! :)

    37. Creepykoolkat186

      I’ve watched this like 10 times now,I’m obsessed!!!

    38. Annie MacFlannie

      8:42 Bill Denbrough: Hi yo sliver... All: HI HO SLIVER, AAAAAWWWAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    39. Myndblown

      (sad Naruto run) is such a mood

    40. Lazy Book Reviews


    41. Jules C

      This was amazing!! I loved it so much! I’m so proud of everyone who participate in this production. 😊💜💜

    42. Vindoricor

      this should be rewind it would be good

    43. Annette Compean

      This is the best

    44. Some Singer

      When the guy was looking at Michelle, he had the face of “YEAH! This kid did this WHOLE thing from scratch and I love her!”

    45. AnastasjaBlack

      Just Brilliant!!!!

    46. Brany Teddy

      the best youtube rewind i have ever seen

    47. StarkillerGoose

      2019 was possibly the worst year of my life

    48. James Cabrey

      Wtf is no one gonna talk about how good of a singer she is 👏👏👏👏😂😂😄😃😃😃😀

    49. theshel0000

      Watch the ads so Michelle can get that $27,000 back 😂

    50. _catemooree

      When it said “please wait till the tap intermission is done” I lost it

    51. Alfonso Diagro

      That last song sounds so familiar. Theater nerds please help

    52. Courtney J

      this is just now being recommended to me

    53. Eli Burron

      The reference to the Naruto runners by the alien killed me 😂

    54. Oliver Dudley

      I literally watched this 3 times! LOVE IT! HOW WAS I SO LATE!

    55. Namrata Lahiri

      Omg this is soooooo much better than the original rewind video! Loved it. ❤️✨

    56. Nivia Lima

      That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen 🥺

    57. lindsey johnston

      why isn't this more popular?

    58. MJ

      Yes I am crying right now

    59. Macie Rogers

      She actually did phenomenal. They all did. ❤️

    60. Elizabeth g

      PewDiePie and t-series had me👏👏👏