YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind


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    CNsel Rewind 2017. Celebrating the videos, people, music and memes that made 2017. #CNselRewind
    Meet the featured Creators in Rewind:
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    CNsel Rewind 2017 produced by Portal A

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    1. Philip Sacaguti

      I think the only one we won't miss in this rewind is Jake Paul

    2. Labeeb Subair

      who's here cause of carter sharer's new video

    3. princesssharai

      Some of you are ungrateful

    4. Amanda Mountain

      When fidget spinners was a thing...

    5. Kurt oyuncu726

      Çok kötü ablamınki güzel

    6. rgonzac 8

      Solo di like por fargan

    7. aj Pranav

      Just bcz of despacito.....Likes are more.

    8. VSW RPs

      Even DanTDM Has Just In The Slightest Almost Got More Subscribers Than These Guys.

    9. VSW RPs

      This Is Only Good Because Of KSI.... Plus The Like Ratio

    10. VT21

      I think , this was the last time CNsel got more likes than dislikes........:)

    11. Abigail Ong

      Dan was danisnotonfire in this even after changing his branding😂😂

    12. Ellie _

      Shut up people this was great, you ungrateful bishes, look at the rewind of 2019 and then you'll see

    13. shahid alfaruk

      Where is fecking pwedipie

    14. ********

      thank god we have a comment section otherwise i might not know what year it is. *smh*

    15. Amber Awesomeness

      I only came here for the animators

    16. God_of_War


    17. Esme Chavez

      People make fun of you or call you names do not stand for that because you are powerful you are you and you can be yourself and you have the power to change the world and change how people think about😊😊❤️❤️❤️

    18. Boston Terrier

      Wanted to be a CNselr. People said by the time you get on CNsel might not be a thing anymore. Made me cry a bit....

    19. Eyup Dandan

      263 youtuber..

    20. Samirha Kaled

      1:40 FELIPE NETO 😀

    21. Nagwa Zaky

      I think this is the best rewind ever

    22. Nooby Gaming

      Congratulations CNsel!!! You actually made a rewind in the recent years that has more likes than dislikes! Good job!

    23. EditBySteve

      I love the animators part at the end...

    24. Naomi Waite

      I feel like everyone really doesn't care about the rewinds and are pretending to hate them because everyone else does

    25. lovelyfurball88

      this video aged horribly

    26. lovelyfurball88

      nooooooo not despacito im dying what is this music please stop just give me uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *dies*

    27. •Little Lion•


    28. JustDragonBall

      We need to do this again I actually got nostalgia thrills

    29. The real Thanos

      The last one that was liked more than disliked

    30. Nicolas Charrier

      Noooooo Why Despacito 😣😣

    31. Game Over


    32. Slaro & Veylh

      hey bro

    33. Charlene kirner

      little did they know it was all down hill from here.......

    34. Brayden Cooper

      2018 was pretty bad but 2019 was better

    35. Guest Guest Great wolf fan

      Only flaw here is fidget spinners

    36. FBI

      In 2017 we thought this was bad then compared to 2019 this one deserves an Oscar

    37. Owen wade

      2017 was so summery vibes

    38. jake joker

      Hands down this song is the best song i have ever heard in my entire whole life.

    39. lymoi

      Rewind 2017 : Not the bad one Rewind 2018: The Bad one Rewind 2019: The No budget one

    40. Emilio Flores

      Ksi vs Logan Paul

    41. Layal Hb

      Past youtube rewind ever

    42. Ana Bella


    43. Abdullahs Games

      The best rewind

    44. Unicorn Girl

      who remembers when slime,dabbing and fidget spinners where a thing?

    45. ConstantlyConcussed

      After watching PewDiePie’s rewind I came back to watch CNsel’s Rewind... please leave PewDiePie and friends in charge

    46. José Francisco Cox Ureta

      This neeeeds. A Oscar

    47. Army Elif

      Türk olanlar insanlar el ele tutuşurken bi ara durdurun kafalar var bi de yine insanlar el ele tutuşurken bi ara merve öskaynak var

    48. ARMY Bơ

      CNsel hãy trả lại view cho BTS

    49. Stein Polse

      This is to woke.

    50. sebas

      Hispanos donde stais en 2020

    51. RobbieForReal

      I never remembered watching this, and at first watching it again, I thought I would hate it. I was actually fine with it until I saw the Paul brothers. Then I realized how forgettable this whole video was. Great production value, but cheesy with no actual substance.

    52. phile men

      2:43 キヨ登場

    53. Jiren

      who saw Ryan toys review

    54. Keyzar 22


    55. Priya Vasishta

      How is it possible? This CNsel Rewind got more likes than dislikes.

    56. 「special rat」 。

      2017= aha that’s hot,that’s hot 2019= what the f-

    57. yousif alfalahy

      Idk why but I keep watching this

    58. ban 09

      Q brisa rsrsrs

    59. Daniel Eduardo Vazquez Monroy

      bravo por luisito comunica, german garmendia, y el gabo(werevertumorro)