Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer

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    A new era of wonder begins. #WW84 in theaters June 5.
    Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing two all-new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah.
    With director Patty Jenkins back at the helm and Gal Gadot returning in the title role, “Wonder Woman 1984” is Warner Bros. Pictures’ follow up to the DC Super Hero’s first outing, 2017’s record-breaking “Wonder Woman,” which took in $822 million at the worldwide box office. The film also stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, Robin Wright as Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta.
    Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Stephen Jones are producing the film. Rebecca Steel Roven Oakley, Richard Suckle, Marianne Jenkins, Geoff Johns, Walter Hamada, Chantal Nong Vo and Wesley Coller are the executive producers.
    Patty Jenkins directed from a screenplay she wrote with Geoff Johns & David Callaham, story by Jenkins & Johns, based on characters from DC. Joining the director behind the scenes are several members of her “Wonder Woman” team, including director of photography Matthew Jensen, Oscar-nominated production designer Aline Bonetto (“Amélie”), and Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (“Topsy-Turvy”). Oscar-nominated editor Richard Pearson (“United 93”) is cutting the film. The music is by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer (“Dunkirk,” “The Lion King”).
    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents an Atlas Entertainment/Stone Quarry Production, a Patty Jenkins Film, “Wonder Woman 1984.” Set to open in theaters on June 5, 2020 in 2D and 3D in select theaters and IMAX, it will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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    1. Adnan Shariq

      Is Steve alive?

    2. Anna Vea

      I can’t wait till june, i have so mang questions about it😩

    3. mintico snout

      I can feel the thor ragnarok vibes

    4. monika greenleaf

      I prefer Marvel but the trailer hooked me up so I'm going to watch it.

    5. Sandi Hermana

      What steve doesn't know Trash Cans🤭

    6. vikas shukla

      I have a guuts to do it in originally but I don't have a money

    7. Frionell Gardia

      Sorry, but I don't get it. Spoil me, Steve still alive after previous movie or what?

    8. Tudo

      Won't beat Joker though

    9. Daniel Oleszek

      The world still needs heroes

    10. Kimseokjin lol

      we need the second trailer!!!

    11. Jack Byrne

      This trailer is so good I can just listen to it...it’s intriguing, mysterious, funny, triumphant and fuckin cool

    12. Zaky Adam


    13. Pedro Oliveira

      No terçeiro filme tem que apareçer o Jasão lutando do lado de sua irmã mulher maravilha

    14. vikash anand

      Watching in a loop , Just because of music....That ERA....

    15. Td北极熊

      This trailer deserved best trailer award in 2020

    16. Ndirangu Gichuki

      Ok the music on this trailer is more than good, I hope the actual movie soundtracks go on with that tone.

    17. jamiereed254

      Dudess Wondar Woman has some epic trailer music.

    18. Hy Shai

      How many times did we heard the world needs u in the movies😂😂😂😂😂

    19. RyGuyBoi

      I’m a hardcore Marcel fan but this trailer has convinced me to see this movie already

    20. adam lewis

      This is so exciting!!! I am so looking forward to this

    21. Mason P

      I have seen the TV show from the 1970s you know when Wonder Woman has an invisible jet. Also some of the show took place in the 1940s

    22. RyGuyBoi

      Wonder Woman vs The Mandalorian

    23. No Worries


    24. CA Family

      What a trailer

    25. mg19cal

      I guess it's official, Chris Pine has been in 2 of possibly the best trailers in movie history. Star Trek 2009, and now this one

    26. VGMasta

      Honestly, I do not know how to feel about this sequel, it just feels so out of place

    27. Billiejean Kennedy


    28. AKHIL Pillay

      I’m confused Someone please explain why Steve is alive

    29. vrendus522

      Kick ass music and trailer. Like the content of who she is.Thanks

    30. Frank Drive

      This is such a fantastic trailer.

    31. Rocco Borghetti

      This might very well be better than the first one. Placing WW at number last of my top 5 and this may be at number 3. MoS Batman Begins WW84 (???) BvS WW

    32. Joshua Torres

      This movie is going to be nostalgic

    33. Adam Sanchez

      Please don't be political, please don't be political, please don't be political.

      1. Moisés Marquardt

        It will

    34. Saman Abdulrehman

      2 number

    35. Adventure Discovery

      This is the worst! HAHA

    36. Ac G

      Honestly, I can't get enough of this trailer... that's never happened to me before. Editing is incredible.

    37. Darren Farley

      Ill go see this just so I can see what a busy mall use to look like!!

    38. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

      Somebody should do a TikTok video dancing robot to this trailer.

    39. jamarkus gg

      Крутая музыка

    40. paul sasa

      I hope she flies

    41. Lauri Jaakkonen

      1984 and nobody has mall hair or a mullet? Yeah, right...

    42. DanceMoms LOVER

      This movie is gonna be epic I already know it

    43. Joselita Torres


    44. Joe Kinchicken

      "A world born of millennial cucktards is doomed to fail" - that's what she wanted to say

    45. Derya

      Love that she's using the lasso more. Hope she makes someone tell the truth.

    46. Arthur Morgan

      Can't wait

    47. sar oct

      what's up with hollywood and their obsession with 80's lately?

    48. Dale Deal

      Hawkgirl : yo' girl is that ma wings? Diana : Bitch can't I have my moment here? y'all know I still can't fly Hawkgirl : Seriously? After 3 movies already??

    49. Joe Neri

      Chris Pine just steals scenes

    50. Brandon

      You know, I saw Wonder Woman for the 1st time last night. I haven't seen many post 2010 movies lately, and I heard a ton of trash talk about most of them including Wonder Woman. I think it was a decent film! I am excited for this one too!

    51. Ali Azhar

      Damn it the music is so good.

    52. Crestfire

      Truck flips are back!

    53. Shar Lee RV

      This trailer is 300% better just for the song... And Gal of course.

    54. Wilson Kelman

      Looks dope

    55. SabiUnicorn

      Steve: *Dies in Wonder Woman* DC: *UNO REVERSCARD*

    56. Sunny Vidhur

      Trailer music - Blue Monday by Sebastian Böhm

    57. Bonfist

      finally, a non toxic non feminist super heroine

    58. I'm Gamer MKX

      Please Gal Gadot don't know how to act

    59. Mr CJ

      Feminismmm, Isssss, Cancaaa!

    60. legend be my name

      Who is watching this in 1984