These People Failed Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Daily Show

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    Roy Wood Jr. runs down the most misguided celebrations of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, from retailers to pundits, and reflects on the legacy of the civil rights activist himself. #RoyWoodJr #TheDailyShow
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    1. Dayon Mage

      Only the White race allows itself to be exploited through its pathological generosity. Giving away our citizenship’s meaning, giving away our (recessive gene) daughters, giving away our freedom of speech, Adopting the rest of the planet’s accidental pregnancies, screen-gazing modernists brainwashed into celebrating an overcrowded denaturalized cesspool consumer culture. Aa if it’s somehow a strength. Wake up, Europeans. Our own governments are ethnically-cleansing or outright replacing us within our own cultures and societies. White men and women create prosperous empires, and our own open-handed generosity is always our own undoing. Modern pop-culture is squandering and desecrating everything noble or inspiring which may be linked to a glorious past. A glorious past which they try to brainwash us into apologizing for through Netflix and Hollywood re-enactments of historical events, always conveniently one sided and painting White civilization as overly wicked. We must rise above the pop-culture brainwashing attempts and rediscover rootedness and solidarity. tell me, have you not noticed how dumbed-down and overpopulated everyday life has become in formerly decent places to live? The White race is already overrun and outnumbered in our own societies. Yet hope remains if you will dare to reignite the inner-light to rediscover how great you truly are, and how empowering this divine responsibility is once you gratefully take the scepter and acknowledge your sense of duty and stewardship to preserve that which is fair.

    2. ahoorakia

      your religion or color of your skin does not make you a better person.your behavior ,does !

    3. ahoorakia

      same people who wrote and signed the constitution,that all man are equal ,owned slaves and plantation !!

    4. GAB8407

      He was, is and will always be COOL! When you fight for what you believe in, it helps others, and you get killed - You are the cool points!!!

    5. Lemonade lemon

      Wish i knew. I would have looked good in a little black dress. Just sayin🤷🏻‍♀️

    6. Solomon Combs

      Studying history is soooooooo important. Honestly, this isn't the only time I've witnessed timelines become so twisted

    7. ベジータ

      America is and will always be a fucked up country.

    8. Old Salem

      Majority of Americans stopped watching this show when Trevor took over. #Facts

    9. Comodidad Senkwe

      or whatever you want us to call you 🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

    10. franswiggidy

      Trevor Noah you dishonor Dr King King. The real Dr King. POOR PEOPLES MARCH you neoliberal swine!

    11. freddy .E

      MLK and Bernie both saw how this nation is and could become in MLKs words we need a social democracy!!

    12. Ty

      The gun guy's sincere face left me frozen for about 5 seconds to snap out of it.

    13. Moses Martinez

      FUCK NOA

    14. lady love

      Exploitation of the poor that’s key right there. That’s what’s happening now. Being shot, killed, separated from families separated, starved etc

    15. lady love

      They did give guns just to fight in that war

    16. United States Of America

      I suppose "Black History" Just started in the U.S.A? Black history summed up.. 1. Blacks invented Slavery 2. Blacks Enslave Each other for 1000s of years 3. Blacks Enslave Whites (Barbary Slave Trade) 4. Blacks sell Blacks to whites 5. Whites enslave Blacks for a few hundred years 6. Whites Abolish Slavery and give some blacks freedom (Against most blacks will) 7. Black blame whites for everything

    17. Ruger Shooter

      You made the point for giving slaves guns......the movie would have been 15 min long cause none of the crap that went on would have ever happened

    18. Lanny Yeomans

      king was a good man trevor is apiece of shit

    19. st prch

      "If socialism brings equality then i think we need socialism" - Martin luther King JR. People don't want you remembering that quote. Respect too mlk. Deport this communist faggot.

    20. Stone Ghana

      His picture were hot!!!!!!

    21. optikalillusion777

      The preacher of non violence and the dude that was killed WITH A GUN would agree with you about gun appreciation day??? LOL. How out of touch are some of you white folks???

    22. Khaver 25

      Another racist sexual PREDATOR who escaped JUSTICE and got away with a national holiday in his name.... YASHER KOACH BERNIE 2O2O

    23. Cynthia Ellis

      4:28 Honestly, I don't understand how black people are so patient when dumb white people talk about racism.

    24. Riverness Mariposa

      Progressive liberals are so purest and nit picky. It’s suffocating. So they put a sale on. Big deal

    25. Aequitas

      This one is funny as hell, especially the pro gun and slavery. Roy was hilarious.

    26. tjon lee

      Fux mlk jr .. My kids got to miss school over this piece of shit and fux you to for forcing me to celebrate this mfer good ol fn america always forcing something on someone

    27. Priscilla Jimenez

      Yeah a guy for none violence supported gun appreciation 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    28. Original 6 Hockey

      Black isn’t a color.


      disgus Lead.

    30. Mathilde D

      I'M WHEEZING !!! That lady's face at 4:19 says it all !!!

    31. Saundra Wills

      MLK JR. DAY, is all about love in Christ.walk in Christ and give in Christ.Praises The Lord! Peace and LOVE!

    32. Mister Turk Turkle


    33. Ang Aur

      The gun guy is trying not to laugh look at his face, he is trolling.

    34. Arunabha Das

      Mlk was a handsome guy compare to his time, now people wear stupid dresses

    35. jstevenj1

      3:45 second - "MLK... left the door open for the haters" - Hillariously on point!

    36. The Humanity

      Reminder that MLK was killed when he was doing the Poor People's campaign. People claiming that MLK's goals were achieved are grossly misrepresenting what he stood for. He once said to Lyndon B Johnson: "I think one of the great tributes that we can pay in memory of President Kennedy is to try to enact some of the great, progressive policies that he sought to initiate." One of those progressive policies being universal healthcare.

    37. Patricia Ashley

      I Thought It Was Sweet. Discount On Black Items. Valentine Is A Of Love And Discount. Jabber About That Day. Black Have Become Gloom And Doom. Your Joke Just Proved It. Started: Hears An Idea Start With Building Black Character And Stop Blaming The White Man For You Not Brushing Your Teeth. Martin Luther King. Laid It Out In His Speech To His People. Start Teaching Blacks The Real Meaning Of Family. Joke Are Not Impressive Because Some Take It As Their Truth. His Name is Jesus. Trust Him. Read : Jeremiah Chapters 7 & 8 And 9. One Thing That Is Wrong In The Black Community Is The Lack Of Them God Fearing Grandmother. Hallelujah! Take The Word Racist Out Of America; It's A Very Bad Word, Used With The Intent To Do Harm. Define The Word Love. Ask Jesus To Teach You( Plural ). How To Pray, Love And Forgive. Heaven Is My Goal. Peace.

    38. Kenneth Edwards

      Trevor Noah is a discusting leftist disease.

      1. Joe dirte

        Democrats are scum of the earth

    39. senni bgon

      I am so glad we finally have a black late-night host so we can talk about these things. Big ups to Trevor

    40. Gerry Nightingale

      *'White Guy' was deliberately 'slapping the face' of every person of color in America with that 'gun' shit and that's the real truth of it*

      1. Gerry Nightingale

        @BKking6 *Fuck off!* *You're such a fucking coward you won't even use your name on your 'shit-spewing'*

      2. BKking6

        Gerry Nightingale just how blacks slap the face of anything white. Just to remind them. Even if they just came off the boat.

    41. MRTOOTH0331

      MLK was pro gun. A lot of black people were packing around him all the time. They even wrote a book. Funny the NRA man didn’t read that one

    42. Susan Ponti

      In all fairness we do have sales on Presidents Day for cars and mattresses and everything else stupid.

      1. BKking6

        senni bgon go to Africa and see what slavery is

      2. senni bgon

        about slavery...

    43. beerborn

      I'm waiting for James Earl Ray Day to be passed by Congress.

    44. drttyu liqm


    45. Jed Enerio

      Roy Wood Jr. is like John Oliver.

    46. seeni gzty

      responding to the clergy’s criticism of his methods. Really opened my mind years ago about the NFL players kneeling. He is with out a doubt the greatest American.

    47. Elisa J

      i think that white guy was correct. the right to bear arms was intended to be a right for white men. if black people (he did not say slaves) had guns from the very beginning they probably COULDN'T have been made to be slaves.

      1. drttyu liqm

        care about the ilkegal babies thats why at the same time they are pushing for abortion up to birth , bunch of brain dead clowns being fooled and used like retard tools . What a

    48. Mike Thompson

      Trevor Noah is a racist bigot. Get him off this show.

    49. Mike Thompson

      Martin Luther King Jr would NOT have agreed with you AT ALL. You're an idiot.

      1. seeni gzty

        is , what think its bullshit? Thats because your stupidity is being taken advantage off , facts are facts , history is history look it up libtard clowns

    50. ProGamer&Mechanic

      And yet people still act racist on this day.....

    51. Amelia Bedelia

      I’m not upset about the party, Black humor, I get it 😂😂🤣

    52. Rich Beatty

      Go Roy! I hope we get to that day!

    53. Adom Appiah Agyekum EDZII

      😂😂 Trevor being madeba 😂

    54. Sean Lor

      Waited until they talked about MLK's gauranteed minimum income statement that everyone seemed to have forgot... Left disappointed. :(

    55. Beatnik RN

      Uh, not to mention the fact that he was for “NON-VIOLENT Protest”. So, that’s a big no on guns.

    56. dcoog anml

      “ no Justice no peace” that is the biggest failure to MLK’s no violence protest.

    57. I C

      Fake victims who think people who did nothing to them,somehow owe them something? Focusing on their "blakkness" and race,and projecting this on anyone who is a specific color? Assuming all whites are raycistttt? I'm sure MLK would be ashamed of these self serving professional victims,who care about themselves only,and couldn't care less about slavery...

    58. Vertubenflugen

      Hahahaha the bullshit is real. People will say anything to sell their products.

      1. dcoog anml

        All hail his prophecy .

    59. Tim Pierce

      So if King was alive today, he would still oppose the Democrat party platform even more. Democrats party of the KKK etc.

    60. Ardi Meçi

      The Declaration of Independence: All man I created equally! Martin Luther King Jr: Bitch am I a joke to you?!