The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

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    1. I Hate Everything

      Garbage video!! Stinky! For real tho this show actually rules

      1. Kayze

        “If you hate everything, you must hate yourself” There, now this thread is complete.

      2. Walnuts

        Le fricc

      3. 「 Soulless 」

        North-American P51D-10 you know who’s poopy? Joe

      4. Josie Franklin

        F you James

      5. North-American P51D-10

        @ViperZ9 poopy

    2. Lil Gandalf boi

      5:23 aahh...beautiful.

    3. Happy Face Time

      6:10 James's voice sounds so satisfying for some reason!!

    4. I play titan


    5. Sandro

      I’ve been waiting for this video

    6. Tierney Shirrell

      So no Xmas vid?

    7. silverretplays _more

      It’s been a long time since you’ve posted

    8. Anna Ohanyan

      MMM -Chamberlin

    9. Barney 55

      Hay James did you know that they’ve made a Netflix series on the dark crystal

    10. Garrett Atkinson


    11. i jdjsu

      notifications broke

    12. Fnaf Gamers

      Not as much Lore as FNAF

    13. ElementKid


    14. wtfminseok

      6:13 - 6:33 James voice: ⬆️⬇️⬆️

    15. Timothy A Cowin

      Skeksi beach episode XD

    16. Fir3work

      The Dark Crystal is so good. I’m in love with both the movie AND the series.

    17. Thcgdd Wilbhjbg

      HIRE HIM!!!!

    18. Christopher D'Oyen

      Skexo, Skexill, Skektek and *_S h r e k_*

    19. Maddison Wallace

      Hello um...i was wondering if could watch my channel.just to know its good.

    20. Kerys Cookie

      I expected this 😂 I’ve been waiting for this CNsel video hahaha

    21. 「 Soulless 」

      HAHAHA....HA HA

    22. sweethooligan

      6:58 me when i have a project that i haven't done due tomorrow (watch at 2x speed)

    23. Giada Farrar

      T z xz

    24. Gavin's Videos

      In the thumbnail I saw it and I said that's dark cristal

    25. Jackson On RBLX

      Ur animation got alot better from the last dark cystral video next you should make the mouths move

    26. iLoveAnimeSoMuch

      Hey james guess what! There making a dark crystal revamp on netflix!

    27. kawaii doggu

      HmMmmMMmm... I think they got lazy on naming the other clans

    28. Waffle Cat

      There’s a dark crystal board game I got it and it is so good!!!🤩🥳 HOPE JAMES SEES THIS!?!!,!

    29. dot dyr 1time4d1time

      Never clicked so fast in my entire Laifff !

    30. Kayla Rickman

      **chamberlen** mmmmmmmmmmm I like the movie

    31. MyHeartisFullBeauty is Lehilina Marlow

      Now I want the Wings of Fire movie to come out. And make me voice act Tsunami.

    32. Jace's Sanctum

      F you and your x2 speed plugin

    33. Lazy Toast


    34. Joseph Begay




    36. Bamboozled Dogo

      Im sad i won't see ur channel again in 2020 as it was in 2019 because of coppa. Watched this chanell for 5 years and still love it. Sad its gonna get coppaed on :(

    37. 100 subs but no videos???

      Turns out this was my mums favorite movie as a kid

    38. oXeon


    39. Evereel OwO

      Therapy bills be increasing :V have a furry merry Christmas, season, Hanukkah or what ever