The End of the Beauty World

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    1. ShaneGlossin

      Hope you guys like this deleted scenes/bonus episode of the series! It was really fun to edit and also sad because it finally hit me that its over. Last year was such an incredible year and Im really grateful for your guys support. :')) Im excited to post some fun stuff this year on this channel and hopefully you guys are ok with random, dumb, and sometimes creepy videos that revolve around the beauty world.

      1. Lindsey MacKinnon

        Honestly Shane I don't know about everyone else but personally if it's from you I'll watch anything so yes I'm definitely okay with that lmao😂💗

      2. Juan Hates U

        Hell yea

      3. Brats Pack

        Someone breaking in banging on windows Big Dogs:.......... Small dogs yap yap yap yap yap yap #^% yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap

      4. Mochi Gaming



      Half of those bitches in the Beauty Guru don’t hangout with Shane & Jefferee 😂😂😂 if anything they are the ones who will end up being failures. I love you Morgan DONT listen yo those bitches

    3. Marah Ryan

      Shane “woof woof woof what the f*ck”

    4. dianna reyes


    5. Farzana Jumaat

      Ryland is lowkey harley quinn

    6. Donesha Kirk

      Can you do a conspiracy series on the Denver International Airport

    7. Chelsea Walsh

      Rewatching ...absolutely in stitches about your rant Shane...’all these Beauty gurus need to shut the fuck up’ 🤣 realit-tea!! Love you Shane

    8. xoxLeexox

      Did Jeffree and Nathan break up??

    9. Kimberly Jamieson

      This is the ugly truth of being famous or famous on CNsel beauty gurus

    10. Jaime Ramos

      “Justice for kimmie” is all I took out of this video

    11. Alexander Mason

      Why is Shane to so dramatic about “dramageddon week” it literally had nothing to do with him he was so dramatic

    12. Tristan's Gaming

      When people know to buy gunnnnnnnnns

    13. Tori G

      When Shane’s into is giving me Billie vibes💚

    14. Joseph Supnet

      you know i think 'shut the fuck up' needed to be told sooner tbh

    15. S M

      You can see his purple extreme frost on the table

    16. Softballlove 458

      Anyone else waiting for that face palette they mentioned?

    17. The right way

    18. Genevieve Gengen

      Can someone tell me, the new introduction is in green, is shane doing this to show the “put it back” shade is coming soon? Or there’s a whole new other palette coming up? I’m getting excited just by writing this. 😂

    19. Jay Green

      Mannnn, dat Shane Glossin intro is so sooooo epic I have cold chills! Props to the creator and keep em coming daddy

    20. Josselyn M

      28:11 is a MOOD😭🤚🏼

    21. Kylie Trevino

      Morgan is so pure and I just love everyone in this video 🥺💓


      As he is explaining the break in my anxiety starts kicking in and I start to have a panic attack. Like him and Ryland need to be protected at all fucking costs

    23. Simly Gal

      I've always been told when someone is trying to break in, make yourself known, turn lights on and make noise.

    24. Minni Mo

      wuts this shit, WHY I AM SEEING THIS ONLY NOW!

    25. Peaches Beaches

      I’ve had someone try to rob my house too. We had security cameras and good neighbours that saw them, shouted at them so they ran away and called the police. The police came over and we had the window open so we hear “Hello.” From outside and we looked out the window and saw the police. We said it’s all ok and the next day we checked the security camera footage and sure enough there were two people trying to get into my back garden to get in. But hours before that my step dad got the gate fixed so if he didn’t fix the gate, they could have got into my house.

    26. 123 Rr


    27. valla yakunin

      1200 for rent in LA ?? Where WAS THIS??? SIGN ME UP

    28. Emma Heffernan

      What video was it when Shane reacts to the tati and James drama?

    29. Victorine V.V

      28:07 that’s a mood....

    30. elysedemii

      who else felt like they were in a scary movie lol

    31. sereniti sinthavong

      “everybody needs to work on their *WING* and not on their...i didn’t have anything to say..” dead

    32. taro tea

      Shane really out there looking like Kakyoin in them glasses.

    33. ashley newell

      you need to make a palette with all names that have tea like “realitea” and “honestea”

    34. Princess Mochi

      Shane is so humble 😂

    35. KittysSoliloquy

      That intro song is a fuckin banger tho

    36. Komfy Beanz

      I have the same pen as morgan

    37. TheVelvetCactus


    38. Alex DeLeon

      The strangers is such a scary movie.

    39. Bianca Vinson

      "We really need to up you security" *insert nord vpn ad*

    40. Matt Fuller

      I for sure WOULD NOT BE running around the house with a pepper spray stick with some crazy, hooded figure running around behind my gated home! It’s 2020, let’s grow up!

    41. Ryan Ward

      shane should do a series about exposing beuty gurus

    42. Mikayla Delgado

      I’m still watching this 1 month later and I thought of what if Morgan was doing her summer challenge in the pool at the time of the almost robbery.

    43. ••Bryana Valcarcel••

      Im not gonna lie, I miss the old Shane but at the same time, I love this new Shane because he has more self confidence now👏🏼👏🏼❤️💀🤭

    44. Stephania A


    45. the squeeky muppet

      Shane....i love the videos so far thankyou so much for working so hard for us.

    46. EmmyLee101

      Nothing ain't payed for free you gotta work hard to get the stuff you earned @ShaneGlossin

    47. EmmyLee101

      I'll hang out with Morgan girl let's go shopping

    48. Megan Richardson

      How was this already a month ago 😭 I need more Shane videos

    49. Bianca Comanescu

      You know why I loved this? If there's anyone in the world who can pull the sticks out of makeup guru's asses is Shane freakin Dawson.

    50. Chaotic Lich

      The brake in seems fake. Or maybe I'm just super stoned idk

    51. Mel But Not Gibson

      27:48 preach Dad!!!🙏🙌

    52. Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez

      I say this as Shane literally almost dies

    53. Alyssa Colleen Lee Kailyn Cookson-Juarez

      Hmm... Love this new intro!

    54. Damions LiftedLife

      Fuck that get the strap they would have been greeted with my .45 "is there any weed in the game room" "I don't think anyone would say that sentence" Lol until you meet this stoner

    55. Jenni Valle

      WOW. I ordered the controversy palette and I have been using the diet root beer as a bronzer & LET ME TELL YOU ITS THE BEST THING I DID. And now seeing this video, on 13:00 wow. Shoooooook. Good quality. No kidding! Works better than my NARS

    56. Raquel Sofia Parrales Carlin

      Tengo una pregunta muy seria para cualquier persona de esta audiencia referente al concepto de seguridad ese lado del mundo Cuál es el motivo por el cual en los Estados Unidos no se usan rejas en las ventanas rejas en las puertas o cerramientos en las casas no entiendo si el nivel de peligrosidad delincuencia acoso etcétera etcétera etcétera es tan alto no hay precauciones para mantener alejados a los locos ladrones o delincuentes lejos de sus casas veo películas documentales historias de gente que invade casas acosa cómo le está pasando a Reina se acercan a las propiedades se asoma por las ventanas hurgan en su basura pero yo veo las casas completamente expuestas No entiendo Cuál es la lógica en esto si hay tanto loco suelto en esa área como en cualquier parte del mundo porque no ser precavido y hacer un cerramiento poner rejas seguros yo veo esas casas muy inseguros por favor Me podrían contestar gracias saludos

    57. Gaby Mota

      Fuck that’s so scary

    58. Lazy Cat

      I swear he had 2 mil subscribers yesterday.... he gained about a million subscribers in ONE day omg

    59. What’s Up

      For real though, it’s hard to think that that person was outside Shane’s house just to steal stuff. If your intentions are to steal you’d try to be as discreet as possible, but going around and knocking on all the doors and windows makes it seem like he was intentionally trying to scare Shane and Ryland.

    60. Peta M

      Literally anything with Jeffree in it just makes me cringe 🤢🤮