Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Irina Rodrigues


    2. Irina Rodrigues


    3. Johnny 001

      10:02 who else saw that she almost fell? Kudos to her for the smart recovery.👌👌

    4. Natsumi Tk

      Algún hispanohablante ?

    5. Zorro Entertainment

      i am crying how she moving ang singing. love

    6. Yogo Lin

      LOL 00:24

    7. Apple Joy

      Taylor is just so amazing.

    8. Florian Zbinden

      you could literally throw a party with taylor swift music only and it would never get boring. (I usually listen to punk music)

    9. Vitória Silva potterheads

      Vc vai sair dessa Taylor, oq essas pessoas estão fazendo com vc, eles vão receber o troco.

    10. Blue Sky

      I would like to see Selena Gomez on AMAs

    11. Vaishnavi Mangal

      Love story is her song. No matter what she always sings it. I love her and the song ♥️🤩

    12. Very Sad SlowSlug21

      🌈🌈💖💖💖🌈🌈🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 Love you 😘

    13. Elle Garnet

      10th time i've watched this 😍😘 we love you taytay 💞💞💞

    14. Gaby' s

      MDS me arrepiei toda

    15. Natalie1729

      I really wonder if the last two dancers were a real couple?

    16. 1 Evans

      It's PURRFECT performance yeah.

    17. Toshio Akemi

      I love you so much Taylor 😍❤️

    18. Mangpithang Haokip

      Best name ever❤ "TAYLOR SWIFT "

    19. Mira Bampira

      All her songs are the reflection of my teenage years until now into adulthood!!! 💕😍

    20. uchiha mazuro

      camila cabelia waaw

    21. Rj Creation

      4:05 you can hear bells.. ESTER EGG TO CHRISTMAS TREE FARMMMMMM

    22. Alexia Phantomhive

      I love her so muchhhhh 😭

    23. Claire Auguis


    24. Hahah Hihih


    25. Alliah Jenissa Casamino

      i wonder if her white top with all her albums on is for sale )):

    26. Elaine Taylor


    27. poopie swirl

      Hey taylor swift did you know that billie eilish is watching you

    28. Tanya Gorbunov

      CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR! What a wonderful performance! ♡

    29. ItsMe Stella

      Crying while watching this for the nth time

    30. Jovana M

      Its unbelievable how proud I am.

    31. PestratorProductions

      She totally deserves this. Such a wonderful performance

    32. Khalid Juaksan

      I love u taylor


      Please do a Remix of the Man and give us this beat version so sweet😍😍😍❤

      1. Khalid Juaksan


    34. fathin munirah

      I love her.

    35. Marcos Figueroa

      La mejor presentación de los amas 💖

    36. Samii

      Omg everyone knew the lyrics I totally Stan it 🎉😂

    37. John Michael Camat

      Nice song i love my idol

    38. Niamh Delargy

      I have never adored a musician the way I adore Taylor. Every single part of her SCREAMS talent. Her lyrics are unforgettable, her voice warms my heart, her guitar and piano playing are both flawless. Every single person in that room belonged to Taylor during that performance, she had them all from the very first moment. I am so proud of everything she does, so proud. Oh, and she has more power in a single hair flip than I have in my entire body and that's just the god's honest truth.

    39. Leilababy89

      I hate she has changed. So fake acting and like her ego has gotten too big but I still love most of her songs

    40. Haiper

      Got emotional throughout the whole performance. But Lover hit the deepest. You can see her proud and emotional face while playing the piano 😢