Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Lori Drye

      Billie and Finneas rocking out is my favorite part of all of this

    2. Hoài Trần

      Ai nuôi chị tui mát tay ghê béo tròn rùi

    3. karlineous regala

      Been watching this several times now... is this normal?

    4. Brods Lucky

      Lol, i'm so jealous of her legs

    5. sarah

      She has so many hits she couldn’t fit them all in and people still hate on her

    6. Edward Tobie Mejia

      absolutely fantastic performance, but when she got on that beautiful piano, orchestra and ballet accompanying, and used that deep coldish soul quality of her voice, you'd think it must've been an angel singing

    7. Ciara Burke

      Kinda rude that they held an award show in the middle of her concert :/

    8. D Barbour

      What an amazing talent. Bravo Tay Tay!!

    9. - anzi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="691">11:31</a> for selena gomez’s reaction.

    10. Jenny Lab


    11. Thiha Ko Ko


    12. Fadoo_14

      Wished she had performed something from the reputation era ..still perfect 👌🏽

    13. Nick

      I bet u can't bring a better crowd puller than her..!! Naah no chance..🤭 She is just amazing 😍😍❣️

    14. Dana Mae

      the only bad thing about this is WHERE. WAS. BRENDON.

    15. tina 5005

      Umm did I just see camilla on the stage in shake it off?

    16. Abdul Aziz Jamal

      I want to know the names of the first 2 song pls..

      1. Kath

        The Man & Love Story

    17. shambhavi Jha

      The lover performance looked so magical...

    18. Amra Ajward

      Queen 🔥

    19. Shreya Gupta

      The Lover performance always makes me cry.

    20. Kumar Prateek

      Times I've watched this isn't healthy.

    21. Teef Mohammd

      I miss 2019 ...

    22. _ hary

      I watch this every day ..seriously

    23. Irene P

      I have watched this video a lot of times but I still think it's the best ever💜

    24. Kier Lorence De Jesus

      Even the kids is vibing and singing her song

    25. Chloe Vega

      she's so empowering, fierce and so inspiring!

    26. Jimro Carillo

      THIGHS !!!!

    27. Michael angelo Nicolas

      Its look like a concert..love you taylor ❤️

    28. Renu Thakur


    29. Mikayla P

      Never getting over this performance

    30. Honey Loon

      Your not even My Idol,but I know all your songs 🙂😊

    31. ღ Shook ღ

      That performance of Lover was just beautiful...

    32. Mario Vicuña

      Enjoy the last AMA that isn't in a room livestreaming from home.

    33. Nouya Small

      I was not much of a Taylor fan but I do recognize true talent

    34. Lana Ali

      Wow I love you Taylor swift you are amazing

    35. Nayeon rabbit

      Taylor should sing in the Superbowl, everyone will sing her songs.

    36. r o s é


    37. zahwa chairunisa


    38. Aura Ripoll

      jake peralta´s voice: chills, literal chills

    39. Paing Thet

      Favourite one 😍 This inspired me a lot. I love you, Taylor ❣️

    40. Beza Aseffa

      OMFG...Misty Copeland dancing to Lover is a revelation!!! Breath=took

    41. florencia carballo

      who is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a> ???

    42. Flipin fire

      I am a girl

    43. annie U

      SHES SO BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING WHAT A LEGEND . I’m so glad I lived during her existence to whatch her grow 🥺🥺

    44. Corinne Allen

      leave a like if you are watching this during covid and wish you had been there

    45. Alex Pochesyuk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> Who is this woman? Is she a celebrity?

    46. Queen Jisoo

      My 5yo niece loves Taylor swift. She already watched ALL of her videos on this channel. Hahahaha

    47. Deliveryme pizza

      The fact that all the audience knows the lyrics prove that TAYLOR deserves the award

    48. I hAtE mY LiFe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> i wish billie was on that stage with her and sing with her lover

    49. Grace Keehn

      its kinda rude that they had to cut her concert short for the award show. s

    50. SkyScraper

      Song list pls

    51. Krisnel Bangeles

      watching this over and over is very unhealthy but my brain cells keep on whispering “play that button “ 🤔😂🎉

    52. Wang Xinbin


    53. Saujanya Pal


    54. Dakota_johnson_love D_J

      Wow 😮

    55. Pigronicoles -Playz

      i lowkey need the full version of i knew you were trouble.

    56. Isabelle Maia

      como essa mulher pode ser tão perfeita??? ela cantou minhas 3 musicas favoritas de uma vez na sequencia q eu amo e essa apresentação dela com a camila e a halsey, as 3 panteras

    57. Zaki Aoi

      Little did people know this was the last concert before the time of Covid

    58. Lakshita Singh

      "Ladies and gentlemen stand for the artist of the decade"

    59. heaven morgan

      I love this person❤️

    60. Alice

      The way she points to Selena when she sung "we were both young when I first saw you" Goals 🙏

    61. Yuliana Yoseph

      Taylor 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 love you from Indonesia

    62. Marianne DiGiacinto-Tverbut

      I swear this video keeps getting better every time I watch it.

    63. hossinini Af

      Ok bibi

    64. hossinini Af

      Hello Taylor Swift Bibi Je suis Seyed khan Bibi

    65. Suhaila Slytherin

      Why im crying

    66. Peter Davis

      the reason scooter took her music is because he likes it so much.

    67. Its Joshie

      Taylor swift is proving herself that she really deserves the award just watching and hearing all the audience knows all the lyrics of her songs showing the support ever since 🔥💞😍

    68. Dante Gurgone


    69. Алексей Иванов

      Cute swimsuit

    70. Kayleigh van Doeselaar

      Feel sad for the little girl in the beginning being slapped in the face by one of the other dancers

    71. Uriel Banks

      Queen 👑 ❤️

    72. Audrey Lim

      Watching me makes me so proud

    73. Zahra Taibi

      This superstars parents should be proud! Even I’m proud!

    74. clifford unabiajr

      Somethings missing how about .speak now and reputation.

    75. angel ruiz

      I love the dancers very gracefull in dancing😍

    76. sunsetFall

      And people say that she can’t sing live-

    77. Lady location Maggie the squirrel

      I'm little bit savage to watch this

    78. Amisha Chourpagar - Student

      Taylor you are great performer. 💕

    79. Rola sh


    80. ignacia vivanco casanova