Switzerland in 4K

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    Switzerland in 4K
    Filmed in August 2019
    Featuring: Wengen, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Lucerne, Iseltwald, Schilthorn Piz Gloria,
    Mürren, Bachalpsee Lake, Oescheninsee, Zermatt, Matterhorn, Bern, First Cliff Walk, Grindelwald, Zurich
    Shot in 4K with:
    Sony a7iii
    DJI Ronin SC
    DJI Mavic Air
    DJI Osmo Action
    Instagram: jeffamador
    Music (licensed via Musicbed.com):
    Jordan Critz - Father's Land
    One Hundred Years - Limitless
    Roary - Unbroken
    Jordan Critz - Infinite

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    1. unknown guy

      My dream country. one day I will visit this place.

    2. Mia Audia

      Masya Allah...

    3. Vinu Chandran

      Heaven on Earth

    4. JJ V

      just WOW!

    5. mei hidayah


    6. 김은석

      넘 멋진 풍경이네요~♥

    7. Rivaldo Neb

      Looks even better than I thought it was. Hopefully one day I can see it through my own eyes maybe

    8. V i n t a g e E d i t s

      This is the only place I ever truly want to go, if I had one chance to go anywhere, it would be Switzerland.

    9. zakaria Hajjaj

      Fuck my life being a citizen of 3rd world countries it’s frustrating .

    10. Linda best Best linda

      Thank you..i am thai

    11. HD Channel

      can i edit your video then post it on my youtube and let your link clip be ok? thanks

    12. Saniel Salazar

      I'm from Peru, someday I'd like to visit Switzerland. It's so beautiful.😍😍😍

    13. Phatsada Srilangum


    14. relax boys

      Eden that exists..........!!! Switzerland

    15. Bikash sitaula

      swizerland is similar to hilly regions of Nepal

    16. Darwin06able

      Truly amazing... Speechless 👍👍👍

    17. Eduardo Inverno

      This is Heaven

    18. Iris Moreira

      Paraiso na terra!!

    19. TANIA & MARIA

      Thanks for the video. Visited Nepal last December cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/fJuAooHaY4Kgp6M.html

    20. Ishaan

      That man looks like like Berlin From the Spanish Series Money Heist (La casa de papel) 😂

    21. OPEN VIEW


    22. Dweepayan Das

      Thank You Soo Much Sir for Showing us.

    23. Dunia Muslim

      Izin download vidionyaa mr 🙏🙏🙏

    24. Wong Ting Yan

      What a beautiful palace

    25. cook helper

      I hope can going in here

    26. Alexandra Films

      que lugares tan hermosos

    27. Ritik Raj


    28. Deka Dyah Utami

      I wish my daughter someday will go there to study or doing vacation. She have to see the best of God Creation country. Even i had no chance in my life.

      1. The World Explorer

        You are right,nice comment ,I am always supporting you I also make Switzerland Video, Link- cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/q5F5dH7NlphkomA.html (touch and view)

    29. Norte Sur

      still dreaming mty

    30. Mrs Bar

      I hope my dream come true..

    31. Jesse Parris

      I'm so close to the name of it hope it just comes but no luck just other stuff not important yo me as you all besides sum like the love you know I just don't know why you was on my mind but havent n wont give up please

    32. Laras Permata

      Switzerland is so beautiful, its good nature is like heaven. greetings from Indonesia❤️❤️

    33. Javier Hernandez

      i can´t understand why 1779 persons doesn´t like this video

    34. taviathuy nguyen

      hi Jeff, do we have to register to fly the drone in these places? thanks!

    35. Steven Attila

      Wow! You have made a perfect job here Jeff! It made me smile and cry! Our planet is so amazing! Thank you. :)

    36. oldschool

      is it heaven there ?

    37. i am NoT Perfect

      just wow

    38. 뽀뽀


    39. الحارثي fm

      زمان باري كان يسرق من هذي المقاطع

    40. سلمان القاضي

      يسعدد امك ي ششششيخ

    41. Muhamad Anur Riski

      Adakah orang indonesia disini.. beatifull switzerland

    42. 自分がアホって認めるけど言わせて

      wow (*゚▽゚*)自分も行きたい!

    43. garettj25

      only my Mom would want to see my face bombing a nice video so often.

      1. Jeff Amador

        garettj25 I have failed you yet again. Please accept my second round of apologies.

      2. garettj25

        @Jeff Amador that didn't even make the wit meter jiggle

      3. Jeff Amador

        garettj25 I’m so sorry you had to endure such pain.

    44. farah nadeem

      Beautiful place i can't believe my self it's more then beautiful from my dream but inshallah we I'll get Junna after death bcz we r muslims

    45. Gab


    46. Mattia Malingamba

      All beautiful until you see the price 😂 (I'm from Switzerland)

    47. AClassyBongoCat

      I live near the mountains in Switzerland It’s so beautiful to see a lot of people loving our country Thank You. 🇨🇭❤️

      1. The World Explorer

        You are right,nice comment ,I am always supporting you I also make Switzerland Video, Link- cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/q5F5dH7NlphkomA.html (touch and view)

      2. AHSAN malik

        Should i sned u my passport copy ?

    48. chandresh patle

      I love to visit once here with my MOM.. and give her full of peace and happiness. love from India

    49. Josh Urbiz

      Make more videos like this Jeff! Your cinematic expertise is inspiring!

      1. Jeff Amador

        Thanks, Josh

    50. the_travelography


    51. Sunisa Thongdi

      Very beautiful.

    52. Joy Malau

      Amazing im so love this place

    53. Murad Soltanov

      How beautiful this country is. It’s simply beyond words. It’s also clean and precarious. You see how people care about their nature. I wish you 10,000 years of prosperity and millions of love. Respect to you, the people of Switzerland

    54. Sanas corner


    55. Trisna Ayu

      May I go there?

    56. Guria Doll

      Uuummmmaaaahhhh jffe

    57. Ultra Neon

      Thanks for making such a beautiful video it's feels like iam actually in Switzerland 😍

    58. Kleber Monteiro

      Wonderful video. I love Switzerland. One day I get there...

    59. Noorul Islam

      I am Froom Bangladesh 🙄 My Dream country😍❤😘

    60. Daneille Luly

      Literally and with all my heart I hope I will be there once in my life

    61. Kuntal Bhattacharyya

      Switzerland is very beautiful. People will get good luck if they can go there

    62. teddy thailand

      We'll be there soon

    63. aviationboy8

      It's sad that we'll destroy all of this one day. We just can't help ourselves.

    64. Samson Bulanandi


    65. Diganta Rajbongshi

      Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🙏🙏

    66. Jharana Naik

      Though I'm INDIAN🇮🇳👳 Love❤ Swiss Alps and Switzerland🇨🇭. Bravo bro. Thanks for🙏💕...

      1. The World Explorer

        You are right,nice comment ,I am always supporting you I also make Switzerland Video, Link- cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/q5F5dH7NlphkomA.html (touch and view)

    67. Treshan John Millan

      Awesome view..

    68. Rey

      Subhanallah ♥️

    69. Ervan Fahrizal

      I am Indonesia, one day i hope to set foot in there.

      1. Ahmed Mousa

        Bali is not less beautiful 😍

      2. UN zens'

        Me too

    70. f3 travels travels

      Very nica...praise the lord

    71. Akash Mishra

      Mean While in my country, people will understand which country i am talking about..

    72. 서준석

      멋지네요! 아들과 꼭 가고싶습니다.


      Viet Nam so safety and SO BEAUTIFUL after covid-19 cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/gKR8fGixpn9ijHk.html



    75. Jezreel Recodig

      Switzerland💚 [paragliding, mountain climbing] One of my fav. country. See you soon.😊😊😍

    76. Dedy Studio

      Like an Heaven

    77. Davi Vida

      Obrigado pelas belíssimas imagens e vida longa meu amigo !!!

    78. Rajasthan Travel

      Nice view

    79. Elias Amaro2

      🌴Estaré🌴 publicando🌾ftos de "campos"Bosque"entradá del sol"ETC así que note pierdas ninguna de mis ftos que estoy seguro que te encantará seguirme en Instagram 😍instagram.com/paisajes848?r=nametag

    80. ABU Robocon Mechanism

      i see heaven