Sri Lanka Travel Vlog *ONE WEEK TRIP*

Briddy Li

Briddy Li

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    Thanks you so much to NastyGal and Komodo for the most amazing trip EVER!
    Use code ‘BRIDDY55’ for 55% off on NastyGal
    NastyGal Website - (please use this link so they know where you came from)
    Watch this video to see what outfits I brought with me on this trip!

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    1. TBC1987

      As a Punjabi Jat I don’t typically see attractive East Asian women but she could get it

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      Hello from indonesia 😇

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    12. Sanjaya Perera

      There are many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka... If you are still in Sri Lanka visit Sigiriya rock, Dambulla and Pidurangala rock , Kandy temple of the tooth, Ella city, Nuwara eliya city, Mirissa beach, Polhengoda beach, Unawatuna beach, Hikkaduwa beach, Galle colonial city, Colombo city tour, Many Safari parks...(Kawudulla, Minneriya, Udawalawa, Yala, Wilpattu, many more) Dont forget to go to Horton plains national park... there are many beautiful places to see there... its near Nuwara Eliya... ❤ Many tourists go to Ella city... they missed beautiful places like Horton plains 👍 Kawudulla national park for safari (it's near Sigiriya) Bopaththalawa near Hatton Colombo city

    13. Be Water.

      This is not Travel video . This is , how i am get ready .😂

    14. Sarah C.

      Ur sooo pretttyyyyy😍😭❤️

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      can you do a video on how you organise your notes for uni?

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      Shes so hot.

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      Anyone know the name of the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a>?? x

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      Briddy is living her life y'all 😁✌️

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      The fact that i read Nasty Gal's book "Girlboss" without knowing her at first ..

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      heyy can u do a hair tutorial for the curls? they looked amazingg

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      Anyone else wanna see briddy go to India?

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      Nasty Gal for nasty girl hope you come over Thailand sometime

    40. lapin lapin

      your bare face is Beut! i would love to see a no make up make up look! also enjoyed this vid love how humble you are :)

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      Ware did you get those sweats from? Their so cute ❤️

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      Briddy i like your swimsuit. What size is your boobs? It looks like mine. But i have never worn a bikini in my life!

    45. sahara

      ahhhhh im sri lankan and im so glad to see my home country represented ❤️❤️❤️

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        same lol

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        sahara omg I love Sri Lanka

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      You show all your outfits though while vlogging

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      I want to get the green plaid pants in your first outfit but the sizes are sold out!

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