《視點31》【阿澤 VS 阿叻#足本版】(RTHK31:05/11/2019)



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      To quote Hermione granger “ what an idiot!!”

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      首先收到的信息源不同,的确可能会有所偏颇,但系作为理性一点的人,应该尽量想办法做到兼听则明,同时也应该友善地讨论。姑且勿论两方观点谁是谁非,就台型来说,阿杜实在令人有点失望,我不知道摆出一副声大夹恶的态度,抑或后半段轻蔑敷衍的态度,对他的观点有什么益处;相反叻哥一直尽量在心平气和地说,也没有大吵大闹,彬彬有礼的态度难道不更适合表达他的观点吗?还是说阿杜的这种态度能更容易被年轻人听进去?我不同意。 就辩论来说,声音大不是就系对的,气急败坏也无补于事,也许你说7成人的民调一定正确,也许你说警察过分暴力无可厚非,两方各有各看法。如果是谁拳头大就对,香港这群年轻人是蚍蜉撼树,勇气可嘉;如果是意见表达不了诉求不被接受,那要不就说服更多人,但是用暴力和滋扰我想只能赶走更多中间派;如果这么痛恨这个国家,大可以离开,当然大部分人就是没有这个本钱才在这里大呼大叫。

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      The man in white is such a prick! He may look calm and steady but this is a cunning gesture ( psychologically wise). Typical 'RUN DOG', sold his soul to the Chinese Communist Party! Pathetic!

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1729">28:49</a> can’t believe he can lie like that

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1620">27:00</a> 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="982">16:22</a> 陳百祥老人癡呆就唔好上電視啦 從來未見佢咁好戲

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      杜文泽:典型黄丝,大声发恶 陈百祥:谈吐斯文,97前港人形象

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      Just watch this interview today. And excuse me to ask these questions: 1. Without police, who's going to take place of their job? Triads, Gangster, or Mafia? HK before 1997, triads everywhere in HK, as 黃子華 said, "you would be asked frequently which gang you belong to when you are on street, and if you don't have the satisfied answer, the consequence would be unexpectedly deadly". When police do the wrong thing, you can complain, report or sue them. However, if you was attacked by members of triad, who you are going to complain, who you are going to ask for help. Chapman To used to be a member of triad. How did he truly join in? No one know except himself, so he could say whatever. HK after 1997, the triads' member decrease, but no one mention that. The HK youth don't exactly know the whole story. 2. Chapman To said and asked at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2086">34:46</a> , about 2 millions people protest was Yellow, and he asked for Blue to come out. However, I am wondering at the press time in USA, Covid-19 cases're still increasing, there is a small amount of people go out to protest for reopen the economy (but they always say there is a lot of people want to reopen too), and people don't want to reopen and agree with stay-at-home policy is much higher. So in this case, as Chapman To or any Yellow supporter's theory, is people who don't go out protest agree with and less than people want to reopen? - About 81% of American don't want to reopen and those people staying home ( www.forbes.com/sites/arielshapiro/2020/04/15/trump-wants-to-reopen-the-country-in-may-but-81-of-americans-want-to-wait-until-its-safe-coronavirus-cuomo-newsom/#7a2b2073d070 ). Should we ask for people, who is willing to staying home, going out to compare with the one protesting? Is people, who's supporting protest, really crowder than who's not going out and support the government? 陳百祥 is a retard, everyone know that. Police hit the protester is a wrong thing, but how about the protester attacked unconcerned Chinese in the airport? These protesters always give them the right to do their thing. Chapman To, he is a bad ass of making money and reputation through the crisis, he's always an actor. People don't support him, don't have to hate or follow him, just ignore him like ignore 陳百祥. The more you pay attention to them, the more benefit they can make from that. Information, which is taken from the young Hker, is missing. It's not a full story. HK government should create job, benefit, build, and support house for HK people, instead of trying making more nonsense things.

      1. Emily Leung

        1.) Nobody is putting out an argument on whether or not police is needed. No one would reject their importance, that they are needed to maintain social orders and frankly to ‘catch the bad guys'. However, the current core problem is whether our legal force is acting according to the codes they are given, whether they are abusing the power they have and whether they are beyond the Law. What you are implying is that the level of violence imposed on citizens should not be supervised purely because we need them to protect citizens from triads, gangsters and mafia, which is not logically cohesive. HK Police is the only force in Hong Kong who can legally possess and use deadly weapons, including guns, batons and pepper spray which can all lead to immediate and permanent damages to human beings as demonstrated during the protests, therefore of course the public and media supervision towards them should be stricter than those of other departments. Not only their identification code is not visible during duty, their failure to identify normal citizens from social disrupters leads to mass arrest without rationale. Their use of weapon proportionality is also questioned and the method of arrest is seen more violent than before. It is good that you mentioned history but history is not repeating itself because we are facing a bigger problem than mafia, we are looking at a bunch of masked individuals holding mass destructive weapons, claiming they are legal force yet cannot show valid identification or be recognised. Without recognition, how is ‘complain, report or sue them’ possible? Maybe you should sort out your logic before claiming Hong Kong Youth not knowing the whole story. 2)After the 2 million people marched on the street, Carrie lam said they don’t represent the majority. Your argument is that the “silence” non protesting majority are actually supporting the government and just wouldn’t like to march on the street. I don’t know if you actually live in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people cannot vote for direct policy, but they can vote for the representative of their district. The result of the district representative election shows the supporters of ‘yellow’ are actually more than those of the blue. There may not be many people coming out due to the increasing police violence and the danger of being wrongly arrested, the district representative election shows where the majority views resides, which is with the democratic party. The example of the people protesting regarding the virus does not really support your argument since we have a statical, government-supervised election that reflects majority opinion aside the number of people joining the 200 million people march. But of course you can easily say the district council vote doesn’t represent the rest of the those who didn’t vote - you can always defuse facts and numbers since you don’t seem to build your arguments upon them.

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        @ricky Leung ricky Leung 其实你滴仇警思想已经根深蒂固,无论警察做乜野你都会认为係警察唔岩,元朗个单野警察唔开枪又比你哋讲,一开枪又会话暴力镇压,所以我哋讲粗口闹黄丝唔代表无素质,而是讲道理根本冇用。讲唔过就唔出声或者话我哋被洗脑,OK啊,甘我哋就闹咯!

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        @ricky Leung 我有讲过大陆公安可以随意开枪咩,定系你亲眼见过警察随意开枪?警察被人抢枪都唔可以开枪?等佢抢左枪之后射自己啊?

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      冇差佬就安定,有差佬就乱? 杜狗你知唔知讲紧乜啊? 翻屋企食多两啖屎先啦

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      i love u mr chan

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      痴線, 過去5000年教你以暴制暴, 呢條友真係無野講唔出

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        其實警察強姦被押扣人仕唔係新鮮事, 北姑都有被強姦例子. 強姦唔係一件"攰"就唔會犯既罪行, 唔好話黑警, 就算講緊一般罪犯, 佢強姦他人都未必係選在自己好精神既時候, 係得陳百祥你呢啲成六章, 條野都勃唔起既, 攰先做唔到

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      黄磊 杜汶澤 我傻傻分不清楚 , 小別離中感覺的

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      阿澤哥哥子 回頭是岸

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      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/qIVrg6SWhqagZac.html 他唱大陆人的歌。

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2028">33:48</a> 出来示威游行嘅都系对政府有不满,未听过觉得政府做得好都会出来游行示威表扬政府

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        Newaytogo 哈哈,錢沒你份

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        Newaytogo 有沒有你份?

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        @Free HK2047 一人一万仲想点?

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        Newaytogo 有交稅比政府架,做得唔好又無回水

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      同一个视频却能有两个ji tuan

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      差人办爆徒丢气油弹,这笔账又点算? 猪头祥,是黑心的北京狗,就在这么简单!

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2405">40:05</a> 聽到呢句簡直想爆粗 joke of the century.

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      Support RTHK!

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      牆頭草依附權貴而活, 這種人根本唔理甚麼對錯, 只是喺度做戲俾狗官睇

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      721係嘔鬥?🤦‍♂️ 未聽過封殺?現今香港比美國自由?香港的文化,自由,價值觀,世界的地位,東方之珠之名,都是因為英國. 共產黨憑什麼拿回全部?

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      就算唔封杀 大陆都某人敢稳你啦

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      藍絲真係活係自己幻想嘅世界。 唔睇任何客觀事實。 自己睇到一個畫面就自行推斷,愈吹愈大。 其他環境因由都唔會睇。

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2295">38:15</a> 叻哥,人哋吃軟飯都唔使講出來,笑死我,係,杜汶澤係吃軟飯。

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      大人就是大人 小人就是小人

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      甘你地加油咯 造反咯 扯大旗咯 加油啊 我地等你哈 一班不知所谓噶垃圾 真系希望你地造反啊 真噶啊 加油啦😀

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