Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You

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    If I Can’t Have You:

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    Music video by Shawn Mendes performing If I Can't Have You. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Gemil Aguinaldo

      this will work with ed sheeran too. try to think about it

    2. Adriana Cavalcante

      I love you shawn mendes

    3. ashley holloworth

      Can someone feel this way about me already!? 😭😩

    4. Giulia Rossi


    5. Penélope Charmosa

      Eu assistindo o clipe e me iludindo achando que é pra mim! Ah quem dera

    6. Ayesha Rocks

      Is it your running matchine ??!!

    7. hublk24


    8. Yvonne Bilney

      I love you Shawn Mendes💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞

    9. IdreamofUnicorns #


    10. Mendes Music

      Totally off topic but the full version of What if I told you a story is on my channel. Shawn, buddy it’s already 2020 (reminder)🥴

    11. Loubna Zquad

      Is this sng abt camella 😍

    12. Andy Guillen

      He sucks

    13. Bohden Pasko


    14. Ineke v Rijsewijk


    15. Izzah Chet

      Just came back from listening slowed versions of this song and holy shit this song feels so fast and high pitched LMAO

    16. Gabrysia Pawlak

      I love Your song

    17. ゆゆ


    18. McKinley Johnson

      I be jamming to this song in the car Me : everything means nothing without u I’m my head so loud Shawn mendes in me house Me : OMG CRYING 😭 ITS U PLUs I WAS THINkiNg ABOUT ThIS SONG THEn FINDS It SInGS OUTlOUD eVERthing means nothing if I CANT HAVE U ~~~~~

    19. Ram Music Studios My IGTV cover of this check it out if you have the time

    20. Mike B

      Does anyone know that when Shawn saids that “you can’t drink without thinking about you” isn’t suppose to be “you can’t drink without thinking about me”? Comment if it is wrong, like if it is right

      1. Ram Music Studios

        I never thought about it from that point of view till you said it. I always thought: "Can't drink without thinking about you"

    21. Denishia Kenady

      At 1:24 what bed is this for a man like him

    22. Lisa Blake

      I LOVE YOU! When can I meet you? I'm obsessed with you ! :) love this song!!

    23. Laila Navas


    24. jaynrye jaynrye

      I love it and you

    25. Queen Nwoke

      Cute song and nice voice

    26. Emily Whittingham

      I love this song good job Shawn Mendes

    27. muhlol0 67676

      Your marshmello man

    28. PUTUJEM magazin

      Amazing ❤❤❤

    29. Atul Rai

      Love this song

    30. Eka P

      I know that you're the feelin' I'm missing

    31. Tristan Sprite 2

      this makes me think about my crush🥰🥰

    32. Flago Mala


    33. Zaafya Johnson

      Im in Toronto and i got this view

    34. Joseph cool


    35. It's Hockey!

      The beginning looked kinda like Austin Matthews

    36. Alendra Bhushan Baishya


    37. Laura Hell


    38. Nusret Demirkaya

      One of the worst song ever

      1. jockadoobee


    39. Jacob Thomas

      This is the first song that when I heard this song for the 1st time That I got addicted..

    40. z malik

      Shawn you are good 🌟 singre

    41. Nick Hansen

      shawn Mendes you are i wis h be with you for ever i want you and Bruno Mars you guys cancome over to my house and sing a song in my birthday i bleve that is Great

    42. hi Torres

      In ur under arms I can see the hairs

    43. 정한설

      □■□■□□■□■□■□□■□■□ □■□■□□■□■□■□□■□■□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□

    44. Uyon Seungyoun

      fix gue suka lagu ini gegara si haechan sama si mark ngecover ini sattttttt ❤️😭✨

    45. •Marim Yoin•

      HIS Voice and (he's style) IS SEXY!!!!!!

    46. Hitesh Sharma

      This song is very good

    47. Hitesh Sharma

      Nice song 🤗🤗

    48. David Anthony Gaeta

      Everything means nothing If I can’t have the love of my life and everything means nothing if I can’t have a million followers on Instagram and snap

    49. هند

    50. Eliana Gómez

      I loviu

    51. Jeremy Wolf

      Shawn Mendes also known as marshmallow 😎 dont believe me search marshmallow face reveals

    52. Itz Gacha_ Potato

      He sings two songs with Camila And writes a song about her! Dang he really love her And Camila sings this with James Corden Shawmila Goals

    53. 《zpkena_ Toddy》

      Love you

    54. alma yemini

      שון בבקשה בו לישראל

    55. Yaksi Cholico


    56. Raven-Chan

      Imagine roger singing this to his car!

    57. Abbey J

      Those pimples though

      1. jockadoobee

        And? Like you are so fucking perfect.

    58. tri wahyuni

      I believe i can fly

    59. PBA for Home schoolers

      I should be doing my projects but I'm here to....