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    1. Renee Leal

      He always is wearing the same shirt, does he have no clothes?

    2. rat

      me at 6:30 = “i can do this , i wrote an essay on tapeworms in sixth grade , i’ll be fine !!” me five seconds in = “OH GOD !!!” *almost throws up*

    3. cookie anime

      Ewwwww taco bell is gross now 😠😠😠

    4. Emo human

      “This ones gonna be very disgusting so if your squeamish then maybe stop watching” me eating a chocolate cookie: Well I guess I choose death

    5. Nevaeh Martinez

      5:13 😂

    6. Brian Rodriguez

      Why does he wear the same shirt

    7. ariana imvu

      Title: scary Disney myths Shane: he got his ribs removed to suck his own dick Me: um okay then😂

    8. Grace Ruppe

      I had a tape worm but i hade to get 3 surgerys to get it out because of having to much applesauce

    9. Aylin

      Maybe I have a damn tape worm i dont gain weight and i eat ALOT I MEAN ALOT

    10. Lily Scott

      The Disney movie intro= a dome over the castle.... ✋” Hey what’s up you guys” 🤚

    11. Alexis R.

      I thought Walt was buryed under the tree of life in Disney world

    12. Victoria Sousa

      Anyone else binge watching Shane’s old conspiracy videos?

    13. Ava A

      Elvis should be alive! Yasssss we would be so graceful! I would be grateful, instead of drake

    14. Arianna Russell

      I screamed when shawn stated talkin about marilyn 😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Carolyn Collins


    16. Little_Princess Ellplayz

      Dose anyone realized that he wears the same shirt every video he dose a scary one

    17. Natty Bear

      2027 is coming sooooon! also anyone miss these

    18. Noe Sandoval

      The mother giving the tape worm to her daughter is a animated story on my story animated

    19. Josephine Breslin

      2026 anyone?

    20. mandy massey

      2020 still missing these videos

    21. Emily 123

      How did i get from listening to rap rod to hear?

    22. Juliette Griffiths

      i’m going to fucking disneyland in 3 hours. thanks shane. really. thank you.

    23. Basic Billy

      who’s watching in February 2020? btw I make vids 💘

    24. i got 2 free tacos

      I go to Disneyland every year, I'm very thankful for it, my step mom pays for it, but then I accidentally watch this type of stuff and get a little freaked out lmao

    25. Hype Hipnosis

      the pirates of the Caribbean ride is so fucked up- like it's always that ride where shit goes wrong-

    26. Alessia Ayoub

      Spider thing false, once at like 3 am I was having this dream something was crawling on my face and then on my eyebrow and I woke up, keep in mind I was more asleep then awake and i reached my hand up grabbed whatever it was and threw it. Once I realized I was awake and it wasnt a dream I scrambled for my phone turned on flash and beside my pillow was the biggest white/clear spider I've ever seen and I literally started bawling my eyes out. So Shane they ain't scared they've got balls, bitches be crawling on us while we asleep adulting people.

    27. Tanya Gonzalez

      Can you do myths of la llorona

    28. jocelyn arriaga

      What does this have to do with Disney

    29. Aubrey demond

      Elvis did have a twin brother but he was still born. For anyone who doesn’t know what still born means, it means that at birth the baby sadly passes away.

    30. cristina lacrone

      We need more videos shane!!!

    31. Icis Hedlund

      ScArY DiSnEy MyTHs Epic is still alive? DATS DISNEY?!

      1. Icis Hedlund


    32. ఌ。honey ramen 。ఌ

      Is Elvis related to Disney? Sorry I’m young,

    33. YourPeTeacher-

      He look likes ric flair

    34. Springy Rollie


    35. Killa Kingstons

      I like that u wear one shirt 😂 😂

    36. Kylee Irwin

      Who is here in 2020 watching this cause he does not do these anymore😥😥😥.

    37. Mckenna Riley

      Shitting the tape worm out would take forever longest shit ever

    38. Sommer Poole

      The Elvis pic now, just creeps me out... Like I can understand it. But I know him as dead. It scares me how he looks so creepy. The smile looks fake... It looks like something that would look at me in my window in the middle of the night

    39. Ally Cat

      Me eating food while he talks about the tapeworm.

    40. olivia smith

      ok... maybe you see a ghost on the haunted mansion because its a friction ghost train of course you're gonna see ghosts

    41. Alira Malpica

      It’s weird that he did not talk about how Walt Disney when he died he left a note that said “Kill goofy”

      1. GalaticProblems


    42. ShadowKid 0936

      Me trying to eat food: Shane: TAPE WORMS!!

    43. Penelope Jaurigue

      Ok how did worms get in Disney conspiracy theories

    44. IT'ᔕ ᑎOT ᗩEᔕTᕼIᑕ !

      U know when people say u didnt search 4 dis? Well this is something u cant say no 2! Your in the comment section

    45. bauti

      omg i saw this video at 3am . and i thought a demon was gonna kill me but its just my dad sad xd

    46. Mrs.MonkeyUwU 873

      Me clicking on the video seeing “Scary Disney myths” Him talking about Elvis, a girl that ate a roach: Me: wha?????🤨🤨🤨🤨

      1. Mrs.MonkeyUwU 873

        I’m not hating I’m just saying and I love him

    47. Stephanie Sanchez

      It is 2020

    48. Otaku Vibez

      Got to wait 7 more years :( im sad

    49. LookItIsNoah

      Only 7 more years until we find out the truth about Elvis Presley!

    50. UltimateDemonBeastVA

      Video is called “SCARY DISNEY MYTHS”, barely talks about Disney

    51. Napashxo

      I was watching toy story it was 2 or 3 there was a news paper behind them I forgot what they were doing but on the news paper it said that WE FROZE WALT DISNEY !!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Luke Roderigues

      Mountain Dew makes your dick small, well thats why

    53. hate cake

      Shane Dawson: Disney myths Video: shitting worms out of your ass to lose weight

    54. Epichalo 2007

      I learned the tape worm one on the office

    55. Chloe Salinas

      Title Disney myths Shane: Marilyn Manson is removing his ribs to su....💀

    56. madi corcoran

      i was at a restaurant and bit into my burger and my lettuce started falling out so i opened it to put my lettuce back in and there was a whole ass worm inside it

    57. Crimson Fox

      Walt Disney didn’t actually create Mickey Mouse, he was created by the lead designer

    58. Kyleigh Sprague

      Wait what if the worm started to eat you-

    59. Kåšëÿ Brÿdøñ

      With the photo of “Elvis” is actually one of his possies so he was someone who would hang around with him at all times 💛 love u shane

    60. Abeer Shahid

      Real conspiracy theory: the dear in the background is Bambi's mom