Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

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    HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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    1. Sara Bee

      Omg the fact that people are making a big deal about the name of this palette is f**** ridiculous!! He shouldn’t even have to explain. People are so dumb and need a life.

    2. Tahni Helms

      Like ... he just walks into the pool fully clothed and GUCCI gloves. Ded.

    3. Bjgf Akak

      He's literally the Gordon Ramsay of the beauty community

    4. lexi lamonda

      “I’ve been hitting the pool bitch!” 😅 MOOD

    5. Angelica Figueroa

      Still you knew when it was releasing. The name could have been changed like in February. Like sad your dogs and loved ones died but that was due to natural causes not being isolated dying breathless and alone in a hospital that couldn't let loved ones say goodbye until the funeral. It could have been Naughty Noir for the old movie glam the shades had. Or Smokey Vibes for the ashen tones. Anything but cremation

    6. Stephy Fairy

      I love the way you two have this chemistry and bond I love it ♥ you seem guys seem 100% comfortable and chill with each other ♥ I need me a friendship like that!

    7. Captain Keg masterofthedeep

      ☆like an immortal elf god

    8. Emma Morgan

      Well as a Goth I think this pallete looks amazing and I hope I get to own it at some point! It’s really hard to find grey shades and this is really beautiful 🖤 also the makeup look that was created for this campaign is stunning! xXx

    9. bnb0510

      OMFG people get offended over ever little fucking thing today. It’s beyond ridiculous! Society has become shit!

    10. llx twentyone_june

      how old are you?

    11. Karyn Nash Collins

      I love the palette! I just don’t understand how people are over reacting over the name?!

    12. Tear Bottle

      I’m disgusted (or “offended” - everyone’s favorite word) by the assholes who bought two of these just to sell on Ebay. I may actually be cremated before this can be restocked. I wish people could only buy one. All of us know his palettes are going to double in price on Ebay, but we aren’t all pieces of shit who buy two knowing that other people who actually want it won’t be able to afford the mark-up. Why not give people who’ve suffered enough lately a chance? Oh, because they’re greedy assholes who treat his merchandise like the stock market - kind of obvious. Some morons are still trying to sell his last one for over $100 when it’s available for $54 from reputable sites. Please boycott sellers who do this and wait for the restock if you weren’t able to get it unless you too are ill to wait. My internet was out and it was sold out by the time it came back.

    13. Stephany Constantino

      For a second I though half of the video was legit black and white! Stunning makeup!

    14. juanket

      no thanks

    15. LifeWithRena *

      I don’t think Jeffree would ever do anything to intentionally hurt people. Like why would he do that

    16. Hayley Vandegrift

      Dude, I don’t even care what he’s doing, what video it is, I just fucking LOVE Jeffree Star and Id pretty much do anything to meet him. 🤍🖤

    17. Andrea Isabel

      this might be dumb but I’m so happy of hearing some bass music on the video haha

    18. Lia Engeline

      I think only jeffree is the only one who can wear WHITE all over his face and still stunning!!!

    19. Анастасия Домаева

      I like what you're doing! ❤️

    20. Mila Marie

      I think this might be my favorite look on you yet Jeffery! Who else agrees this *Monochrome Queen* is GORGEOUS?! 🙋‍♀️

    21. Mila Marie

      To go from the usual colorful Jeffrey to a Monochrome Queen! I am LIVING for this look!

    22. Mila Marie

      I looooove the monochrome look on you Jeffrey! Nicole did an AMAZING JOB. TWICE! Considering I'm allergic to red dye #40 and blue dye #2 that's in alot of makeup *sighs* looks like there's a palette I can have some fun with! Beautiful work, loved watching the transformation from colorful Jeffrey to Monochrome bish! Work it!

    23. KC G

      Awh his dogs are cremated; dogs are always family, nothing less. 🙃

    24. Olivia Perry

      Great explanation Jeffree. That's all you need to say. Let them talk. I personally didnt think about death at all when I watched the launch. During these scary times, makeup makes us feel happy and good about ourselves and we need that right now. Thanks for yet another awesome palette! I can't wait to get it!

    25. Casandra Creamer

      Omg this was so great to watch ❤️

    26. Waluś Kwicoł

      Ja pierdole kurwa co to jest do chuja???? Ta Ameryka to dno...

    27. Karma Zaddy

      Are you going to own up to your history of enabling grooming of minors now?

    28. brookeasaurusrex14

      Love you Jeffree💕

    29. Jasmine Holt

      Jeffree: everyone stay home and social distance Then Jefree with Nicole: hey no social distancing, how are ya

    30. Nicole Rene

      i love jeffree star sm

    31. Jacinth Sabado

      I looove Jeffrey's wig!! So sleek... I want it lol

    32. catherine johnson

      You should come out with a shadow palette called 6 feet under or Dirt. It could be like a death collection.

    33. Lara W

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="221">3:41</a> I understood that reference 😉

    34. Rogi Relique

      I still want this palette!!!

    35. Caren Martinez

      Cancel jeffree like we did with James/Nikita/Manny/ECT! Jeffree is lying and holding back info, Fans WITH proof have came out! CANCEL JEFFREE! DON'T GIVE HIM A CHANCE BECAUSE YOU ALL CANCELLED THE OTHERS RIGHT AWAY!

    36. Shania Ali

      Did I win the giveaway, yesterday????

    37. Dainty Rose

      Jefffree ♥️🥺

    38. KotoniXi

      but nobody had anything to say about how his photo shoot for blue blood? it was a funeral and the pallet is a literal casket

    39. Chilli

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1015">16:55</a> i love flashback mary!!!!!

    40. karielys gonzalez

      Jeffree can you do a new song please ❤️

    41. Kery Lavelle

      Jeffrey I get it I d9nt fit in CA n I have fun with quality make up etc I'm on a heà all thy eating a doing xxxx

    42. Yari A

      I’m so excited I always wanted to get into makeup and I always wanted to buy Jeffree’s makeup but could never save for it but this time I made sure I did and I made sure to buy it and can’t wait for it already 😊

    43. Emilie Miner

    44. Cleo van Patra

      Whatever the haters say this palette SOLD OUT immediately-QED

    45. Lyonegra

      Jeffree are you going to make a costume/stage make-up line?

    46. Allyson N.

      Ok but like,,, Jeffree still looks like he has no makeup on until like halfway through the video? Did they even do anything until the eyes?

    47. Claireee Chi

      Sending love to you Jefree Star and to your latest palette from Philippines! You're such an amazing person. You inspire us❤️🇵🇭

    48. Alexis S

      People just want to be hurt so bad 😩😂

    49. Alejandro Gil García Marquez

      ma luv!

    50. 010BINARY010

      People need to chill. Its just makeup. If you get easily offended by makeup, I think its time to rethink life a little.

    51. janudumbo

      Nathan deleted his insta.... On 24th April he gave a photo with black background... Similar to Jeffrey house with velvet curtain.... Since my comment... No insta account

    52. EndZiiel

      This is gay asf

    53. EndZiiel

      Stop supporting this guys mental issues ffs

    54. K N

      Skeletor becomes an influencer! HA

    55. Lucy Bickerton

      People upset about the shade names and theme in general ... so are we supposed to stop all horror- themed content because of the pandemic?

    56. tiina salonen

      Holy a cow, what a style!! 😱 👍

    57. Lucyspring

      wait, he’s the brand owner/face of the brand, yet doesn’t know how to do the makeup. NICOLE is really talented and this look is beautiful. but why isn’t he doing the makeup. Rupaul who??

    58. WHY NOT

      r u a guy or girl am confusion

    59. Louise Bray

      This makeup though is literally insane, Nick is so incredibly talented!

    60. Claudia Palacios

      Love the friendship they share!! It’s good to see successful people be surrounded by people who genuinely love each other!! To many years of friendship you two!! 🤗

    61. tyler joseph

      i freakin love her lip color it suits her so well

    62. Julie Buba

      I love seeing jeffreestar barefaced she's flawless and gorg 😍

    63. Jessica Graveline

      Omg love this. Beautiful work 💕

    64. hayancharm

      JS & Nicole: full transformation Rupaul: Nacho Libre for reunion Life: Choices

    65. Anna D'Angelo

      Unrelated but imagine a Jeffree star and Rob czar thread banger collab. They could have a pinball competition!

    66. Melissa Gilbert

      Not very hard to offend people now a days. You will never please everyone, so keep living the life and laugh at the bs.

    67. Leo No

      I love graveyards.

    68. Maria Fernanda Vasconcelos


    69. Hanna TJ

      I LOLed so hard when she said Enable and Jeffree’s face was like “girl I-“

    70. Aviv Tchelet

      "People are shook we are not naming all the brushes. we are not morphe whores we just live for morphe" OMMMMMMG, the shade is real, like and comment if u know who he talkin bout

    71. Courtney Atseriak

      Love you Jeffree, and Lipstick Nic, Nicole, is so beautiful

    72. chris mcgregor

      chris mcgregor I’m just wondering We were renting a house and then almost a year later they are selling the house I need your help to get it back I’m just really sad because that house is perfect for us it’s ok if you don’t do it but if you want to $600,000 if you do this it will mean a lot to me and my family

    73. TsChryssa

      So getting offended by a palette name is a thing now? Jesus Christ...

    74. Bianca Bonis

      I wonder if people with high blood sugar got mad at that palette release 😂🤦 like it's ok it's's a palette let's enjoy things and leave it at that it's makeup put it on or don't it's your choice 🤷🏼‍♀️

    75. Paula White

      Jeffrey I love you ❤️ but I be just Cremated my father & father in law with in days of each other so I think the name of this pallet was a bit insetive!!! l realize you don't come from a bad place but under the circumstances I think you should of changed the name!! 😭😭😭

    76. Kayla H

      People need to take creativity and makeup for what it is- an ART form. Jeffree is amazing & works his ass off to produce the most beautiful and creative products- with QUALITY! I say THANK YOU, this is amazing. I’ll take 2! XoXo

    77. Beatriz Lukban

      I gotta say it... Jeffrey looks like Kabuto here when he was being a wanna be Orochimaro

    78. Brittany Perez

      Okay black swan hi how are ya


      Y’all really pressed over a makeup pallet while he making bank 🥴

    80. Ella Dickenson

      Anyone know what that white product is she uses for the skin base layer? I'll love you forever if you can tell me : )