[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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    [MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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    1. ML th.

      Nice song but i miss solly😢

    2. 뽀혜 찡긋

      에잇 SO are you happy now Finally happy now are you 뭐 그대로야 난 다 잃어버린 것 같아 모든 게 맘대로 왔다가 인사도 없이 떠나 이대로는 무엇도 사랑하고 싶지 않아 다 해질 대로 해져버린 기억 속을 여행해 우리는 오렌지 태양 아래 그림자 없이 함께 춤을 춰 정해진 이별따위는없어 아름다웠던 그 기억에서 만나 Forever young 우우우 우우우우 우우우 우우우우 Forever we young 우우우 우우우우 이런 악몽이라면 영영 깨지 않을게 섬 그래 여긴 섬 서로가 만든 작은 섬 작별은 마치 재난문자 같지 그리움과 같이 맞이하는 아침 서로가 이 영겁을 지나 꼭 이 섬에서 다시 만나 지나듯 날 위로하던 누구의 말대로 고작 한 뼘짜리 추억을 잊는 게 참 쉽지 않아 시간이 지나도 여전히 날 붙드는 그곳에 우리는 오렌지 태양 아래 그림자 없이 함께 춤을춰 정해진 안녕따위는없어 아름다웠던 그 기억에서 만나 우리는 서로를 베고 누워 슬프지 않은 이야기를 나눠 우울한 결말 따위는 없어 난 영원히 널 이 기억에서 만나 Forever young 우우우 우우우우 우우우 우우우우 Forever we young 우우우 우우우우 이런 악몽이라면 영영 깨지 않을게

    3. 똥똥이


      1. 똥똥이

        @박윤경 1명

      2. 박윤경


    4. nada salsabila

      iguana : goo hara & jonghyun girl with white dress : sulli rest in peace💜

    5. Thatoneasiangirl

      IU: beautiful, talented, wonderful, amazing, etc. Suga: handsome, talented, rapping skills over 9000, etc. Song: ICONIC Me: sad and feels bad for ppl that don't know this song

    6. Cindy Affifah

      Selalu sedih tiap dngr lagu ini:'(:'(

    7. Johanna Paris

      I HAVE A DREAM 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    8. Johanna Paris


    9. Johanna Paris


    10. Johanna Paris

      IU 💔

    11. Langkah DK

      Cocok jd ost. Nih

    12. Aaron Lin


    13. 刘喜怡

      So good, why not give praise to every fan who wants fans to get a high share .😂

    14. Han JJ

      그래도 행복했으면

    15. Maria Maria Clara

      IU Voice: More than perfect SUGA Voice: More than perfect Me: Crying a lot, because the meaning is very strong and beautiful! I'm Brasilian guys, I love you all, except the president of you :33333 No hard feelings, ok?

    16. Dancing Queen77

      This song feels like it should be at the end of a movie

    17. Aline Souza Santos

      Eu soy apaixonada nessa música

    18. Miggy Xand

      I Think This Is Song For Sulli And Jonghyun ;)

    19. Runz Nek


    20. ee 19

      i miss you sulli

    21. LUANA ROCHA!!

      나 는 내 가 들 어 본 최고의 음악 을 좋아한다.1212149; 121212149;

    22. Zainab Harfoush

      Please don't tell me you don't know this song exists

    23. Ngọc Trần

      I love you

    24. • irene

      For a woman who is 1,000 years old, Jang Man Wol sure looks like 27 here. So young!

    25. soo yaa

      fun fact: eight and blueming are both <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> minutes

    26. i'm a good boy

      I am crying

    27. 김야 넬리

      Siempre lloro con esta canción ya que me siento identificada con el sentimiento que transmite ya que yo también perdí a una persona que quería demasiado

    28. I c e d T e a

      This song sounds like an ending of a really good movie and now I see the cast for some reason :'D

    29. Aline Souza Santos

      60m bora armys?

      1. Yasmim Fernandes


    30. Mailen Narvaja


    31. Wolfie Wolfie

      JK probably jealous with Suga now

    32. Crystal Carrillo

      The 62k people who disliked this song must not know what music is 😒

    33. Yami

      Is perfect 💖

    34. Epiphany Milanes

      Everytime I'm confused about my life, I always listen to this song

    35. M.C.A

      i've become a massive IU fan now, and i don't regret a single thing!

    36. Min Yoongi’s Thick thighs

      Jungkook must be happy that Suga did a colab with IU;-;

      1. Epiphany Milanes

        Amd jealous at the same time lmao

    37. Ali Alkandri

      Oh, my God, the song doesn't come out of my head 😭💘💘

    38. oops tarannum

      I just lost a friend due to hate so I’m listening to this song idk when I’ll see her again I miss you yua 🤍 and everyone that was hating on her for no reason so are you happy now?

    39. Nor Rizan

      I miss jonghyun and sulli 😔 rip.

    40. mochi chim

      i love this music video



    42. T O X I C

      What an ugly song, blackpink songs are better

      1. Increíble Unique

        Your name describes your personality😂😂

      2. Ali mohemed Wehliye

        OK, then go blackpink songs. I'm BLINK,ARMY,MOA,MIDZY,ATINY,AUNA and MORE ....

      3. I have Heterophobia

        Lol blonks it's show how toxic your fandom is

      4. boba tea

        TURKISH UAENA english please ?


        Şaka herhalde ne dediğimi anlama da kudurr İsmail YK kudur şarkısı sana gelsin cnm blackpink ile IU kiyaslamak ne kadar doru bynsz ml biri grup diğeri solo bynszz anlama da dediklerimi kudurr

    43. ღʟɪꜱ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀღ


    44. JĘŐŇ ŞŲŇÌ

      This song reminds me of people who changed my life and many more people... I can only say that this song changed my life...

    45. Gabriela motta


    46. Sulli

      The night they dropped this song I had a dream of Sulli and the coincidence is just .

    47. Sulli

      Imagine the people who didnt listen to this song yet

    48. w

      hi iu and yoongi

    49. Berenice Gonzalez

      Aprecio Mucho Su trabajo de los 2

    50. Berenice Gonzalez


    51. Berenice Gonzalez

      LA Amee...Esta Rolitaa

    52. Berenice Gonzalez


    53. BTS Armyjkv

      *jungkook trying to get in the studio*

    54. Rosario Alvarez Hidalgo

      I love suga !!! Sad jungkook :""""v

    55. Sakina Safarova

      I'm from Russia and i looooove IU

    56. Sakina Safarova

      It's so important and main sond....❤🙏

    57. ______________

      That's why IU is the best solo artist in korea. Stan queen

    58. Sachitra Warnakula

      Guys, vote for IU at Tiktok for the baeksang awards 2020. Vote for Lee Jieun header

    59. LGSmağdurunoktacom

      Ay ben bu kızı çok seviyom ya --gözu yaşlı emoji-♡♡

    60. Rains Orange

      finally happy now

    61. Sevim Kiziloglu

      Forever we young💜✌🏻

    62. Mae Mae

      This really breaks my heart

    63. M R

      La canción es hermosa. Ojalá pudieran cantarla juntos en vivo aunque sea una vez

    64. 서가영

      아이유 너무 이뻐욧!!!

    65. Asnar Rongdi

      I like this song unni.I want to say you unni you are so cute.I like you unni.my name is jennie.I form bagladhes.I 11 years old unni

    66. Dương Nguyễn

      Chắc có mình tui VN🙄?

      1. Nhi phạm


    67. KookieUrBoi

      Suga should sing more ❤️😭👌

    68. Diego Armando Pedraza Peña

      A very beautiful song, with very deep feelings, IU and SUGA are great talents, they have a beautiful voice, and to see them participating in a song together is beautiful and magical, this song has a lot of feeling and a message for their fans and the whole world, a great song.

    69. Kaustav Majumdar

      Daechiwta was released after this but it has more views . I love bts but this song is better

    70. nanana naina

      iu the queen of my heart❤❤

    71. sergio ivan

      Adoro la animación de IU cuando esta en el avión esta muy bien hecho

    72. P Vizhekhu Awomi Awomi

      Jk must be lyk👩‍👩‍👧‍👦💥💥jiminoli

    73. Mrose Banez

      Vote Lee Ji Eun 🙏 vt.tiktok.com/Sn2nJT/

    74. Keerthana Satheesh

      Came for Suga Stayed for IU

    75. Lalala.Sunshine

      IU:Are you happy now Me:No,bcz sulli and go hara leaving me :’(“

    76. exol.kamilia.ikon

      Sulli junghyun hara 💔

    77. mrmangobut _

      Guys if don't know mean of the it's about lu closet friend selugi

      1. boba tea




      1. LGSmağdurunoktacom

        Fighting kalp kalp

    79. Nico Robin

      Awesome.... animated music video... keep up the good work.. ahhhhh youth. ^^

      1. seeni gzty

        I don't want any medicine to cure my addiction to this song.

    80. 익명

      축하합니다. 당신은 한국인 댓을 발견하셨습니다~

      1. I have Heterophobia

        @seeni gzty how?

      2. seeni gzty

        guys plz turnn on your caption if u don't know korean coz ur going to cry