Living on my Own

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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. BLUEfire_ wolf

        I already know what am i going to eat when i move out PANCAKESSSS CUZ THEY ARE EASY TO MADEE

      2. frenchfrygirl

        I finished Luigi's mansion 3 and it was amazing and I restarted the game and I want to get all the gems and all the money

      3. Muhammad Nathan

        Hi trolldawgz or adam

      4. cup.__. cake

        bro your Lit!


      SomethingelseYt: talking about stuff Door: Knock knock... Next minute. Goes off task living on his own with groceries. Next second: in military school

    3. Little kitty Scourge UwU

      Oof when I grow up ima try to get a house with a gud job because that sounds hard to live on ur own 🥺👋

    4. Gary Martinez

      What is it like to be a CNselr

    5. JazzyMelonPop :3

      This is for you since your moving.

    6. chopstix102

      I want a “GOD DAMN CHOCOLATE MILK” shirt

    7. James Skiles

      I love your vids

    8. James Skiles

      Adam your dope

    9. Andiepeyn

      Lol at 8:20 is relatable.

    10. Oliwia Ciesielska

      I saw that bakugo poster

    11. Carys Cool last name

      I Love Your New Art Style Adam!

    12. Sky Seal

      I'ma do enny meeny miny mo to choose all my important decisions. 😃👍

    13. Neko Sunflower

      199,999 likes* me: o welp i just need to like

    14. Jason David

      You committed on gava juice

    15. Kamilo Muliaga

      Adams one fine piece of a-- LOL XD

    16. The Art Of Animating

      I have that minecraft poster above my bed

    17. Dnd caleb

      De do de de,good video adam

    18. G.B. Portraits

      Hey your a character in swarmZ and you have a bat in your hands PLZ notice me

    19. Samyrah is Spongebob

      "MY GODD**MN CHOCY MILK !!!!" I'm laughing so hard rn

    20. kitty art :P

      When he said my best freind next thing you know someone askes "hey adam do you have a online best freind" adam"nope

    21. Izuku Midoria

      How many times does he say chokie milk? Plz like to sar

    22. Samuel Bucio

      2 weeks and 2 million views

    23. argelia vlencia

      Hi, i'm mexican AND I. Really. Like you videos

    24. EmberDash 443

      Yo Adam I’m a fan too I’m only 8 but I don’t care from a fan Owen

    25. EmberDash 443

      Yo Adam I’m a fan too I’m only 8 but I don’t care from your second BFF Owen 😎

    26. VictorAntonio Curiel Carrillo

      Amigo devioser difísil

    27. Федя Федя

      Cool. (/._.)/

    28. Riley Dinerman

      OH MY GOSH IT’S BAKUGO!!!!!!

    29. FuzzyLion 2.0

      I once had a bill not go through (my first bill), and I got 3 responses 8 MONTHS later. I checked my email and pigeonhole everyday. NOTHING. Then I checked the email. I sent around $1,000 to a random dude because the company got a new email address. After that I owed around $9,000 now. The guy was nice and he sent me back my money, but I ended up needing to work 4 jobs all overtime. That is the first time I had to pay bills and it was shit. So yeah I get it Adam. Great video too.

    30. Bangtaninmyheartu