Kevin Love's exclusive ESPN interview on the decline of the Big Man in the NBA



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    Kevin Love sits down for an exclusive interview with ESPN about the decline of the Big Man in the NBA.
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    1. Jing Qi

      You'd think Kevin would have a higher trade value with how fit he stays, how well he shoots from 3, his rebounding, passing, and he may be the best outlet passer of this era. The answer is his high salary but he could be the missing piece for a championship team...Love is still an outstanding high IQ player that doesn't have to be ball dominant to be effective.

    2. Mr Ccc95

      Can't wait until NBA will go small ball and forgot how to post then a true bigman dominate again it's like Stephen curry effect in NBA but vice versa 😂

    3. Incognito one

      Every interview, they mention Embiid.... and it still hasn’t clicked for him ????

    4. Alfonso Carrillo

      And then Zion happened

    5. Christopher Thomson

      This was the first video in this series I watched from a current player. Interesting the differences in opinion from a current player versus a retired player. K Love is way more open minded about big needing to adapt to the game and be flexible enough to shoot the 3 more while retired players are almost completely adamant about post play if you are a tall, big man.

    6. JamesonYT

      It all changed because of pop. He killed the iso plays forcing bigs to run more

    7. Jeff The Ripper

      But still can easily pass the ball to a big men :) I mean Big men short are out except to those can defend and shooting 3s while 7 footers big men are still in.

    8. Jayden Silvera


    9. Sal

      Great interview, very articulate, reminds me a lot of Richard Jefferson or Jay Williams with how expressive he is... Lots of insight and knowledge, will be a good analyst/ commentator after the league if he wants to be!

    10. SDAWG

      The way I see it the game will continue to evolve into different ways but the game will also revolve into what it once was with players that can play down in the post.

    11. Iliyan Kulishev

      How come the big men of old were not working on their jumpshot? How come it's only now that everybody has to be able to drive,pass,shoot ?

    12. nutznchocolates

      Dominate the paint

    13. nutznchocolates

      The reason they're switching to this three-point dominant gamethey're going to integrate females into the men's game that's why they wanted you to shoot all these threes and eliminate the big man

    14. Trevor Doge

      What if they made the 3 point shot worth 2.5 pts?

    15. DarPoe Jr

      Zion have a chance to be a dominant big at 6'6"

      1. jin

        6’6” is way too small to play the 5. I’m 6’7”-6’8” and I wouldn’t even play center at my height. I will say Zion definitely got some weight on me, though. I’m taller but he’s still bigger than me.

    16. DarPoe Jr

      Dirk has only one CHIP in all those years

    17. Marc Franchise

      Dont forget about Sabonis for Portland back in the day....


        Everyone seems to smh. He just came in at 30 and already injury prone. But he was the original European big men who can shoot and a post game!

    18. Frank Lawrence

      270 Lb Kevin Love was unstoppable.

    19. RickyRichReacts

      UMMMM... He shouldn't even be talking about this. He's one of the main "big men" who shoot 3s.

      1. Aaron Hunter

        He's one of the ones who makes 3s. There aren't a lot who don't shoot them and get more than ten minutes a night at this point. Besides, his game changed to this over time, this series is covering that shift, and he had a front row seat.

    20. David Branch

      Dirk Curry & Durant have made the biggest impact the last 20 yrs. Their the reason the game is played this way in 2020

    21. Manny Donaire

      hibbert was never DPOY

    22. Arelius McGregor

      He shoots like Bigg Country from the Grizzlies but better, looks like he been playing in King Park in NE Portland with his foot work

    23. sonicyouth5150

      The NBA needs to interview Hakeem. Right now.

    24. Ben10

      In today's game there are 5 guards out in the court for each team

    25. James White

      can we get a david robinson interview?

    26. Anthony Norman

      60% in the paint = 40% from 3 Shaq is shooting 75% today easily

    27. James Bong

      It’s just too inefficient for that classic post game to come back. There are teams that can hit more than 5 threes in a minute and play FAST. Too fast to wait for a big grind on a dude in the paint like they’re at the club.

    28. Kareem Blackston

      The game is garbage you can't play defense your not even allowed to challenge a shot

    29. Enzo Francescoli

      Much love for K on the protection that the perimeter players get which is a reason why more players are getting out of the paint.

    30. James Allen jr.

      Yes kids, The ABA killed the NBA big man. When the ABA died it injected the NBA with a few teams... But more importantly, the NBA took the 3pt shot as it's own. And thus the normal NBA big man began to become extinct. It took quite a while before the poison took effect. But, when (no) D'Antoni began his 3's or layups revolution the statistics began to prove that shooting Way more 3's just makes sense. Any average 3pt shooter can have more effect on the game than nearly any post scorer. 33.33333% shooting from the 3pt line is the same as shooting 50% from 2pt land. You see! An average 3pt shooter will score more than any great center if they take the same amount of shots. So, that's it! Unless they put the 3pt line further out, the post up Big Man is dead.

    31. TJ Lewis

      Someone should tell him that LeBron is gone so he can dominate T'Wolves style.

    32. henry kay

      First off big ups to kevin love...big fan..think he'll be thought of in an underrated manner once it's all said and done My main point... This series is moronic Death of the bigman???? How tall is Giannis??? Ben Simmons, LeBron, Anthony Davis, Zion, Joel Embiid????? How about reinvention of the big man fools??? Yall get that disney money and come up with garbage

    33. Momchil Yordanov

      Maybe we should crowdfund ESPN for some studio lights. It feels like this guy is giving his interview in a cave.

    34. Cig Guard


    35. MrBarea11

      next episode: Brian Scalabrine's exclusive ESPN interview on the decline of the Big Man in the NBA

    36. Deon Spates

      Please trade Kevin Love to another contending team.

    37. Apocalypse 2385

      People forget Manute Bol and Sabonis were big men that could post and shoot the ball back in the day and Hibbert isn't out of the league cause he couldn't shoot 3s he just didn't play as good or as hard as he used to, he once had a game with 0 rebounds and as a 7ft guy that's pathetic

    38. Aaron Li

      either get rid of the 3 pt shot or allow defense to be more physical and actually close out on the shooter. otherwise the 3 pt shot is the only shot to take. next generation of players are all going to be able to shoot it like steph and trae young.

    39. Zain Flook

      Zion if he can stay healthy will bring back the big men . Right now as a rookie he is overpowering grown men

    40. YAVIAH

      Nobody will ever kill the post like Hakeem.

    41. James Matthews

      I wouldn't mind seeing Kevin Love on the Heat. Cause he can shoot and rebound. We need rebounding. But he's a terrible defender. We need interior defense.

    42. bmwash1

      Kevin Love was ruined by LeBron James hero ball. I’m a Cavs fan & when they were teammates it drove me crazy. James “passing” is vastly overrated & stats padded by driving in and kick outs to shooters. If he were even close to Bird or Magic; Love would have gotten the ball in his optimal post position and maintained a 20/10 average


        THANK YOU!!!!!

    43. chris costello

      In the NHL you are never born into the sport. You have to earn it in every step of the way. You 7’7 pushing carts? Nah, let’s make money off of this kid. Teach him the basics and let him linker around on the court and stand. Fact.

    44. Jovan SS

      Once the league allows less “freedom of movement” on the perimeter percentages will go wayyyyy down and skill on the inside will be at a premium. Now you have skilled guards who have freedom of movement who are able to set up guys who’s only role offensively is to let it fly

    45. Ed louis

      Drummond averaging almost 20/20 and losing every night

      1. Jonathan Garmuth

        Now he gets to play with Love

    46. K. Roberts

      This Wigga hahah

    47. Von Don

      To be clear, I don't see kevin love as a big. Hes a large forward.

    48. Macus Alexander Liew

      Small Forward is the most versatile position.

    49. Ruben

      Like Pat Ewing said, this will eventually come around full circle. The dominant post big man WILL return eventually.


        I pray sooner rather than later!

    50. Raymond Felix

      yeah the game today is trash... no KG type Tim Duncans... Shaq it's not entertaining anymore.

    51. Denzel Mcelrath

      No disrespect the Kevin Love but he was never a posted up player he's always been shooting 3s his whole career

      1. Drew Wallace

        Denzel Mcelrath you must of not watched basketball longer than the last 5 years.

    52. Preston Proulx

      Hey K love you trash and always even when you were on cavs with LeBron and Kyrie

    53. Jef Pduct

      Shooting 3 all the time is f@ck3n boring to watch.

    54. JourneywithJay

      Many people say you'er an old dude if you don't like the current NBA format of jackin 3's all game. They don't understand what our frustration is about. It's wise to play smart and jackin 3's all day, hitting 30-33 percent of those shots is dumb basketball. The league keeps saying there are analytics that support this type of play. I would like to see those analytics as I don't recall anyone providing those numbers with their arguments. When bigs convert 50-70 percent of their shots around the paint, how can you think you'll be better off with all your players pulling low percentage shots??? The league 3pt average is 35 percent and most bigs are shooting between .200 - .360 with Karl Towns being one of two players hitting .400 percent. This just doesn't make sense considering how easy it can be to score. A player like Joel Embiid should be destroying the league like Shaq did and this team should be unstoppable but he makes it easy on the apposing team. The NBA has over complicated the game and I feel are ruining what was a great game. We have (for the most part) lost cutting, the post up, the mid range jab and slash to the basket for a jam and because we don't have much post up or mid range game, there aren't as many alley oop dunks. Instead we see James Harden pulling up for a three 17 times in a game, making only 1 and falling down every time because when he kicked his legs forward the defender tickled his leg, thus knocking him down, thus Harden deserves to get some free throws. We now see every player that pulls up for a 3 pointer falling down/flopping which is a disgraceful to competition! We see bigs mostly shooting threes and missing them, traveling, push offs and carrying the ball are which are rarely called anymore, especially if a super star commits the infraction. Instead the large majority of calls are on defenders who are merely in the vicinity of a star player but didn't actually touch the star player. This just isn't basketball anymore. In many regards it's quite fake and more like WWF or WCW wrestling.

    55. Brandon Warren

      Why more people don't bring up Rasheed Wallace???


        @Brandon Warren BINGO!!!!! Rasheed Wallace was a big guy who can shoot, post, and defend! He wasn't a media sweetheart like Dirk, Duncan and KG. He was a supposed "hot head" lmao. And Rasheed probably was an underachiever smh. He could have and should have been one of the best big men!

      2. Brandon Warren

        I'm not talking about him being relevant in this era, they always bring up Dirk & KG as seven footers who were stepping out past the paint to shoot and not mentioning Rasheed who was doing it when they were also

      3. adrian castillo

        But he was no longer relevant during 2010s unlike dirk. And that was the time when the league started evolving into a 3pt era.

      4. Brandon Warren

        He was shooting from the outside at the same time Dirk and KG were doing it is my point (and still had a great post up game)

      5. adrian castillo

        Coz he didnt play in the 3pt era. Most big men were still doing post ups when he was in the league.

    56. Jay Cee

      Minnesota love was a post player now he’s not though

    57. Steven Theus

      Love this

    58. illegal Lemur

      It’s wild. All it takes is two guys to get hot beyond the arc and the game is pretty much over

    59. Matthew Boettcher

      I don't really have a problem with bigs stretching the floor, but more bigs should be practicing post moves and scoring. For example, capela has no post game and he would be a beast if he had one.

    60. Fabolous NineNine

      Always liked KLove. A perfect team player. Sacrificed so much of his beautiful post game for the Cavs and people don‘t credit him nearly as much as they should.

      1. Jack White

        Fabolous NineNine He started loosing weight and shooting from the outside before he joined LeBron and his team wasn’t winning. He was better when he was fat and banging for every rebound.