Iggy Azalea - Kream ft. Tyga

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    Music video by Iggy Azalea performing Kream. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Yeol 99

      First you get the money Then you get the power Respect Hoes come last (Oh my God, Ronny) Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Get it, get it, get it (Cash rules everything around me) Uh, open up the safe, bitches got a lot to say Pussy in your face, that'll put you in your place (boom) Seven letters on the plate, fuck you when I brake (bitch) I got cars, I got bags, I got real estate (Cash rules) Foreplay, I ain't come to play I got big fish money, he gon' bite the bait (ya) Can you drop it down, make that ass talk to me? Keep that energy, gon' up that Hennessy (ass) I need my bag quickly Separate six degrees, bitches said they know me Sex pistols, Sid Vicious, wet you when it's horny Hit me on my cash app, check it in the morning Cash, in this bitch shinin' Dressed in designer, she could get grimey And it's perfect timing, gin with the tonic Bella Hadid, homie could get it Ass Cash, cash Ass, bags Bag (Cash rules everything around me) Cash (ay) cash (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Ass (ay) bags (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Bag (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) (Cash rules everything around me) Ass rules everything around me Deep in that pussy, yeah, I'm drowning A shark in a water, how you found me? Best gift from 'round me (I'ma dog) I go hunting like a bounty (woof) (Cash rules) Ya, make my own rules Tattoos on that ass, she do night school Welcome to the players club, Ice Cube Diamonds might make the news, uh Bitch that's photoshop like rappers with that autotune (cash) Uh, your cheques is not a proof RM 52 and a Skull, waterproof Niggas talk a lot of boof, 'til they outside the booth My niggas like Golden State, inbound, pull up and shoot Cash (swish) Cash, ass Ass, bags Bag (Cash rules everything around me) Ass (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Cash, cash (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Ass, bags (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Bag (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) (Cash rules everything around me) Ass rules everything around me Deep in that pussy, got him drowning (drownin', drownin') Cash rules, everything around me A shark in the water, how you found me? (found me, found me

    2. Maharba Likes dykes


    3. Anna Stan

      It literally looks like there’s ants in her pant when she twerks! Lol. And also put some clothes on

    4. Steven Dun

      Vengo del rubius JAJAJAUA

    5. IrishSensation

      The dudes just there cause he got afford sex and money after

    6. Jxj Hj

      Ew my poor.eyes 😱😰

    7. Levi Ackerman

      Oh shit

    8. Dance Tributes

      tyga sound like that lightskin nigga that want to take yo girl

    9. It’s you nan Clarke

      2:48 minutes of porn

    10. N\O\I\C\E N


    11. ツ LEMON_VXBEESツ

      Di's is very bad a child's eyes and ears

    12. Temp

      Wow this song got me real hard

    13. ρђςץς๏ ツ๓Ŧ〖 ץ

      Omg roony

    14. dbkml94

      Something about iggy is so badass.

    15. Hhxd Cratvy

      Family Frendly

    16. Nycolas Silva

      Vim ver esse vídeo só porque a GKAY faz um story com essa música kkkk

    17. Jamylla Santos

      vim só por causa de gkay

    18. Infliction ChEEtahZ

      Who fapped to this 😂 👇🏻 be honest 😂😂👌👌

    19. Jaques Prazeres

      The best vídeo s 🤔💞

    20. Cybuch

      Go back to affrica with this shit

    21. marisa

      ok the song is literally only good when tyga fr whispering *gitigitggitgitgitgigititgti* 💀💀

    22. Salo Perro tonto

      Can you believe this was 96 on the bb hot 100 ? Change it!

    23. Dhante Blaze

      Don't lie! you know your here because they played this song instead of the national anthem by mistake

    24. Omer Faruk BATAN

      WTF has music turned into... FML

    25. Big Smoke

      Play this in best buy XD

    26. Allclass GamingTv

      100% better as Bangbros ✔️

    27. Kumkum Mukjarjee

      Sexy America

    28. imrealizee

      id eat the ass of each girl in this video fasho

    29. joelle Ford

      my inner stripper came out im only 14 get it get it

    30. Olutmakkara

      omg best music video i dont know what is happening but my p.nis just went har:OOOOO im 8 and a half years old hopefully my mom wont see me watching this

      1. ??????

        What lmao

      2. Olutmakkara

        update to the situoation my pants got wet and the liquid is so slimy what do i do???!!

    31. alok shukla


    32. Mikasa SuKasa

      Ainda falam do Brasil kjkkkkk

    33. Nasrul Kulle

      Why the title is "Kream"...?

    34. Keemo Muzic

      Why the USA anthem so dope?

    35. Andres Solis

      Me know

    36. Andres Solis

      Lmao cke list

    37. Фарида Гасымова

      No one: .. İggy: A$$

    38. SIGA DZUGA

      C R. E. A. M.

    39. xodollxo

      Oh my God ronnie

    40. Orlando Josue Carballo Sansores

      Que onda, un único comentario español a nmmn

      1. KHƏ ._.


    41. -M a r i o n e t t e-

      Thank you so much! I played this at church yesterday! Now we are the religion of Iggy Azalea!

    42. Lavareal

      the national anthem sound good

    43. Marcky n_n

      When you take a bite of food 0:25

    44. Ben Robinson

      Like what the hell is this 😂😂 😂 this is just girls tearking like gross Who ever listen to this everyday is weird as hell 😂

    45. morgan nicholls

      100% talent 0% porn

      1. Jos Jc

        Wrong song

    46. Cece Johnson

      Ugly peace of shwit

    47. Arnika Ar


    48. Jessica Foxxx

      Who’s here because of the national anthem?

    49. Cam Eron

      Shit hit different on mute

    50. MalossXd

      Le puese esto a Bella thore y ahora es Maluma

    51. Bawla Insaan

      deep in the ..... im drowning LL

    52. Bawla Insaan

      American Economy 1:07

    53. Samia Samo

      201-6-7-8 : Porno 2019:Normal rap clip 🤦🏻😂

    54. Wank Yiffer

      This is really fucking stupid.

    55. Vihaan Sharma

      In Rndio ne gaand uthwa rkhi h chudva chudva k 😂😂

      1. Bawla Insaan

        ametican culture ghatiya hai

    56. Pedro Garcia


    57. Ebony Nunez

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    58. laughless

      *please rise for the new national anthem.*

    59. Алексей Мусатов

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