Iggy Azalea - Behind The Scenes: Iggy Azalea "In My Defense" Album Release Week

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    Official Video by Iggy Azalea - Behind The Scenes: Iggy Azalea "In My Defense" Album Release Week. © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE

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    1. jdub rodie

      Iggy is ugly asf and all of them is nothing more than a cumguzzling whore would be ashamed if that were my daughters

    2. Matt Minor

      Iggy can get it all day!

    3. spooder doodle

      Bruh when they showed and talked about Nikitas Pussy stunting videos xD 2:14

    4. P e r s e p h o n e . A n n

      I loved that they put in the part where she ripped her pants! So fucking funny, I had a feeling it might be real.

    5. Brandin Ellis

      man she is so fucking ugly

      1. Odell Dixon

        Brandin Ellis bitch shut the fuck up

    6. Angnina Angpu

      Iggy purpose me for date, she have to wait the line

    7. Luis O

      8:23 ... She looks so MF good

    8. Isabella Grace

      She twerks faster then my internet.

    9. Dusan Babic

      Chen't wey't u si thet shit

    10. Barbara Von Traumer

      I hope 2020 will be Iggys return. F$ck it up.

    11. mar costa

      The amount of proudness I feel for her is unbelievable


      8:18 *wait a minute wasn't Iggy's hair pink before the other day now it's half red and white?* 😂💖 5:58 see her hair was pink the other day... I'm so confused did she died her hair??? 😂💖 or was her hair just white and it was just the dark making it seem like it's pink but it wasn't? 😂💖 Edited cause I'm an extra b****... 🥰💖

    13. Deven Thomas


    14. Chloe McLaurine

      Iggy is a boss period. That is a lot of time, dedication, and hardwork man💯

    15. Donna Vaughn

      these poor women they have to become gross and so unbecoming to what's lovely about women

    16. Lix198606

      Who here knows her real name to be Amethyst? Considering her attitude and personality i find that most interesting.

    17. Lix198606

      4:07 For god sake lol

    18. brittany x

      just.. YES.

    19. derpbearfilms

      Iggy sucks

    20. konqueror H

      That was dope

    21. House moon

      Nice 💋💋💋💋

    22. aka dusk

      Gotta respect Iggy for her hustle and T.I. was dead wrong for that comment. IGGY WE NEED TO SEE YOU ON THE BIG SCREEN. Get your acting hustle on!

    23. blujizzle

      I appreciate this more than I probably should. But as a fellow artist I think it's okay to do so. Lol. Thanks for sharing this. You work tremendously hard and put so much time into this shit. I see that. I Respect that to the fullest. 💪🏾💙🤞🏾

    24. Максим Каратанов

      without makeup she is even more beautiful🥰

    25. Sauvage Ascension

      Jeffree Star

    26. ninushka asapwise

      მიყვარხარ ;-;

    27. nilo babu singha

      worst female rapper of all time💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    28. Asen Cenkov

      I think im in love!! 😅

    29. sofiyarini ambarwati

      does she has new label? if not she really in control of all her art.. thats dope

    30. Charlesariel Charles

      Iggy Azaleia 😍🇧🇷

    31. Ashot Nuridzhanyan

      Her actual hair hasn't been on camera for years

    32. Sagal gedi

      2:52 the girl face😂😂

    33. Jennifer Sammut

      Don’t swear I’m a kid but I still watch you because you are amazing!

    34. anjan bhujel

      Only Nicki and iggy is pretty in rap industry

    35. anjan bhujel

      She so pretty

    36. Codak Chris

      iggy-hey wasuppp brooooo

    37. George Ybarra

      All she got is a fake booty and long nails

    38. Mol H

      Omg! What did she do to her face. It can hardly move🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    39. Youth Culture Stories

      I see you driving round town with the i Girl i love and im like

    40. White'n Black

      نفسيتها خايسه

    41. TonyDont PlayThat

      🛑 Stop hatin on #Iggy. Clearly it ain't working❗✌🏾🍻

    42. Dana Lynn

      Thanks for posting this girlie! Much appreciated

    43. agent kay_145

      Iggy bad and talented..I would wife that quick..

    44. Ivy Poison

      Sorry iggy the reason I love fancy so much is because when I look in the mirror and I look so good that song fits how I'm looking , but I have a mix I have to redo before I get out the car to walk into work ... started is a must, because at one point I lost everything and I'm working on getting back. So I have to remember this as I'm dealing with dumb a$$. Thanks for all the hard work. And fancy was the song that got me remember that I am fancy as hell... so what if I had to take a big a$$ L... and that's why so I play it daily. So thanks for the list. Once again I love your modeling.

    45. Ivy Poison

      I'm not going to lie everybody that work on her videos are so awesome. I thought she was going to leave us for a minute there...a very sad time. But when she came out with some new sh!t omg I was so happy.

    46. Sulaiman Suleiman

      Iggy has skin problems

    47. Ray

      Iggy is hideous without make up paint!! Gross

    48. Neda Jafari

      Why she looks sad and confuse?

    49. Andres Lopez Zarate

      The gays always supporting lol

    50. Heriberto Hernandez

      I wish I was her shorts

    51. Derick Lopez

      Iggy don't get skinny you look good thick

    52. nightcore krono

      She has a real vision of what she wants and she gon get it! Go Iggy been waiting for your return.

    53. Ajax Amsterry

      me diehards u,i rathers die if not watching uolls iggy

    54. Ajax Amsterry

      u make horn horn pep pip pup pop pop iggy luv ya

    55. Ajax Amsterry

      keep it up,luv ya uolls fuck it up,nice up up,make me wow

    56. Ajax Amsterry

      awsome huh,wow

    57. Ajax Amsterry

      luv all about u iggy ,u do the nice video,luv ya

    58. Dashaunt’e Green


    59. Christal Brudon

      I have been a fan since Iggy first came on the scene Now I am in awe of her Iggy, YOU NAILED IT. I LOVE YOUR NEW MUSIC CONGRATULATIONS, BEAUTIFUL. Not only did you aim for the fences, YOU HIT A GRAND SLAM HOME RUN.


      Fat Asses everywhere....