Iggy Azalea Eats Kangaroo and Talks New Playboi Carti Album | Disgustingly Healthy | Men's Health

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    Iggy Azalea takes the Disgustingly Healthy Challenge. Faced with termite-coated fairy bread and tarantula-Vegemite toast, she must choose between eating some "evil" Australian snacks, and answering even tougher questions.
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    1. sean nelson

      I love Iggy. Always and forever. She is amazing

    2. Sick Slick

      Damn I've would of eaten every one of those plates they look good

    3. Paula Wilson

      Iggy is a man..

    4. Romanfrank Mannel

      Lol Iggy she's nuts

    5. Dramamine

      i wanna bang her but my bro carti 😖

      1. Kyui

        Dramamine cartis baby is in her

    6. KingzVEVO

      So when we seeing her butthole exactly? I’m waiting my nigga

    7. suraj shelat

      Let us see yo butthole then

    8. Purple Strike

      I only ever seen Iggy's stage acting never the real her. I expected her to be ghetto and loud but she's not I really like her.

    9. Diego Ortiz

      WHAT? SHE'S A GEMINI?!?!?!?!?!?!

    10. Epsilon

      Jerky is so fucking good, I’ve never had Australian jerky but I’d be smacking on that shit

    11. Stacy Gray

      Shes so prettyyy

    12. Stacy Gray

      Shes so cuteee

    13. LlamaR/C

      *girl on a men's health show* 🤔

    14. Ashley King

      "Because I'm a procrastinator, I'm a Gemini" i felt that

    15. Fernando Ayala

      Iggy should try Mexican food next time

    16. king James

      0:02 let’s make it happen

    17. 917 Dommy

      So it’s dropping in the next 60 days or did I read that wrong ?

    18. Sincerely Majestik

      Cardi, Nicki, Miley

    19. Sincerely Majestik

      I’d try the Emu jerky

    20. Jonathan DeStefano

      She doesn’t say when wlr is dropping so don’t waste your time

    21. RVWoodhead81SHU

      Sadly the kangaroo saw her butthole, not living to tell the tale...

    22. prbvlms •

      i stan

    23. MIKS 28

      Wheres the butthole?

    24. s a d / 1 0

      Nasty ass bitch.

    25. sasuke naruto

      4:44 mom's back kinda scary , she 's gonna need a masseuse

    26. Jose L

      Dang..her booty would make any man healthy

    27. GOAT

      She's white but looks like she's a black girl with a weave

    28. Taylor Meza

      1:35 literally Uzi and Carti

    29. josephine emilia

      My eyes were hurting when Mikeu Cyrus was twerking I'm sorry sweetie twerking ain't for everybody

    30. TsunamiVVave

      Iggy Azalea wants to be black so bad she looks like if someone flipped the switch on cardi b

      1. Jasmine Isabella

        TsunamiVVave oh shut up

    31. Josh T

      Imma save y’all the trouble she don’t say nothing ab the album

    32. Raylan Mckinest

      I sniff food, but my parents get mad

    33. Andrea Ramirez-hildalgo

      1:35 I felt that ♊

    34. Young O

      shes good for pornstar she would be rich

    35. lilroberto

      i ' m a g e m i n i

    36. AstroKlutz

      First time I've ever heard her talk

    37. Joseph Tommy

      2:25 Iggy: I actually wouldn't care if you asked to see my butthole I would do it rather than eat that Me: Invents time travel to change the question

    38. Kimberly coleman

      At 3:42 is it me or is one eye higher than the other

      1. SpidermanWitAnAK


      2. Zaylux

        no ones face is 100% symmetrical

    39. Aquariana X

      I love Iggy 🥰😂

    40. charles

      Does this have no taste buds