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Kate Yup

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    It cost me : 126 $ (Noodle, sweet peppers and eggs)
    I am a girl 🚺
    I eat fast and i know the risks, but always i have eat like this.
    I have any health problem, my metabolic system is adapted.
    I already consulted dietetitian about this
    Don't worry ❤️
    Don't forget to subscribe to watch more videos !
    I love U all ❤️ (even you haters i don't forget you, be sure )
    You are the BEST !!
    Kate Yup...

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    1. Kim taehyung

      I really love your videos 😇

    2. BTS Is life

      not really an asmr video fro me, as i got kind of stressed of it. but creds for eating spicy food.

    3. LucY RoCCa

      Hi one more time! I really love yours vds

    4. Myself Myself

      Loved the video 😍 could you do a fried chicken mukbang next?❤❤

    5. Raquel Ramirez

      Me das miedo

    6. zoe mifsud

      lol sweaty the food isn't leaving slow the f#$k down

    7. Shreya Madan

      I literally get so excited when u upload a vid❤️

    8. A. Kaa

      Damn.....I wuld throw up if I wuld eat that much and that fast 😂👍🏼

    9. kim chi le

      xem clip của người này kg biết bao nhiêu lần giờ mới phát hiện ra người này là phụ nữ 😁mà kg hiểu lý do gì chị che từ lổ mủi lên tới con mắt nhỉ?

    10. Chloe Seymour

      How much did everything cost separately? P.S Love your videos!!

    11. A Joke

      Hey Kate yup I love your videos they are so awesome and I don’t know why haters can’t just scroll off if thy don’t like it you don’t deserve that kind of hate

    12. Muffin Bubbles

      Amazing food

    13. JojosGaming

      It looked like she wanted to stop soo bad!! Aw don’t hurt yourself for videos we care about yooou babe!! ❤️

    14. Coco's Life

      I must add that I love how you always finish all your food you're the best and I must say again that I just love your videos

    15. JojosGaming

      I love this channel so much!! ❤️😭

    16. Fix ya Face

      You are brave sheesh. .those things are hot

    17. JojosGaming

      Bruh the way she was moving her hands up and down you know it’s hot TO THE T!!

    18. Queen Minnielynn

      I liked ur videos better when it was one thing like the salmon or the octopus now ur doing alot at once u should go back to doing one item food videos

    19. Maaariyaamm Zaheer

      I don’t like eggs btw

    20. Maaariyaamm Zaheer

      Wow im hella hungry now 😂🖤

    21. MeMo MeMo


    22. MeMo MeMo


    23. Coco's Life

      Girl my hat goes off to you I just love your videos and you Stay blessed 💋

    24. Ehter Yu

      Hi I love all your videos and I love how you eat it makes me so hungry rn 😋💞💞💞💞

    25. Annielyn Gan

      I want to try to eat that noodles haha😂😍

    26. Luneza

      Wow you did great! :)

    27. Ana Souza

      How could you? I tried ONE and it was so hot that I couldn’t eat everything. 😪

    28. The Food Spot ASMR

      You're crazy i love it hahahaha

    29. Melissa Mataira

      Much prefer the sound of the fork on that tray/board than your fingernails on it when you pick food up.

    30. Baraah HG

      Love youuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

    31. No Name

      I'm not sure what to call you Seafood Queen 👸🏻 or Spiceynoodle Queen 👸🏻 lol 🤪

    32. Peach Tea

      Yummy but spicy!

    33. Bali167

      I hate peppers and I can't handle spicy food, but I love your videos! keep going! :)

    34. Noemi v

      Too much pasta AJJAJAJA but.. That's was really nice, like for having a jalapeño video xd

    35. Isaiah Celaya

      Yes y r I such a queen I need more people to know u

    36. No Name

      Mmmmmmm I LOVE EATING THAT!!!!!!

    37. J Nguyen

      i love the way u eat

    38. Azlynn Noelle

      I love you so much please keep eating and doing more videos your so awesome

    39. Me Me

      Why u eat so fast

    40. Panda Goddess

      I love the way you eat it is soooo satisfying 😍😍😍

    41. Kelsey Daily

      U the g

    42. Mine .A

      Did more damage in the first minute than I’ve seen anyone do in the whole video. GO KATE

    43. Carmelita Rohler

      I know you know what is best ffo you! Just take care of yourself coz we care! You make me hungry! I love all your videos.

    44. Brittany Holmes

      10 packs! Girlllllllllll

    45. Tammie Shaw

      I don’t know why but I kept holding my breath throughout the video. lol You are brave!

    46. bianca hunt

      fuccccc i love u 🤣

    47. Ashley Lenns

      These noodles are so spicy! But just wait a week or two, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about eating these delicious noodles again! 🤤

    48. Maimouna Barry

      I liked your previous videos with all the seafood a lot more than this one

    49. Sabrii Denisse

      Saludos desde #Argentina

    50. Sara Walls

      Dang I have heartburn just watching!

    51. xXFrakkiatorXx

      Mi spiace ma questo video mi mette ansia, sia per la pasta che di sicuro è fredda e asciutta, sia perché ti stai ingozzando

    52. Tasbeeh Mahmoud

      wow are those peppers hot too!

    53. N!ghtMar3Gamer

      Looks good! I love noodles I want some! ❤ But it looks like it's hot the way you're sucking in air XD you should've had something to drink with it.

    54. FDQ_jayYT

      74th like 28th cimment

    55. Alessandro Del Casale

      Oh mon Dieu.. c’est super hot?

    56. emily 21


    57. MyLittleInfinity

      Hey Kate! I LOVE your videos! I'm a slow eater, so I find your fast eating impressive and cool. Keep up the great work!

    58. Claire Turnbull

      Those fire noodles are insane!! I can't even handle 1/2 pack never mind all that

    59. ItzUniqu3

      I thought it was gonna be more salmon and you curious crabs legs and shrimp but nope😩😫

    60. Claire Turnbull

      Yesss Kate been dying for this !