How to integrate Watson Assistant with Facebook Messenger

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    Using the new managed integrations available with Watson Assistant, we'll integrate an Assistant with Facebook Messenger.
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    IBM Owner: Ronan Dalton

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    1. Éder Martins

      I can't finish it, he keeps asking me to: "Verify your business on Facebook"(or something like that, not english speaker). i have no damn company, i'm just a student trying to do college stuffs.

    2. Juan David Gómez

      How can I integrate Facebook's username into the conversation? can I pass it as a variable to a Dialog?

    3. Mofaq Althiyabi

      Thank you for this tutorial, how fast from your published data of this tutorial. facebook now required one more step to get approval for making the bot public need to finish app review process.

    4. Veloz2014

      Too basic. It would be useful show how to send JSON templates or Connect in the backend Botkit to send rich messages.

    5. Shaikh Abdul Imtiaz

      but how other's can send message and try this

    6. Daniel Tapia Nava

      Why does the Bot only works with the messages I send and not with other people messages ?

    7. Andrei Beer

      thx so much brow!

    8. pavle

      I have a weird issue, messenger won't display options array which is sent from a bot as a group of messenger buttons, can anoyone help?