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    1. sunflower squad

      go away faker

    2. ERIN Jay

      She is everything wrong with this narcissistic generation.

    3. Lizette Rodriguez

      I wonder how Jade wrote an essay for USC? She doesn’t speak bright enough for me.

    4. Gary Nitzberg

      Let's face it Olivia, life throws you curve balls and you just have to learn how to turn lemons into lemonade. You must prove to the world that you are not just a entitled privileged brat. If I were you I would show the world I can rise to the occasion. On your own with your own money, enroll in a community college or trade school and get a degree. Who knows you just may not be the dummy everyone thinks you are ...

    5. Rose Ban

      How disgusting and privileged you are. Go fuck yourself.

      1. Troy

        You're disgusting with your filthy mouth. Troll off.

    6. Who Da heck

      I really hated how some people defended her, glad to NOT see those comments because yeah she did face backlash but you do NOT know how hard other people and their parents sacrificed a lot for them/they’re child to get into college AND THEY DID IT THE RIGHT (lawful) WAY!

      1. Richie Richardson

        Every elite university involved in the college admission scandal is required by law to accept minority students that lack the academic achievements to earn their way to be admitted as a student on their own merit. Nobody is complaining about that situation. Dr Dre donated $70 million to USC so his daughter would be admitted as a student. His donation is an income tax deduction for himself. Since Dr Dre and his daughter never made public her GPA,ACT and SAT test scores she probably didn't get accepted as a student on her own merit. Nobody complains about that situation.

      2. Troy

        Not everyone can spread hate.

    7. Robert Harmon


    8. Gaby P

      fuck you

      1. Gaby P

        jacove sm porky lmao

      2. jacove sm

        Porky deleted my comment because I hurt her feelings lol.

    9. Kailie Dean

      But girl... nobody wants you back. Selfish AF! How do you not see how wrong this is!? Everyone else does!

    10. Dakota Hutchinson

      Dont care. I'd still marry her so fast.

    11. Super Nadine

      Just stop

    12. Umang Jain

      Rich people problem... I just feel for those 2 kids, whom you and your sister took college seats of.

      1. Richie Richardson

        Dr Dre donated $70 million to USC so his daughter would be accepted as a student. Since Dr Dre and his daughter did not make public her GPA,ACT and SAT test scores she probably lacked the academic achievements to be admitted as a student on her own merit. That means Dr Dre's daughter took a place away from a student that earned their academic achievements to be a student at USC. All of the elite universities involved in the college admission consulting scandal are required by affirmative action to admit minority students that lack the academic achievements to be addmited on their own academic achievements. Also 40% of college students that obtain a college degree find employment that doesn't require the college degree that got from attending college.


      College student suffer because of people like you


      Silver spoon

    15. Luis Bravo

      From behind a glass window “you ruined my CNsel career, mother!”

    16. chilo31416

      This comment section is full of hate. This person is only 20 years old and really did not do anything terribly wrong. She was lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family and all parents try to get their kids into good schools. It looks like she just wants to make some harmless makeup videos and people are freaking out. Bullying some girl on the internet is much worse than anything that she has done.

    17. Katara Shippuden

      This is gonna sound weird but does anyone know where she got that top from ?

    18. Aaria Lucy


    19. Aurora Engineering Innovations

      Correction, now 1.95 million fans and growing.

    20. Aurora Engineering Innovations

      Glad your back Olivia. Don't give up. Now its funny when I look at all the haters on the comments when they have just got done smoking their joints and then comment, but you still have over a million subscribers. You still have 1.94 million fans.

    21. The Scoop!

      Where's her apology. How about her talking about learning her lesson and how her values have changed.

    22. Doris Elias

      What are you going to do with your life? What do you want your legacy to be? How can you make the world a better place? If you are going to be on CNsel, let it mean something.

    23. luitaurus

      You don't even need to go to college to be a pathetic "youtuber/influencer/whatever the hell" ....all that money, what a waste!!!

    24. miguel diaz

      I really hope you and your family learned some valuable lessons , be honest and humble love yourself always.

    25. Ace Hardy

      Keep at it

    26. David Siler

      DAMN!!! More dislikes than likes! Ricola?

      1. Troy

        More trolls in the comments I guess.

    27. Lily McQueen

      Fuck u all in the comments! You’re all assholes with no money and u deserve that!

      1. Troy

        @Lily McQueen I think were are on the same side. I agree with what you said.

      2. Margaret Langford

        @Lily McQueen That is a very good point. I am torn between the importance of people being able to express their opinions, and what you say. Surely one solution is for the comments to be so vicious. I try to engage in cerebral critique and avoid ad homine attack. So many people are cruel beyond reason. Again, you make a very good point.

      3. Lily McQueen

        Troy I never said I’m a hater of free speech I’m just saying those are disgusting comments. I respect their opinions but if I see myself in her shoes I would shoot myself. I know what it’s like to do something wrong that everyone knows about and get a lot of hate for it. We all grow and we’re all human.

      4. Lily McQueen

        Margaret Langford these comments are also the reason people want to kill themselves. I mean imagine reading 1000s of comments making you feel like shit. How would you feel? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and maybe you could see.

      5. Lily McQueen

        Troy I’m actually very stable thank you very much :)

    28. Shyanne Wipp

      You keep doing what you're doing girl. If you want to help people, go for it. In my opinion I don't agree with what they are doing to your mom. The better thing that they could've done is put her in house arrest or at least 5 years in prison.

    29. Phil Gamer

      Rick: The reality is your as dumb as they come. Which is why they had to br*burps*ibe the school to let you in. But now that your parents have been caught the plan has been ruined. So now they are going to have to try something e*burps*lse. So now it's just you and your parents against the world!

    30. Mustafa Hayati

      I don't know who she is, but this is the first video on youtube that has more dislikes than likes, What's going on? why?

      1. Troy

        The poor hating on the wealthy. Nothing new.

    31. Nicole Campbell

      im not one for negativity but boyyyy was i so happy to see the comments

    32. Malally2

      Your inside makes the outside ugly

    33. Jade Beaut

      This has 20,000 more dislikes than likes wow

    34. kikky811

      Wow what a shallow and conceded individual. This is all she had to say? Can’t believe she still has subscribers. If she doesn’t have CNsel she doesn’t have anything. I doubt she could even get any college degree on her own.

    35. Mycle Lo

      Jade, Im really happy you keeping your head up. Im proud of you your young keep your head up. Strong

    36. IL-Matt

      So you're not smart enough to get into USC without your parents paying them off? LMAO

    37. Lorri

      I doubt anyone "stuck around for nine months just waiting" for....this. ugh

    38. JerryTheRacecarDriver

      Haha. Your parents think you’re too stupid to get into college on your own.

    39. Laura Sophie Schulze

      Can yall stop being so bitter. Yess it was wrong but nobody deserves this amount of hate. I was really excited she came back and seems like you scared her away again.

      1. Troy

        @JerryTheRacecarDriver It's not her fault she is wealthy, good looking and you on the other hand are ugly, broke and miserable.

      2. Richie Richardson

        @JerryTheRacecarDriver None of the students involved in the college admission scandal have been charged with any crime.

      3. JerryTheRacecarDriver

        Laura Sophie Schulze she absolutely deserves all the hate. She deserves to be in prison.

    40. artfrat

      Wow. I got stupid watching this

      1. artfrat

        @Richie Richardson thanks richie

      2. Richie Richardson

        Nope you have always been that way.

    41. Alan Stewart

      Dumb is back

      1. Richie Richardson

        Yes you are back.

    42. M. J.

      the moral of the story: i missed you guys so much (?) lol gurl get your priorities straight? your mom is going to jail??

    43. B. K

      Please do prison vlogs! Love your channel

    44. Yavive Siqueiros

      1:48 "Moral of the story: I missed you guys so much..." For one part, it takes bravery to face the camera again. And i respect that you don't turn off the coments. I recomend you to ask for an apology. To go on a low profile por a while. Be humble and have remorse. Repair the damage with the students afected. What you said was not the moral.

    45. Robert Middleton

      Please come back, we the people aren’t finished roasting your lying cheating ass.

      1. Richie Richardson

        Sad your life is so boring you have nothing better to do then post bad mouthing comments about a person that did nothing to affect your own life personally.

    46. Spastik

      Shut up and show us your tits

      1. Richie Richardson

        @Spastik Your comment shows your own lack of maturity . Anyone can be an anonymous pervert on the internet when in person they would get their face slapped and get knocked down on their ass. I doubt your parents could be proud of you being an online pervert.

      2. Spastik

        @Richie Richardson so

      3. Richie Richardson

        Pervert .

    47. Katherine Keon


    48. Juliette Tr

      Can we just try to understand she didnt offer the bribe, her mom did? Like i just want to say that all her life her mom has told her do what i say and you will be like me. Her mom probably pressured her into alot of things and did this bribe without her permission and then informed her making her accept it

    49. Gut Pile

      151K dislikes damn...

    50. Laura Smith

      Right now your main concern should be helping your parents through this trying time.i wonder if your taping this in your bedroom at your parents house..my mom would have kicked my butt out the door.be grateful,please.

      1. Richie Richardson

        Olivia moved out of her parents house in May 2019 when she was mad at her parents. She has been renting an apartment.

    51. Laura Smith

      I don't know how she can be happy when she got her parents in trouble with the law,I'd be so upset.

    52. TittySprinkles

      Introducing the Stupid Spoiled Whore College Fund, in 3... 2... 1....

    53. Mason Simms

      Olivia “My SAT score is bad” Lori “One dollar equals one point up on the SAT” FBI then knocks on the door and Lori denies any wrongdoing

    54. Keekee Fries

      No “I’m so sorry...”, nothing. What a selfish little brat! Are we forgetting that this b***h gave everyone the middle finger on social media a while back? HELLO! You need to do some soul searching and seriously apologize because no damn way you thought you got into USC the honest way....

    55. Anna Smoley

      This girl is a complete embarrassment. I would feel so pathetic trying to make money on CNsel after all of this.

    56. Bobby Phillips

      sounds like a real rocket scientist. That's not fair sorry she may be very smart just get into school with hard work like normal people do.

    57. Allen Rivera

      Everyone is blaming her mom for the bribing but broooo USC literally let her do it. PETITION TO FUCKING SUE USC AS WELL

    58. Lovel

      Moral of the story is..... Me: what story?? You havent even said anythng

    59. DDD Francis

      You are a joke lady.