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    1. Smarties 373

      Irrelevant to what mistakes she made or were pressured into I genuinely like her content and if she was just a full time CNselr from the start as atozy mentioned, things could have been better. So I support her uploading content I think CNsel is the right way to go.

    2. Verenaisi Rokovada

      Yeah this ain't it sis

    3. C.M.

      Sigh.. If she wanted to upload a video, all she could have said is "Hi guys.. It's Olive Jade. I am unable to talk about the college admission scandal due to legal reasons. However, this has been a tough 9 months for my family and I. I am trying my best to overcome this situation. I would like to come back to what I loved to do - which is vlogging and creating new content. I hope I can slowly go back going into what I loved to do, and slowly rebuilding my life. I understand this video won't answer much questions. I'm sorry guys, and I hope everyone has a healthy and happy Holidays. I hope 2020 is a new year where everyone, including myself, can start a new year with hope and joy. Buy guys!

    4. AntoniettaNacc

      All I can say is no girl just no. This is too big for you to just “go on” with normal life right now. If I were you I would be embarrassed for many different reasons. No one cares to see any content until there’s an apology (to all students who applied and couldn’t get in school because you STOLE their chance at getting in for and education that you had zero cares bout having to begin with) and and honest apology at that.

    5. Alex Arsenault

      fuck you!!

    6. JJ's World

      When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." - John 8:7

      1. Sandra Rhodes

        Thank God for JJ’s World. The voice of reason.

      2. Sandra Rhodes

        @JJ's World :):)

      3. JJ's World

        @Sandra Rhodes Amen! 👍

      4. Sandra Rhodes

        @JJ's World I hope so. Love, faith and hope:)

      5. JJ's World

        @Sandra Rhodes I believe they will eventually

    7. Brittany Garcia

      In the age of our generation not being able to pay for school or making it through then working their whole life to pay it off. You really are so blind and oblivious to real struggles. You hurt peoples feelings dude and idc how dumb that sounds. You are just so blind

    8. Steel City Show

      Moral of the story is somebody needs to look up moral in the dictionary because that's not the proper way to use it

    9. Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

      Youb should be addressing the part of you that took advantage! You didn't even want to go to school!

    10. Joel

      what happened?

      1. Sandra Rhodes

        Google it

    11. jose lopez

      This is a slap in the face for all the students who can’t even get into college because they don’t have enough money . This system is way too fucked up

    12. Maria Villagran

      Please go away... Just go away... You should be ashamed of yourself.

    13. Jackie

      The moral of the story, where's the apology? You can't apologize because that would mean you were admitting guilt.

    14. Levio Stagnaro

      She’s living on recruit difficulty

    15. Mar K

      I’m lost. What happened?!🤪

    16. Kelly Davis

      Go away again...

    17. Sown Intergral


    18. Sown Intergral


    19. Anthony Scott

      Literally didn’t know wtf she was talking about until I figured out who her mom is lol 🅱️razy

    20. Julian Velasquez

      Someone’s low on cash again

    21. Thomas White

      At the age that this all started Olivia was probably like 17. I would imagine the situation was almost entirely the doing of her parents, I don't think blaming her for this makes much sense especially considering we don't know the full story. Sure, her life has been insanely easy and pretty much bought for her, but none of this is really her doing.

      1. Addy Wait

        She knew what she was doing.

      2. I'dena Allen

        Thomas White Eh. I don’t think she truly thought it was correct. 18 is very old enough to know right from wrong. I just think that she didn’t care/didn’t think it was a big deal. She probably knew other rich kids who did it. It may have been the thing to do amongst their circle.

      3. Thomas White

        @I'dena Allen At 18 its still really easy to be convinced by your parents that what they're doing is the correct thing to do. I know at that age I didn't give a shit about much at all, and if I was raised rich I'm fairly certain I would accept a ticket to college like that.

      4. I'dena Allen

        I understand what you’re saying, but I also think that she could’ve not gone through with it. She turned 18. She had options. She makes bank from CNsel, so I doubt she HAD to live with her parents. So what could they hold over her head? A relationship? Lol I doubt they were gonna disown her.

    22. Julien Blanc Dubois

      Baby, come back. CNsel has been pretty boring without you. We need more drama on here to liven things up a bit.

    23. Khaleesi

      See if you wanted to FIX this you would pay for a couple of scholarships. But you won’t. Because you don’t care. Because you’re better than people who gave their soul to a rowing team for a scholarship. You’re evil and you don’t care about “normal” people. FIX it instead of having people fix it for you. You robbed people of an education.

    24. Carla Mlna

      do everyone a favor and don‘t return to yt ever again 🙄 girl bye

    25. Mariah

      Such a shame her parents are trying to plead not guilty so she can’t even make an apology video cos it’s an admittance of guilt. Like obviously her parents scammed the system, why are they being so dumb as to try to claim they aren’t guilty? Sis ya fam done goofed.. come back when the trials are over and you can make that apology video.

    26. A C

      Must be nice being able to move on and “start over” because most people who are normal can’t do that...literally she’s coming back on CNsel to get more hate.

    27. M Z

      No. Moral of the story is that people spend sleepless nights studying aiming for scholarships when it was only handed to you because of your wealth and unfortunately you are ungrateful for all of it.

    28. citrus meat

      you clearly don't fucking care about what you and your mom have done. you can't rebound from this olivia. you ruined a kid's chances of getting into usc who cared more about getting an education than you did. you can't move on from this.


      It's not her fault it's her parents leave her alone

    30. Triple Oof

      Guess “””rowing””” just isn’t your thing huh