HeForShe Conversation With Emma Watson On March 8th, 2015 [ANNOUNCEMENT]


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    Join us on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015 at 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT for a HeForShe Conversation with Emma Watson, UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador. Emma will answer questions about HeForShe and gender equality live at EmmaWatson.
    Want to ask a question? Join the conversation by using the hashtag #HeForShe or on Facebook.
    If you are in the London area and would like to attend the event, tell us what you have done personally to advance gender equality. Submit your story of impact for a chance to be selected as an audience member. Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 12pm GMT. Those selected will be notified by Friday, March 6, 2015. Submit here: bit.ly/HeForSheQA

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    1. Alexsander Rain

      I like the bravery of HeForShe campaign. Both making subscriber numbers undisclosed and disabling ratings. Also, this youtube channel is deleting comments. A woman made a statement when this was put out that she wanted to write an article about how women should go in tech and how there aren't enough women in the "good paying jobs" and how that demonstrates that there is discrimination. To that comment I replied the fact that the number of men in blue collar jobs like garbage collectors, sanitation inspections, plumbers, movers, mining etc, are mostly men yet you don't see women clammoring to take up those jobs in equal amounts. No, the cushy jobs they want half or more, but the uncushy jobs, the rest, let the men do them in 99.9% of numbers, that's fine. Hypocrisy.

    2. No. No

      This is her only flaw. A feminist

    3. Lisseth M

      In love in love in love.

    4. tpkyteroo luebeck

      I look forward to the live chat being archived here as I slept through it due to cold and brain fog. Thanks in advance for getting it up on here. My concentration in school was Social science with emphasis on Sociology, criminal justice and the haves versus the have nots whereby it wasn't just about the rich versus the poor. I dived into education and how in the USA, the deaf-blind are not given the same education as anyone else is. Even those with low IQs in wheelchairs are given a better education in that they get the specific aids and teachers they need for them. The Deaf-blind largely do not. But at one time, we only had 3 teaches in all of North America that were skilled in teaching the Deaf-blind. My biggest issue is that I have Fetal Alcohol syndrome and thus am lousy as doing anything except blogging about it. One thing you may not be aware of, is society's obsession with how women should look, actually victimized those who were victims of sexual abuse. If I dressed how Hollywood and society thinks I should dress, my dad would be tempted to do a deviant act of the unmentionable kind. He too, was a victim from age 2 on by his dad who was also probably a victim. My dad bent over backwards to not touch me, but struggled and admits it. By dressing conservatively, I found that I didn't have to hide anymore. I loved me again. I have known certain Christians to ask me why I don't wear make-up. I'd say because we are made in God's Image. And they'll say that "yes, we were made in God's image, but don't you want to look beautiful?" Society has taught even some of the Christians that we are so ugly that we have to be ashamed of us and cover ourselves up with make-up or we should never walk out the door. I'm not against people wearing make-up. I am only against wearing it for the wrong reasons. If you love how you look without make-up but just love wearing it, brilliant. Its those who wear it because they think they aren't beautiful that should not wear make-up but instead learn to brace their inner beauty and let it shine out. Thanks!

    5. Morelia Valencia

      I have been trying to collect signatures at my school and i can get more than 500 and i would like to have a place to send it to so where can i send it to you i need an address

    6. Haley Lewis

      Happy International Woman's Day!! I hope to watch this today! Emma Watson is the perfect person to run he for she. She is spreading gender equality in a positive way, which is so fantastic! She is great female role model for boys and girls and has always been a role model to me! Keep it up Emma!

    7. Kean Dupz

      Emma Watson has beauty and brains... Now I'm even more in love


      I would like to participate but i can't.... But wish all the best for the programme and when i saw your speech about gender equality it changed me a lot thank u for that and keep continue hermione ( sry this name suits u very much:-) ) you r doing great....you r not just an actress u r beyond something....happy womens day :-)

    9. Chickenstripsaregr8

      Pls watch my vids


      I am totally supporting Emma! Shell do great I know she will! (:

    11. Esra Özgün

      You are so beautiful

    12. Esra Özgün

      i hope i can watch it from Germany :)

    13. Tiaan Engelbrecht

      Can't wait for tomorrow! Will definitely tune in :D

    14. Anthony m

      Can't wait, definetly going to support this!

    15. !! fhoody-33

      Love yuo :(

    16. Mariana Suárez

      Emma has touched my heart with her speech at the United Nations, I tottally support her in this mision that matters to all of us. I´ll be there on Sunday! Thanks Emma for visiting my country Uruguay and letting us be part of this!

    17. pinco palla

      Emma why haven't you already realized that feminism is a sexist ideology that promotes victimization of women and demonization of men rather than true equality? I suggest you to look up for some infos about the wrongs of feminism.

    18. Mara Santos

      I can't be there in person because I'm in Portugal, but I will watch it for sure. LOVE EMMA!!!!

    19. Victoria Fatuarte

      oh, emma..

    20. doodoo951100

      She has a ring in her fourth finger on her left hand!!!?!!!!??!!!??!

    21. Phil Bass

      As a previous commenter stated that this is "a problem so many people are ignorant about"; Are there going to be any inequalities against men discussed? Or will it be the usual Feminist supremacy mantra? Thus disregarding Egalitarianism completely. That said, I will be viewing (too late to attend), as I believe in true equality.

    22. Positive Variable

      I am quite excited for this event. I will make sure to virtually attend.

    23. First Last

      Love u Emma ! And u so beautiful !

    24. Angel Law

      Oh my God. She's an Angel

    25. FamousRockSchool

      We'll be watching. Emma Rocks!

    26. pakneq sky

      she so beautiful

    27. HunnyBug

      I want to thank you so much! You are putting yourself out there and addressing a problem so many people are ignorant about. It's also a very polarizing discussion for many people. I think it has to be scary, and preparing for such an open-ended event must be a little worrying. I want to tell you, if you see this, that you've made an impact on me. You are being heard, and you are being understood. Thank you!

    28. Dawood khan

      Great :)

    29. Seán Curran

      We're doing a school project/contest here in Luxembourg: The topic is expression of freedom, I chose to draw something about gender equality. My art teacher's really happy and so am I, even my classmates are excited. I'm grateful that so many people are participating in this very important movement for peace, love, happiness and togetherness of women, men, boys and girls all over the world. -> GENDER EQUALITY

    30. Raven Li

      how you look sooooo beautiful Emma you did a great job!!! you make me paying attention on gender equality hope i can see you in some movie again some days!

    31. ZG

      I haven't been affected by gender inequality considering there is none anywhere besides 3rd world countries... Which modern feminism wants to focus more on pointless first world problems that don't really exist considering most of if not all 1st world countries have passed legal acts to provide rights to both genders, am I missing something? Women already have the same rights as men what more do they want, you can't cherry pick the things you want for women and leave out the negatives of being a man, both have advantages and disadvantages but neither are privileged or above the other

    32. The Crooked 1

      you should be ashamed for skipping Aaron Treno's comment

    33. Drew Gars

      I will watch. I've seen men do more politics and military work than women for centuries.

    34. Zion Kim

      I'm really sad that i can't attend only due to the fact that I'm 14. I believe that age restriction shouldn't be applied as she said in her speeches, both men and boys need to be involved. I guess i will have to watch the livestream this Sunday....

    35. Lea  Maier

      This is really a very good thing. You are a very good model. You have a career to the actress, have studied, friendship - you have your friend long time and also still beside with moulded and now something like that. Respect! I ask me like you are able to do your own life still life. But I find it make a mess well. Continue please in such a way. You are an extremely intelligent and pretty woman. If it had seen with pleasure as live. But I live in Germany, is there there also live stream?

    36. Captain Grease

      OH GOD!!! ITS THE REAL EMMA WATSON! i'm definetly subscribing! I really loved you in harry potter you are awesome! i'll be happy to watch your vids!

    37. Lea  Maier

      Das ist wirklich eine sehr gute Sache. Du bist ein sehr gutes Vorbild. Du hast eine Karriere zur Schauspielerin, hast Studiert, Freundschaften- deinen Freund lange Zeit gehabt und auch noch neben bei gemodelt und jetzt sowas. Respekt! Ich frag mich wie du dein eigenes Leben noch Leben kannst. Aber ich finde es sau gut. Mach bitte weiter so. Du bist eine extrem intelligente und hübsche Frau. Hätte es gern ebenso live gesehen. Aber ich wohne in Deutschland, gibt es dort auch einen live stream?

    38. Uziel Dircio Baker !

      I'm really looking forward to seeing this live streaming from Mexico!.

    39. Mike SJ

      Anyone knows where is the event? i mean, in which part of London

    40. Papi Elric

      I support from France.

    41. Aaron Detrinis

      can you talk about how short men face inequality for not being "manly" enough, it really pisses me off that people judge me for being short and don't give me as much respect as I deserve

      1. The Crooked 1

        wow mate you she skipped your comment instead of replying sorry :/ not really a smart move though asking someone who says HeForShe not SheForHe if you want to hear people talk about it watch a MRA channel

    42. e x l e n s i c

      Emma, I sincerely, sincerely, *sincerely* beg of you to consider the meaning of open-mindedness. If you want a fair discussion, your willingness to consider different perspectives and evaluations differing from your own or your colleagues' with a fair and open mind is absolutely critical. That is all.

    43. ruben tarrillo

      amazing nice

    44. Katianie9

      I love the work your doing Emma, Thank you for taking the initiative!

    45. Deborah Tamiazzo

      I'm really looking forward to seeing this live streaming from Italy. I'm really supporting this!

      1. HeForShe

        Thanks for your support, Deborah!

    46. Nadia Bauer

      You're my idol Emma 😻

    47. Zara Walflower

      Hey Emma! You're awesome girl *-* Plz keep making this kind of videos We're all supporting #HeForShe I love you xx.

    48. LeiosOS

      Thanks for the heads-up. I'll see what I can do to listen in! Good luck!

      1. HeForShe

        Thanks! We hope you can tune in this Sunday!

    49. Zoz

      Please make ASMR !

    50. shivam bhanushali

      You're one of mah favorite heroes on screen becoming an actual real world hero maybe the best that I've witnessed

    51. shivam bhanushali

      You are the best

    52. shivam bhanushali

      I love ya love you alot

    53. Doorba Lakhchaura

      My birthday is on the 8th of March!!! I'm so happy to be born on the world women's day and proud to be a female !!!!!

    54. Don Damov

      I'm going to London.

    55. faune

      Love her English accents~!

    56. Anita Bonghit

      Fight gender inequality by denouncing HeforShe and international womens day. #AllforAll

    57. emily xxx

      March 8th - international women's day and my birthday! Double excited!!!

    58. Raheem Anderson

      Wish I could be there but college waits for no one lol. I will definitely be watching though Good Luck Emma!😉

    59. Cole Sorce

      Will be watching for sure... and my you are adorable wonderful amazing women... keep it up!