GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V

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    GFRIEND (여자친구) '교차로 (Crossroads)' Official M/V
    Director : YooJeong Ko
    1st AD : Yena Kang
    2nd AD : HaYoung Yoon
    Production Assistant : Haneol Park, ChaeJung Yu
    Associate Producer : Emma Sungeun Kim (GE production)
    Location Manager : ChanHee Lee
    Assistant Producer : JuYoung An
    Production Assistant : TaeWoo Doh
    DOP : HanGyeol Lee
    Focus puller : JooYoung Ha, SeoHee Seo
    2nd : HyunJun Park, MinJae Seo
    DIT : SoYoung Moon
    3rd : JaeHyeop Shin, DongHyuk Shin
    Gaffer : Jisung Park
    1st : Jongeun Kim
    2nd : Jaeho Jung
    3rd : Sera Kim, Sunjin Kim
    4th : Hongjae Kim
    5th : Junho Song
    Generator : Youngwook Kim
    Jimmy Jib : YoungJung Kim, HyunIn Kim, MinHyuk Go
    Grip : NamHee Park, JiMin Kim, SeJin Lee, Sang Hyeok Ko
    Art Director : SangSeon Kim (FAKE9)
    Art Team : BoEun So, JinA Oh, GunWoong Yoon, SangYe Kim
    MCC : 54st
    Special Effect : ChoulYoung Park (DRAGON)
    Edit : Yena Kang
    3D VFX : SecondFloor
    Supervisor : DY.B
    3D Artist : Jaejin.D, Jieun.H
    FX Artist : Daeyoung.B
    2D Compositor : Sungkyu.Y, Dongil.H
    Project Manager : Pure.K
    Sound Designer : YouHoon Kim, HyunDong Kim
    Location support :
    Coex Aquarium
    Seoul Metro
    Seoul Film Commission
    Seoul Location Support Dept.
    Incheon Transit Corporation
    Incheon Film Commission
    Incheon Production Support Team
    Visual Creative : Jihoon Um
    Artist Management : HyungEun Kim, JeongHwan Kim, KwanYoung Ko, Miri Hong, JongGeun Oh, SiHyun Kim

    SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea
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    1. OhGBADcOnDnOnf

      Dear lovely buddies, we're doing good. Let's keep going

    2. XnarusukeX XbuddyX

      865k fight!ng... :)

    3. 은펭귄Eun penguin


    4. Renata Putri


    5. HONG Huang

      I've always liked gfriend, and I hope they can have more CNsel videos.

    6. HESB98

      U know what I'm not gonna forget how most of kpupies didn't said anything when GFriend was being robbed and how most of them aren't saying anything about the chart/brand manipulation that us going on now,on top of it a lot of them are calling GFriend flop...

    7. Jay Eyy Tee

      I do not know what is wrong with the vi3w for the last 10 days, if its like today we would have easily pass the 20 mil mark. Judging by comments made there were more people str3aming then than now. However we as buddies take everything in it stride, love Gfriend

    8. XnarusukeX XbuddyX

      863k fight!ng... :)

    9. budi marwanto

      Buddies str3@m hard Crossroads 18M and many vote Gfriend in mwave, idol champ, collect point starplay

    10. Gfriend stan

      18M here we go

    11. Rin _ユジュペンBUDDY


    12. Vebby fatra saldona

      Jung eunbi lupphh yuuu

    13. dorky deer

      Halo! Di album Labyrinth ini kalian suka side track apa? Me : Labyrinth, From Me

      1. Jay Eyy Tee

        labyrinth, eclipse & here we are

      2. Jacky Ng

        Labyrinth, here we are

      3. Oh it's always my fault!

        Here we are

    14. Parissa Za

      Keep Watching,, love this song

    15. Min Criss


    16. SengekFamily 123

      Keren deh, mv,musik,artis nya keren2 semua

    17. yoongi kook

      Kdramas be like:

    18. yoongi kook

      Thx u bed for catching her

    19. HESB98

      Kpoop stans are getting dumber day by day.. including a lot of people from this fandom.. U can be realistic, but still optimist(?). Soumu promoting, marketing team is just very "slow",but they're not bad. This comeback is nowhere to be close to a flop. The result was just wasn't what we expected and that's okay. The views aren't slow or low lmao for this kind of mv,music it's a lot. I don't think there's any group as successful as GFriend with this kind of music and concept. U all were expecting armies to str eam for you all, they aren't supposed to do it and we're a middle sized fandom, have age diversity, especially since gf is 5 y/o, life outside internet. The mv don't have ads and Is a freakin 5 minutes long, without any dance scenes,1minute Eunha is just sitting there. This is like can be considered 2x more views compared to Sunrise. They're selling a lot more albums, which gonna be even more in gaon. And if u gonna bring that f kcharts and not find anything weird there,then u better stfu. The fandom grew a lot, and we're doing great. If GFriend become top in 1 day they could've painfully fall from that top and even disappear, but they're growing slowly,step by step, they're going through a lot, but that's one of the steps for them to go/pass to reach whatever they want. That's exactly how they came this far, instead of disbanding, although all the unfairness and mistreatment, they're now one of top groups in Asia. Just str eam and vote as much as u can. Crossroads is a masterpiece, and this comeback just looks like "experiment", it's not strategic.(?), and it doesn't seem like their no1 priority was the views. However we still need to str eam and vote as much as possible.

      1. OhGBADcOnDnOnf

        True. Can't agree more

      2. karnesh karthik

        Thanks for this positive comment Buddies he/she also have a channel and posts funny and translated conversation from weverse subscribe to that channel

      3. Tien Dung Le

        Awesome comment. They’re fair in line distribution and no bias in the group. We should be happy with their success

      4. Yeoja Chingu

        HESB98 thank you 👏 except for the k-charts (which are shady in the first place), we’ve been improving in many ways. Even the mv vws are better (for us) despite the slow increase. And I don’t think many put into consideration that it’s a 5 min MV which made it more difficult for us. Also some of us need to stop expecting other fandoms to help because it’s our own fandom that is responsible to support gfriend. We need to be more organized but I think there’s improvement so let’s not let negativity overwhelm us and remind ourselves to celebrate the positives too.

    20. white lion

      We can do it !!! Hwaiting ::

    21. white lion

      Don't stop stre*ming too

    22. natia iakobishvili

      february girl group individual brand reputation #3 eunha #6 sowon #7 umji #9 sinb #12 yerin #15 yuju

    23. white lion

      Common vote budddyy

    24. white lion

      The gap is quite big right now :(

    25. white lion

      Buddy don't forget to vote our girls

    26. Gfriend buddy

      Gfriend fighting

    27. MFJ ZTRND

      They see us rolling they hating!!! Gfriend topped the music shows ain't overnight just don't see the struggle to reach this point of success. You dont know how hard Gfriend to even debut. You dont know how hard our fandom "Buddy" to grow...all the bully & hate is a nonsense, we all have THE RECEIPT but u despice it!!! Still mad? well well...that trophies is THE HOT TEA that spills "ON YOUR FACE"!!! "ON YOUR FACE"!!! WE ARE BUDDIES NOT BULLIES!!! THOSE FANDOM ROOKIES SHOULD LEARN, WORK HARD, ENJOY THE PROCESS AND RESPECT INSTEAD OF WASTING YOUR ENERGY CHASING CLOUT TO GET VIRAL, SHAME!!!

    28. MA. SHA

      Vote vote vote

    29. MA. SHA

      Vote for gfriend buddyy

    30. Anita Yo877

      go go 18M go go 700K go go 90K all in today, can we?

    31. Keyra Shania

      Semangat buddy menuju 18M

    32. jung eunbaby

      Hello buddies, there's this group called neonpunch from a100ent. Their channel got hacked and deleted and their debut mv just got 1M. Maybe you guys have spare time and check them out, it would be a great help. Thank you buddies!

      1. GFRIEND-SVT-NCT- WayV

        Poor them. What's wrong with people nowadays.

      2. jung eunbaby

        @HESB98 it was hacked and the hacker deleted it...

      3. jung eunbaby

        @BUDDY FOREVER yes thank you

      4. HESB98

        Omg I checked that channel days ago, cause a friend told me about it, and it's were sport lives and videos. What was their company even think..


        Maybe later when we finish with the stre@m of this MV in few weeks I will check it but right now we need to focus in stre@m here

    33. Sanda Rumaisha

      Yesterday we can get 1st on idolchamp so why today we cant TT the people who have voted yesterday please repeat your vote TT

    34. Sanda Rumaisha

      Guys if you have voted yesterday, then vote again for today. You can repeat your vote as soon as the the day changed. Idolchamp end today 00.00 KST so for now this is our top priority. The gap is not that big so please vote now.

    35. scar

      Estoy feliz que mis chicas pudieran asistir a varios reality shows en este comeback se que ellas extrañaban ir a esos programas

    36. Adit Iriawan

      Vote buruuuuuu semua akuuuun semua hp keluargaaa wkwkwkwk

    37. Adit Iriawan

      Inget vote Mcountdown hari ini tutup esssss!!!!

      1. Sanda Rumaisha

        Yang hari ini tutup idolchamp

      2. Sanda Rumaisha

        Mcountdown mah tutupnya besok pagi jam 7 bukan hari ini

    38. Adit Iriawan


    39. your lost jams

      road to 20M! fighting, buddies!!

    40. bddy frvr


    41. V Buddy

      17 847

    42. OhGBADcOnDnOnf


    43. Bagas Prama

      what time is Inkigayo today?

      1. Jacky Ng

        3.50 kst

    44. Jay Eyy Tee

      yeojachingu all the best

    45. HESB98

      Until this day I'll never understand,how is SinB that high in this brand rep ranking, like she ain't doing anything. She managed to even get a cf and the brand continued their contract this year too, instead of ending it. Oh and individual rankings once again confirmed how rigged was the group reputation ranking◉‿◉

    46. Kim Hyungjun


    47. Ff w

      *LABYRINTH Album sales(real time) on Hanteo :* Day 1(Feb 3rd) - 29 828 Day 2(Feb 4th) - 5 183 Day 3(Feb 5th) - 2 673 Day 4(Feb 6th) - 4 418 Day 5(Feb 7th) - 5 610 Day 6(Feb 8th) - 2 922 Day 7(Feb 9th) - 2 528 Day 8(Feb 10th) - 969 Day 9(Feb 11th) - 1 092 Day 10(Feb 12th) - 658 Day 11(Feb 13th) - 1 716 Day 12(Feb 14th) - 1 157 Day 13(Feb15th) - 369 *Total : 59 123* Only less thn 1k album before we reached 60K album sales on Hanteo. Please buy labyrinth album now for those not buy yet. Wth current total album sales LABYRINTH album sales already broke FEVER SEASON album sales . Album sales on Hanteo record : *Fever season(60K) - 1 month* *Labyrinth(60K) - 2 weeks*

      1. Buddy Ginseng

        I'm happy that Gfriend's profit keeps on increasing from one comeback to another

      2. Ff w

        @shahriman electrical yes,we kept improving by each cb n we prove tht haters was wrong :).

      3. Ff w

        @HESB98 yes n the fact tht labyrinth never fell from top 7 most album sales on hanteo shows labyrinth album sales was stable evnthgh already in 13 days

      4. shahriman electrical

        we are improving by each comeback.thats good

      5. HESB98

        This is great actually and I'm comparing this comeback sales with tfu, since both are winter releases, and I think this is gonna broke tfu gaon monthly sales,we might get around 80-90k first month.

    48. yeochin

      no olviden votar buddies

    49. k a


    50. joe opa


    51. joe opa


    52. joe opa

      17 845

    53. Anita Yo877

      gfriend will be in inkigayo today

    54. Prajna Lyria

      Ini nih baru best girl group. Mv berkualitas,musik juga,cantiknya juga bakatnua juga

      1. Jay Eyy Tee

        Terbaik dan sangat berbakat

    55. Mari Naj


    56. Minty Marshmallow

      This is very aesthetically pleasing! Its a very beautiful song!

    57. Jung Eunbi

      dong forget to vote gfriend ..

    58. Pochaby Here

      U joining bighit = u joining the therory •Butterflyyyyy 0:01 •drop scene like serendipity 0:12 •NAMJOON MIRROR 1:05 •Traiin time traveller as always 1:25 •Jimin's bathtub moved? 2:00 •fight scene like Jungkook and Suga lol 2:10 •BoNfire 2:14 •Dashi run run run 2:43 •SAME SCENE LIKE SPRING DAY WTH 3:38 *Welcome to the family* 💙

    59. MFJ ZTRND

      Buddy, Let's Stream!!!

    60. 回ne elites

      17.840.381🔜18m keep going🔥