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    Sing-along with Idina Menzel in this full sequence from Disney's Frozen.
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    Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind "Tangled" and "Wreck-It Ralph," presents "Frozen," a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey-teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.
    The film is directed by Chris Buck ("Tarzan," "Surf's Up") and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, "Wreck-It Ralph"), and produced by Peter Del Vecho ("Winnie the Pooh," "The Princess and the Frog"). Featuring music from Tony® winner Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q") and Kristen Anderson-Lopez ("In Transit"),
    Disney's "Frozen" has been named best animated film by more than a dozen critics associations, has received two Oscars® for best animated feature and best original song ("Let It Go"), a BAFTA® for Best Animated Film, a Golden Globe® for best animated feature, two Critics Choice Movie Awards, and a Producers Guild of America Award for outstanding animated feature.
    "Frozen" features eight original songs from songwriting duo Kristen and Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q"), including the gripping "Let It Go," performed by Broadway star Idina Menzel.
    Buy the soundtrack here:
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    Frozen is available on Digital HD & 3D and Blu-ray, DVD & On-Demand in the UK with never-before-seen bonus extras to complement the film's gorgeous animation, memorable characters and unforgettable music.
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    1. Noby’s For Every Movie Clips

      Every minute i came here! How about you?

    2. Noby’s For Every Movie Clips

      *Elsa* : The cold never bothered me anyway.. *Elsa* : Freezes.. *Ahtohallan* : Say no more Elsa!

    3. SimpleCanadian

      Wheres sora, goofy and Donald? Jk

    4. Anna Raam

      I love your song thank you so much 🧁 I like your videos

    5. Roblox Daily

      Mom: its time for school. Me: 2:31

    6. Ranbir Kaur

      When you have time to look at the email

    7. Rebecka kayla

      ☺muito bem

    8. Roblox Daily

      Elsa: the cold never bothered me anyway Me: I'll never go to school anyway

    9. Vedant Joshi

      Sometimes I like comments not because they are cool but because they have many likes!

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      L🧡 O💛 V💚 E💙 LOVE❤️

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    13. loli com pau

      Okay, but the Japanese version is SO MORE BEAUTIFUL BRO Look this:

    14. Victoria Steelmountain

      I can't be the only one that prefers this Frozen.

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    16. Habibah Habibah

      This song is so good 💞💞 Because same my feeling 😊😊

    17. Beyza :

      Who is here after frozen 2

    18. suneil agrawal

      2:20 My Favourite...

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    20. T200 Apple World

      احلى أغنيه

    21. Rani Jha

      Nice song

    22. Review Planet

      listening in 2020. It sounds the same

    23. channel ku

      2013:let it go 2019/2020:show yourself

    24. sourabh mandhare

      Waiting for sing-along version of Into the Unknown and other Frozen 2 songs.😘😍💙❤ Love Elsa And Anna.

    25. Rita Gomes

      Elsa: I'm never going back! The past is in the past. Frozen 2: oh i don't think so honey

    26. Jogja Souvenir hani aqila

      She's going back anyway...

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      Remember when my Parents are mad about watching this cause I'm a boy well not anymore

    28. love jashaun

      I hope you know what you've done to CNsel kids channels

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    30. shavette richardson

      This song hits differently when your older and know how it feel to do what is always asked of you and not what you want to do 🥺😢

      1. Wojtinho

        Absolutely true

    31. LadyZubat

      Just gonna say it, kingdom hearts 3 version makes this song so much better

    32. ReD _EyE

      Wtf i was expecting this to have like 100m

    33. Hell Scape 72

      Who's surprise this didn't get hit by coppa

    34. RAKAN69 KALADOo

      وين العرب

    35. James Roy

      As it turns out. Frozen 2 proves that the cold does bother her

    36. spinel universe

      The past is in the past Thats what steven said

    37. j mation

      The most amazing scene in all of movie's the best👍

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      Anybody came back from Frozen 2 Into the unknown!!!!!!!!

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      ليه كده كله كاتب انجليزي

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      Great song 🦄🐴🦋🐬🐎🦜🌹🌸

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      Je m'appelle Nassim

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      Elsa is so damn gorgeous!

    45. That Bear

      R Kelly wants to know your location

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    48. Tfue Not

      The real time from frozen 1 and 2 : 6 years What time i felt it: 2 days

    49. くりーむぱん【ピアノ】

      Frozen1:let it goooooooooooo!!! Frozen2:Into the unknooown!! Frozen3:Samanthaaaaaaaaaaa

    50. Zoqx Tsering

      What's this song doing in 2013?it is about the same time as those born in 2000 attain puberty....

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    52. Frozen 2


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      I love this🤩🤩🤩 i watch this everyday with my miracle

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      *this song is about farting for sure.*

      1. Wojtinho

        Honestly you ruined the actual meaning of it

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    57. Nate242rules

      did anyone hear the voice crack at 2:56

    58. Fatima Ragab

      Frozen l: the cold never bothered me anyway. Frozen ll: It’s-so-cold-in-here. I’m-freezin....