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    Everton Football Club has revealed the final designs of its new 52,000-seater stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock on Liverpool’s waterfront, with a detailed planning application submitted to Liverpool City Council on 23 December 2019.
    The plans for the stadium, which will sit within Peel Land & Property’s Liverpool Waters site, would have a transformational impact on North Liverpool, kick-starting the regeneration of the northern docklands, contributing a £1bn boost to the city region’s economy, creating up to 15,000 jobs and attracting 1.4m visitors to the city each year.
    At the heart of the proposal is a stunning brick, steel and glass stadium which takes its inspiration from the historic maritime and warehouse buildings nearby. The stadium structure combines the historic and the modern, with the brick base incorporating a subtle nod to Goodison Park’s famous Archibald Leitch lattice work, while the dynamic roof structure made from steel and glass gives the stadium a modern finish.
    Following analysis of the feedback received through the Club’s record-breaking public consultation, and a range of detailed technical assessments, the stadium designs have evolved. The multi-storey car park has been relocated from its previous waterfront location and integrated within the stadium to create one impressive standalone structure, while additional environmental measures, including wind baffles, have been incorporated in the final proposals.
    The plans also include extensive public spaces for use on both matchdays and non-matchdays featuring a Fan Plaza to the east of the stadium which will provide a focus for pre and post-match entertainment and activity.
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    1. Spartan Moon

      It'll flood when the tide comes in.

    2. romanitos f

      Go Everton By a italian brother

    3. Farhan Hafidzz

      Maybe the club should consider spending on player rather than spending on stadium

    4. the Sun and the Earth

      Looks good. Close to the pitch. No stupid middle tier for corporates. Good sided stand. Good behind the goal stand to create an atmosphere. Looks good.

    5. hassnez

      All these post millennial soulless structures will make the market for opera glasses flourish. Too bad the legacy of Archibald Leitch went down the drain, like watching football on site. There's just nothing replacing Goodison no mather what you're trying to tell yourselves.

    6. Derek Rothwell

      And just think, not one person has been forced out of their home, and a community has not been decimated!

    7. Marble cops

      1:24: our first game at Bramley Moore dock Tsunami warning: I’m about to ruin the whole teams career


      interesting stadium, we just need to win something because it's difficult

    9. HARUOrh

      Y que chcha me importa

    10. Oddjob6120

      I guess it will be the best stadium in the Championship league

    11. Oddjob6120

      it's like putting Jewellery on a corps ...pointless ....i guess it will give Neverton something to try to brag about seeing as nothing else they do is worth being proud of. You can't polish a turd

    12. Me_is_Wizard

      How much does one buy this for?

    13. Cochies 17

      Biggest Liverpool

    14. Luke Duhig


    15. O Sensato

      Times ingleses já tem estadio moderno pronto e querem fazer outro mesmo assim, puta merda. Enquanto aqui no Brasil o time inventado pela globo, menguinho, não tem teto nenhum.

    16. Cyril Sneer

      Try to work in the Leech lattice somewhere to keep some tradition as this is a hallmark of Everton just as Sunderland have built in more recently.

    17. Rekab 283

      They’ll never fill it

      1. xxSmithyxx

        If they can fill a 40,000 capacity stadium, i don't see why they can't fill a 52,000 one

    18. 전세계 골키퍼1등정성룡

      Is this the new goodison park?

    19. Game Start

      Love and respect Everton from somali 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

    20. Inidram 28

      Cocok buat club indonesia yg sering rusuh tinggal tenggelamkan d luar lapangan 😂😂😂

    21. A G

      Tosun paşayı oynatmadığınız için tüm lanetler üzerinize olacak never be champion

    22. João Lucaas

      Going to Botafogo TV 🔥🖤

    23. Darkwear GT

      Gonna help the opponents look better

    24. Connor Maze

      good luck filling it

    25. Evan Enticott

      Someone is gonna get pushed in the river

    26. Laki Mata

      Modern + Classic = Wonderfull Stadium.....

    27. Rancid Gash

      What a waste on a club like them toffee eating scouse scum bags

    28. Zaimah Ngah

      Cursed stadium that will never see silverware.

    29. SZGamingHD

      1:39 whats that music called

      1. SZGamingHD


      2. TheCombrig

        Z cars

    30. 4Noobs


    31. mr- freeze

      Imagine playing in the championship with that stadium.....

    32. Connor S

      Nice new place to lose at boys 😇 YNWA

    33. Mustafa okuducu

      Neverton's new stadium

    34. Elias Skinlo Vindal

      Wtf is this

    35. Sebastian Emery

      Who wants to watch everton

    36. Nazir Khalifa

      What a waste of a good design, beautiful stadium as for the team???..

    37. Kevin

      Hope there will be some amazing flood defenses put in place, otherwise Everton may have to play some water polo games instead of football ROFL.

      1. Marble cops

        Alright smart brain I live in London nowhere near Liverpool so I don’t know anything about that sort of

      2. Kevin

        @Marble cops I take it you haven't looked up WHERE the new stadium is being placed, it will be around 10 miles from the mouth of the Irish sea. All it takes is a massive downpour or days of downpours and and the whole dock area is at risk of flooding. Google cockermouth floods, they only have a small width river running through the town and was devastated by torrential rain, bad flood defenses, which made thousands of homes and businesses being 3-6 feet under water.

      3. Marble cops

        Be impossible to get a tsunami or most likely a flood because the river Mersey (I think) will be too far away from the sea

    38. K

      Was the architect drunk?

    39. KnightMD

      Very cool vid. Would be nice if every stadium had a VR walkthrough available.

    40. Jesper Klaver

      Better than Anfield

    41. King X

      New FIFA game mode ?

    42. 박지우

      Stadium is perpect now then you need Hwang Hee-chan


      Give moise kean play time

    44. Maximus Lopes

      Confirmed capacity?

    45. lxchsツ


    46. Dazzling Dave

      As a Wolves Fan who does a Wolves CNsel channel, this looks an amazing stadium 🏟 and one as an away fan I’d be really excited to go to and enjoy. 👏

    47. Dawnz Gamerr


    48. pawzay

      still won’t fill the stadium up ffs

    49. Matthew Fleming

      Wow can’t wait for use to still win fuck all there 😂😂😂

    50. Kermit The frog

      Not gonna change how they play though is it

    51. Peter Tinsley

      Finally Everton is going To move out of a shed

    52. The Official Tard

      As a Liverpool fan this stadium is beautiful and I never thought I would say this but I’d love to go there

      1. Just Niel

        @TheEpic 0ne 😂😂lol

      2. The Official Tard

        TheEpic 0ne tbh I agree a bit

      3. TheEpic 0ne

        As a Man utd fan you will win this league and then never again

    53. callum peers

      Love the way they predict a full stadium 🤣🤣

    54. M Vhessnu

      Super video Super stadium Super edit

    55. Aeryl Vales

      An architecturer' s dream is an engineer'$ nightmare

    56. Tomáš Opletal

      Amazing! Will it help to play better?

    57. Jack Block

      I got a Liverpool fc add before this video haha

    58. mae

      let me just take a moment and just burst out laughing- EMPTY WALL OF CHAMPIONS. HAHHHHHAHAHHHAHHHHHHHHH you may get a fancy pitch but you still shite!!!

    59. Scouse Bro

      Never happening ya gang of scruffs

    60. Louis Taylor