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    Watch 10-minute highlights as the Toffees secured an important win over Wolves, courtesy of a Richarlison brace and a maiden Premier League goal in Everton colours for Alex Iwobi!
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    1. Leo Pena

      Man, this was one of our best games this season, I hope we have some better games with ancelotti now

    2. Affect Zyo

      Look at how good Moise kean is

    3. Everton Parente

      Why Silva insist with DCL, and don't give a chance to Niasse or Tosun? Silva is a bad manager!

    4. Ahmet Uzun

      Ulen Cenk tosun gibi bir futbolcuyu harcıyorsunuz ya pişman olucaksiniz insan şans verir

    5. kim ji chun

      Keane and iwobi 🔥

    6. Bayman Zada

      Happy for your Iwobi. I criticized you as I praised you when you deserved it. It was a good decision you left us since you were getting unfair amount of criticism from our fans. Even when you were playing good and some times really well, you did not get fair praise. They were going crazy if Lacazette or Aubameyang scored even though they were playing so bad. I am happy for Kelechi. Piss off DT.

    7. Crank Taylor

      Who gave that bouncer a Wolves shirt?

    8. Mike Jay

      Great match

    9. Kevin Hughes

      I love Iwobi as a footballer but know seeing him as a human he seems like a great guy very happy with the signing.

      1. Kevin Hughes


    10. Kadir Kvn47

      B 💙 L e U


      shocking refereeing! Second goal for Everton, was 100% offside; tackle on Kean in the penalty area, 100% penalty.

      1. Ab dremo

        PIGGY WINNY you didn’t watch it well

    12. Daniel Ryan

      Great match for us

    13. sivasatishreddy sivasatishreddy

      gomes blocking boly during set pieces working well.

    14. Success ByMe

      Iwobi is unbelievable wow what a complete striker, good on aerial and awesome foot work

    15. Joe Soap

      The type of game you want. A good win against a strong opponent who tested the players character. They were not found wanting. Played good attacking football and heads didn't drop after losing the lead. Bodes well for the rest of the season.

    16. Ultras Chelsea Videos

      I want Richarlison at Chelsea! 🤩

      1. Jabal Juma


    17. Joaquin Rodarte

      As a Juventus fan, I will always watch Kean play, as a futbol fan, I will be watching Everton this season.

    18. Hayley Lee

      We love you everton we do 🕺🏼💙

      1. Adebiyi Adegoke

        I love you for loving Everton

    19. African Fashion

      Watching this to see iwobi as arsenal fan

      1. Max Khovansky

        Same! One of my favourite players.

    20. Zaabovic Channel

      Hope Everton gets a spot for the UCL from a city fan

    21. Yanto2013

      Glad to see Iwobi is doing well! :O)

    22. Andrew Watt

      What a different game. Great performance. Put my blue shirt on. Keep on going Everton

    23. RizzorNord

      Please can somebody tell me the name of the richarlison chants actual song the one played ag the end please

      1. RizzorNord

        @GlowInTheDark tar

      2. GlowInTheDark

        Oasis - She’s Electric

    24. Phillis's Big Blue Rabbit

      Merseyside is Blue

      1. Not The Bees

        Manchester is Blue

    25. nataskaos

      Digne is a magician. He can get a ball in the box from ANYWHERE.

    26. Edo Resi


    27. Yannik 01

      Richarlison absolutely molested Boly in this game

    28. Slim Shady

      richarlison is very good for this small team, he should come to liverpool

      1. mango 8

        Better than Neres

      2. Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo

        The disrespect 🖕 am a United fan but please show some respect Liverpool is derby rival

      3. Petey Blinders

        he wouldnt leave everton for anyone

      4. Chaz Mallah

        You should get out of this channel

    29. ovie onojeghuo

      Iwobi, Kean, Richardison What a bunch.....

      1. Nicolas Michiels

        But shite coach can ruin everything

      2. steven cellugi

        @Max Khovansky Honestly as Arsenal fan, I am agree with you. Arsenal should never sell Iwobi.

      3. Max Khovansky

        Honestly a better attacking trio than Man Utd's...

    30. Desmond Martin

      Iwobi provide more goal opportunity than

      1. Sukhdev Sohal Year 13


    31. Desmond Martin

      Iwobi is doing good at Everton oo

    32. Kanu Favour

      Digne reminds me of Baines

    33. Confused ???

      Great Game 👍

    34. TheProGamer

      What the fuck was Lucas doing? Play Delph LB next game unless you put Digne in training.


      Iwobi am really happy for you .....🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

      1. mogbaba

        Look at him now, a useless player. Silva destroyed this team.

      2. Danqz 97

        Desmond Martin thought it was 2 and 2 headers?

      3. Desmond Martin

        Me too.three goals alraedy

    36. Tonny Okello

      Everton will finish above United this season. Tough times for us United fans

      1. Edward Brennan

        I was gonna put laughing emojis but then I felt mean, unlucky bro tough time bein a united fan ahahha

    37. Yeshika vikato Awomi

      Everton is looking dangerous this season.

      1. Yeshika vikato Awomi

        @The Thanos Gaming They look promising.

      2. The Thanos Gaming

        I think Everton will break into top 6 for sure @Yeshika

      3. Yeshika vikato Awomi

        @Pierre Degaré yo brother. All cool😎

      4. Pierre Degaré

        Lol.....slow down.

      5. Terry

        Yeshika vikato Awomi 😂😂😂

    38. slamdunkd12345

      Can’t get enough of the games highlights

    39. Electrical Gamer


    40. zainuddin bin sana

      Good positioning and good timing from ricarlison, He come and jump from behind of big wolves defender.

    41. boz boz

      Our best starting team for sure! Upload the whole game 😀⚽⚽COYB!!!!!

    42. Davi Siqueira

      Give me ur tshirt iwobi

    43. Increible


      1. Desmond Martin

        He is trying alot

    44. Hafidz Al Rizq

      Next: behind the scenes

    45. Fozzie1878

      UTT 🔵

      1. Fozzie1878

        Up the Toffees

      2. The Thanos Gaming

        Fozzie1878 can you tell me what UTFT means ??

    46. Mas Agung T

      when iwobi & kean played, that's a tornado for the enemies!!

    47. ps4 computing

      Show us Richy and Kean being piegons ffs

      1. Desporto


    48. T Smithy

      Gotta be honest, the ground sounded like a fucking library, for such a good game as well its just unecceptable, really poor

    49. Ben Williams

      Can’t wait for the next home game coyb

    50. johnny Lama

      This is a good day 😌

    51. Evertonian 1878

      Love this club 💙

    52. EATV

      Can't stop loving the blues 💙