Emma Watson Message to Burberry Facebook Fans



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    Watch British actress, Emma Watson speak exclusively to Burberry Facebook fans. Become a fan of Burberry on Facebook: burberry

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    1. Igor Cooper

      Miss Emma Watson is most charmingly, beautiful, strong character, intelligent and respectful girl from everyone I know! From everyone ever. And miss Watson and "Burberry" is a very good union I guess.

    2. juliedel

      Hi Emma i'm From germany and i'm your'e biggest fan of the world :) please when you have instagram follow me My Name is @happy_Watson_

      1. RIGHT-HAND

        are you sure ? ahaha 😂 It means that you've seen the fans !

    3. SoulxRe4p3rRx69

      bitch she is hot

    4. Jordan Lyons

      I want to marry you

    5. Khaled Hashem

      كيف يمكن للانسان ان يقاوم جمالك

    6. Lisa Racchi

      *different ..sorry! ..and i love Burberry 2010 campaign with her!

    7. Lisa Racchi

      Emma is amazing as Kristen! They are both beautiful and why you always have to say "kristen sucks and emma wins bla bla bla .." ?! ! SHE IS FANTASTIC ..and she is Emma , she is diffrent than Kristen! ..IT'S A CHILDREN'S REASONING! STOP ..

    8. SoldProd.

      The girl is beautifullllllllllllllll ^_^ :D

    9. SoldProd.

      Harri Potter I just looked for her!

    10. Gelinho Jackson

      hello emma I am a super hero from brazil and i was looking for you all my life .Wow I love you.See it please you all

    11. Gelinho Jackson

      hey guys my name is gelinho michael jacson and i've told I wil apear in some videos of emma watson because : I and the full world love her sorry for my bad english

    12. Gelinho Jackson

      hey guys my name is gelinho michael jacson and i've told I wil apear in some videos of emma watso because : I and the full world love her sorry for my bad english

    13. MrBlackgrim23

      @nessibabi15 haha i know right XD

    14. Vanessa Fehn

      @MrBlackgrim23 10 :o

    15. MichaelScarn23

      she is so flawlessly beautiful, and the reason why i will now start buying burberry lol

    16. hazzabazzatunic

      she is gorgeous.

    17. Mexican4Life

      :35 hey dude get your hands off of rons girl :D

    18. Deivis Skiudulas

      Hey Emma Watson Thanks for the message :L

    19. Dou Fu

      it all ends, today.

    20. elena pandazi

      Gwyneth Paltrow is next to her at 0:10

    21. willalwayslovefood

      This was when I used to love her. Now she sorta reminds me of lindsay lohan during her younger 'ambitious' days. IMO. Oh well, good luck to her

    22. Marcus R

      Every time I watch her in an interview or watch her movies or anything of the sort, I get a weird feeling. Its like i'm in love or something ahah. But shes just so Beautiful and talented and she has such great style. I haven't seen anyone wear Burberry better then Emma Watson..

    23. supersizecoke

      marry me?

    24. Lexi

      i know the best school in the world i oxford but we have a lot of really great colleges in america too, such as harvard, princeton, yale,........and so forth

    25. urockit2011

      @timman390 not necessarily...i wasn't born in the us but i have an american accent

    26. lazerbeak2125

      @devilbreeder666gaara Does she still attend Brown?...cause people are saying no

    27. Nadia Faith

      My bros girlfriend goes to the same school adn saw emma alot

    28. Alex Y

      i love emma~~~!!!

    29. Eric Hagen

      super love

    30. Super10788

      I agree, who are those 9 HEARTLSS people who disike Emma! Because I think she is the hottest person in the world! : {

    31. MrBlackgrim23

      9 accounts made by kristen stewart... and disliked the video

    32. PhantomLord378

      ohh myyy God! Emma is an angel! Amazing in every way possible!

    33. David Lewis

      who the fuck are those 9 heartless bastards who disliked this.

    34. David Giancola

      oh my god. Holy shit. Damn she's fucking hot

    35. Jay Antonio

      I don't think I've ever had a crush on a celebrity, but this girl....she is beyond beautiful. Emma, you're amazing.

    36. Kaley Pomeroy

      @vrc94 im pretty sure it's the lighting...

    37. nick messenger

      i love you emma so much

    38. cyberpragya

      I love the way she says facebook :D

    39. Kyle Rowland

      @vrc94 shadows

    40. Ondowuzz

      @lenofrex : me too !

    41. Ruxandra

      i just love her accent

    42. vrc94

      did you know she's only wearng make up on one eye?

    43. Josie Anderson

      she is such an inspiration

    44. SaraLovePB

      emma you're beautiful!!! ^____^

    45. Glib Shpychka

      She is the most beautyful girl I've ever seen

    46. Ray Bonilla

      @oliwia1moo wat is it

    47. Oliwia Bulik

      i know emma's fb it is 100% true

    48. mama sung

      Emma i love you and Burberry

    49. Andy A

      she could act better but oh well/

    50. CQBatchelder

      I met Emma at Brown yesterday. She smiled at me on two different occasions

    51. xdestinee619x

      @azazel637 i guess more money to fix your face.and im not talking just plastic surgeries. it could be expensive facials and etc.

    52. Fitchman

      @azazel637 don't know but it is true... and it is the same with famous men.

    53. Fitchman

      Great makeup - Emma needs to steal the makeup artist - look at those eyes !!!

    54. pablo isaac olguin mejia

      woao is prety ema. i love for this campaign.

    55. DarkStarsInTheSky

      0:31 Who's that guy with the dark, ruffled hair? The one on the left.

    56. Marissa Parel

      luv burberry its awesome! emma watsons clothes are always amazing, YOU ROCK EMMA WATSON!

    57. TheEvilSaint

      nop... she said in an interview that she can't use it cuz she always get hacked..

    58. guguigugu

      totally :) i love people who are like that! marry me emma!!! :))

    59. gipcambero

      trop mignonne

    60. TheEvilSaint

      I love how she smiles all the time even while talking... :)