Dwight Howard got booed by Magic fans, and then he responded | The Jump



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    Amin Elhassan, Brian Windhorst and Scottie Pippen react to the Los Angeles Lakers' win vs. the Orlando Magic, their 12th straight road win, and discuss why they've been so good away from Staples Center. They then (2:12) discuss whether Orlando Magic fans need to get over losing Dwight Howard.
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    1. Spades Royalflush

      Magic has never be gracious to the potential superstar they once have. They posted a public poll whether Shaq deserve a max in his early prime.

    2. hector_number1

      Bro Scottie pippen has an endless hatred for the lakers

    3. Ginzo Supreme

      I’m a magic fan and I don’t hate Dwight. It would be odd tho If he won a ship with the lakers because they beat us in 09. That would be a tough pill to swallow. I do think he deserves to be in the hall of fame. All nba first team 5 straight years.

    4. William Apers

      Am I the only one who hears a hundred vuvuzela's instead of booing ?

    5. Sam T

      Dwight Howard has got to be one of the most unlikable characters in the league...

    6. 9MW Tone

      Orlando should at least be grateful Dwight took them to the finals that yr they just ran into a assassin with night scope in the finals no chance 😅

    7. Carlos Rivera Jr

      Lakers they should get Love. He gonna need to take a pay cut of 9 to 11.3m a year. His contract is funny. Make the Cavs buyout this year. So yeah with getting cash now. Rings. Hopfully him and Bron got along and I dont think they did. Yeah he getting like 29-32m a year this year next and the following year 2022 it drops to 28.9m. So yeah I'd tell him getting at the trade the rest of this year paychecks. Bron, rings, location, Might even come off the bench if he wants or starting role w/e he wants, More endorsements deals we need you to come down to 18-20m a year.

    8. Richard Williams

      Howard only scored 1 basket why they making it seem like he dropped 30 SMH 🤔

    9. newthrash1221

      Dwight brought your garbage city to the finals and made them relevant again...maybe boo your management instead of the dudes who put in work for your city.

    10. Blac Chyna Husband

      Lol he left like 10 years ago. And he sucks now there was literally no point to boo him 😂

    11. Malakiyah Amari

      Howard reminds me of pin head from puppet master. The puppet with the little head big body and extra big hands.

    12. mikko concepcion

      Jonah hill got old

    13. Rubicon NW

      the butthurt is alive and well in Orlando lol

    14. Jovannie Momo

      With all of these boo(ings) and so, nba fans (home teams) are losing their class of being a fan. I just can't see it like that way. Its like, whatever it may be, they played for you, atleast for once.

    15. Chris Lee

      Why are they booing him? I thought Dwight got traded? They should boo the organisation for trading him

    16. Say What?

      Dwight is right!!!! Fat boy shut up. Ex fans go toilet and drink the water. Hahahahaha

    17. Young Nomad

      Funny they're booing a guy they're going to retire the Jersey of. What dumbass fans but then again it's Florida. Not surprising...

    18. Jean Arman Francisco

      Superman is back!!

    19. L


    20. LAqueen


    21. B JP

      That MF carries Jameer Nelson, Pietrus, and turkoglu to the finals and they still have resentment towards him? Trash fans

    22. Geo Leo

      Wassup with fans booing players that provided them for the most? didn't Dwight bring them to a chip run at his prime? How you gonna boo the man that brought you closer to a chip since 94'(correct if I'm wrong) Orlando don't forget y'all ain't do nothing since he left 09. Y'all still salty about 09? Man Orlando as a whole took a giant big L for this. That was a decade ago!

    23. I HAVE A NAME

      His best years were in Orlando and the only reason they went as far as they did is mostly because of him they should be thankful for what he did for them

    24. Jazz Travis

      Nobody plays defense in the NBA today. Every body git wide open jump shots. Wide open layups. Wide open Slam dunks. No body play defense today America ✋ the lies

    25. whatudoin1

      He's getting booed because it's a trend 😂

    26. Joe Corley

      Thank you for expert analysis on how to win NBA games Brian Windhorst. Your resume speaks for itself 🙄

    27. Terrell Green

      Who even cares? Lol

    28. Frank Jones

      To be honest the Orlando magic haven't been relevant sense dwight howard left so.... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    29. Daniel Beavers

      They lost Shaq then Howard both to the Lakers. both big men nicked named Superman both centers both took the to the finals but lost. Ewwww!!!!

    30. Daniel Beavers

      You have to get hands on him. Beat them up

    31. magnumcornetto

      It's not so much about Howard leaving, but how he left. His last couple of seasons were a disaster, he got the coach fired, he made it harder to make a trade that made sense for the Magic (because he publicly announced he only wanted to go to the Nets). He was at least partially to blame for the front office panicking, and making those terrible trades that brought in Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and Big Baby Davis. The only upside of Dwightmare is that the Magic got rid of him just as injuries destroyed his career. Magic dodged a bullet by not re-signing him to a max deal. If he wins a championship with the Lakers, whatever, good for him. At least with Shaq, as bad as that was, he didn't turn it into a circus. He waited 'til the end of the season, heard the Magic's offer, signed with the Lakers.

    32. Luffy kingofthepirate

      are these guys dumb the bucks solve the paul George and Kawhi pick and roll

    33. Mitty Breenie

      The NBA fans all over the nation don't want the players to Los Angeles Lakers or the clippers

    34. Franklin Franklinson

      Scottie you are a hater. mentioning the schedule? Lakers are playing really well. It doesn't matter who they are playing man. Every team is a professional team. Every team is an NBA team. You want to mention some bullshit. What excuse will you be making when they are still winning? What then?

    35. Keandre Green

      Never forget that Dwight Howard is one of the last big men to lead his team to the finals and would’ve brought the magic a title if it wasn’t for Kobe

    36. MiketheYung God

      Howard is a bone smoker"

    37. Manu Bains

      I am just happy my guy DH is at least playing decent

    38. DTR pres

      Scottie ain't looking so good ⏳

    39. Ahmed James

      How come Coach ain’t getting no credit

    40. Justin Clemons

      Amd Boogie cousins is on the bench🤦🏾‍♂️.. the lakers are in a good position. Very happy for Dwight.. I remember him being very dominant back in the day. 💪🏾

    41. ravivze

      Is Scottie wearing Enchroma colorblind glasses??

    42. Hypnagogia

      Dwight made them relevant back in the day. That team was just ok without him and filled with role players.

      1. zileFE


      2. Hypnagogia

        @zileFE thanks, must've been autocorrect.

      3. zileFE


    43. MsSoulGlo

      The Clippers haven't played tougher teams as well and with load managing Kawahi. This maybe the reason why the Clippers won't win because they don't have home court advantage even if they play in the Staples Center that's going to be a Laker crowd.


      As A Magic fan, I have forgiven Dwight. After all these miserable years I have come to appreciate the winning years we had when he was here. He almost won us a ring.

    45. Kalexer

      Magic Fans don't deserve anything. after everything Dwight did for them, carrying Magic to the finals, 3x DOY ect. And they still "boo" him? Thats why nobody wants to sign Magic anymore. it still hurts the "fans" of Orlando that Dwight has left 7 years ago. Ungreatful Haters

    46. Bijay Messi

      Pippen the LeBron hater

    47. The Family Guy

      They don’t even know why their booing him.

    48. mike portnoy

      Since When did the Orlando Magic went in to to the NBA finals?

    49. Jesus Torres Barajas

      There's no question the Lakers cant answer.. We might have 3/5 of the west all-star team???

    50. Chris Feagins

      Howard took them to the NBA Finals in 2009 even though they lost

    51. DBZ Guru

      Reason for success?🤦🏻‍♂️ am I the only one who sees their lineup?

    52. james_ hard_e

      1:33 far more ? Gtfoh

    53. nmb Memphis beast24

      Funny because Dwight asked them to not trade him

    54. You Dont

      Wonder if Brian and Pippen kick it off the show.

    55. Lebron James

      Wait, the magic has fans?

    56. death star apple

      Lakers is nothing without a.d hahahahaha

    57. Terrell Miller

      Can we get ride of old School basketball players on sport show’s 🤷🏾‍♂️

    58. Lucky Valera


    59. erik puka

      Pippen should play some weird Horror movies

    60. Buduski Muski

      No one likes amin