Dubai 4K. From Desert to Skyscrapers in 50 years

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    Dubai might be one of the most ambitious cities in the world. They're ready to do anything to be number one. Tallest building in the world? Easy. Largest mall in the world? Sure. Largest Ferry's wheel? ok

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    1. Kemy Bolt

      "Make sure you covere your shoulders and knees!". All of a sudden appeared colourful women and her BAE not applying it. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a>

    2. anas khizar

      a time to answer. He s from pakistan or indian

    3. Hard Core Gaming

      But israel dose not have any culture xD so they are not missing out on a lot

    4. Stephen Malijan

      The Asian guy said he was from Alaska took him awhile to answer where he was from.. 😅😅😅

    5. Rawda Mohmoud Babikir


    6. TheRealLink

      Hey Cool, as someone who had the opportunity to visit here and Abu Dhabi back in 2015 for about two weeks, thank you for putting together a fantastic video. The quality is top notch, narration is great, and as others said, you touched on nearly every aspect of visiting or living in the city. Is everything perfect there? No of course not, but as you showed, it's a place that awesome to visit and that many can very safely call home. I never felt in danger there while visiting as an American, and everyone was so friendly. Yet you also showed me some things I knew I missed (and some that I didn't). So much to do and see upon a return trip sometime! While I also am slowly building up my own photo and video playlist on my channel, I feel it just doesn't quite do justice as to conveying the beauty that you've done here!

    7. DisforDubby

      It all looks like shit IMO

    8. Joshua Watkins

      So Dubai is a sausagefest?

    9. الكرم والجود

      دبي هي الواجهه المشرفه فالعالم العربي 😍😍😍🇦🇪💚🇸🇦

    10. mnldgb d

      Looks an absolutely fake; ugly and soulless city I have ever seen!!


      Thank you so much for doing this!! Great video!

    12. David Parada

      I wish you were more of a "shopping guy" because I needed to see the inside of The Dubai Mall.

    13. ami masumi

      are there mountain ?

    14. MR TOHAN

      me islamic but me not frrom dubai me from malaysia

    15. Arch Linux


    16. Rex Everything

      I'm certain that kid is Korean, meaning...that was the only way you were getting that swing! Watch the video closer, she was already racing you, and you only got in by the hair on your cinny chin chin! Half a second later and you would've had to radically abort or just jump on her 🙃🤣 Something tells me you already knew this. You seem to have just inserted that short 4-second clip for bragging rights, and as a sign of victory! Why else did you post that bit in particular?? You could've just waited if you wanted to show us the swing, but it wasn't that, was it??? You wanted to show off your technique, wasn't it?? 🤔👏👍🤣

    17. Thupten Khangsar

      fucking dubai

    18. Thupten Khangsar

      not enough woman??? i defenetly dont want to be there

    19. Nicholas S.

      Looks nice but it's nothing like social media portrays it to be

    20. Marsh Random

      And then there was no expo 2020

    21. James P

      Wow, they lost me at 120 degrees! Way to hot for me.

    22. Britney Thom

      The Alaska guy! "no corona" and then fist bumps omg. I was going to ask where everyone's masks are!

    23. Isha Brown

      This is a excellent video very well explained and edited. Never knew there is an automated metro not even China or Japan have that. East Asian cities are the best though more life and buzzing full of life with so much more to do

    24. Grey Shaw

      He's definitely Indian. From Alaska my ass

    25. vitalalive69

      Dubai is a bubble that will burst sooner or later

    26. ba book

      All those places look better than the ones in the USA! Good job. I am happy you prove to the Americans, they are not the only ones in the world that can build nice cities!

    27. John Phillips

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> uhhh... that lady didn't have her knees covered. Neither did that man @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> oh dang so they're going to stay rich, unlike Saudi Arabia of oil ever tanks 😂

    28. O beid

      Dubai is for some reason filled with indians. i dont know why, please indians stay in india

    29. Concepts of Maths and Science.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1207">20:07</a> No corona, don't worry!! Hahaa

    30. CL

      So who's idea was it to build this concrete jungle over the natural dessert that God gave us?

    31. dileep kumar

      thanks for the short and simple and detailed video

    32. Dylan dubai

      *that man calling himself alaskan is indian, such blatant lie. I can tell by his accent*

    33. PankajMhatre Compilation

    34. spaider101

      Arabian gulf not persian gulf

    35. Suhail Alameri

      It's Arabian Gulf

    36. Wong Ting Yan

      I love dubai but it is too hot The temperature is not suitable for human beings alive

      1. dapelirrojo

        Wong Ting Yan it is suitable, just that you aren’t adapted to it.

    37. Max aniston

      a detailed video. everything about Dubai has been touched

    38. isak Bravo

      Super road for super car

    39. kashif mansha

      Gulf countries should offer their residency permanent or they should use local resources and stop using middle east Asian peoples life

    40. Derlie & Tin

      Enjoy Visiting your house.Hope you could visit me too with Hug!

    41. yedes omar


    42. Vegas Martin

      Nice video and awesome quality picture

    43. Hypercube9

      Did they hook the Burj up to the sewer system yet or are they still hauling all the crap out by the truckful? Actually, I like these kinds of terrorists, they only terrorize the people who live in or visit their country! But I wouldn't want to be there when the country runs out of oil or the rest of the world stops needing it!

    44. James Wise

      I Love watching You Videos! Please Come to visit Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and see how we are Handling the COVID 19 virus and tourism. Sometime in the future, if You can! Happy and Safe traveling!

    45. Benjie Latayada

      Ohh Dubai i love this place.😍😍😍 can anyone bring me here. Hahaha just kidding 😍😍😍😥😥😥😘😘😘😇😇😇🤩😭😀

    46. Casey Edwards

      hmm.. now make a video about "Ih-jipt"

    47. elva136

      If a tsunami comes you can say bye bye to palm jumeirah or whatever the heck that is 😂

    48. Albanian King

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1072">17:52</a> Idk why the security punches that boy 🤔🤔🤔😬

    49. Omar Alkhaledi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="607">10:07</a> Well except for Israel! Well Israel is Not a country that do exist!

    50. Illegitimi Non Carborundum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1023">17:03</a> "....every corner of the planet, well, except for Israel" LMAO. You don't say -_-

    51. Abedalqader halaweh

      are we going to talk about money laundering!! recism, labor rights !!like the basics of any urben cities!! I find Dubai like french cars quality, beutiful from the outside, but full of crap!! (eldier french cars)

      1. Journey95 Far

        Racism like in the west? There are literal riots going on in the US because of it. Money laundering is also nothing bad. Labor rights should be better but thats about it. Dubai is great

    52. Weronika Dziaduch

      Kuwait ik.

      1. Weronika Dziaduch


    53. far ema

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="986">16:26</a> man I hope you got some.

      1. Chet Ripley

        far ema a little thick for my taste but I would have stuck it. General principle.

    54. Lutfi Muhammad

      Wow Dubai ....Better Than Nigeria 😶

    55. Sailesh Sharma

      The broadcaster in this video obviously does not have an accent seems to be a great guy but he needs to learn how to say Dubai and to it's not d o o bye-bye it's Dubai another example I can give it's not loon don it's London got it good luck with your English

    56. monim A

      Very informative video about Dubai. Would you like to tell how much money you spend for this entire tour? Visiting around all the places.

    57. 6rban100

      *CORRECTION* : it’s called “Arabian Gulf”

    58. Jawed Hussain

      Mostly 95% in Dubai is black money came through money laundering from third world developing poor countries, send by corrupt politicians and influential rich people who ripped of their poor citizens. Dubai ruler welcomed illegal money from round the world. In 2019 /20 their ripping of plan of expo 20 after spending billions has come to a disaster and so is the future of Dubai. THER will be only buildings in Dubai but no people. Don’t worry Dubai is build for Israel,finally they will take over and Arabs will be ridding camels. Can’t speak anything against the government, keep saying everything is good ,Shaikh is the best though his wife and children fled the country and left him because of his behaviour. DUBAI IS MELTING AND WILL SMELL WROUGHT.

    59. Luke

      thank you so much!! awesome video

    60. Aftab Ahmed

    61. Aftab Ahmed

    62. Mr Potential

      The way you said Egypt in the beginning of the video really pissed haha

    63. KS

      I loved everything about Dubai and Abu Dhabi! The shopping was fantastic, skiing indoors (something you don’t do everyday) Global Village, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the metro and as a American gal who went over alone I felt very safe. The workers that work on all they skyscrapers however live in very impoverished surroundings. Many are bused an hour away where they live 5-6 in a room with no modern conveniences. There are some Documentaries about the workers. But all in all I loved my time there!

    64. June Tan

      See you soon

    65. utuberist1

      The most honest and detailed video about Dubai. The way how you narrate it really makes it so interesting. Good job man.

    66. carlos ramirez

      Shit 20 mph over the limit here in Texas is around $200 dollar fine

    67. Celebrity World

      i see all dubai with you no need to visit,,, lolz all i want to see you show me,, i will save my money for my children college fund ,,,

    68. Feroz Vlogs

      How come you have so fewer subscribers - I live here in Dubai and its just awesome to see How good you have shot these videos - Which camera are you using?

    69. Priya Sharma

      Imagine being born to a local as single child.

    70. atharv singh

      something about this city scares the shit out of me

    71. Sandeep Chauhan

      Nice... from India

    72. Robert Herrera

      Why does he keep pronouncing Egypt like IJUPT?

    73. Lolidrawstuff enjoy

      Dubai is overwhelming

    74. Deerick!

      Now I truly missed the city 😫 working for almost 3 yrs.

    75. Ngina Patita Beatrice

      One day I have to go to Dubai

    76. Haman Haman

      Arabian gulf

    77. Shanon Fontaine


    78. Fauzi Diab

      I was born and raised in Dubai. Seeing this video makes me sentimental of the past.

    79. Safwan Fazal

      "Except for israel" . Israel dosent even exist.

      1. Eton


    80. Hussein bulehlib

      Isn't alaska in the US ?? I swear by all of his hindu gods that he doesn't know that .