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    Coronavirus in Seoul, Korea. Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus in Daegu last week, my husband and I were welcomed in Seoul the weekend after the outbreak by empty buses, few people in the streets, and people wearing masks. Is it safe to travel in Seoul right now? Do you have a flight to Seoul soon? Stay safe and always wear your masks!
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    1. Kring Kim

      - EDIT - As of Feb 26, Filipinos except for OFWs, Permanent Residents & Students are banned from traveling to Korea already. Many countries have imposed a travel ban/quarantine to/from Korea. Thanks for the concern, guys! Many people have been worried so I decided to make this video. Today, Monday, more people were out because of work but definitely masks and hand sanitizer are everywhere and everyone’s cautious. Please keep safe, guys!

      1. 旮旯北京

        See you in the quarantine centre.

      2. Ynah J

        Keep safe madam kring... i hope na mawala na yung NCOV sa lahat ng bansa para wala ng taong maapektuhan :( 🙏

      3. Mark Jayson Teves

        Chang, Madam Kring Kim is a Filipino

      4. eskimokiss

        @Chang i think she might be Filipino or indionesian :p

    2. Daphnee BioBio

      please... wear your mask in public place. why r you still filming and talking without mask in taxi and subway.. please. we want our kids go to school.p. l. e. a. s. e.

    3. Vonny BC

      We were banned from Travel to Seoul from Australia in April.... I’m hoping I’ll get there sometime this year!

    4. 유나니Seoul조은Korea

      Coronavirus Origin Site China 우한폐렴 숙주 중국공산당


      “Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen"

    6. Naven Lim

      Let’s not hope for god to save us but hope for a cure to be made 😌

    7. Sunny Ali

      Looks like it's safer to be outside theres no one around

    8. Andrea Hernandez

      Hey! Where is your mask from❤️

    9. Mauren Gooding

      Been worried will go to Philippines this April , layover po kami sa South Korea , should we still go for this trip? Please need you opinion Thank you Be safe

    10. Kymberlyn Baclohan Cortes

      Very informative miss kring.. So sad need to cancel our april korea flight 😭. But all the details you provided helped a lot.. GOD BLESS!!!

    11. ML Choi

      Ingat palagi nakared alert na kung wla nmn ggawing importante sa labas taong bahay na lng muna tau 😊😊

    12. Jesha CT

      Ms. Kring Kim. Now that the travel ban has been partially lifted, can you make another video about Seoul rn? We’re travelling on March 14 and still torn if we should push through or just cancel the trip.

    13. Bijou Ruby

      Very thing will be fine soon by Gods grace. Amen!!!!!

    14. Da Uploadeer

      Do you also work in a factory like most filipino ofws there?

    15. CocoaSkinn

      Man my trip is literally next month... praying for me and my fam on our trip!

    16. Rebeca C

      This girl looks Filipina, not Korean

    17. Joe-Ann Warton

      Rebook for when???

    18. Maricon Soledad

      I had to cancel my trip in 2 weeks time. I’m sad but it’s better to be safe. Hoping everything will be fine and safe. Prayers for everyone in the world.

    19. Liese Verhaert

      I'm moving there in August for school I hope I will be able to. Keep safe and healthy 🙏🏻

    20. Katia Hernandez

      Thank you so much for this helpful video! My sister and I had a trip scheduled on April 16th. I’m so sad we have to reschedule the trip 😭

    21. Sly Marlene

      Every time I saw you without your mask on I felt some type of way

    22. Amy Walsh

      I was meant to travel to Korea in June. But sadly Jetstar cancelled my flights :(

      1. Bree Stewart

        Amy Walsh I meant to fly in October but there’s a travel ban in my country 😖

    23. eli as

      We have the same situation in Iran

    24. Idil Xubbi Sida

      Am filling soo bad for you guys plz protect yourselves every day not only you but also us in Africa too All countries in the world protect

    25. Marikeño

      My flight to Incheon will be on April 1 to witness the spring season. But all of my Korean friends are discouraging me to come because of the epidemic. Based on the news I saw (reliable sources), peak of Corona could be on March 20. So coming to Korea on April might still be very risky. Although I have many friends who would be willing to accommodate me, it would be best that I stay home and wait for the virus to go down. Good luck sa mga kababayan natin na pupunta pa rin ng South Korea. Be safe and take good care of your health.

    26. Kath Hilario

      Hi ate Kring! Kayo nga po ata nakasabay ko sa airport last Feb 22. Midnight flight to Korea via Korean Air. Nakita ko kayo sa SB Terminal 1. Nag-alangan lang ako lapitan kayo. Hehe. Take care. Taas na ng cases dito sa Korea. 😭

    27. rachel lee

      Going to SG as a Korean at the end of March... hoping this situation improves before then for everyone’s safety but also the entry ban on Koreans are getting stricter which is understandable but sad 😭

    28. 5MinutesTRIP

      Interesting sharing👍

    29. JJH is Love

      Tama ka Ma’am. Prang horror na matrap jan sa korea, tapos onting onting maubos ang ipon pra lng magkaron ng matutulugan jan..

    30. Dale Dale

      Your English diction is so beautiful... you did a great job in this video. I loved listening to your English grammar. Perfect.

    31. kristinag24

      I just came back on Jan. 30th!

    32. Bojo Amatorio

      would you get ban in south korea if that was your layover before entering philippines?

    33. BlackSwan Bk

      Everything's will be fine in the name of GOD 🙏

      1. Rose Bloze

        BlackSwan Bk Amen

    34. get outta here

      Don't do nonessential travels. Be safe and be responsible.

    35. oh mymymy oh mymymy

      So sad, we'll be in Seoul soon (April 1) hope it will get better

    36. A R

      On <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a>, i've just seen on the news that this kind of mask isn't effective against the COVID-19 virus. The highly contagious and airborn virus can go in the mask through the sides.

      1. Valerie&Emilie

        i mean the fact that she touches it and pulls it down to talk renders it basically useless

      2. Sofia G

        it is worth it to wear them I would say. it protects others from the virus if you yourself is sick. If most people wear them it might be a big help

    37. Zoubeir

      I live in Seoul for a decade I really don't wanna see it get infected like Daegu. I am worried so much. lets hope from god things go back on Normal.

    38. Kyzyl입니다

      Nag ipon talaga ako for my korea trip this april but I dont have any choice but to cancel it 😭😭😭 keep safe everyone!!

    39. Ngariki Tinirau

      I was 4 weeks away from visiting Sth Korea nd Japan,but flights got cancelled.sad

    40. bianca joy

      I had to cancel my study abroad plans supposedly starting this march because of the virus scare huhu it was gonna be my first time in korea & a dream come true 😢

    41. Chenssy xx

      so sad Im going to Seoul on March 31 ;(


      Pray for SOKOR 💜

    43. Sophie Caplen

      Ur so cute

    44. Siam Hossain

      My Korean friend tells me people are definitely concerned about the virus. Everyone is usually wearing masks and if they don’t have to go to crowded places they avoid doing because of the spike from like 80 cases to over 800 in less than a month. It might get worse in korea

    45. Ace Manalo

      Naku ate baka ikaw pa magdala ng sakit sa pinas nyan ah Kahit delikado nag vlog Para sa views money o subcribers??

      1. Kring Kim

        Ace Manalo Pls watch the video and comment again once you’ve fully comprehended what the video was about. Thanks.

    46. Jasreen J

      Nakakalungkot, we are also going there on March 16 mukhang di na kami tutuloy 😣

      1. Jasreen J

        Kring Kim hi ms kim! Yes po pero nakakapagtaka walang travel advisory ang Cebupac, so I dunno if we can get full refund or at least rebook the flight 😔

      2. Kring Kim

        Jasreen J I think there’s a travel ban na talaga for Pinoys starting yesterday. Huhuhu

    47. tamera

      that mask is not going to protect you from the virus you need one with a respirator, pls keep yourself safe

    48. 오하늘

      Always be safe ate kring❤️

    49. Jemima's Outcome

      Thank you for sharing, I am meant to be going at the start of March. The airline I am travelling with is still applying high fees to rebook and I can't afford it. Honestly I am scared what will happen the 7days while I am there and what if UK decides to ban flights from South Korea from entering while I am there and I end up being stuck. It has been such a stress, it is a big financial lose for me. I don't know if I should cancel or not :(

      1. Kring Kim

        Jemima's Outcome as I mentioned on the video, the bigger risk is what if they impose a travel ban while you’re there? As of today 1,500++ have been confirmed with the virus so you might want to rethink about your trip :(

    50. Tinie TravelAndLearn

      Omggg..i was there last autumn..feel sad right now..I loved korea hope everything will be back to normal soon..🙏

    51. goldassayer93555

      People send this to your County Public Health Department Head. Considering the high rate of infectiousness of Corvid-19 it is probable that the pandemic will circle the planet and infect anyone who cannot isolate themselves from their neighbors for several months. Also the economy cannot survive a several month shutdown as employees need income and businesses need income to meet debt payments, rent etc. If the economy shuts down then many people will starve. In light of these considerations the least mortality will occur if everyone carries on with business as usual. Keep the farmers farming, truckers trucking, grocery stores stocked and gas stations stocked with gas. This approach will result in an overwhelm of the medical system. Without ICU care the mortality rate will rise to 5% or more so the public health agencies will have to expedite the disposal of bodies as has been done when the Spanish Flu epidemic occurred in 1918. The local governments at city or county level need to: Hire people to do the following: Locate and bury the dead Get a doctor to sign the death certificate Keep records of who died, who signed to death certificate, where the body was buried and who the next of kin was and if they were notified and provided a copy of the Death certificate Help the next of kin to get the property, bank accounts and insurance if any due from the deceased. Report the numbers to the Public health departments so they are aware of the ratios of deaths to recoveries. Keep track of who has not got the virus and periodically check on how they are doing/ provide food etc. People who self quarantine and do not have the virus are doing a public service by not spreading the virus so help them. This is a tough love kind of solution but looks to me like the most responsible handling for the pandemic. Is there a better way?

    52. Rhieza D

      It's a new korean wave..called K-CON

    53. SCOTT ontheboat

      N95 mask or better!

    54. Alve May Yu

      Miss Kring yung interview niyo po with HaeJin :(

    55. Elton john Hipolito

      Baka mging carrier kapa ng virus tapos uuwe ka

      1. Elton john Hipolito

        @Kring Kim sana dika maging carrier pag uwe mo dto pero ok lng yan nakapag vlg ka nmn

      2. Kring Kim

        Elton john Hipolito ok sabihin nyo yan sa lahat ng Pinoy at Koreans na kasabay namin sa flight pauwi ha. Pati na rin lahat ng papasok na flights sa pinas from Korea.

    56. Elton john Hipolito

      I hope this is your last vlog What if next youre infected too? And being a virus carrier

    57. Weng's Man

      Hello...I have 17 years experience in the respiratory field and I hope to calm everybody's nerves about the carona virus. The carona virus is really not much different from the flu. Out of the 80,000 cases worldwide, only a little over 2% of the people positive with the carona virus have died. ALL of the people who have died from the virus, were people that had some sort of respiratory disorder prior to being infected. and half of the 2% of fatalities were elderly that had compromised immune systems. I fail to understand why this is being hyped up the way it is. We have the same statistics from the yearly flu season. The only problem is is the spread of the the common cold or the flu. In fact, the annual mortality rate for flu victims is over 10%....yet the flu is not sensationalized the way the carona virus has. Carona virus ? around 2% Now I am not saying not to take action to protect yourself, chances are, if you are healthy...and you get the carona virus, it is almost zero chance of dying....but better safe than sorry. my whole point is....this virus situation is being blown WAY out of proportion. Be safe everyone. P.s. I landed in Busan, South Korea last July ( before the carona virus ) and the immigration was EMPTY too... also, a lot of people were wearing mask last July 2019 as well. This is quite common in South Korea. Most of the time if you see someone in Korea with a mask, it is typically because they have a cold or something like that.

      1. Weng's Man

        @lioneldude corona virus has been around for quite a while actually...SARS and MERS were corona virus's....COVID-19 is a different strain. I never implied nor said it was going to be a seasonal flu like event

      2. lioneldude

        Weng's Man so eventually Covid19 will become like a seasonal flu?

      3. Weng's Man

        @lioneldude fact it is factual. People can have the virus weeks before having any symptoms. So what ? The flu is still far worse...that is a fact

      4. lioneldude

        Weng's Man is it possible that there are infected people who run a mild course of symptoms and then recover? Meaning they never go to the hospital, and as a result the number of reported cases is actually understated as it doesn’t count people who didn’t go to a hospital to get tested.

      5. TheRoad BestTravelled

        I blame the media for creating mass hysteria. Look at @lone girl’s comment about hearing that someone somewhere tested negative then positive. Generalisations like this are a big part of the problem. People need to calm down and go about their lives. Here is another stat and if you don’t believe me then do the maths yourselves but 98 percent of the infections worldwide occurs in 5 places: Wuhan, Diamond Princess, Daegu, Qoms, and Lombardy.

    58. nicezu lee

      Sana maging maayus na lahat,laking abala tlaga ng corona lalung lalo na saming maliit na kainan dto sa seoul,wala talaga customers dahil takut magsilabasan mga tao,kaya walang magawa kundi magtiis at mag ingat po tau lahat

    59. arvin chester Uy

      加油菲律賓。 加油大韓民國。

    60. blue sky

      Does she face prejudices for being chinese. Because of the virus.

      1. Pasta

        She's not Chinese lol

    61. Jey Javier

      ingats mamsh. ❣️

    62. Joy Clutario

      Take care po ate kring 😊

    63. Andrei Temon

      Stay safe po madam huhu ngayon kolang napanood😔

    64. Full Torque

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> Sh*t pinay ka pala?? sory naligaw lang kasi ko dito sa video mo.. kaya di ko alam

    65. Jeffrey Lopez

      Omg my whole family has a vacation our schedule flight is Mar 19 is it safe? Wana make sure thanks

    66. xxxigd

      Yes Miss Kringg kunti nalang po 100k naaaaa

    67. sasha_jimin85

      Thank you. The whole virus thing is giving me a headache. I have a trip in Apr and I am hoping the situation will improve

      1. Jéssie Silva Gonçalves

        Did u cancel ? I dont know what to do.

      2. sasha_jimin85 the end not going becos Korean Air reduce the number of flights and ours were affected. So it was auto canceled. Now trying to get refund. Sigh

      3. Lydia Sanchez

        I was supposed to be there this week but the clinic we were going to literally called us an hour before boarding and said until further notice most if not all clinic will be canceling all procedures, and that there will soon probably be a travel ban. We got lucky that we were able to cancel the flight and get all our money back since they canceled but it was scary asf because literally the next 3 days the number of confirmed case when from like 142 to over 800😭

      4. KOYA 1NE

        Samee, I'm so saad😭

      5. Norzaman Agha

        Same here TT

    68. allah kudar

      Kumain kayo ng mga gulay wag puro karne pampalakas ng immune system

    69. dunnoduh

      btw the first mask you were wearing, Pitta Mask, isn't very effective for viruses, it's mostly for air pollution. If you can get your hands on surgical grade/ N95 masks, those are are better. Either way, it's better than no mask at all.

    70. Bryan Amer Mutin

      I travel almost everywhere and Seoul, South Korea is in my bucket list😊

    71. MaeBB Mismo

      Thanks for sharing this po! 2nd week of April ang flight namin, sana humupa na 😓

    72. Gabie Batan

      Ahhh thanks for the update! We’re booked by April, I hope it gets better by March. 😭😭 Stay safe though!!

    73. ChicKen Nase

      Bat ako naiiyak? Ako lang ba? Yung background kasi Madam eh HAHAHA ingat po kayo dyan!!

    74. Random Uploader

      Very informative. Thank you for sharing your thoughts❤️

    75. Jhorie Claire

      Please do reaction video for new BTS mv (official) Kahit sa feb 28 pa yung released ng official mv thanks😍💜💜

    76. sanha_tv

      I’m actually here right now haha, I was also the only one in the immigration area.. oomf heidhxk

      1. EM MA

        Omg me too I was like omg I'm so luckyyyyy kkk usually it's so crowded🙈

      2. Handsome Squidward

        What is it like?

      3. Neko Namy

        You're staying for holidays? How is it right there?

    77. zoyue_01

      im going to jeju next month.. on 2nd week. its just around the corner. i am not sure if the epidemic will be under control in such short period of time. i refuse to cancel my trip because i am going to lose a lot of money since i paid for everything. and i know i shouldnt take the risk.. but.. seriously i dont know what to do..

    78. Cadowyn

      Yo. Make sure you wear goggles. It'll go in your eyes.

    79. Roceline Sandoy

      ingat madam 🙏🏼

    80. Mhel Gutierrez

      Hello Kring! We're praying that the virus will stop spreading and those affected and ill be healed😌. Take care and God bless you always 😊❤!