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    Carlo Ancelotti steps up preparations with his squad at USM Finch Farm ahead of Everton's FA Cup third round clash with Liverpool at Anfield.
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    1. Lee Robinson


    2. Lee Robinson


    3. The Greasy Strangler

      Mass clear out needed from board room level to these championship players who’ve been blagging it for to long and got found out the other day by children!! Nil Satus Nisi Optimum. Load of s**t

    4. Kurgan618


    5. Dapur Officer

      It's really hurt so much and this channel don't show any highlight from the derby...

    6. kashmira JOSHI

      You idiots can't even defeat our youth team just loser club always losing hahaha losers losers losers . Hate from a Liverpool FC fan .YNWA

    7. ChrisMessias03

      Tranmere Rovers>Everton all day long!

    8. WeZo007 Chistofferson

      His got small arms😂

    9. Iulian #

      so easy

    10. splon114

      Judging by the performance against Liverpool, Finch Farm must be like a holiday camp.

    11. SéandPatrick PatrickandSé

      Yous couldn't even beat a youth liverpool squad

      1. SéandPatrick PatrickandSé


    12. Toffeenose1982 Toffeenose1982

      The most embarrassing game as an Everton fan in 37 years and there’s been some serious embarrassment over the years

      1. Lee Robinson


      2. Lee Robinson


      3. bri c

        Supporting everton in itself is embarrassing. LOL! Imagine being bitter you’re whole life....

      4. Toffeenose1982 Toffeenose1982

        Pete G completely agree.

      5. Pete G

        I didn't think it was possible for a new low but they found a way, fair play to them. We don't just need a new 11, we need these bunglefucks to be gone before any of them turn up, or they'll be infected with the bottlers disease

    13. Zahmad Maliki

      doncarlo my favorit coach....

    14. Kopkidcrazy kloppo

      Even liverpool's players girlfriends and wife hold more European trophies then whole everton squad

    15. Jono

      Carlo didn't look too happy, but then again being followed by Stekelenberg and Lossl why would you be?

    16. Steve Mercer

      Come on blues, we can have it NSNO

    17. the Unknown

      We will win it

    18. Tarini Prasad Sahoo

      Pickford Holgate Mina Keane Sidibe Davies Gordon Bernard Digne Richarlison Calvert lewin

      1. Dapur Officer

        1 - 0 😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

    19. الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟

      Come on Everton ,you're the only good thing in that area.

      1. Rohit Chetri

        Top of the league 🔴

    20. Oliver Forshaw

      I’m so ready to be disappointed with another Merseyside derby

      1. kev french

        @the Unknown watched it 50 times already.

      2. the Unknown

        @kev french the kids played great and what a goal that was

      3. kev french

        Glad to not disappoint. And glad we did it with kids. 👍👍

      4. the Unknown

        Everton will win

    21. André Ribeiro

      COYB 💙💙🇧🇷

    22. An Everton Supporter

      Hopefully we can get a goal or two and win at the derby, come on you blues!💙

    23. Daniel is here

      People say Walcotts never lived up to the hype but if you told him 10 years ago he would work under Ancelotti one day, he would be delighted. Would prob imagine at Madrid or Bayern though! 😜

    24. Rusydi Bourlyn

      Mmm boss just landed the players on the exchange. That's to be able to look better Get the boss of players from Juventus to Everton Same. Real Madrid player James Rodriguez

    25. k 123

      more training footage please... enough warmups

    26. K-Dizzle

      I love these lads. COYB!

    27. Frank Camiola

      I wish I could get paid millions for doing this stuff! :) COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Jedi Andre

      Morning... Happy new year... morning.... good ebening... Ok Bro... Morning...

    29. Darasimi Dare

      Can i join the youth academy I'm really good

      1. Darasimi Dare

        @Pete G 😂😂true

      2. Pete G

        If you can pass to a team mate they'll put you straight into the first team

      3. Huro Dyban


      4. MrBeast

        Darasimi Dare no

    30. Dynamic Jew

      i dont think we will beat them but i know we can if we try hard enough , coyb go out there and get a good result

    31. 기모링

      Ancelotti ❤❤❤❤

    32. Confused ???


    33. Ricky J.P.

      Reminds me of an ancient forest - dead wood everywhere. Carlo wont be putting up with most of this shower for long so give him the money he needs - AND QUICK. NSNO.

    34. Mikael Haque

      Sign Thomas Lemar

    35. Jimeth

      Imagine we win this derby somehow

      1. De Ba


      2. Hot Rockin'

        We didn't!

      3. King Salah

        Jimeth haha you lost 😂😂😂 loser

      4. Colo Jr

        You played against an academy team and got battered second half.

      5. Colo Jr


    36. IE

      Really pointless training. Just practise shooting at the goal for 10 hours straight until their eyeballs drop off, FFS.

      1. IE

        @Conor Soady Now you know what I'm talking about?

      2. Rhys Jones

        It’s a dynamic warm up...

      3. Conor Soady

        We saw 3 minutes of the training u noob

    37. Ben Isham Smith

      Davide seems to be an absolute legend.

      1. Francis Couch

        How have you gathered that from a video?

    38. voice of Africa1

      Is Alex Iwobi injured???

      1. Ismaeel 1878


      2. Tyler Obrien

        Think so

    39. trueblue

      Strange little things they do to warm up -

      1. Jacob Cartwright

        all about the movement no? loosey goosey baby

    40. タククボ

      人人人人人人人人 🔥 Foulds🔥 \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    41. CAVERN1234

      Liverpool will the reserves out and probably beat this shit show. To Everton this is like the European cup lol and if they lose then it will be FA for them but not the cup just fuck all lol. What Carlos going to do to help you hahahahaha . If Everton win ? The pubs will do well because they will be celebrating like they've won something good lol . If I was an Evertonion I think I'd top myself lol hahahahahahaha

    42. TFDP117 ✔️

      Good luck boys

    43. ABC Tu


    44. Anthony Sanchez

      If we beat Liverpool on Sunday I will die happily

      1. Fafu 09

        Sorry everton LOSE whit all team and Liverpool 2nd team

      2. Colo Jr

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1-0 kid

      3. James Cullen

        Anthony Sanchez wow such a sad statement, get a life 😎

      4. Shane Wright

        You might want to consider re-wording that.

      5. MrBlueSkyUK

        @King Salah 🤣🤣 that name. Confirmed nonce

    45. Ray Critchell

      Always the same players that say good morning!!

      1. Ray Critchell


      2. Peter Mhagrh

        Ray I was thinking the same... it's a media workout. Players when you wear the badge: NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM

    46. ARCHIE RKO

      ArchieRKO 🔥

      1. Fat Fighters FC

        STOP TYPING YOUR NAME BEFORE YOU TYPE EVERYTHING, have you not noticed that nobody else does that?

    47. Joseph C

      Come on Moise Kean do an Andrei Kanchelskis and give us a 2-0 win at the Redshite!

      1. Bite Me

        No. The answer is an overwhelming no

      2. Numaan Hussain

        @Adm Benbow no just no why would a man u can support liverpool deluded yute. Haven't won a trophy since 1995

      3. Numaan Hussain

        @Adm Benbow you have fans

      4. ag


      5. De Ba

        Joey c la typical Lonsdale wearing blue shite

    48. Daniel 0410

      Just one! Un Morgan! Una Moise! 😂

    49. Tails the No Time To Die Fan

      I hope everton beats liverpool fc

      1. Colo Jr

        HAHAHAHA 1-0 against a team of kids

    50. ParaLELL0

      Schneiderlin: "Good Ebening" Well played

      1. Lee Robinson

        EVRTON FC.............JOKERS CLUB!

    51. Isabelle Shaw

      Come on blues 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

    52. Pablo Escobar

      Moise Kean💪🏼🔥

    53. BPPTGamer !

      COYB can we finally beat them. If it’s ok could anyone who is interested in gaming videos please support me and subscribe to help grow my channel. Please help a fellow evertonian🙏

    54. Calamitivejoe


    55. Dome Chayodom

      Let’s beat them!!! COYB💙💙💙

      1. Dome Chayodom

        Uk Connor hahahahahaah ikr these muppet shite

      2. Uk Connor

        @Colo Jr is that what you plastic fans do when ur not at the match. Sit in ur cave thousands of miles away waiting to comment on evertons videos. Do u know where Liverpool is? Just know that even your own true fans despise you tourists representing them as you know fuk all about the club. Rather be a true everton fan and lose to the reserves than a fake foreign supporter who his hated by the very people he thinks he's representing 🤣🤣🤣👍

      3. Colo Jr

        Ahahahahahah 1-0 1st team Everton Academy team Liverpool 😂😂😂

    56. GS Boy


    57. Gingy Gamez


    58. george Jones

      Hope we finally beat them

      1. King Salah

        CAVERN1234 you predicted the future 😲

      2. Colo Jr

        CAVERN1234 this man can tell the future hahaha

      3. Deanna Henry

        @CAVERN1234 yeah like Aston villa beat them 4-0

      4. CAVERN1234

        Liverpool will have the kids out and will still beat his shit show

    59. JoshuaP Boy

      coyb 💙💙