ASMR for Instant Sleep | Unique Triggers & Deep Inner Ear Sounds

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    ASMR Zeitgeist presents unique triggers & deep inner ear sounds for instant sleep! You'll never make it to the end of this video without falling asleep. The only premise is that you let it happen. ;)
    Enjoy a top-notch selection of new and highly effective triggers. Tingles guaranteed!
    This video features some whispering here and there. For no talking ASMR go to 32:35
    This time your ears will take a bath in rice noodles! Get ready for a real satisfying ASMR experience! Also, in this video:
    fizzy sherbet powder directly in your ears
    a tub full of tiny black aqua beads that look and sound like caviar
    your ears all covered in clear slime
    gently picking floam out of your ear canal
    and many more!
    We'll take good care of your ears with a deep ear cleaning for some intense inner ear sounds.
    Put your headphones on or earbuds in to fully experience the binaural ear to ear sound of this ASMR video.
    This video is intended to help you relax, sleep, study, and TINGLE.
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    Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content but the quality of YOUR experience!
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    C U SOON! :)


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    1. asmr zeitgeist

      Hey sweet insomniacs & tingle lovers, no talking version of this video starts at 32:35 I really hope you enjoy these new triggers! :D The rice noodles are particularly good I think and I'm quite sure you like them as well. There's a long section of that at the end. In case you don't know already, you can listen to my ASMR on Spotify and other providers and I just released “Cryo Spa Triggers”. Check it out!

      1. Ovni -Xx

        Should I put the sound on max or not?? 🔊🤔

      2. Mileonas Lionclaw

        asmr zeitgeist correction: this is how it SOUNDS to take a bath in rice noodles. But now I’m genuinely curious as to how it actually feels.

      3. Shooting Star

        @Mileonas Lionclaw lmao yep same. I bought earbuds and one of the buds broke the day I got it. A. It's a rip off B. Its awkward to listen to

      4. Mileonas Lionclaw

        asmr zeitgeist yo, I noticed that for things that involve ear tingles like ear massage or ear cleaning, the ear mics are kinda backwards… I have to use certain earbuds so I can make it sound right. It’s kind of annoying. Thought I’d let you know for future reference as not everyone has access to earbuds they can comfortably switch ears with.

      5. Mileonas Lionclaw

        asmr zeitgeist oh sweet mother of tingles!

    2. Honestly

      My boy made noodles and didn't even eat them can I get an amen

    3. Lydirius

      I can't make it. Nodding off sitting here.

    4. Not N1GhT

      24:00 works.. 🌌

    5. Help Me

      The thumbnail is so.... *_i n t r i g u i n g_* And I have no idea why

    6. *Hershey’s Chocolate*

      Ceep up the good work!

    7. Maliyah Henry

      I fell in love with the noodles one. So much tingles!!!

    8. tae time

      Zeitgeist: have you ever wondered how it feels to take a bath in rice noodles? Now I'm hungry...

    9. chaparrita perez

      But maybe I do like it

    10. chaparrita perez


    11. Lukas K


    12. 困在時間歲月離間剩低一堆灰白

      Likes thank you

    13. shira nek

      Мне одной кажется что это киркоров(английская версия)????

    14. Lola Vera

      So I've been watching this video for about a month now . . . But I have yet to finish it, I always fall asleep! I cant thank you enough for all your hardwork! So grateful I stumbled upon your videos way back when ❤❤❤

    15. Aundre Jones

      I didn’t even last through the Preview

    16. stop sleeping on talent aka Ateez

      "Have you ever wondered what it feels like to take a bath in rice noodles?" Me: that's a thing?-

    17. Lattie 08

      55:33 franks apearence

      1. The Ezic Order

        Lattie 08 No!

    18. Liv Ingwersen

      Omg i almost fell asleep in minute 7 already

    19. Elyazer Alvarado

      Me:hey A.Z I want you to challenge me try to make me sleep A.Z:alright go to th-uhhhhh Me:~SNORES~uh what

    20. The Pumpkin Magician

      no one: ASMRists: so anyway I bought an ear microphone

    21. JiggliePuff ASMR

      Some of the sounds remind me of the sound when I’m under water

    22. ruth corrales

      "Keep still for me, your doing perfect" yes daddy 🥴😂😂😂😂

    23. Elizabeth VanDiepen

      RIP to all the rice noodles wasted in this video😥😥

    24. Alexander Anchante

      MORE TINGLES PlEaSe😂😂😂

    25. Sad Hevy

      Can you pls make rough asmr thank you

    26. Blake Simmons

      I feel like you've upgraded equipment since last time I was here... new mixer? Or maybe my asmr detox has just done the trick?🤔 either way, you're sounding fresh, it's beautiful. Thanks for doing what you do

    27. Слава Портье

      >instant sleep >1 hour vid

    28. Nashi Dragneel

      Never wondered that but suddenly curious🤭

    29. Spooderman

      Zeitgeist: i bet you'll never make it to the end of the video Me: iS tHAt A cHAllEnG

    30. Batata cósmica

      So, I put gelly in my ears

    31. Kiara Mah

      1:29 best part 😂💕

    32. A magia nos espera

      É um tanto nojento este. Tentei assistir, mas não deu.😲😵😟

    33. Lqvernies S


    34. Spoodle Noodle

      pause at 0:00

    35. Camila Reyna

      looks gross sounds great

    36. iOutAimYou boi

      you sound like the candyman and its rlly cool

    37. music vlogs

      Unusual but I love it please do more noodle videos

    38. Vic



      Reply what country your listing to this from I'm in Finland

    40. Supriya Patra

      Visuals are not allowing me to sleep

    41. sudesh rohana

      0:00~~~ preview 1:07~~~ intro 3:38~~~ hand glove sounds 5:00~~~ slime on your ear 7:15~~~ Chopsticks and bath of rice noodles 9:59~~~ baking soda in your ear 13:45~~~ cotton buds in your ears 14:32~~~ cotton buds (brushes) in your ear 16:15~~~ slime in your ear (taking it out) 18:59~~~ cotton buds in your ears (2nd time) 19:36~~~ sponge roller (over your ear) 22:07~~~ giant orbeez bath 24:48~~~ metallic ear cleaning tools 27:45~~~ foam in and on your ear 29:57~~~ tiny little ear brush •{ NO TALKING PART }• 32:37 32:37~~~ slime on your ear 36:42~~~ Chopsticks and bath of rice noodles 38:58~~~ baking soda in your ear 43:39~~~ cotton buds (brushes) in your ear 45:21~~~ slime in your ear 48:05~~~ cotton buds (2nd time) 48:41~~~ sponge roller over your ear 51:11~~~ giant orbeez bath 53:53~~~ metallic ear cleaning tools 56:04~~~ foam in and on your ear 57:57~~~ tiny little ear brush 1:00:09~~~ Chopsticks and bath of rice noodles

    42. Inconceivable Noob

      That moment when you look in his merch store trying to find that nice ass leather jacket to no avail. God damn it...


      👁️👁️ 👄

    44. Natalie Summers

      Best fucking asmr ever

    45. de Mona Lisa

      how the heck you clean that ears

    46. Yoon _

      U r a genius

    47. Sir Squabblesauce

      Zeitgeist: I bet you won’t make it to the end of this video. Me: *skips ahead* I AM ABOVE THE LAW

    48. Leï La

      That’s a whole new level of Asmr

    49. Fabíola Castro

      Tripofobia 🤕

    50. Sneaky rat Ouma

      Bold of you to assume I don’t bathe in rice noodles

    51. Просто Катя

      Госпади, это самое прекрасное, что ощущали мои уши😹❤

    52. 로랑

      한국인 찾습니다 별로 없을 것 같지만

    53. ・。 ・

      I’m not well to make myself understood in English.His voice is so cool that I relax. I’ll tell him to my friend. Thank you for making this movie. One Japanese boy loves you.

      1. Lady Hypirest

        You did really well with your English. It's a little up but its still understandable. English is hard and is one of the more confusing languages. You did a great job!

    54. Sapphire Blizzard

      if you pause at 0:00 you will laugh or cringe i laughed but lol

    55. brianne T

      please squeeze slime into the mic. Like pressing down on it in the mic. It’s my favorite sound rn and no one has done it on purpose because it ruins the mic but I feel like you could pull it off 🥺

    56. まりかるた


    57. Alba Nidia Fortuna

      Who did not fall asleep leave a like who did subscribe to his channel

    58. Pure Sound Reviews

      Oh god I really need to squeeze those rice noodles. Like neeeeeed.

    59. Gabe McCarthy

      I made it 20:36 seconds in then I fell asleep