31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

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    This extensive list shows the 31 Cheapest Budget Travel Destinations in the World. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers give you pro budget travel tips on what to do in each insanely affordable destination!
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      3. J Cansino

        Watch my video vlog to check the best tourist spots in Batanes Philippines

      4. Richard Rodriques

        Dont forget to visit Goa ,kerela on your visit to India (Vacation Destinations ) You can Thank me later.😉

      5. Rim HADJ ALOUANE

        i want to recomend to you tunisia which located in north africa ,According to The New York Times, Tunisia is known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries.Tunisia is also an attractive destination for its huge number of important festivals

    2. Prasanna Mohanty

      In India you can visit SUN temple KONARK and PURI beach :-)

    3. seriouslyfunny11

      What does "Nicaragua" get the accent but nothing else? xD Just say it normal.

    4. The Pyaung

      Do you guys travel with credit card ?

    5. John Cruz

      The thumbnail was taken in El Nido, Philippines.

    6. Detroit Become Beyonce

      Heyyyy soo, I’m a 15 year old girl who would love to travel. I know it’s not ideal during these current conditions, but I wanted to make a Instagram group dedicated to people of all ages(under age people really)who want to travel the world and can connect with others who share the same aspirations.

    7. Shayne Jose Cabrita

      Inhambane in Mozambique os cheap and very beautiful, one of the most beautiful places I've been

    8. mgphotography uk

      As ever, great video and advice. Thanks, guys.

    9. HR khan ST

      Brother,,,, Please come in Bangladesh,,,,,

    10. Cô gái IT

      Hihi from vietn

    11. Candie5000

      Trinidad should be on this list especially for carnival time... and bahamas

    12. Al Nur Raiyan

      Make a video about Bangladesh ♥️

    13. 100koltes

      Hi,i am from India and Maharashtra state in it there are many places popular worldwide. 1-ajanta and Ellora caves, Aurangabad ancient caves great Sculpture. 2-janjira and jaldurg fort constructed in sea, janjira fort is in sea inspite it has drinkable water lake on it 3-sandhan valley, bhadardara it is Asia's largest 2nd valley, surrounded by 7to 8 big Waterfall like reverse waterfall, necklace waterfall. State Maharashtra in india in ancient time was having more than 400forts, visit Maharashtra for vibrant nature

    14. Swosteeka Lamichhane

      11;27 is not myanmar it is pokhara city of nepal (lakeside )

    15. Ashley Lewis

      🧏🏾‍♀️ ready to travel 🧳

    16. Char Horst


    17. Isaac Jones

      Dont worry guys everywhere is cheap now due to coronavirus

    18. Genaro's Adventures


    19. Muhammad Annas

      Where is Pakistan? The home of K2 and the killer mountain. High altitude lakes and national parks.

    20. Cesar Martinez

      Im here escaping the corona virus 😂

    21. Karol Konieczny

      I reccomend you guys this site crosstheborders.com it's pretty helpful in booking flights and hotels.

    22. Zero260 Design Lab

      Thanks guys :)

    23. Niroj Luitel

      N🇳🇵PAL <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    24. Let'sPlay!

      My mo loves to go at switzerland

    25. Auriane Gorez

      With coronavirus , the plane will be cheap in asia 😂😉

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      Hey, Im a new CNselr and I made a video about the same topic, please go check it out. Like !! Share !! Subscribe !! cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/aV17onzcrH6InZc.html

    28. Sladana Rebo

      Jeee!!Croatia,Bosnien.. Jes!😇 cammin to as..😘

    29. Thero Madziba

      I invite you to Botswana

    30. Just a Pilot

      "Portugal, The capital Lisbon..." *first picture shown is of another city - OPorto* LOL

    31. JJbo bess

      How in the world did CUBA not make this list?? Americans need to stop being so scared to travel there. 😒

    32. Roger Clarke

      I have been to Medellin Columbia and Bangkok Thailand. I highly recommend them!

    33. Danielle Guerin

      Haha Montréal isn’t the province of Québec. Québec city is :P

    34. Hùng Thái

      from VietNAm with love

    35. Dexter

      Thanks for suggesting my country.

    36. Diana Gonzales

      So glad i ran into you two. Love to see all the locations youve been. I will probably never get to travel like that so thank you guys. Love your energy and personalities.

    37. Groupon Guy

      Thailand and Turkey were the most pleasant surprise travel destination for us.

    38. Gabriela Gruca

      Hi! I'm from Cracow and I think that you are right. Also I would like to add Ukraine to this list. It's beautiful country with interesting history and the most important: this is much cheaper country than Poland !!! Food is delicious and every entertainment is affordable for everyone. You must to visit for example Lviv which is near by Cracow ;) I recommend. Regards boys from Cracow !!!

    39. Jess Mags

      lol how is cape town cheap

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      Hello everyone, I got invited to this website that gives crazy discount upto 70% off. I interested watch this presentation ASAP before it expires explaining how you can get some codes. It is totally free.

    41. Lukas Thominsky

      The beach not belongs to Sri lanka, its anse source d argent on la digue , seychelles

    42. Aahhh!!

      Go to Switzerland stay for a week and you'll be broke.

    43. Tyler Hatley

      Said Kra-"cow" and then showed pictures of Gdansk

    44. Evgeny M

      where is Belarus ??

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    46. martin chapman

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    47. inge widya

      Jiogrefi : austrolesia for Bali Bitch we’re in South east asia lmao

    48. Global tour and travel


    49. andrei bazat

      At 12.29, it is Peles' Castle and it is located in Romania, not Bulgaria

    50. don james

      You need to check out Pakistan

    51. Byahe ni Negro

      Wow. 😯 i flex my budget travel vlog in Philippines cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/kaWiq5fIqHydnHE.html Thank you guys. More power n blessing 😊😊

    52. Leo

      Good bitches

    53. J Bk

      Thank you so much for that video! I have another tip for Mexico: Puerto Escondido!! It’s like a little paradise and the hostels, food, taxi, surf board rent & partying is really cheap!!🙏🏼🌴🌴

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    55. Anil Kumar

      Rajasthan 👍

    56. hockey tsh

      The capital of Quebec city is Quebec city not Montreal

    57. Tiberiu Dragan

      Hi there! Be careful guys, you’re showing Peles Castle from Sinaia-Romania as part of Bulgaria’s description at min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="750">12:30</a>

    58. Dulce Gonzalez


    59. Bohdan Bei

      Saying about Krakow and showing the picture of Gdansk)))

    60. Jenn Susie

      Can you make a video about the safety of these destinations as a solo traveler? For example I heard its really dangerous to travel in India alone especially as a woman.

    61. Polina Podoprugora

      Ukraine is soooo cheap 🤷🏼‍♀️

    62. WesołyOguras

      you showed photos of Gdańsk, not Kraków

    63. Byahe ni Negro

      Sana mapuntahan namen yan kahit suntok sa buwan :( From. Philippines 😊😊 BUDGETMEAL TRAVEL ON MY CHANEL :)

    64. the random stuff

      how dare you forgot North East India? !!!!

    65. Mo. shahan


    66. Dennisa oniga

      wheres romania??????

    67. walter navarro


    68. Sniffle S

      I don't think that these are CHEAP options...

    69. Yvette Le

      Thanks much.

    70. Rishabh Dhawad

      They are only cheap when you live in USA or UK .

    71. Rishabh Dhawad

      They are only cheap when you live in USA or UK , but what if you live in those countries .

    72. Vana Kevorkian

      You guys should check out Armenia!

    73. High Street Runners

      Top 5 Travel Destinations 2020 cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/h2Jnqn6ZgamkbYk.html

    74. Haykel BOUTABBA

      Visit Tunisia ! it's safe and has everything you mentioned and more ! #visittunisia

    75. Sean McLaggan

      So, sub Saharan (black) Africa is either expensive or on another planet. God help us!!!

    76. Azerbaijan Rauf Mirzayev

      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/iqKpg6qpeGuneGQ.html. Azerbaijan Remoted and hidden places to visit

    77. Family Vacation Around The World

      Very beautiful guys.

    78. Anastasia F

      Hello from Greece. If you want cheep destination please stay way from mykonos and santorini. Crete is great and full of options. Milos, Amorgos, Astypalaia, Ikaria, Rodos, Alonisos, Ithaki are cheap and beautiful. Which depends on what you want from your holidays.

    79. Adele Moravcov

      "Beer cheaper than water... Literally" Im glad even travelers noticed that lol Thats my silly country.

      1. Viro TV

        be grateful

      2. Rishabh Dhawad

        Chech Republic , Prague

    80. Dwi Riyanto

      You should add Turkey and Georgia