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    With its layers of history and overlapping of cultures, Europe is a treasure trove of everything from the medieval and ancient to the baroque and art nouveau. Couple this with Arctic conditions in the north and beautiful Mediterranean climates in the south, and there’s a whole side of nature to go with the main dish of culture that can be found in this wonderful continent. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in Europe:

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    1. Adam Volný

      Ah tower of Pisa a.k.a. Zombie kill of the year.

    2. Crispy

      The Colosseum is cool, but I remember being a bit underwhelmed when I finally saw it. I really thought it would be bigger. I blame the movie "Gladiator". Also, the area in Pisa just outside the leaning tower and the cathedral is just a tourist hellhole.

    3. TheDrexxus

      So many people who are butt hurt that their country's random thing wasn't mentioned. It would be so great to live in a world without nationalism that constantly turns into bitter resentment, jealousy, and anger. Yeesh.

    4. TheDrexxus

      God damn @ Pompei. Rather grim and morbid to have people gawking at plaster casts of people in their death throes. Especially with that upbeat music.

    5. Tobias Manuel

      What about Switzerland and Austria? The alps are definitly missing here

    6. Safwan mujawar

      Best travel channel on CNsel , I love all of your videos 💗💗💗💗

    7. Δανιήλ Τριανταφύλλης

      The Colosseum is too overrated

    8. tri wibowo

      Thanx , very nice tour

    9. teddy thailand

      We'll be there soon

    10. Nicola Pacella

      How Florence didn't made the list. There are hordes of tourists all over the center and finding a florentine is practically impossible.

    11. Nicole Valle Gross

      This should be called "overvisted places you should avoid unless you're going in the off season..." and even then, maybe pass and talk to an actual local.

    12. ilRegulator

      I'm really glad that a lot of hidden gems are not mentioned here

    13. CNX Expat

      If you are impressed of the many canals and bridges of Amsterdam and Venice, travel to Hamburg/Germany. The city has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice combined.

      1. Aro Fol

        Indeed but it’s canals are not as picturesque as Amsterdam or Venice. Still cool, but it has dark brown water and all the buildings are that dark brown brick like in speicherstadt.

    14. geo dezix

      1447 BC?

    15. Newa Omen

      Thank you for this content

    16. Irson Anderson

      Isn't that great that we can share our suggestions here, in the comments? 😊 My add-on would be the Rock of Gibraltar, a truly breathtaking little land with a rich history, a connection point between Europe and Africa, a British spirit mixed with a Spanish temper ❤️

    17. Vslsnks

      EUROPE is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    18. Andrzej Sobiński

      I would add the biggest medieval castle in the world - in Malbork, Poland ...

    19. Prasanna Pradhan

      acropolis is good ..but cant agree that it is in top 2..as there are better sites in europe compared to it...

    20. lenilisi lisi

      Salzburg???? Carcasonne??? Riegersburg?? Budapest?

    21. burdzyk92

      Advice for next video, say where places are and show on map so ppl dont have to grab their phones and google it every few minutes the new ones that appear.

      1. touropia

        Our latest videos contain a map with the locations of each destination

    22. zheng chen

      Love those destinations so much.😍🥰 Hope to make way there.

    23. Movies Under The Surface

      Top 25 places that should be on this list, but aren't: 25. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia 24. Notre Dame, France 23. Moscow Kremlin, Russia 22. Cinque Terra, Italy 21. Pechersk Lavra, Ukraine 20. Tower of London, England 19. Szechenyi Thermal Baths, Hungary 18. Bran Castle, Romania 17. Sedlec Ossuary, Czechia 16. Tulip Fields, Netherlands 15. Schonbrunn, Austria 14. Old Town Krakow, Poland 13. Blue Lagoon, Iceland 12. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland 11. The Hermitage, Russia 10. Brandenburg Gate, Germany 9. Parliament/Big Ben, England 8. Grand Bazaar, Turkey 7. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine 6. Auschwitz, Poland 5. Vatican Museum, Vatican City 4. The Louvre, France 3. Santorini, Greece 2. Stonehenge, England 1. Old Town Florence, Italy

    24. Lydia Hitch

      pretty proud I've been to 9/25 of these and I'm only 19

      1. Filip Jovanovic

        Theres nothing to be proud of, you should be proud once you work and earn your money to travel, the fact that you are 19 means that your parents probably paid for most of it so i think it is a bit stupid to be proud of that how young you are. No harsh feelings btw 👍🏻

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    26. TheJustonemore

      Covid tours

    27. Muehlix

      Cologne cathedral is definitely missing !

      1. Holger Schauf

        yes. 100% confirmed! Its such an amazing building.

    28. Clėment Maire

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1185">19:45</a> Gustave Eye - Fall ?! Really ? Oh Americans....

    29. Georgios Traxalakis

      Wow...i really didn't know russia is a european country!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Johanne le noan

        Hello geographic Europe stops at the Oural Mountains...Just so you know... Lol bye

    30. Lin Vloger

      I love Europe ❤

    31. François Bérubé

      Rien de plus artificiel que vos time laps.

    32. innosanto

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1737">28:57</a> this is not Hagia Sophia it is the Blue Mosque. Yes it was inspired by many elements from the Hagia Sophia since the Ottomans wanted to make the competing structure built as a mosque but it is not Hagia Sophia.

    33. Andrew Lopes

      Thank you

    34. Van Mars

      Meteora all the way🤩

    35. guluta alan

      Some mistakes and lost significance not even a simple tourist would do: Saint Basil's Cathedral was built in commemoration of two Tsar Ivan conquests, the second fly-by of "Hagia Sophia" is actually over the Blue Mosque, built long after by ottomans, just in front. In Prague, aside the clock and the old square there is a beautiful 9th century Castle, attracting 1.8 million visitors each year... The Colosseum "although practically a ruin"… is a 2000 year old amphitheater remarkably preserved, buildings of the time generally are "ruins", course… but if you want to pick one which is not and is still in use, take the roman Pantheon, don't know of many in the world which stay intact after 2000 years (and are not pyramids). Interesting that Louvre, St Petersburg, Florence, Stonehenge or the Alps are out of the list.. Agree with Cmi Covek, should be called “some attractions of Europe”.

    36. dil karu

      After current pandemic of Coronavirus continue my fist visit to be SRI LANKA the paradise island. love your videos.Thank you for your as always great video, keep going, waiting for new places and new travels. Best of luck

    37. Swamy Dayanand


    38. Antman

      Got to be the worst voice ever.

    39. Drf Bangla


    40. My world of Branchyz

      Only remark - Constantinople becomes Istanbul. Beautiful video though

    41. Deepshikha Sharma

      I love Europe😍😍😍. Dream continent😆....Love from India 🇮🇳

    42. Blaze of Glory

      Half of the mentions should be Spain, yet only two? Gtfoh

    43. its mixed oyyye


    44. Beautiful Montenegro

      Really COOL video, check your profile for some videos about Montenegro :)

    45. Crni Covek

      Lol, should be called “some attractions of Europe”

    46. Eric George

      Trust me you do not want to visit the Palace of Versailles, ITS FUCKING CRAP. You queue for ages and its a let down. Looks good from the outside but inside is garbage, loads of empty rooms and the gardens are crap too. Seriously, don't waste your time or money.

    47. Nanny Of Many

      Possibly not a good idea just yet. Unless it is, 'see beautiful Pompeii from a comfortable ensuite bedroom in the local hospital while you slowly recover from Covid-19.' Think I will wait til this is over.

    48. Kimberly Snow

      Pisa are you serious?

    49. Buen Ragos

      best sites in Europe? Buildings and structures, I'll be bored in Europe, no nice white sand beaches or water falls... but I still enjoy the views..

    50. Visit Joana


    51. Jasmine Frink

      What was the name of the castle they showed for the Scottish Highlands?

    52. Matt Thompson

      Sad to see so many of these sites overrun with tourists. A a kid I went to the Ahlambra in Granada and basically just walked in.

    53. Upendra Rokaya Chetteri

      Norway we are comming

    54. Anton Anton

      Turkey is not Europe!

      1. _ Giovi678

        Istanbul is in both Europe and Asia, and hagia Sophia is in the European part. So it is in Europe

    55. marino seys


    56. tacet caritate

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> Cliffs of Moher - Co. Clare, Ireland <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1267">21:07</a> Vltava River & Charles Bridge at the center of the photo (middle bridge) towards Mala Strana <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1277">21:17</a> Charles Bridge - Prague, Czech Republic <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1286">21:26</a> Old Town Square - Prague, Czech Republic <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1324">22:04</a> Astronomical Clock - Prague, Czech Republic

    57. poisoninyourcoffee wolvesoftheforest

      My marvellous Europe! The most beautiful, sophisticate, elegant, historical and best continent in the entire world!!! 😍😍😍

      1. Eduardo Gatti

        @No Name sad

      2. No Name

        our diverse culture is deliberately destroyed by a political agenda. 😔

      3. Viaje ni Bree

        I agree! I went on a Europe trip last year and have loads of videos 🤗


      Europe is simply a amazing vacation destination! It's just so beautiful and full of awesome history! We love to go there!

    59. Malo Lomateo

      You can just had french villages and your video is complete

      1. Rachel Sombo

        Prince Henry The navigator because the tourist are disrespectful some take photo naked in flower fields or make love there for exemple do you think this is normal ?

      2. Prince Henry The navigator

        Nah French people are not very kind, ruins everything after all.

      3. John Goodrich

        you can just had???

    60. Go Places Pro

      Really good video!!keep up the great work.

    61. swoo jack

      This ranking likes religion and ruins and is not fair. Very surprised, there is no Hallstatt in Austria, Lakes in Switzerland, Konigssee in Germany.

    62. suneer k

      Hello, Leave a video of England.

    63. Brother SMan

      Places I've visited (excluding Tower Bridge as I'm from the UK):- 1,2,3,4, 22, 25, 20, 10 and 8 from the list


      Hey what about Regione Lombardy Como Lago Nice Monte Carlo Capri and list go on and on.

    65. cedric vincent

      i Did 11 of them :P hopefully more to come :)

    66. Random Reverted

      You forgot Copenhagen !

    67. michaellita

      I'm 29 years old and I have 8/25... :/

    68. o hello there

      What about the dutch tulip fields, rotterdam, delft, gouda, the hague?

    69. carlos naranjo saban

      Spain square or giralda tower in Sevilla, please where?

    70. Rapheal Francis

      JAN. AND. MAY. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a>PM

    71. Jhuanes Mendoza

      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/ZWCZeH-6aKyBmHHc.html amazing 😉 place

    72. Philippe B

      These 25 places are overcrowded. And no places in Switzerland ?? It's a very beautiful place for countrysides and history. Most city centers are from the Middle Age because they are well maintained and they have never been destroyed by a war. The advantage is that there is not so much mass tourism because it's not a cheap country. I would say the same for France.

    73. Rukhsana Tayyab

      What music did they use for the beggining? 😊🎶🙌

    74. Jerry Penna

      Sorry, I'll take the Matterhorn over several on this list.

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    76. Arun PC


    77. OneDay

      Good evening! My name is Gleb and I am a native Russian speaker. I am working on translations of subtitles for videos, texts of any level of difficulty.

    78. Travel n Fun with Aven

      This look fantastic, so beautiful! I'd love to get footage looking like this someday.


      wow amazing thank you very much