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    Although it is the world’s second smallest continent, Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide. In fact, 7 of the 10 most visited countries in the world are European nations. It’s easy to see why; a well-preserved cultural heritage, rich history, safety and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Europe:


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      Any other unknown hidden beautiful places ?

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      Thank you for all the wonderful information..so nice




      Viva EUROPA 🇪🇺

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      i live in the middle of these places and i only visited istambul

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      If you could do subtitle it is much better . Thank you .

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      А Санкт - Петербург? он вообще должен быть в тройке

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      Greece is the best

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      Where is the Istanbul 🇪🇺🇹🇷

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      😍 #18 Athens Greece <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="462">7:42</a> 😍 💛 #6 Geirangerfjord Norway <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1188">19:48</a> 💛

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      I really enjoyed your video! Feel free to check me out on instagram @elinakatsadouri and text me so I can check you out, too. I enjoy travelling, introspecting and posting about it.

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      Me in 2019: Well i'll travel a lot in 2020! Corona: hahaha that's funny


      why am i watching this im european-

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      Very nice... if you time please read the article about Maldives Tourism www.happytipshouse.com/the-tourist-paradise-maldives/

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      No Berlin????But Stonehenge??? Whats wrong with you guys???

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      American girls: I wanna go too europe Me a European: girl what europe is boring I’ve been to Italy Germany and I live in Denmark sissy I’m bored of it I’ve only ever once been out of Europe in Africa (Egypt) and I’m somehow already bored Random American girl: how about England you probably wanna go there you know with all that Harry Potter merchandise Me a European again: are you stupid...? Random American girl again: *wait*

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        Ur whole comment makes no sense at all...

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      I thought Russia is part of Asia not Europe?

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      i am from nepal.my big dream country is urope.i want to come.

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      Amazing content😍

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      Though not as spectacular as many of the places on the list Dublin is a fun city to visit(great night life!). However the west of coast of Ireland should be on the list as it has many spectacular places..here's one of them - cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/haiKZ53OZGadnJ8.html

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        oh..great video by the way..Rome deserves the number 1 spot..but Berlin should be in the top 25..a truly incredible city..Munich is pretty damn impressive too!

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      Paris is sooooooo overraaated

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      Where da fuk is bergen, Loen, Madrid and Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im ASHAMED

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      Where is Norway? wtf is this lmfao

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      Europe is not a country lol

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      Athens has been inhabited from about 3,000 BC, not 500 BC.


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      Beautiful scenery only in dreams and Fairy Tales for me

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      I woud have included at least included at least one of the following (1) Dublin (2) Edinburgh (3)Copenhagen (4) Stockholm (5) St Petersburg

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      Complete europe visiting guide. #mhytravelguide

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      Where's the European zoos

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      I love your mother land ❤️

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      Such a amazing city


      Work hard, earn hard and see the entire earth where we live...🙂🙂🙂 This video really motivated me a lot

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      where is Kraków

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      Top cities : 1.Paris/Rome 3.Vienna 4.Munich


      Super duper of

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      No ireland? :(

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      Where’s Madrid?? I think it’s way better than Barcelona

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      Maravilhoso videi aonde podemos recordar o que vimos e o que gostariamos de ver Obrigada

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      They all about church..so adorable

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      I am pretty sure either Italy or Iceland are the best countries in the world. One for manmade architechture, history and and civilization, and the other for raw natural beauty. Can´t wait to visit them both. PS: I live in Barcelona, and it is definitely one of those unique cities that is totally worth a visit too.

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      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/Y3pphnPNi5SqZXE.html Best places

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      I love Traveling in Europe

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      No place in Poland was mentioned, so here's an extra list for those interested: 10. Malbork Castle 9. Lublin 8. Olsztyn/Masurian Lakes 7. Poznan 6. Czestochowa Monastery 5. Wroclaw 4. Zakopane/Tatra Mountains 3. Warszawa 2. Gdansk/Marine Tri-City 1. Krakow

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      #25 Vienna, #16 Moscow... enough said..

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      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/ip5phGvZZ2aTdpM.html facts and places of Albania Europe

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      Its wonderful in indinesian present

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      Where is belgrade

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      incorrect info. prague never saw war, no devastation from ww2

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      Hi, I have question... I’m Indian, studying in the USA with F1 visa status... I want to visit Europe, can you provide links for how to apply for a visa. Thanks

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      During my 5 months solo trip last 2018, i visit mostly East Europe because it much cheaper than west Europe. And I feeling in love with Budapest :)

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      I will go Italy on 22 mart. I am so excited about it and after watching this video my visit become too interesting for me.

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      Athens should be in the top 3 in my opinion as one of the most historic cities in the world! Not santorini!

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      cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/oZWsg6WQl4apa2Q.html All countries of the world with flags, Map, borders and their names

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      Croatia ❤❤

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      Some Mysterious Places.. cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/aGKIh4iVZIanfp8.html


      *OH how we love Europe! Every time we are there it's so amazing... Need to go back as soon as possible!*

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      Mont St Michel should be here. One of the most spectacular abbeys in Europe.

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      You guys should visit Norway..best place to see