The HeForShe solidarity movement for gender equality brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all. HeForShe recognizes gender equality not only as a women's issue, but a human rights issue that affects all of us, and liberates both women and men from prescribed social roles and gender stereotypes. This UN Women campaign has the goal of mobilizing one billion men to speak-up and take action in ending the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls around the world. Are you a HeForShe? Take action today and upload your own HeForShe commitment or join the movement at

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  1. T B

    There is no equality in he4she. Sure it is good for politicians and showbiz representatives to vouch for it as it is trendy nowadays. However, in majority , men do not gain anything by elevating women - on the contrary, we loose every last piece of decency and self dignity while women gain even more 'men up' verbiage. Women want to achieve something ? Please do, but enough with the victimhood, what about she4he at least once per human history?

  2. Hello Goodbye

    Watson is merely a prop for feminists to sell their voodoo. Men have every right to be wary of ANY feminist based program, which undoubtedly will focus on advancing women at the expense of men. This "abused, objectified and silenced" dogma is a smoke screen to push a radical feminist agenda. Will this program "equally" focus on men's issues, or just recruit men to placate the feminist eternal victimhood culture. HeForShe is a feminist attempt to control the dialogue with their "See, we care about men" smoke and mirrors act. Does anyone remotely believe men will be in the forefront of this movement and have any input of note, despite being promoted as a men's style program? Highly unlikely.

  3. ravenshireful

    Ha ha ha... they even have the nerve to use a man representing a religion that hates women's rights...this video will not age well... funny now.

  4. Dimitri Reznov

    I always knew Emma Watson and her program supported evil towards males.

  5. Dimitri Reznov

    Okay guy! Last time I checked boys don't get education in the western world while females of all ages get het education.

  6. Revemupman

    What about the various other genders out there? According to you loons there are over 52 genders. So isn't heforshe offensive? This is liberal logic for you.

  7. HeadGo Bang

    WOW 3 comments and 90ish likes, your movement is rely changing the world, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH but I would not expect anything less from the UN, a bunch well spoken empty headed diplomats patting each other on the back for all the "work" they have done, oh and stealing every bit of wealth from any foolish company or country that can made to feel guilty enough.

  8.! katnisscatchfire2

    Emma Watson you make me Just happy♡

  9. Nayeli Lector

    💪🏻 HeForShe

  10. Fem Mystique

    Stand up for equality

  11. Impetus

    Fantastic message, i am a boy and people think im weird if i stand up for womans rights. I cant see why its weird to want people to have the same options

  12. Willi Mak

    1) As a girl, I'am expected to be your little princess. As a boy, I'am expected to be your hero. 2) I'm supposed to play with dolls and look pretty. I'm supposed to play sports and act tough. 3) Crying makes people think I'm hormonal. Crying makes people think I'm weak. 4) If I spend more time at work than at home, I lack devotion. If I spend more time at home than at work, I lack devotion. 5) People will question my sexuality if I choose to join the army. People will question my sexuality if I choose to be a nurse. 6) I'm expected to define myself as a boy or as a girl. Question: If gender bias begins with us, it can end with us.

  13. Zerrin Caycioglu

    So good!!!

  14. Nova Rahman Arshi

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. We all proud of HeForShe.

  15. Charlie Angeline

    This is my favourite video of HeForShe so far!! The concept is really good, and eventhough it's such a short video, we get the message really well, i can feel it. Happy belated birthday, HeForShe!! Keep doing what you are doing now, and i believe that together, we can change the world, and make it a better place.

  16. PeanutButterChocolate CakeWithKoolaid

    Holy 🐄 this is spot on. Ppl need to stop judging babies for being stay at home dad's.

  17. Jamie Siple

    people are born male or female that is it for the rest of video i got nothing against it

  18. Maili González12

    A great vídeo. I loved thai. Sorry for My english but i am Argentinian

  19. George Little

    Abe is a fine catch

  20. Danny Reyna

    stupid men brainwashed to bowed down to femos. What a bunch of feminine wimps they are.

  21. Luis Llorens

    he for she. bunch of pricks.

  22. DrJams

    Feminism is cancer


    some peopele be feminist ! FOR EMMA ! NOT FOR FEMINIZM

  24. Android Android

    I'm for equality of all human being.

  25. Lilah

    this deserves more recognition. I am #HeForShe , and this is #InternationalWomansDay.

  26. CH

    Always respect women! Happy women's day!

  27. Mohammed Osama

    go best for he and she

  28. Pierre Gozzerino

    great conversation, i am a feminist, i am #HeForShe

  29. LOL insultan

    Every time I see a video about HeForShe, I die a little bit inside. Not because of the topic, but because I know I will never be able to meet Emma Watson, the person who started this movement and inspired millions. I will never get a chance to meet her, because what are the odds of her coming to Hungary? Close to none. And that breaks my heart.

  30. alysse k


  31. Hanna Channel

    I'm totally a heforshe lover

  32. Hanna Channel


  33. Goku SSJ

    Keep going Emma ❤❤ We love you and support gender equality from Palestine 🌷

  34. Mia Josie

    I am a 13 year old Australian girl hoping to become head of un women. Emma Watson inspires me as does this revolution to make a change in my community and world. Here is my blog link where you can read it. Also you can contact me I would love to contribute on a larger scale and help-

  35. Elias Stenberg


  36. Jessica Drew

    Thought provoking video. Thanks for posting it :)

    1. Adam Phillips

      only thought provoking if you're an idiot

  37. Robert Willis

    Gender inequality certainly exists: the the feminist public school system caters more & more to girls learning styles & gives them more & more special assistance & training as more & more boys are failing, dropping out, turning to crime & killing themselves. Feminism responds by more & more female only scholarships & bursaries (He for She is part of this) despite the fact that now over 65% of those graduating from Universities around the world are now women. If a male is lucky enough to graduate high school, he will face official discrimination in the form of "affirmative action", both in terms of promotion opportunities & getting a job in the first place. Frequently the only jobs men can get are dirty & dangerous; resulting in the fact that over 95% of workplace fatalities are male. All this is part of the reason why 75% homeless people worldwide are male. Men are also overwhelmingly the primary victims of violence, especially murder. Women live longer, yet far more pubic funds are spent on researching female specific diseases & far more is spent on treating women as well. The whole world over, men pay the bulk of taxes & women consume the most of the benefits.

  38. Caspus

    UN are you fucking retarded, no seriously do you have an extra chromosome than normal, Jesus Christ, you would want us fucking men to support dumb ass crazy women that make false claims of rape, lie about men harassing them on the streets, and have the dumbest supporters and public speakers/leaders, god they even made t-shirts that said kill all men. Here is a bright idea, take this heforshe movement and burn it, and take Mrs.granger and tell her shove the the ash up her dusty feminist cunt. Fuck You

  39. Jon Edenvale

    Still waiting for the first feminist garbage collector/ miner/ heavy industry worker.

  40. peloquinful

    so wehre the woman for boysoldiers? where the woman for working kids (70% boys)? where the woman for homeless men? feminism is the most evil ideology in modern society! pure cancer!

    1. Jessica Drew

      peloquinful right here is a woman against boy souldiers. I'm all for women's rights in third world countries and in the middle east, but I think the chief concern for any society should be the welfare and safety of its children.

  41. Bond Cama

    Hey, polite advice for your campaign: experiment with the idea of fucking yourselves. Morons.

  42. Heather

    I'm absolutely amazed at how far HeForShe has come in the past two years. Everyone who spoke tonight shared such a wisdom that I will take to heart. I'm so proud to be a supporter of HeForShe and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

  43. Ruben Evensen

    Cucked pussies

  44. Tetrimas

    I refuse to support any womens cause because there feminist cult will actively try to silence and destroy any organisations that trys to bring mens issues up as well. Fuck you harpys. You want mens support after years of man bashing bullshit. Well its real simple Ill stand for womens issues when they stand for mens isssues as well in this supposed movement of equality. Feminism is Cancer.

  45. Hit Me Up

    equality bladi blahdi blah why dont those ceos donate money to stuff that needs it like o syria children dieng btw

  46. Hit Me Up

    violence against women is a problem but violence agianst men is a bigger problem

  47. Hit Me Up

    idiots have you looked at the fucking facts women have equal rights in 1st wourld countrys.

  48. SunnyVids

    There are so many causes out there, It's hard to find the right one to stand for. I've noticed the LGBTQ campaigns are getting a lot of attention lately.

  49. Rebbouch

    I believe the hardest part about making a stand is finding the right cause to stand behind. I really like this One and also the one about helping homeless LGBTQ-youths.

  50. Nora G

    Honesty I cannot believe people actually think like this.

  51. A.I. Privilege

    If you are not for she zen you are for he and shall wear zee arm band on zee left arm to show zee disobedience to she. Also.. If you do not pledge your life to she thou shall be given zee ribbon of shame to be worn on zee chest. Zat will be all thank you.

  52. MC Fitz

    This is truly amazing.

  53. Danny Mark  Carmel

    good luck with the great work your doing sweetheart love you always Danny Mark Carmel

  54. A.M

    where can I read more about this?

  55. Sophie

    thats gorgeous.

  56. Crazy Chair


  57. MrIonB

    I'm here for the Emma Watson

  58. Nik B

    Holy shit. I suppose CNsel comments is where all the scum come to share their narrow-minded, uneducated ramblings. All these sexist poorly written comments only prove the point of the movement.

  59. Brent z

    This is what gets me.....feminism used to say " a woman does not need a man" now they are saying men need to help.....looks like someone is losing ground.

  60. Summbuddie

    #HeForHe #SheForShe #HeWithShe

    1. SneakyNinja1220

      A guy dies in a video game or movie Nothing happens A woman dies In a video game or movie Feminists protest screaming that that company that made the movie or game is sexist and the company wants the guys to hurt women

    2. Summbuddie

      I will not bend the knee for feminism.

  61. mfriedrich2012

    Emma Watson got it wrong. So did the UN. Do your job. Work toward the well being of all. Men are the protectors and resource providers of women no longer. Let women be free and accountable for themselves.

  62. Nexus Clarum

    HeForShe is a campaign to get men to help women. Except men are the ones in need. We make up 80% of the homeless, receieve less healthcare despite living shorter lives, we are the greater victims of violence period, 90% of workplace related injuries and deaths are men etcetc. Then feminist scum start a campaign like this and wonder why everyone says "feminism is man-hatred in disguise.". It is. It's a simple fact you moron. Keep up the good work on creating the perfect storm for a misogynistic backlash you misandrist cunts.

  63. James Robert Archbald

    blah blah blah ass worship blah blah inflation overpopulation ...shallow dance music.......Need I continue ? ok they can choose any mate they want to fall back on when their confidence doesn't work for once...which is impossible

  64. Aladdin Aldilawi

    if ya'll bitches are looking for equality why the fuck is this bullshit called he FOR she?!

    1. Nexus Clarum

      @Aladdin Aldilawi It's born from painful feminist propaganda. The fact is, women are the privileged class and if they want equality they either need to bring men back up, or bring women down to the same level.

  65. HacksignKT

    Why not violence against people is a problem?

  66. Muduler Derpz

    a birthday video from emma soon? :D

  67. Wayne Burrows

    The difference between this and real life is that you in the video are discriminating purely on gender. In real life there are many factors that influence pay rates but they are primarily not gender discrimination.

  68. junior3082

    This gap is due to choices women make in regards to work and hours worked, there is no proof of discrimination causing the gap.

  69. SixtySecondDisciple

    Might just start an all women company therefore increasing profits, as women are cheaper... right?

  70. SixtySecondDisciple

    Considering you're supported by the UN I'd have assumed that you'd have enough resources to stop perpetuating stupid myths.

  71. Hazel L. Woodley


  72. Tony P

    Awesome vid, great idea!

  73. Z

    I'm 15 and in my class we got onto the discussion of equality as we were writing an SA about a predominantly male sport. One boy in particular had a twisted view on the matter. My teacher said some statistics about equal pay and he just shrugged it off and said, unbelievably, that "sure, but that's just normal, you get paid for the amount of skill you have" and my jaw hit the desk. What's even worse is my teacher (who is a woman btw) did nothing to stick up for us and point out the flaws on his statement. The younger generation need to learn the meaning of Feminism as much as the older generations do, yet in school we hardly touch the matter. When I asked my brother if he was a feminist he scrunched his nose. It is common ground to see male students sexually harassing young girls in corridors verbally and physically and yet teachers pretend not to see the problem. In between writing this comment I asked my mum what she thought on the subject of feminism and how it should be taught more but she just said yeah, well that's just how it is. I said that well, it shouldn't be. And then she said "men can't be feminists" and this literally crushed me. "Of course they can!" I said, "no they can't if they are they need to find their own name for it"...unbelievable. When I type into google "femanists " the second recommended filler is "femanists are ugly", third "femanists are stupid", fourth "femanists are sexists". None of which are true! It makes me so angry that this stereotype has slipped into our culture young and old. But hey, what can I ever do about it, right?

  74. Victoria Daisy

    I think what men can do is tell their female coworkers what they make because often they don't even know that there is a wage gap between the genders in their companies.

  75. Raheem Anderson

    I love it!! #HeForShe all the way from Philadelphia!

  76. Numero Sette

    HeForShe !

  77. Donald J. Trump

    3rd mafaka Y34H l3l alter du spasst g3t wr3gt

  78. rocky theman

    If i cant smack a bitch how am i going to make a roast beef sandwich? hew do i hit if there is not enough mustard, or too much mustard, I don't think feminism is for me.

  79. James Martin

    Every time Emma starts speaking my head just involuntarily starts nodding. For so many years I felt that feminism was something I could not participate in that I wasn't allowed to have a voice. That putting my voice and thoughts on the matter in to the debate would be akin to another form of masculine assertion. That by somehow participating I would be telling women what feminism should be. It is only in the last few years that I have come to realise that my own social anxiety is a product of not fitting into the masculine mold, that I was also a victim of gender inequality. That feminism is about dispelling these expectations from all people based on their biology and allowing us to do as we feel is right for us. To forge our identity in a society that treats us as people not binaries. Growing up in regional Australia, I came from a place where expectations of people based on their genders was absurd bordering on caricature. That because I was emotive, sensitive and interested in art meant I was homosexual and as such open to ridicule. It is so sad that this perpetuation of stereotype has forced men to box themselves up and ridicule anyone who does what they do not allow themselves to do. It is almost as if there is a subconscious assertion motivating this stereotype perpetuation and it is: "If I have to fit the mold society has put on me, then so do you". The wonderful thing is, we don't. None of us do. Not at all. I love the message of this campaign and Emma is a wonderful spokes person. When feminism is a thing of the past and she is the spokes person for the 'UN Equality Agency', I think the campaign should be called MeForYou.

  80. KMaishVlogs

    Literally think Emma Watson should be president of the United States or something, even though she's not even a citizen. She's truly amazing!

  81. Keeran Rajan

    Come on man im all for equality but there are some things in history that men can do that no woman in history could ever have been capable of ... Like say box to the elite level like say a Mike Tyson/ muhammad Ali would for one

  82. RetroWolves

    this is still a problem i say love you to my friends all the time im a guy

  83. Deb Fowler

    So your Aims statement lasts 70 seconds? That's not a mission or aims statement Emma thats just you talking a lot because you like the sound of your voice!

  84. Deb Fowler

    Feminism a movement specifically created to deliberately ostracise 50% of the entire globe! Even Hitler never went that far, nor Stalin, nor Gaddafi, nor Pot, nor Amin, nor Mugabe, nor Pinochet, nor Taylor, nor Hussein, nor Ceausescu that is one hell of a record.

  85. djavi90

    She's breathtaking!

  86. wibblegorm

    Are women being paid the same? Pretty sure they are, otherwise there'd be an absolute landslide of civil litigation. ;)

  87. SOSSOUGA Dosse

    Heforshe campaign is good and need to reach every country for gender equality everywhere.

  88. kamjc

    Oh wow. When Emma talked about chivalry, I totally know what she meant. I opened a door for a guy friend of mine and he looked at me SO weird! -- like "what the hell are you doing?" Like, me opening the door for him de-masculinized him or something.

  89. Ivan Rusin

    Обожаю ее :)

  90. Ivan Rusin

    Как же она красива!!!

  91. Victoria Castillo

    I've been trying to get stuff out like this for a while. I see gender inequality (yes, GIRLS AND BOYS) every day at school. I'm so glad that Emma is speaking up about this subject because it's so commonly over looked. Yes I stand for both genders. I realize that men are getting raped and if they don't have this macho man thing, they aren't considered a man, but people can't just look at men and I'm not saying they can only look at women. Women are usually seen as lesser I watched a buzzfeed video that said that women in the film industry get paid 2 million dollars less than men and that 73% of the people in the film industry are males. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a guy wearing a shirt saying "Cool babe, now shut up and go make me a sandwich." I would have a lot of money. In no way am I saying that one gender should be stronger than the other. A lot of people in these comments are dogging women because they don't want them to be more powerful then men. That's not what feminists are saying and if people are saying those things then that's basically saying that men are already more powerful then women. That's not how it should be. We should all be equal. Yes I want there to be a change about the rape percentages with males and with how they're looked at based on how they describe women, but women are getting raped too, women are getting paid less, women are being told they can't do certain things like play sports or do certain jobs. It's time to take a stand for both genders. For gender equality. For equality just in general.

  92. Franco

    alguien que ponga subtítulos en español? Por favor!

  93. Roy B

    HeForShe no thank you. I will stay with SheForHe.

  94. weffaakrawi

    complaining that men's problems should be brought into the discussion of feminism and equality of the sexes is like complaining about movements for racial equality by complaining about how slave owners suffered because they lost their slaves. y'all seriously need a wake up call. i mean, god damn. the whole heforshe movement is based on the very basic idea that it isn't about man hating, a plot to make men suffer or a cry to take men's rights away. it isn't about men at all; it's about women. embracing women does not translate to hating men. for those of you who look at feminism and see that, well shit, feminism isn't the problem.

  95. Catherine Rolf


  96. Linda Beltramini

    Can someone put on this video the italian subtitles!? :( I really want to watch this video but my english isn't enough good!!! Who's with me .. thumb up!!! C'è qualcuno che può mettere i sottotitoli in italiano!? :( Voglio davvero vedere questo video ma il mio inglese non è abbastanza buono!!! Chi è con me... pollice in su!!!

  97. DeviantCare

    First of all, I instantly don't trust this vid just because of the ratings being disabled. This leaves me to believe that even comments will be censored if the video owner does not like what it says. I don't really like how Emma acknowledges that feminism is synonymous with "man hating" but just shrugs it off saying "that's just wrong" instead of going into why it is seen that way and how to change that. I also do not agree with that definition of feminist,(if you believe in equal rights between genders) See that is a huge problem we are having. If that was the definition of a feminist, then YES I would be a feminist, but that is not how feminism is used at all by most feminists. It's all focusing entirely on womens issues, and even issues that are cross gender, you again just focus on the women, that is not equality. That is focusing only on the issues of half the species. That is why it is hard to connect with feminism in anyway, because it's so focused on only women and shrugs off any conversation about men unless it is "men need to change to be more like women." It's hard to dislike Emma in this though, she honestly sounds legit and perhaps it's a cultural thing, but what she is talking about sounds different than what I'm use to hearing, It actually sounds like she heard another perspective before. at least it sounds like she is doing something in some places where it might be needed, unlike what I have been seeing recently in America where a feminist activist comes included with her own patreon account and victim complex.