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  1. Black Needle


  2. Luke Thomas

    What a glorious arrangement of a beautiful song! It's very cinematic.

  3. MusicKnowte

    I’ve watched this 7 times for the music alone

  4. Galeon Ru



    Riccardo Tisci sta facendo miracoli per Burberry

  6. j w

    That voice, tho! She's so amazing.

  7. Erzsébet Laczkovics

    Nagyon jó.

  8. Mane Rodgo

    Horrible la filmación de los desfiles de Burberry. Una lástima porque no se ven los modelos por mostrar de lejos o a los pianos. Por lo general no se aprecian las prendas porque quienes filman se creen muy modernos y sale desastrozo. Una pena.

  9. gemifredricko

    Truely Ricardo, remind me lots of his time in Givenchy.

  10. dương dương


  11. Susana I. Gonzalez

    I’m not a Londoner but I love both Burberry and London 👜🕶👢

  12. Awesome! Keep it up! Would you like to be CNsel friends? :)

  13. #

    This is so boring... could be any brand. Used to better from Riccardo

  14. Merrill Scura

    Rianne, Bella, Fran, Lexi, Faretta >>>

  15. The Style Spot Channel

    Beautiful collection. Classic pieces with a few surprises. Wearable fashion. This was a strong showing from Burberry.

  16. John Smithy

    That was in every way imaginable absolutely cringeworthy

    1. Mercian7

      You know the truth

  17. Fabian Martin

    Definitely the change of creative director, was the best for Burberry. ¡Congratulations Riccardo Tisci!

  18. ketan joshi

    Human had and may be lost beautiful things due to situation of toxic jealous, due to this it's very less , next time I wish I born in heaven, where all life happy no tears , help and support which are very less ,. Lion

  19. Juan Pablo Martinez

    Te amo arcaaa

    1. Juan Pablo Martinez

      & Burberry

  20. Rafael Arambula

    For some reason I think the cameramen struggled to keep up with the models. Maybe they came out too fast for them to shoot? So they relied on the dynamic angle? I don’t but this editing was waaayyy too fucking annoying with the overhead shots and barely there transitions between the direct angle of the models to the overheads. Would have loved to have seen the goddamn clothes though.

  21. S Sanne

    Look documentary Fashion's Dirty Secrets from Stacey Dooley Investigates" the Fashion industry will destroy the Earth, our drinkwater and all waters are in danger, because the fashion industry!! the fashion industry being responsible for appalling levels of water pollution, and all the poison chemicals they juse and dump in waters very unhealthy for millions of humans makes humans sick and this industry destroy our planet in fast tempo!! 👎👎😡 look the docu , you will start to change you thoughts about fashion!!

  22. DammitAnthony

    Jedi/Sith Fashion Show 2020

  23. XLOAT

    @24:05 Chiara Bimbatti 😍🔥

  24. cool cool

    24:53 Kendall Jenner 🥰

  25. shira shvadron

    25:50 debussy?

    1. Martin Huot

      Ravel, Ma mère l'oye

  26. Eydonghi

    We all miss bailey don’t we

  27. Anissa Knight

    I love her hair color

  28. Fernando

    I really hate this trend of showing pre-show backstage.......why????

  29. Love Hope and Faith

    22:07 She's a newcomer thai model. Blessed her

  30. General Millz


  31. Good things Out there

    Tired of all brands that follow already boring trend of Gucci and Balenciaga.. not all people dress like they emptied trash can .. we need normal yet stylish clothes

  32. Callme post

    22.07 Jan Baiboon First model from Thailand in Burberry show. 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  33. Ákos Szénási

    Perfect. I just drop my NIKE gear and I will be a Burberry gentleman - starting tomorrow! :)

  34. 전채연

    23:40 신현지...!😍

    1. 전채연

      Angel Toska Yeah! She's Korean!!💕

    2. Angel Toska

      I am new to this,but Sin Heonji is a korean model?

  35. pudding卡迷


  36. Mia T

    How could you possibly dislike this

  37. G K

    Another predictable and irrelevant fashion show from Burberry. The “sustainability” isn’t going to drive the dialogue, mainly because the sustainable thing to do at this point would be to just shut it down. Over 100 looks when 20 would do! Star patterns are NOT a thing, it was over at Givenchy and we certainly did not need to see it at Burberry. Shoes are repetitive, and too Margiela inspired for my comfort. The blue suit with a chiffon sash actually looks like something Kim Jones edited out of his Dior show from a couple of seasons ago! It’s painful and ugly to watch. The “Harry Porter” stripes element of the collection was cute, where it not so over designed. Overall the whole collection feels over designed, without any direction or relevance. PS The music was distracting...but reflected the mess of the show perfectly.

    1. G K

      Rosy Cheeks Objective opinion is not exactly “hate”, but confronting someone for an opinion you don’t agree with, could actually be justifiably viewed as “hate”.

    2. Rosy Cheeks

      G K how much you getting paid to hate this much online?

  38. Ptteck leonard

    I love Burberry one of my mom's fave designer

  39. Major Tom

    Outfits fresh from Goodwill --

  40. Alfred Golden

    This felt really intentional and direction driven. The first Burberry/Tisci collab that I’ve liked through and through.

  41. dungoist

    This was.....beautiful.

  42. Shakin Huaiquil Cariqueo

    Quitaron a la última modelo en la salida final :c

  43. TZE GOH

    It looks like some boring New York fashion show from the 90s

  44. Bangla Kobita

    I love the fashions

  45. Bangla Kobita

    Love it

  46. Jeff T

    I was betrayed at 21:24

  47. Tia Dora

    Tisci's first show was bonkers, his choice made zero sense for a heritage brand. But now it makes perfect sense. He's melded his genius with some of the iconography and aesthetic of the brand...reshaped, remolded and reimagined, made it his own. His most recent collections have been works of art. Bravo!

    1. Water P

      No, you have poor taste and you are dumb

  48. iman lubis

    0:50 Rhodes

  49. Bee Park

    What’s the color of the foundation used on the model?

  50. Kamil Belfort

    I love this Parfum

  51. catchawave16

    I really miss Christopher Bailey's collections :(

    1. Edgardo

      Me too 😢

    2. Good things Out there

      catchawave16 me too! Tired of gucci mixed Balenciaga copycats

  52. Js L

    구려 노인네들쇼

  53. jeronimoringo

    "So how many CDjs do you want?" Arca: Yes.

  54. BETCH

    Im sad... they’re all walking fast... i cant see the designs well

    1. Ruby V

      BETCH dude seriously! 😑😑😑

    2. Angel Toska

      Put it at a slower speed than,like 0.5

  55. Ildiko J.F.

    I love Domhnall

  56. justinhamill954

    You make your products in China now and you charge a premium for it!

  57. Girard

    Great clothes but I can hardly see them. The editing is too fast. We don't need those overhead shots too often. Focus on the clothes please.

  58. Yeezus Season

    His most confident collection.. but 108 looks of the same beige, rugby lines, fringe and crystal mesh???

  59. M AT

    17:28 basically

  60. Mary Cole

    I am a huge fan of Burberry. I feel this show gets back to the roots of the brand without straying too far and still being a little edgy. Nice work, beautiful FW 2020 collection!

  61. Hanna Banana

    Is that FKA Twigs walking with Naomi Campbell at 8:50? 😍

    1. Black Needle

      J R what, where?

    2. J R

      Hanna Banana yes

  62. T P

    He has improved but still this is Givenchy, not Burberry.

  63. CA ROL

    RICCARDO SUPER , BRAVO !!! 👍👍👍👏👏👏💐💐💐🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

  64. Lets Go

    START AT 18 mins PLAY @ 2.o speed to get this retro mess over with .

  65. andre wright

    What a great collection!! I need those jackets and bags the guys had on.

  66. Don Vu

    The best collection he’s done so far for Burberry by far. I like it when Ricardo aims for sophisticated, elegant and refined and not try to be so streetwear with Burberry

  67. Philaw Sophyy

    This is high quality craftmanship. The best of the best of burberry. Everything was wearable, classic and luxurious.

  68. Noel Greene

    I loved the original, but this arrangement is my new obsession. Alison looks beautiful and still has one of the best, most unique voices in the business.

  69. valdis

    Just perfect!

  70. Pam's Love

    All things red and silver 👍

  71. 9sete -


  72. Gel gel

    It’s an amazing collection, no doubt but we as viewers from digital devices can’t barely see the looks... we wish that the film was more about the clothes than a dynamic footing... we don’t have the privilege of being there, so try to thing about it... that said, thank you anyway!

    1. Omar Khan

      Gel gel ---Facts, you'd. Think fashion shows would be more convenient

  73. gwa019 mpha

    Jan I love her

  74. charly lopez

    Here for Frankie and Mariacarla ❤️❤️❤️.

    1. Tia Dora

      Was that Frankie Rayder? It was just a glimpse, but I was like no that can't be her. Omg, that's fantastic! Love Tisci's fearless use of unconventional/older models.

    2. Allen Orlanes


  75. Reza Mamizadeh

    Just here for Arca.

    1. ALAN

      She looks fucking stunnnnnnnnnnning

    2. Paweł Cech

      omg same

  76. Mel

    I feel like this is the show we’ve been waiting for.

    1. Alfred Golden

      Agreed. It finally felt directional.

    2. Peter Zonis


  77. Henry Bai

    Women's wear as good as always. Men's wear is a lackluster.

  78. Peter Zonis

    Long wait

  79. Sosofaragon Sofar

    How much for pay all models walk for Burberry?

  80. H2D

    The men shoes nice......

  81. rich43434

    Big fan of Burberry and to see this makes me happy because the last 2 or 3 years they have been poor and lost and now they have rebounded with some of there best.

    1. Henry Bai

      i wouldn't say that

  82. Fashion Lover

    So divine .... finally Tisci started to put his darkness touch to Burberry. It’s a good balance between tradition of Burberry and darkness character of Tisci ..... love love love ❤️ best show so far during the Fashion week NY and London. Can’t wait to see What Paris and Milan has to offer. As usual Fall Winter is the most important collection of the year.

  83. macs anthony

    his best offering so far at burberry for me, wonder when he's going to go full tisci.. i know he has to tick boxes but the menswear seemed to lack direction and was overall just a bit meh minus the tailoring which was pretty good as always - I like how he's not afraid to just do that

    1. mhmd kmis

      @Henry Bai ز

    2. mhmd kmis


    3. Henry Bai

      and even men's tailoring is just pretty good as mediocre good like everyone else

  84. Melvin Martnes

    Kendall, Bella n Gigi the best

  85. Rezz

    I see what you did there, ARCA.

  86. Bass Town Ncs

    amazing video

  87. Bass Town Ncs

    lovely stuff

  88. moonwalk

    What’s the title of the music during the finale?

    1. moonwalk

      Naila Ajtuganova Thank you 🥰

    2. moonwalk

      Nicolas Mariot Thank you🥰

    3. Naila Ajtuganova


    4. Nicolas Mariot

      Four Movements for two pianos by Philip Glass (4th)!

  89. Aydee Derix

    god its been 3 years now and I can still listen to him daily. Thank you for introducing me to him burberry.

  90. charlize Y

    She's very pretty

  91. guapo


  92. Faiz Zakaria

    Anybody else still here listening to this art ??

  93. I LIKE

    Omgosh, Alison you lost lots of weight. I wasnt sure till I heard you sing. How beautiful you look, my gawd lady you were beautiful bk then but hey wow omg, still got your husky voice I love. Bless you Alison lots of love from Sydney Australia 🌻🌷🇦🇺❤❤❤

  94. Lyndsey Davis

    I dropped my phone.

  95. valdis

    Perfect show! "Burberry" and Benjamin! It is the best combination! Art and song! My the biggest respect!

  96. valdis

    God bless you,Benjamin!