What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. FLAMANGO animates

    Nah i rather be *Something else*

  2. Roblox Kebabs

    Next video: *Q&A OF HOW A DEMON IS LIKE ft Meliodas*

  3. Gamer of Darknes

    I was ones dreaming about torching. Like girl was on cross and somebody burnd her

  4. Spencer Da Fencer

    In first grade I played against a bunch of try hards and won

    1. Spencer Da Fencer

      They weren't pros tho sooooooooooooooo

  5. GatchaBros4Life !


  6. Easton Shaw

    Adam at 2:46: writes ni Me: Adam no! Adam: writes nippleface Me: noice👌

  7. Flabtastic

    White paint is usually flamible

  8. Imaderpdude YT

    I love his art the circle adam

  9. the toy unboxer3000

    Ive been something else since 4th grade lol

  10. Master GamerX

    who ever thinks somethingElseYT is a rip off you can suck on a egg

  11. Nerdy Cooking


  12. the stone of algos

    You called markiplier daddy didn't u?

  13. BTW_UR Garbage

    But I think I found a picture of it just look up bagel man baseball card

  14. BTW_UR Garbage

    I looked up bagel man baseball card I found things but not a person holding a tray of bagles

  15. The Devtopian Commune

    Can I just say. The part where he’s on the plane and shakes his shoulders... Very cute.

  16. Master GamerX

    i still do that and im 11

  17. Titus Teague

    I don’t know CNselrs always think kids are dum when you the one who sitting in your apartment drawing cartoons while we doin trigonometry

  18. mellissa scott

    Wait my names Melissa But I’m not in the story *sniffling*

  19. Simon Velmont

    0:27 What the hell does James Rallison's niece do in class?

  20. FN Clips

    To get sharpie off put expo over the spots and then erase it

  21. jadethest0ne

    My instances of playing pretend were always super dramatic, too. Though a lot of it involved Pokemon as well...

  22. Gracie Justus

    Can I send a picture of fanart I did for you from instagram


    Cough* It"ll take alot more than that to kill meh

  24. Cake Ninja233

    So Adam gives James pants on the plane but not himself. :/

  25. dark destroyer

    7:54 omg i cant stop LAUGHING


    Same thing but i was Godzilla i was bouncing in my bed roaring

  27. didi haus



    They should turn dis to a anime🤣

  29. Nerdy Cooking

    I watch you, Jaiden, and James.

  30. The only shadow

    I've had crazy imagination so bad towards where I get punched in face or I punched in face as in my siblings aka my brothers

  31. Jose and Friends Animations

    Vision *stands over there with i cant frickin explain face* Vision *explodes*

  32. YT Attached

    Your fear is demonetization

  33. _Dêvïñ.Møyër_

    My fears: . . . . Everything

  34. Jeremy Corbin

    stop TheOdd1sOut u dumy

  35. the toy unboxer3000


  36. hamster four

    U guys need lyrics?

  37. Jeremy Corbin

    Jackseptiseye played Little Misfortune

  38. Gman_ 929

    Where did dat tail come from

  39. Fusion MasterYT

    Adam the first thing you said in this video I though me:*did he actually fall and got a fixing surgery or whatever because if that is the case i have a hard time believing that he managed to stay alive after a surgery that you would had to replace several bones and stuff

  40. Imaderpdude YT

    I love the circle ver. Of black panter

  41. Reckless Ryan

    9 out of 10 aussies got triggered

  42. Alejandro Ruvalcaba

    Que viva Mexico 🇲🇽

  43. Oliver’s Life Captured

    Billy/jerk 1 Adam 0

  44. TiFi Clan

    My mom had to have jaw surgery or she could have died

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    MEXICAN! Mexican it’s Spanish not MEXICAN

  46. Steven Hochbaum


  47. Jesi Cuitiño

    Pitos nadie me entiende me encanta UwU

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    I work for the fbi I’m now erasing your memory in 2021

  49. Imaderpdude YT


  50. Laura Godinez

    WHY do you have the jumpscaer

  51. Imaderpdude YT

    I keep hearing help uwu

  52. Ya Mama

    3:58 iS tHiS wHaT yOu WaNtEd YuSsEf

  53. jadethest0ne

    Helpful apartment hunting advice: Actually going to the apartment to check it out before deciding on it is a good option over the "eenie-meeni-miney-mo" nursery rhyme. (oh and also, the animation and comedic delivery is god-like; new subscriber +1)

  54. Brandon Donaldson

    Adam, are you ok?

  55. Mike Salcedo

    Adam: I don’t know what you want from me His fan’s : merch

  56. Extreme emerald Gamer 165

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  57. 711 MinecraftIceCream

    Why is this in my mix??

  58. Cay Ho

    do a star wars recap😁👍

  59. Marco Antonio

    Why don't you get a job??

  60. Failsafe Time

    You know it’s bad when the first ad you see is about an anxiety test

  61. VIVIAN Marquez

    And I have a wallpaper so guys check the wallpaper out and mercy.

  62. Aspect Yonder

    This is like my life I had a yt channel loved drawing loved anime and loved singing and I didn't get accepted in to other groups and there was one point in my life when I was like........ You know what F* this!


    Life is fun naaa 👎

  64. Isaac Bryant

    With the jump scare

  65. Isaac Bryant


  66. Lesley-Ann Liston

    I love your song's

  67. Thawk Gaming

    "How do I buy a house, how do I pay rent, how do I pay taxes?" Schools: the ground is made of dirt

  68. Thawk Gaming

    I once had a dream where I was being hunted by Snuffalofagus.

  69. J P

    Is being famous worth it?

  70. Thawk Gaming

    Videogames don't make people violent Stupid people make people violent. Oh funny story, while playing Mario Kart Dubble Dash, my brother would stop in the middle of the track and carefully place a banana. You would have to stop mid race just to manuver through them.

  71. DilBilGames

    1:25 just to not forget the moment he did that

  72. Andres Camacho

    Young youn tales loves sharks and orcs soooooo

    1. Andres Camacho

      Hey I was also on the toilet well I watched this LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Nerdy Cooking

    I did the exact same bathroom thing

  74. fluffy panda

    Hiii I don't know what to comment on the video

  75. Aydan Guzman

    Why go to class... when you can just fake you sickness.🤔

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    Honestly weed isn’t that bad, still don’t do it though, search up “Adams Ruins everything, Weed”

  77. Janine Cannizzaro

    Bees or Wasps

  78. Kamilo Muliaga

    Adam, you do realize orcas are dolphins BTW orcas are also the apex predators of the oceans soo your screwed either way

  79. Isaiah Munns

    Thanks Mom for drinking all the chocolate milk

  80. Lennox Ortiz


  81. Cookie xox

    Yeah I do u have lungs. Just a question

  82. Alexandra Dordzhieva

    I go to chess classes.

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    Hi Sarah

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    You forgot the third one

  85. Lennox Ortiz


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    Is mama real?

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    He doesn't need boyinabands help

  88. i quit

    1:25 The kids waiting for school to start 2:03 the teachers waiting with the kids 3:44 the principals not even caring 2:55 the kids locked in the bathroom til it opens

  89. Adams world29

    2:11 trys to stay happy but is dead inside

  90. Axvh B

    wow seriously i would rather be afraid of the dark but u shuold have said"(like a boss)"

  91. TreeMations _

    r.i.p Stan Lee he was a legend for all

  92. Jay Reyes

    Adam "Hold my choccy Melk I gotta rap" THIS IS SO COOL

  93. Cristell Duncan

    Why won't any of you comment when the jumpscare is in the video??? Please I don't want to shit my pants but I wanna watch this video

    1. Cristell Duncan

      Nvm. I found it. I shit my pants

  94. Female Gaming Champion

    I was watching the school stories vid before this 0.0

  95. Axvh B

    subaru:wait lemme steal a attack from a diffrent anime subaru;SPIRIT GUN!!! yusuke:not cool man

  96. Axvh B

    i will definitely kill u if u stole dat scene from naruto cuz im an og fan and watch naruto shippuden and boruto

  97. Theresa Tabb


  98. Nerdy Cooking

    I am also half Mexican and half white. They called me tortilla. Or c****er. So yeah. I get it. Lol A also look white as FRICK

  99. Maxilmilian Lee

    Piano class sucked so much that I want to kill myself flute class 100 batter I think


    I love how he said like that smash button