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    land is daydreaming he wake up when ball touch him ..😀

  2. obliviox

    COYB!!!!! Job well done Big Dunc!

  3. Bob Gob

    Victors own goal should’ve not been a goal they fucking blocked de gea from fisting the ball

  4. Mega Chungus

    really hope Moise is alright.. man really needs some game time

  5. harry fraud

    If we had a bit more going forward we could have won this game

  6. Scouse Liam

    Big Duncan is the best man for this job

  7. LAMINE Diarra

    Forza GOMES

  8. DAZE77 Gaming

    As a United fan it was a good game 🔴⭕

  9. the bearded mojo

    great spirit great job lads

  10. AL4N 777

    Last 2 games v 2xtop teams Fegurson 4points V Marco silva still in charge = 0points Forwards we march Coyb

    1. Hugh Roberts

      AL4N 777 oh haha, see u changed it as well, makes sense now

    2. AL4N 777

      Hugh Roberts cross wires pal, I mean if silva had of still be in charge against Chelsea and Man Utd, statement amended

    3. Hugh Roberts

      AL4N 777 no what? Silva in his last two games against top 6 was Eve 1-1 Spurs and Liverpool 5-2 Everton. So he got 1 point

    4. AL4N 777

      Hugh Roberts no mate, we wouldn’t have drawn today

    5. Hugh Roberts

      AL4N 777 silva 1*

  11. Lachlan Kerry

    Ha United get good! (BTW i'm a City fan)

    1. Toby Cazeaux

      Lachlan Kerry you lost to them🤣

  12. # COYB


  13. johnny Lama


  14. Andy Smith

    Come on u blues no reply from everton on this comment lol

  15. 鈴木秀一朗

    マンチェスターUでは エヴァートン倒せないよ👍!(相性)

  16. Ace Assault

    First COYB

  17. Bear2 Black


  18. Riley Mitchell

    If u love Everton like this why is the like blue?

  19. Thembelani Emmanuel Hlabangana

    One of the best games I ever watched

  20. muzzer98989

    Bloody hell hes only won one game. Relegation rudder.

  21. Paul Charles

    Almost worth us losing for those memorable scenes. Great performance Everton! Happy for Big Dunc!

  22. Paul Charles

    Fergie was well emotional!

  23. Samuel Aguiar

    Liverpool 6 x 0 Monterrey

  24. John Jones

    It’s so refreshing to see a manager who genuinely loves the club! Duncan bleeds blue and you can see it in his eyes! The passion is unbelievable! Goosebumps right through! Keep it up bigman!

  25. Alex Stiles

    Let’s respect to Tim 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. MoodMe Augmented Reality Face Insights

    Gotta love these Toffees 💙💙💙

  27. Diocleciano da silva

    The gals

  28. James Hope

    What's the capacity of the new stadium going to be

  29. Minn Fadden

    Plant some trees

  30. Just Music

    If Everton is demoted this season, I'll hold Tottenham and Son accountable.

  31. Afnan Studio

    " You can't win anything with kids" - Alan Hansen-

  32. Ro Pea

    The new Howard kendall in the making .The acorn turning in to the oak. Coyb

  33. Anderson Maurício

    Boa sorte flamengo kk

  34. Will of the people

    Bet he still feels an echo of anxiety about that last pen kick haha

  35. RSheen

    Its a shame his injuries stopped him from being 100%. Always struggled with fitness, otherwise would have been unstoppable

  36. Francis Couch

    Just think these reporters get paid to ask these mind numbingly,boring,questions week in week out. Robbing a living.

  37. Fadilah umar


  38. Blue master Kieran

    Woeful questions

  39. (Lawrence) Lawrence George Cuddy

    I was a supporter since I was born

  40. (Lawrence) Lawrence George Cuddy

    I’m a massive fan I love Everton

  41. (Lawrence) Lawrence George Cuddy

    Happy birthday baines

  42. イルミナティフリーメイソン

    これくらいなら日本も作れる 作れ❗野球球場なんかいらん

  43. Hyhy Tong

    long pass accurate !!!!

  44. Như Hùng Nguyễn

    Ơ tưởng everton thà xuống hạng hơn để liverpool vô địch mà :))) gáyyy

  45. Wayne Looney

    After this I have got a good feeling for the manc game

  46. Raditz FF


  47. genie brain

    That knock on the door get's me every time

  48. Greasy hair

    0:31 is me ugh I look disgusting

  49. r567R

    fae a celtic fan of 50 yrs big dunc deserves everton and everton deserved big dunc , brilliant player and brilliant fans HAIL HAIL

  50. Wayne Looney

    Same again please dunk

  51. Unknown Unknown

    Same again please blue boys

  52. happychappy12

    I've been supporting Everton since the early Sixties, and, I consider meself to be a true Blue, (better dead than covered in red shite). But this bloke is what Everton have been crying out for, Koeman?, Silva?, fuck that for a game of soldiers. This bloke is the business.

  53. kaleem Niazi

    The keeper of everton team is legend

  54. IE

    Make them work hard, Duncan. Don't have mercy on them. Shape them into hard men. There's a lot of softness in that team.

  55. Caitlyn Nottingham

    Pls god make Leicester win the league

  56. Marie Wyatt

    2019 anyone?

  57. TheW0o0w

    Shit, if Liverpool plays against us (Barcelona) with this level, we’re done💔

  58. Curly Watts

    I'd love to go for a scran or a pint with Tom Davies

  59. IE

    On track to be the best manager in the PL. Fantastic. If that's the kind of result he gets after his first game, imagine what he would achieve with a bit more experience under his belt. Keep it up, Duncan!

  60. Jack Secker

    Moise Keane

  61. John Henson

    I'm no Everton fan but that's what can happen when someone is passionate about a club. Loved Dunc as a player and think he would have all the qualities to take you forward. He would get 50% more out of those players than anyone else could.

  62. Fahmi Ramadiansyah


  63. Luke McGrory

    Who do Everton fans want as next manager???

  64. mencari receh

    suka main taruhan? QQhokibola aja bisa depo pulsa

  65. Ciaran Gallagher

    From a arsenal fan big dunc is a legend he's what's missing in modern day players

  66. DrewBloo

    Those ball boys were on Bill Kenwright’s payroll. They were in Oliver in the morning and ‘Duncan’ in the matinee. Not a dry eye in the house.

  67. aurelien dom

    People comparing him to andré gomes don't have a clue

  68. FinanzFerdinand Beta

    True (royal) blue

  69. FinanzFerdinand Beta

    Whose been breaking into my house

  70. Stephen McNally

    Horrible part of the job, dealing with repitive press questions, that don't necessarily have any real answer.

  71. Sizzle DOG

    9:16 he kisses the chelsea manager ahaha

  72. CAVERN1234

    Come on the Red Devils

  73. Abdullah Əziməmmədov

    Cenk tosun lutfen BEŞİKTAŞA don

  74. CAVERN1234

    Need Big Sam back

  75. MrJobofo

    What a sad club 🤣 everything they touch turns to shite.

  76. Hot Rockin'

    Come on Blues!🙋‍♂️⚽️

  77. Ritam Ray

    We repeat tomorrow. COYB !!!🔵⚪🔵⚪

  78. Mu Naji

    good games !!!!

  79. IE

    Man Utd stand no chance against Duncan Ferguson. They won't know what hit them.

  80. Abdul Rehman

    Who's here after he becomes everton manager?

  81. Hacker 12345

    Everton 2 Manu 0

  82. Maina

    All he ever wanted was to play for Liverpool. Duncan, the scruffy twat.

  83. Ben Morrison

    the limbs for his header against united jesus christ

  84. paul baker

    You cut big dunc and it would be blue blood. He adhores that club

  85. Lucas N Digne

    I really want us to beat United it’s Not Gonna be easy ⚪️🔵

  86. GediSpock

    Earning them shirts. You watch any of Duncs games. He ran and ran. Chased every ball. Fought for it. So did everyone around him. Toward the end he didn’t run as much. But he never lost the passion to fight for the team. Been sadly missing that for years. It’s tremendous to see it again.

  87. Jacob Zlot

    I didn't even know we had Lossl until I packed him in Fifa lol

  88. G Art

    I'm not an Everton fan, however, I like the club's history of bringing through youngsters & they, as a club & fans, conduct themselves in a far more dignified manner in comparison to their city neighbours. I also like the genuine passion of big Duncan - he'll knock some heads together. Good stuff.

  89. Kenny Mac

    Lol, Tom Davies reminds me of that girl at school who loves eating apples during the break and drinking her OJ. Then sitting on the teachers lap... 😂

  90. ian clarke

    Happy birthday Mr baines

  91. Skelly 84

    Took my little brother to his last ever game, which was his first. One of my best moments at Goodison, and hopefully something me brother will remember and cherish cause I will.

  92. johntosh00

    Fantastic, just fantastic.

  93. GediSpock

    Good luck Dunc. 👊😉 Not that you need it. Just bring that passion again. 👊💙

  94. Robert Came

    What a man fucking legend god bless you and your family wee Man

  95. Ergi Gjino

    I am a Real Madrid but I wish you the best 🙏✌️

  96. Lorenzo Quayle

    Prediction Everton 2-1 win come on you blues!!!! You can do it

    1. CAVERN1234

      Narrr I think Man U will win 10 - 0

  97. cribbe

    Absolute legend. The way he speaks about the club speaks volumes. Could do with more players of his thinking in the team now

  98. big man

    Don't get me wrong I would him at the helm, but I'm afraid he will end up like ole...

  99. genie brain

    This guy constantly wheres his heart on his sleeve and is so open and honest, which is why he is so well liked and has great charisma. Good luck him, hope he get's the everton job

  100. Alchemy *

    Let's be honest, with more injuries since last weekend, getting a draw will be a great result the way Man Utd played the last two games. Tom Davies will start alongside Gilfy in the middle, and I think Bernard may start in place of Walcott. We're down to the bare bones but United know we will be 💯 up for the fight, and if they don't match us in that department then we can get something for sure!! COYB!!!💙💙💙