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  1. Gregorio Alarcon

    Les filles coréennes sont très belles <3

  2. RJlove Jin

    Goddes Miyeon 💜💜💜 Fighting G idle ❤️❤️❤️

  3. nancy gomez


  4. Otome Coruja


  5. Otome Coruja


  6. Otome Coruja


  7. Otome Coruja


  8. Otome Coruja


  9. Otome Coruja


  10. Otome Coruja


  11. Otome Coruja


  12. Otome Coruja


  13. Estefania vargas trejos

    No one Balenciaga: We Need to sponsor this Video. Lol

  14. Nikita Chauhan

    There are so many subtitles. I was literally shocked after seeing that list.

  15. Exo and twice is kings

    البايس ميني

  16. Bull 2083

    We need Minnie's forehead

  17. Hannah McCarthy

    Song video lyrics all of it a MASTERPIECE

  18. xImpacter

    This song was good until the rap happened, it didn't fit the song imo

  19. seulnaah

    hino lgbt sim, a coreia que lute

  20. Where's Soojin's eyebrows?

    47k dislikes? 😍 Oh my god (yes pun intended), antis triggered IDLE DOMINATION YALL!

  21. ShiruSama1

    "I'll willingly take the punishment" and then she... Oh my god 💕💕💕

  22. ᴢᴇᴘʜʏ •w•

    1:49 Soyeon's little *yah* I'm done😭

  23. Collieee Min

    Let's get it Nevies! 100M views, here we go

  24. Abo

    3:14 Concuerdo ahre.

  25. Josefa Gomez sanchez

    Y'all honestly can't pick which one I like more ,there so good .

  26. mjnona bkon

    I like oh my god more

  27. B Ü Ş R A L İ G H T !


  28. ewguka yah

    o hino das sapatões e você que lutem

  29. jisoo_ llove


  30. jisoo_ llove


  31. jisoo_ llove


  32. jisoo_ llove


  33. jisoo_ llove


  34. jisoo_ llove


  35. Peerapol Kompunt

    I heard help me = Hammer Set me free = Sulfur

  36. Army Forever

    Proof that you are here before 100m

  37. Nishita Bansal

    56M on the way

  38. Nishita Bansal

    Love u gidle

  39. Nishita Bansal

    Lets str3am hard nevies Fighting

  40. Nishita Bansal

    90M coming

  41. Yıkık bir kız

    ben bu grubu çok seviyorummm. şarkıları her zaman mükemmel ve hoş. I LOVE YOU

  42. Chris Beck

    All the members have always been Beautiful Angels. What is a puffy face? I do not see it. 🤔👋👍💞💘💞😍

  43. 율령

    ㅠㅠ여자아이들 모든 노래에 슈화 파트가 다른 분들에 비해 넘 적어서 서운해요...센터 부분도 별로 없구ㅠㅠ뮤비는 정말 잘 나왔네요!체고!!!

  44. Yunna_ Jun

    If you guys didn’t know this but Miyeon was a YG trainee former and was supposed to debut with BLACKPINK

  45. Paola Ramirez

    I feel so bad for people who havent heard this masterpiece... :((

    1. ShiruSama1

      I feel bad for my past self

  46. Gidle Love

    Soon 90M

  47. Penguin Mina

    Soojin don’t lie you just wanna take pictures of Shushu to capture her beauty ㅋㅋㅋ

  48. camila ayala

    alv con el lenguaso de la soyeon me da un orgasmo literal xd

  49. 林家卉

    100 million !!!!! Fighting Neverland ❤️

  50. Héra Serenity

    Mommiiieeess ♥

  51. Ruud R.C


  52. Beatriz Vieira delima

    Essas músicas são incríveis amo elas 💜❤💜😀😀💜❤

  53. Beatriz Vieira delima

    Amo essas meninas e as músicas delas são demais simplesmente amo elas 💜❤💜❤💜❤

  54. Filha De Surubagtan

    Hino lésbico, sim ou sim?

  55. Beatriz Vieira delima

    Amo elas e as músicas são muito boas ❤💜❤💜❤💜

  56. 힝냥


  57. Beatriz Vieira delima

    Amei a música amo elas 💜💜❤ gente essa tradução gente do céu música bem maneira de não sabe do que se falar 😂😂


    "I don't think I am who I am" - Yeh Shuhua, 2020

  59. Wonderland Angel

    Can we please talk about Yuqi’s voice? Her voice is so beautiful 😍.

  60. Huyen Le

    Miyeon so handsome👍💖

  61. 김예림

    진짜 레전드

  62. TAE. KOOK


  63. Jimmy Gem

    I hope to hear more ballets songs from them like hear me/ say no/ for you. And Cube should let them have a Japanese comeback, it’s been a long time already. Btw, this summer comeback, let’s work our best! If possible, I hope we can reach 20m+ in 24h. Please [email protected] in a right way -Don’t delete history -Don’t put on mute mode -Create a you tube account, if you don’t have an account, the view doesn’t count -After the song ends, go to watch other videos for 5 minutes then come back to [email protected] again. Neverland, Fighting 🥳 I know we can do it! And don’t forget to share it on social media as a link! Save points in voting apps, let’s get them at least 5 wins!!! Neives can do it! Let’s fight together!

  64. Jylhis

    I love the subtle modal interchange from minor to major on the pre-chorus ! 🔥

  65. sadanand sharma

    This song is o m g🍻🍻🍻

  66. 박영대

    와 진짜 퀸덤 방송으로 본 느낌은 아무것도 아니구나 연습영상만도 이런데 실제 무대 본 사람들은 다 미칠듯

  67. berrymin 95

    i became a neverland start with this mv! my bias is minnie and yuqi!

    1. 대한민국SERENAY

      Im so happy to u you are on the True wayy💞

  68. Sun Moon

    My god! 73 subtitles! Cube you rock!

  69. Đăng Nguyễn


  70. Chris Chuang

    Keep waiting for few years, we are seeing a generation rising now.

  71. emily perez

    i don't really stan (g)-idle but i really love this song. and the visuals??? amazing

    1. yeobbun giam tototoi

      Thank you for appreciating (g)i-dle's music! lovelots🥰💜

  72. Yslayne Malik

    Legenda Em Português Ameei

  73. Adyasa Mund


    1. syazanaadrina NEVIES

      You are so lucky!

    2. Yoon p

      Lucky !! I missed Vlive today:( I will catch up later today.

  74. châu bảoo


  75. Hadjer Djellouli


  76. Mohammad Mehrabi

    Hey im come from plato , do you remember

  77. sana ols

    Road to 100m Neverlands😀

  78. Addelynn Kelly

    It’s hard to recognise who is who actually 🤣

  79. Truong Quang

    Neverland Stream Oh my god 100M view fighting

  80. •Gacha Loner•

    Producers: Guys, brown hair color fits best to this aesthetic, so have a somewhat brownish hair color. Soojin: 1:19

  81. Sara Buchanan

    Corona virus : “NO MORE SCHOOL!” My friend: “ OH MY GOD!” 😳

  82. mokari

    On the road to One Hundred M, ;D

  83. Thread_aesthetic

    Where they film this M/V?

  84. hey yow

    Still inlove with my fave teaser

  85. xoxo Zaxxxyy

    Let’s all wear black outfits and not tell shuhua

  86. Shane Landy

    They even add KOREAN subtitle!

    1. bata teka

      Shane Landy for disabled people

  87. Prarabdhi Sen

    Hey let's all wear full pants but let's not tell Miyeon Hey let's all wear black bottoms but let's not tell Shuhua Hey let's all wear round neck shirts but let's not tell Soyeon Hey let's all wear only white shirt or only black shirts but let's not tell Minnie Hey let's all leave our hair free but let's not tell Soojin Hey let's all tell our this little secret to Yuqi.

  88. im taeha

    everyone in this industry know that g idle deserve better

  89. Adyasa Mund

    I can also guess for Shuhua- 80% - *sleeping in soojin's bed* 20% - *trying to get Miyeon's attention*

  90. Adyasa Mund

    I can totally guess what Soyeon does daily 70% - Make genius music 30%- Tease Yuqi

  91. Adyasa Mund

    Soyeon was on Vlive today!!! It was so cute, I hope she is resting well

  92. Adyasa Mund

    Damn our comment section has gone dull, SHOW SOME FIGHT NEVIESSSSSS

  93. Nive Charming

    (G) i-dle fighting :)

  94. olla JK


  95. olla JK


  96. olla JK


  97. 파랑

    1:05 여기 웨이브 스르륵 스르륵 들어거는거 너무 좋아ㅠㅠㅠ

  98. Tiger Queen

    Am I really the only one that thinks of Han Solo when reading the title "Hann Alone"? khdfkajdhfk