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  1. SadowmanIDK

    ahhhhhhhhh scott lied to us

  2. James Byrne

    Now just a theory, but I think guardians are like mechanicle robots built to protect the monument, and from keeping it from being destroyed

  3. Noah Woodruff

    another thing their connection to the ziggurats is that the gods would reside in the very top layer, and just below that layer is where the REALLY important people are allowed to go, like priests; and it would make sense why the Elder Guardian, a more powerful and possibly more important figure would be at the layer underneath the second to top layer.

  4. Trillix


  5. zack phy

    This all sounds like a direct parallel of what the vape industry is going through and about to have happened to them next year. Flavors are for kids is there same kinda thing as video games are for kids. 2 industrys getting destroyed in 2020.

  6. Eris Pearl

    Media: Video games causes violence GTA: Slowly backs away...

  7. Christian Basehart

    People making laws governing CNsel who don't even own cellphones. Nothing new. Just like Democrats asking for laws governing guns when they don't even know which part is the barrel.

  8. Ice Wolf

    sucks but you can't educate someone on a platform that they don't use.

  9. Roxanna Palmer

    I am nugget

  10. Ruby Angel

    PAPER MARIO!!!!! SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Chicken of Justice

    Matpat do a ark: survival evolved theory please.

  12. Super Stap’s

    have you ever thought of the only other humans, the Villagers? maybe they made the temples the monuments the discs the mine shafts the igloos and more.

  13. Karyssa Tuttle

    I mean, Luigi’s been ignored for so long so, I give him a pass😂

  14. NiTr0n

    I remember like 2 or 3 years ago one of my sisters best friends who was only 12 or 13 died off cancer. I remember my sister being really sad for almost 2 months, and that really broke my heart. I love what you're doing, its really incredible and I'm truly so proud of this community

  15. Amy Yates


  16. Christian Basehart


  17. Drunk

    Get the kids off the platform Jesus tell their parents warn their parents

  18. Melanie Hoffman

    Matpat do a ark survival theory

  19. Jessica Hamilton

    I just finished my geology course this week after covering identifying rocks and minerals and I knew the answer immediately, I was half shouting Marble while watching this. And I was like...Steph was the only one to even guess a metamorphic rock. Poor Kyle, MatPat, and Jack (just Jack over the whole game) (Also the protolith for slate is shale and/or mudstone.)

  20. Selene Inmaculada

    Hi it's me Mar...Austin?

  21. Amy Yates

    if the puppet bring the 4 Sprits to life then whos Golden Freddy IM CONFUSED SO CONFUSED

  22. Noah Woodruff

    when i was watching the 23 part the time on my clock was 3:23

  23. lego Braden 2019

    Nobody even likes T Series PewDiePie is better Houston king of CNsel stop hatin PewDiePie and start Hayden T Series

  24. J Quality

    Fortnite is better

  25. The_DIY_Shooter

    Educate the law makers. They are continually trying to make laws about crap they do not understand.



  27. Matt TOB

    If somebody could please make a timestamp table of contents, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  28. Melanie Hoffman



    make our parents messege-raid coppa.he cant stop us all!!!!!!!!!

  30. David Langi

    Um maybe it's a theory?

  31. Pixelated Gamer

    I thought nuggets hair was nuggets

  32. Geomore69

    Well I personally think this is pretty amazing

  33. TheFriendshipChannel YT

    What COPPA and FTC doesn’t understand.. *We’re content creators, not babysitters*

  34. missaraish

    Am from sweden so am sad that we lost in the beging😞

  35. ironken 799

    The puppet scared me a Hole lot

  36. kansas8533

    Hot wings

  37. Sora Quill

    I think game freak just meant amps and not volts.

  38. Rperezperez03

    Hi everyone Come to my channel and watch the fascinating football videos.

  39. Wout Rottie

    so guys, we did it youtube is ruined and i hope all the channels that are here now will still be there in 2020 may you all have the best of luck youtubers

  40. Taco Cat

    comic sans, obviously.

  41. Anthony OofYT

    The main question is will you survive??

  42. Cook And Memz PL

    Press F to pay respects for Ronnie

  43. Steve Sucks

    At some point you should drop a random f-bomb, like "good afternoon fuckers".

  44. Ryan Paul

    In the bite of '83, surely the suits are in Animatronic Mode, right? If they were in suit mode the performer would have stopped the kids from getting close to him. Therefore, none of the spring locks would be active, as there would be no performer inside. So how come you say that this incident is the incident "involving multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures" that phone guy describes?

  45. Mack

    I’m so happy to see three CNsel channels I love together

  46. zack phy

    How is unboxing videos being advertisement any different than Nickelodeon having toy commercials? The video itself isn't tracking them just like tv isn't, just the CNsel adds are. And for families like mine who have CNsel premium so we don't have to watch adds(besides the creators themselves selling stuff which is annoying because I pay to NOT get advertised to, at least I can skip through those lol) this doesn't apply to us. I can't see a difference in creators unboxing toys and a commercial on tv of kids playing with those said toys. I guess the difference is the tv adds are admitting to being adds whereas the CNsel videos aren't. But still there's no tracking there and I dont mind if they watch those videos, it gives me and my wife ideas of what to get them for Christmas and Birthdays, esp my youngest kids who are too young to directly tell us what exact toys they want. I'll just see what toy videos they are particularly enjoying, or what they bring to me to say "I want that". Buying stuff is how the economy works and I have no problem having a way to see what they want outside of whatever commercial happens to come on Nick or Disney. I loved toys, and watching ppl playing with toys, as a kid and so do mine.

  47. Kevin Vo

    Want to like the game, but I returned it after being stuck for 3 hours on the Twin Gargoyles

  48. The Anonymous One

    if heard their great but the best i bet a different version is better but something is better than nothing:p

  49. Ruby Gwin-Knickerbocker

    Stream starts at 11:02

  50. Christian Nieto

    3:32 extraterrestrial shadow

  51. JJ Thomas

    Ok here something that he didn’t talk about Jonsey and peely ate most of the food that was in the fridge Let’s say 100 and then 50 50 but then they ran out of food so jonsey had to do a few things for survival 1.eat peely 2.eat most of his clothes And 3.turn peely into a smoothie Well actually he probably started chipping away at peely but he started get Unhydrated so that’s why he Made him into a smoothie but thinking about it he starting eating most of his clothes because if you look at His avatar you can see that most of his clothes ripped off But this wasn’t enough to keep him full until he’s able to come out And as I said he made peely into a smoothie to 1.feed him and 2.hydrate him But in season x there was p-1000 and there was a trailer for the bundle and in the trailer it was normal jonsey making a robotic body for peely But this may be another banana because in chapter 2 season 1 there is peely Bone who is half banana half skeleton So maybe Jonsey has his own species or this is breaking time I close my case

  52. Matthew Stevens

    This is when the seeds where planted The dominos got tobled The first TNT was ignited

  53. Alexander Ashcraft

    Wait the footprints could be from a twisted one!!!

  54. Super Henry Playz

    This is stupid. This is CNsel. Not CNsel kids.

  55. Kevysocool

    The government needs to get in on this because half of the population will go broke

  56. Puddin'

    Scott: FNAF is inevitable. **Snaps his fingers in attempt to make a confusing game then looks in surprise as he can’t** Matt: And I... will solve it. **Snaps his fingers and solves FNAF VR**

  57. Gilles Van Colen

    Matpat theorises that the fnaf 2 location is open at least as early as 1983. This however can not be true, because when you comlete night 6 of fnaf 2, the newspaper article clearly states that it's been open for only a few weeks.

  58. pider man


  59. no thanks.

    Not gonna lie, if you don’t consider all the games, books and stuff that came out after fnaf 4, this is a really good theory. We obviously can’t believe it because we know what comes after, but still. It honestly makes a lot of sense, at least with the information we had back then and that information ONLY.

  60. Ahmed Balto

    And people want bigger government

  61. Sora Quill

    Xurkitree isn't a Pokemon, it's an Ultra Beast. They're MEANT to be strange looking and over the top weird.

  62. Polish shipper girl

    In Soviet Russia hardbass play you blyat. Also Soviet means union in Russian so the Soviet Union is the Union Union... I'm not even joking

  63. Kevysocool

    This is so dumb why coppa and ftc why do you careeee will I guess we should go to mixer now


    It hit mikes brain and my doesn’t know his name

  65. Charlie Heath

    wait... if the cameras directly show and confirm the SAME ThING as the child's viewpoint AND the child CAN'T IMAGINE--- does that mean that FNAF 4 was NOT A DREAM AFTER ALL?!

  66. 8 8

    Hi I like food

  67. Debbie Dall

    Nintendos motto Sweep it under the rug it's probably fine

  68. Kevysocool

    Someone make a new CNsel or call it tube or something or everyone will go broke

  69. Roberto 96

    I definitely prefer this version of the story, when FNAF was only one single game.

  70. Lyox_ 56

    The only thing I wanted to watch is Lewis and Mark talk to each other..like kindly and childish. But I didn't expect it to be that..

  71. Kevin Vo

    Gyro aiming is a better option then stick aiming. But there are some cases where people can't stop shaking. That's is why I would love it as an option in games. Bethesda, put gyro aiming in the PS4 port Games that uses motion control as a main game element, that's fine. Not every game is for everyone. But don't force it down if it is not necessary (Pokemon Let's Go)

  72. Mini Paladin

    16:45 "he lures him out" *shows glitchtrap luring him with EXOTIC BUTTERS*

  73. Caleb Wrenn

    my font is nosifier

  74. Jonathan Lesinski

    dude love ur intro music soo good gets me jumping around

  75. Luna Yu


  76. Mr. Jules

    Chris stuckmann is a goddamn genius

  77. Noxigbolt154

    Is playing minecraft «made for kids»? Please i need an answer

  78. Termash

    Demon I'm a demon ;)

  79. Viktor Andreevski

    This is like the apocalypse."only few youtubers have survived 2020 pewdiepie,theodd1sout,vannos every one gone in a instant"

  80. Drax

    We should all band together to create a new platform

  81. jocelyn elder

    My family lives in ontario lol I'm dead.

  82. DigiAnn

    fbi, open up.

  83. Salty Lord Salmon

    Dio "ZA WARUDO" voiceline mod when?

  84. Jaeden Volney

    Lolololol im 11

  85. Deadwing 9

    Can you do a transformers dark of the dark spark theory?

  86. Scipio_Africanus

    The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the expanding needs of the bureaucracy.... FTC

  87. Rizky Fadhlurrahman IV


  88. cuyospartan02

    Yeah here in Latín America is very common that (usually young) mothers use their smartphones with CNsel as a babysitter

  89. Just a guy

    "ITS NOT THE SAME RATATA" Also rival*have a 18 squirtle* Me:WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT

  90. Godzilla Gaming 117

    MatPat: this is going to be my final fanf Theory Five nights at Freddy’s VR: are you sure about that

  91. SuperOj

    This is dumb. I make all kinds of videos. Minecraft? demonetized Nerf? demonetized reptiles? demonetized unless instead of making fun and entertaining reptile videos, i have to make boring ones about anatomy instead Roblox? demonetized Dragon mania legends? demonetized Airsoft? definitely demonetized for being either too family-friendly or for the other obvious reason This is dumb

  92. Alta Peeler

    i bet that Sammy Lawrence is the bad guy

  93. Rainbow Unicorn

    What if Wally is the Boris from chapter 1,2, and 3

  94. Joseph Bradbury

    thanks mat

  95. Jana Oprah

    Wait was matpat being like legit? Stoopid peeps if I was a pope and I got given a videogame I'd be so happy!

  96. Just a guy

    Meh in SSN have a girl what heal you

  97. JLP 500

    I think Golden freddis Name is Mario Cause: its me mario

  98. Boom Box Digger 1

    I made everyone say the alphabet.

  99. FirmaKurvan

    I would be webdings

  100. Muris Avdibasic