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  1. Rokhri Aseel Bhakkar

    Beautiful ❤️❣️

  2. Ly Mam

    She is like a Disney Princess

  3. Stand United

    I want to learn under her

  4. Lia Graudin

    Cade a vovó.?

  5. Cosmin Mci


  6. Nena Nena


  7. Carmen schwertner stoffel


  8. mohamad haizat

    Didnt tell us u come malaysia 😊

  9. canwr36

    Where can I download recipe for this beef soup..... 我在哪裡可以下載這種牛肉湯的配方...

  10. bbee beeb

    every meal she makes for her and her grandma (who is very precious and i love her) looks so good 😭😭

  11. سمراء المهدي

    بفضل الله طبعا ماباقي غير تكوني مسلمة وتسبحي وتصلي

  12. Qryccnl Rtikvdsd


  13. سمراء المهدي

    ايش باقي ماتعلمتيها في الدنيا

  14. جولان جوجو


  15. raider pej

    Hope you are doing ok. Prayers from lakota country.

  16. Maheen Shahzad

    i love you, oven dog!

  17. Syed Raza

    People outside china has different meaning of paradise. It means peace and no blood shedding or slaughtering of poor animals. Lamb is also a poor animal

  18. Syed Raza

    People outside china has different meaning of paradise. It means peace and no blood shedding or slaughtering of poor animals. Lamb is also a poor animal

  19. NAHID.Z

    اسره جميله وحياه بسيطه وفتاه شجاعه 🌹

  20. Kao Vang

    I bet you she has a Ferrari parked somewhere. She hasnt taken out her Lamborghini tractor to plow the fields.

  21. bodoti qwiu

    As someone who has never eaten flowers. Never new there were that many edible flowers

  22. Noujoum Soulimane

    Beautiful time I'm living with you on the video if you want to chat with you this my whatssap 00212626376341

  23. Şirzat Kuş


  24. Carl Frodge

    What was the first thing she put in the pan? The rocky stuff

  25. Deena Alfaris

    Something is melting! It’s not the snow Yeah it’s my heart

  26. من كل بقاء الدنيا

    You are a very beautiful, wonderful and strong person who deserves all respect and appreciation for your person 🇾🇪I am from Yemen🧡🧡

  27. سمراء المهدي

    مااحلى التواضع

  28. james peter

    The huge amount of dislikes really shows us , how much fucked up mind people out there , we should really be careful ...

  29. Amel Kalbaz

    Which kind of meat she cooked!!?

  30. PisumSativum

    lol did she put a hat in the little statue's head in the library shelf? 6:19

  31. فاطمة احمد

    أّتّمَنِةّ أّعٌيِّشٍ وِيِّأّګمَ🙈🙈

  32. سمراء المهدي

    ماشاءالله فين الرجال عنك يعطيك العافية لوسويت ربع عملك حيغمى علي كمية الكسل اللي فيني الله المستعان

  33. Joelle Mouna

    She makes everything look so easy when its actually not.

  34. Magaly Zuñiga

    Saludos. Será posible traducción al español. Es decir literatura indicando los ingredientes. Son videos videos hermosos. Muchas gracias

  35. Deena Alfaris

    Grating to the hero in the background who is filming her videos, seriously every scene Look like a masterpiece because if you ,thank you so much, You are a talented photographer

  36. Joelle Mouna

    She made noodles by herself WOW.

  37. Ariadna Isabhoo Meza Rivero

    Me quede así irá 😮😮😮😮

  38. Area code 51 Rostov

    Я бы женился на неё

  39. Houta Touta

    ما شاءالله.

  40. Sergei Swihew


  41. Houta Touta

    كل هذا الجمال ما شاء الله. مع الموسيقى تقتلني.

  42. Ananna Sorkar

    Any one tell me this country name

  43. Nena Nena


  44. fflwhu U

    学到了好多东西 腊肉 还有咸鸭蛋猪肝 整个视频都太棒了

  45. Lily Rehn

    I really want some English translations so I could know what she is saying throughout the video

  46. Deena Alfaris

    And she IS Riding horses now Wow For real do you have anything you can’t do ma’am? Stop being so Intelligent it’s hurt my good for nothing self I love you so much for human to Other human Angelic being

  47. Avanti Reddy

    Lizi, you pls get married to a person who can come nd stay with you 😊 nd not take you away from this place baby...

  48. Rupa Joshi

    I want to live (the vegetarian part) of this life

  49. Johnny Shumway

    I love how that puppy at the beginning was watching her do that like "ooh maybe I learn something. Wait what was that?" Hahaha Edit: Also the stuff she is cooking looks sooo good. It makes me hungry. Edit #2: Meanwhile I'm still growing potatoes. Edit #3: That puppy near the end was like: "Awww I want some 😕" haha he/she is so cute.

  50. kofuly hui


    1. bodoti qwiu

      Parabéns, querida. Amo esses vídeos, forças.

  51. Lalalalisa M

    y'all not gonna talk about how she just carried around her moss bag like that Respect from nature:+100

  52. Abdul Hadi

    Your hair is so beautiful tell us the secret on your video

  53. Yen Le


  54. Deena Alfaris

    I love you so much you so Precious like an angel

  55. Kao Vang

    Not a princess, nor a Queen then what?? Perhaps, "Goddess"

  56. Kalyan Dalli

    Nuvvu super sister ni pani evariki raadhu nenu ni videos motham chusanu super All best wishes u

  57. Sơn Manly

    Vợ tôi đấy các ông

  58. Su-NT -

    Việt nam 🇻🇳❤️

  59. Asfi Chowdhury

    You are too good🥰🥰🥰😌❤❤❤

  60. positive energy

    Subscribe to my chanel pls🙈🙈😥

  61. alec hidde

    Dont eat any bats with this meal

  62. Tam Khung

    Vk t cũng giỏi như bà này

  63. حمزه حماده

    الطبيعة. وجمالها. عيشه في المكان زي ده جنه

  64. nacht98

    her food looks amazing, really. <3 from Portugal.

  65. محمد محمود

    اتمنه عدنه هيجي ام بيت

  66. Creative Human

    Such place still exit in this world ???? Reply me dear humans

  67. Niko Ji

    Liziqi is very thin. She is always doing things endlessly. Talented lady. 👍🙏

  68. In L


  69. Minhaz Khan

    I just saw the hands of the camera man 😳

  70. Eurus Yaquf

    Resep ninggalna bikin tenang

  71. เงิน ทอง


  72. nacht98

    where did she leared all this??

  73. Bovika Ayemi

    Your such an talented girl ❤️😍

  74. Queen of home


  75. jingchuan wu


  76. Maria Cruz

    Lindo seu sofá ficou 10

  77. เงิน ทอง


  78. Meenakshi Maurya

    What did she add in ginger at @04:45 and @04:59, while roasting?

  79. Angela Engle

    5:04 when you realize that is the lamb from the start of the video. :(

  80. Nena Nena

    Buenísimo 🥰

  81. Gulten Karaca

    Allahim siir gibi yerde yasiolar bide benim yasadigim yere bak cingen mahallesi 😂

  82. Лена Ленская

    Жизнь на природе такая красивая, вкусная. Сколько знаний у этой девушки!

  83. mansoor talk


  84. tong li

    太惊叹了, 边看边在内心感慨!子柒,你是真*小仙女~

  85. محمد التميمي


  86. Luis Iza

    Me gustaría que se hable cada procedimiento

  87. Соня Хорошо

    Снято красиво. Только я не поняла, из помидоров черри варенье сделали? И картошку варёную с вареньем кушали?

  88. Júlia Pacheco


  89. Baby Kingdom

    Who is camera man

  90. Damayanthi Rathnamalala

    Watched all your videos...I think there's 105 videos watched all of them within 3 or 4 days...during the period of quarantine...loved every video and you are so beautiful li ziqi...waiting till you upload another video 💞

  91. Black Heart


  92. Azur D

    That is a beautiful place. She is like a floating garden fairy.

  93. Lene Lidia Rosa

    Parabéns muita dedicação muito empenho vc é especial que Deus continue te abençoando sempre 🙏💞💕💞🌷

  94. BcErAaSzTy maxmuchmore


  95. علاوي العراقي

    ما شاء الللة على الفن😍😍😍😍😍 فديتج

  96. Chris Pollitt


  97. Gilla Good

    Your videos are very inspiring and beautiful. Please don’t stop :)

  98. بكيل محمد

    ياناس زوجني عليها ودوني لها

  99. Azka Afiyah

    Sungguh luarrrrr biasa melihat betapa indahnya tinggal di kampung apalagi tanah nya yg subur,hati jdi terasa tenang damai melihat pekaranganmu😇😇

  100. Ain-gel Epad

    Darn, this is the first time I saw that mushrooms