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  1. caitlin spry

    Welcome for you getting a milli views, thx for getting me hooked

  2. O'Nalerona Dinkebogile


  3. Leonardo Davinci

    I found J.Cole in 2020 Feb, 15. And relieved I can kick it with someone out today. Every other artist out I was like why? Who is allowing this horrible music to exist. Lol really. So I revert back to my 90s 2000's playlist. But recently I found a interview of Cole and was refreshed by him. And he is 3 or 4 yrs. Older then me, so cool. I know what's in his book case and dvds and music list. Because it's the same as mine. Let's protect what jewels we have in America. Angie too, of course.

  4. Queen DK

    What are they talking about Amy winehouse?

  5. Busted

    If it was J. Cole with Xxxtentacion this interview would've have reached billion views

  6. Tomahawk 1889

    Jokes on me huh thinking its j Cole yup no need to fast forward half way through what the hell is this get to the end Ooooooooo

  7. emya zanders

    mann i thought this was a song😭

  8. Dwhytboi11 Enough said

  9. Greatest Ever


  10. Õnder


  11. 2,000 for doughnuts

    I like how Cole makes like a special guest appearance in his music videos

  12. Lior Kolton

    I never thought I’d weep to a Puma ad

  13. Josh Aqua

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's confirmed. Jemaine Cole is singing with the Charlotte Hornets to play in the NBA.

  14. @17yasake

    Hide ya bitch😂😂😂


    who here from "I Wonder" by Kanye West?

  16. Leandre

    Can't help but think of Kobe and his love of basketball. Falling in love with something so pure as a kid and having the manifest into something so much great. Thanks Cole for this.

  17. Londons_legacy

    H O M E. This was shot in my city. His city. Thanks for coming back home for a little bit, Cole.

  18. Kevin Fuentes

    That's my teacher singing

  19. Stephen Cain

    Nobody gonna talk about this dude missin a clear layup at 2:07 😂

  20. Nba Johny

    1:09 what are the clouds?



  22. Ale Rea

    Bro, I was so happy when I saw J in my notifications... Sad

  23. Manuel V.

    02/23/2020 Still here

  24. Google Paladin

    watching an ad so i can watch an ad , yikesss

  25. Lil Max

    An ad got #4 on trending lmao, still pretty good though

  26. Vascrilla

    Dope ass track. That white is the ultimate Dick rider. Everything cant be the craziest part lmmfao

  27. Shop Amzn

    my covers for jcole and drake songs

  28. Simeon Hunter-Eldridge

    This what keep me from cheating. I'm not tryna sound like a hoe but I always got girls tryna be in my phone but I got my girl and I ain't no cheater

  29. Louis Payan

    12:55 When he says he's Colombian

  30. indigo la end DTRWHo


  31. Matthew Creary

    I don't want my children to play professional sports because it's too much like modern day SLAVERY. Use your BRAIN instead so when you break your leg you can still EARN. #WOKE

  32. the muthaphukkin real

    Itzzz cole ❤

  33. alex diego

    I just recommend *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get youtube likes mad views.

  34. Yo yo

    Great advert, Puma! You want us to forget you're funding apartheid in Palestine?

  35. Rexlouw

    Lil pump said he’s done with drugs then comes out with the song called drug addicts a month after 😂

  36. Lebo Mokhethi

    Oh, this is a Puma commercial *SMH!

  37. bryanslayer123

    Apple Music?

  38. lil 6lexican

    Lil pump right there like ok ok ight the whole time 😂

  39. NANI?! Cat


  40. Hillary Benson

    Imagery nba player not for anything but that feel of flying freedom... Stay 💪

  41. Lo-key music

    This hits me right in the childhood feels

  42. ReK Magic

    I been watching this shit every day

  43. Theo Kolade

    A dang commercial 🤦🏽‍♂️ I want my data back

  44. Sasha Dog

    What about The Fall Off

  45. NF

    It's a shame this film was wasted on an ad.

  46. jimena bird

    wow mad results *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* is the best

    1. All Day Games

      Nah bby this all cole

  47. Stridezz

    Mumble rappers: pourin lean sippin henny *makes random noise* J Cole: hold my book I’m boutta tell a story

  48. Alexis Mixtape


  49. Geo D

    That second song was on some Toy Story type beat.

  50. M3NACE X

    Not gon lie I cried watchin thjs

  51. LiL MARS

    For all the ppl said j cole was trash ur trash


    My childhood

  53. Elijah Daniels

    idk what y'all saying but cool just touched and inspired me

  54. WealthTracker

    Real shit. A lot o' clowns think holdin a gun, threatenin or killin thei own is what make em real. It make us monkeys. Less of us, more of them. Point blank. Niggas wake up & instead of killin ourselves, kill the ignorant shit.

  55. Doo Doo Stinky

    How can you dislike this

  56. Cleverly


  57. Francis Mbagi

    What's the heck is this?!

  58. tütü is good

    Dope🔥🔥🔥...that vibe

  59. O'Nalerona Dinkebogile

    This whole year I've been on kanye.

  60. Joseph Luna

    A classic omg !!!!

  61. Will Whitaker

    Kevin Hart real for doing this didn’t have too

  62. A.wake

    I feel kinda cheated :-0

  63. nba live

    Hey j.Cole

  64. AP 33

    Shit gave me chilz

  65. sciceron358


  66. recore austin

    Pootie 2 good pootie 2 good pootie 2 good

  67. Habeebah K

    Watching Think Like a Man and just clocked the bathroom scene reference loooool brilliant direction

  68. ItzHex

    In the end it was just some Puma Ad

  69. Harley Bridges

    Man cole stop pumping his head that kid is a fucking idiot lmao his fan base is 10 year olds facing blunts and popping Zans

  70. Christopher Wells

    Rasta power

  71. Turex Adebayo

    Boss check me out

  72. Evil


  73. Cici Carmen Arauz

    Beautiful 🥰🔥🔥

  74. Razzor ke

    I just love this nigga Put a like if yoh feeling the same 💚🔥

  75. cookem1s

    why did he want to do an interview with lil pump

    1. cookem1s

      @MAD COLLECTOR ahhhhh understood😂


      They were beefing, and he wanted to try and understand "Mumble Rap"

  76. Capt. Caveman

    Still CLASSIC, even in 2020

  77. Julian

    This was absolutely beautiful

  78. damagedarko

    Jcole and Earl would’ve been crazy , do they even fuck wit each other somebody research dis shit

  79. Dini Mgcina


  80. Nixx Hmar

    Yo Cole must have been through some "Try Not To Laugh Challenge" type of sht

  81. jimena bird

    Do you know ?? your popularity on youtube is just at the distance of the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M*

  82. Javier Sotomayor

    Que gusto da ver un vídeo musical donde no se ve a mujeres con diminutos trajes ni en posiciones sugestivas. Muchas gracias por esta canción cargada de tanto sentimiento. Muchas gracias de todo corazón. :-)

  83. Ian Elliott

    I haz the ball??

  84. Leonardo Davinci

    I bet by looking at this room I can tell you what's in his book shelves, dvd collection like (higher learning) to Django. Lol really. J.Cole is 4 yrs.Older me and he is easily a reflection. A very nice reflection. Well nice effort given here J.Cole.

  85. Leonardo Davinci

    Lil pump!!! Watch this again... And see what you missed or see how you could of better responded to J.Cole. You have a cool big brother sitting with you and willing to school you. I hope you didn't leave that interaction baseless. are young. But youth is not an excuse for continuous displays of and or, verbal ignorance. Ask J.Cole to recommend a piece of lit. to you. I bet it's worth doing so. Start with philosophy to change the brain pattern. (Lau Tzu) or Any sophist. Well I hope this love J.Cole shown you was appreciated.

  86. Leonardo Davinci

    We should applaud J.Cole for trying. That's time he won't get back for trying to bring pump on game. Bummer. Cool environment though. Pac, lauryn Hill, Marley, Reakwon, Naughty by Nature, B.I.G, Slick Rick..books on the table .Dre, the victory album. That could my Room easily. This looks like myself and Nephew conversing... only my nephew picks up, what I put down. And asks questions. Really cool room though. Wish I could see more or even look at his book shelves..

  87. Supremelyvida

    Cole was so cute omggg


    am glad j.cole still uses kanye west songs

  89. Divyansh Dheer

    Kevin hart as Kevin's heart, J Cole you're a genius dawg.

  90. NONCENTZ100

    Wow I remember being little and trying to hurry up and shoot the ball before the dudes came back down the court that shit used to be so annoying man

    1. Supremelyvida


  91. Leo Reyes

    Only words I herd from pump whole interview “I got high as fuck and I was like what the fuck”

  92. Clint Daymian

    Still this song was chill

  93. Aslam N

    Lil pump : yayaya weswas know im sayn evwertwe yayaya ya know im sayn..? . J cole : yayaya

  94. Thine Prime



    Is this click bait

  96. Blue Fool


  97. JairoGlyphZ

    WOW. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Jermaine White

    Check out #TheJermaineShow it's going viral...

  99. Brett Gartin

    So...... Is J Cole singing or just producing? I'm confused.

    1. playboieric kk

      He's producing

  100. mohit Kumar

    Lil pump drinkin' water for a hour