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  1. Antwain Royal

    He is the best

  2. x GhOsT_Gaming x

    3 years later


    “Wanna Be YoungBoy Ol Clown Ass Nigga” NLE Choppa Leaves the chat.

  4. Junior Rostand

    Young boy is young best rapper alive 💪 right now

  5. Video game news brother Roblox

    Bro this song fire 🔥

  6. Trevon Warmington

    Like for 2020

  7. Mahmoud Retsan

    Lay your bed I throw the pillar is the same verse as of "Step on shit"

  8. Adil

    who else is listening this in lockdown ,like if u agree

  9. Young Gwollah

    This song be healing my soul 💉❤️

  10. Emily Benford

    Ion kno y this song make me wanna cry. This true shit he speaking and u can honestly hear his pain in this song.

  11. Linsey Bickford

    He's probably the best rapper I heard since melly

  12. FocusOnNu

    This make me get in my gangster mode in the car😂😂 am I the only one ?

  13. Slaaayster

    i need this shit on spotify

  14. Jontavius Calloway

    Compare him to now 2020 or 2017

  15. Guwopin Micah

    This nigga got every body attention

  16. zayshawn Tubner

    NBA youngboy can I be 4kt

  17. BhrazyEian


  18. Versace Diaper

    Lol I came here from the meme but this 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Lyrical Sarai Gang 999 Forever

    Who is better? 🔥💵 Like: NBA Young Boy Comment: Drake

  20. Lyrical Sarai Gang 999 Forever

    Like If NBA is Better Than Drake

  21. Delilahx

    [Verse] Woke up this morning, I was thinking bout Aria I had to get on my knees They just don't know that I'm sorry (Sorry) Know Momo listening every time Papa talk to me He say I need to slow down fore' I get put in a coffin (Put in a coffin) My cousin Bree, she keep it real and be ready She say that she gone pray for me But I just know that she scared for me, ayy I gotta listen 'cause they just tryna help me With all my heart swear I love em' because I know that they care for me (Know that they care for me) We stuck together nigga that's how we came up Before Youngboy and Beenie ain't nobody wanna fuck with us Delecia told me she proud that I'm coming up I couldn't do nothin' but smile 'bout the fact it was comin' from her Thinking 'bout Star, I can't get caught up loving her Even tho' that I'm fuckin' her, gotta watch how I fuck with her No, I can't put my trust in her, I can't trust nobody Nobody I can depend but myself 'cause I got me Call Lil Ben, know he got me Right or wrong behind my gang, I'ma still catch a body Quick to speak up on some shit and they don't know nothin' about it I'm just tryna live life, do a show, rock the party Pressed about how I started (How I started) We wasn't meant to be it is what it is and it hurt me so bad I swear I won’t shed a tear Nigga play with my cousin, I bet he won't play again People faker than a bitch that's why I cut off my friends (Talk to 'em Bean)

  22. Lyrical Sarai Gang 999 Forever

    Diamonts 🔥💵 Who is better? ⚘🕊 Like: NBA Youbg Boy Comment: Drake

  23. Allu

    This song makes me wanna steal cookies from my mom!!

  24. Shawn Chickering

    Summer 2020 we still here, where yall coming from 🇳🇱🇺🇸

  25. GaLaXy Uzi

    The maths test when I look at it 0:15

  26. GaLaXy Uzi

    When you bring ur plastic chain to school

  27. Keith White

    B**** n**** what where is it bro you know where I'm at bro Plantation police and other one I don't

    1. Keith White

      Bra wtf go I. Plioce n like just be like look like straight up bro say what bro you're know what Imma say bro bro f*** b**** ass joke in the face like what bra yeah right yeah I know you don't trust that s*** you would be doing me that lie on this, bro can a bra in gonna post put me on the movie bro put me in a movie bro I said news

    2. Keith White

      What department bro but anybody that is okay with that flat niggaa going around saying bro I swear to God bro bro I'm going to like straight-up start like shooting at that police you mean bro okay bro she told me a picture of cameras on the s***

  28. Keith White


  29. Keith White

    Bra put my face on the news right now bro what put that goes that's the same fucknigga... Those charges

    1. Keith White

      Stop preaching what yousa

  30. Keith White

    You already know he be dead bra fuckthem trying to go bro like good bra fuvk niggawho Luke Banana republic weshh

  31. Darleen Andrade

    I listen to YoungBoy for three years

  32. Darleen Andrade

    I love you so much 🤯🤞

  33. Juliette Wilson

    Why is it called blasian

  34. Darleen Andrade

    My cousin past a way he loved your songs 😓😥

  35. Maurice Stitt

    I still fw his music since 2015 🤨💣 I'm telling you most of his music really relate to my life its crazy


    I swear this man has the worst luck with bitches

  37. D A Y D A Y

    This youngboy most underrated song

  38. Detroit baby


  39. young g

    I still listen to this song in 2020 I can relate no one cares for me till the day I die and that the sad truth 💔 people take people for granted till they are not on this earth anymore

  40. Martez Gaston

    This was a good time for NBA 🐍💚#memories


    izzzzz weeeiirrrrrddd

  42. Sanjey_ Cruzz

    20 mf 20 bitches 🖕🏽🖕🏽🐍

  43. Valen 17

    Baby just tell me to stop

  44. Andre Durr

    I’m here for the “as I ride through my city I’m thinkin lookin at the lights” part. NO CAP 💯

  45. Kamarious Clark

    2 years later you one of the best rapper out

  46. kari unknown

    Still making money off this song

  47. alonso tellez-lopez

    still bumping this in 2020

  48. Dani Francisco Channel

    Hallo bos kuh,,, Aku sangat Fens Samamu bos kuhh, aku sangat tertarik sama mobil mu boss, aku boleh gak minta satu buat aku,, bos kuh

  49. William Broadbent

    When my Heat level is on 5 in NFS Heat I gotta slide to this I get away every time🔥🔥

  50. Rameer Mcmillan

    Who here in 2020💚🐍

  51. jay_plays gta

  52. jay_plays gta

    Hit jaydayoungen with a blunt out a mf window pull out my mf gun and shoot the whole sniper gang

  53. jay_plays gta

    Fuck jaydayoungen fuck his gang #fuckjaydayoungen #fuckhis music #nbayoungboy #4ktrey #fuck every 23 member #4kteryrunthisbitch

  54. jay_plays gta

    Bitch nba run this bitch fuck 23 big 38 #gangbangforlife

  55. Jeremy Richardson

    This song go hard asf this real shii the closest ppl n your life will turn on you tho female or not the world full of snakes 🐍 keep a lawnmower an sum tools 🧰 on deck all times



  57. Yavonda Roberts


  58. Lazysyncz- YT

    I don't get why the song Is called solar eclispe

  59. Limet Less

    Wait a damn minute-

  60. Nando

    1:43 that part 🔥

  61. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Why isn’t this song on Apple Music tho?

  62. Johnny

    Why you ain’t drop the video for this man😑😑

  63. Damekco Peterson

    This album jus cold idc idc like the beats on this album can literally put u to sleep or jus dose off Nd jus go to another realm like wtf

  64. Apollosgotwrinkles Gaming

    the only person you can compare him to now it Tupac lol I don’t care what y’all youngboy haters think

  65. Gat

    this song crazy woke after all the protest and covid shit that's going on rn.. never thought I'd even be typing this man.

  66. Paris Morning

    shii hit different when you ain got nobody fr. I ain even finna cap i told my fL to leave me alone bc that nigga was jus toxic but i wished that nigga happiness and what do i get left with nun but pain. manee this song jus hit different fr..

  67. Sleepy Jones

    Soooo its cool to be around the pigs now..

  68. Adan

    When u realize this is kind of like a death note

  69. RamseyCharles Tv

    Watch Youngboy Never Broke Again Ads it helps him on his channel y’all please don’t skip youngboy ads watch it no matter what it is for youngboy watch all ads helps celebrity artists

  70. Xxxmynamegames mynameistoxic1234

    He broke the internet

  71. King Wilson

    That like his brother im leave gone gone

  72. Hiram Avalos

    Idk why I like it when he says 0:10

  73. Prettyp P

    Never get old

  74. Bway Dot


  75. Okayae Steward

    4kt for life

  76. Rameer Mcmillan

    Who here in 2020

  77. Kill Erzz

    It’s cool guys... This was just on my recommend


    Who still listening #2020

  79. Reyna Love

    He want his son to be gangster lol

  80. Reyna Love

    He in his feelings😔😔😔😔

  81. Henry Love


    1. Billy Keyes

      I listen to this song almost every day

  82. Reyna Love

    I walk in the airport saying ahsamimiblahblah police came also add 12vette on tiktok

  83. Henry Love


  84. Henry Love


  85. XrossFixtion

    0:18 I hope they paid that man lol

  86. Henry Love

    2020 ?🥴🤷🏾‍♂️

  87. Kemaury Crot

    Add me on snap-kvngcroft3

  88. brxce fxde

    anyone else notice the skyrim shit behind him in the cover

  89. kaykay squad

    whoo still banging on this sence day was born 2020 baby

  90. Ammetta Carrillo

    Who still watch this from 2020

  91. Naenae_38 Nba 4life

    Shii I’m rocking 2020

  92. Mark Williams

    Stepping in blood with these thugs and I can't panic yeah we knock them off. Kodak Black better step back he fucking with a killa

  93. tyler proctor

    I dont listen to this trash rap but give him credit just for using savages- your my chocolate as the background beat

  94. jay Jackson

    did no one catch when he said "my nigga put that pussy on me" part

    1. Bax Steppa

      Yu dumb

    2. Capo Shotta

      You mean quando he said Cut off my ex because my new bitch put that pussy on me

    3. Capo Shotta

      Time stamp ion hear it

  95. funnymikey ttv


  96. Manny The Little Devil


  97. Manny The Little Devil


  98. T.Hunt

    NBA YOUNGBOY IF THATS Your name why you ant retired your number to yo kids in the hood in the NBA while you in them streets F#####