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  1. Wesley Sharlow

    never fall in love wit a hoe

  2. Troy Prevot

    lol freeddawg ??? why would they release a shooter that will probs get shot later after being released

  3. Jamory White

    Only people who a yb fan can only like this

  4. Winnie Gray

    Love every one

  5. Winnie Gray

    This thing crank wash away and my granmother just past away please. 🙏

  6. JaceyMaluku

    If this song had better quality i would bump this fr

  7. lKyoei{AXIS}

    For unreleased Youngboy music , Rules 1.Follow my Instagram @hotheadrichh 2. Like all my pictures me your number Nd I’ll send u Road Block 2 unreleased. Nd I got almost every unreleased song , I got plenty bodies yesterday 💯🖤 not live audio official audio just follow the rules for it🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  8. Peyton Dowling

    This is the song my whole school sings at the Football pep rallies.

  9. Alesia Lott


  10. Lanessa Lynn


  11. Hunter Pender

    Still here Nov 18th?

  12. Taniyah Hamlett

    nba youngboy 4ht gang boy

  13. Ai Youngboy

    50m 🎊

  14. Peyton Dowling

    "Don't smoke and drive kids!" Said no one ever.

  15. ARQUETTA 4069855

    You can come

  16. ChillinTV

    Free yak💔

  17. Shaun Anderson

    This beat is War With Us. They the same beat.

  18. GOLDEN patato

    where's lenny?

  19. Faze R2

    only people who knows all lyrics will like 👇🏿👍🏿

  20. OBN_ Jjay

    In control

  21. Itss Ta'liyah Click The Link She Hard On Me💯🔥🔥


    Finna go to court y’all pray fa me 🙏🏽

  23. Top Musique de Relaxation

    haha I often dance on this music in the shower with my Portable Wireless Speaker, it works even with water! it's really cool, I'll buy it here: Enjoy yourself too friends

  24. Nicholas Walls

    Big fan! NBA 👏🏼🔥 another 2020 artist 👀

  25. Used2BTrappedout Chris

    Mane dis my shitt💯💯🤘🏾🖤🖤💪🏾🗣

  26. Josh Cohen

    Buckethead aunt suzie sample

  27. Julia Royce


  28. ProJectBbyTrey

    yo music is so fucking trash

    1. Quentin Martin

      Stfu u're hater

  29. 1,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Who’s Harder? Like For YoungBoy NBA🤩 Ignore For Lil Pump

  30. ProJectBbyTrey

    fuck this bitch

  31. davonta dead

    Yb is a crip

  32. Superior

    yall know some of yb music not that good yall just listen cuz its yb

  33. Fkuino

    You GOT POSSESSED sin s video

  34. therealmikebrown

    Lesbians go hard these days, huh.

  35. Oh, Snap! Check out my new single

  36. Allen Williams

    Yb out here listening to take me home country roads at 1:30 Felt him

  37. Destroy LF

    Ight imma head out from the comments all i see is like this to undo shit i would like if u just disappeared from existence 🙂

  38. Rio0Y

    NBA young boy the worst rapper out there

  39. Analinda Zepeda

    why can’t you just drop all your songs on apple music tooo tf

  40. iSmackYou

    8:44 October 18, only big Og’s will like this🦍💉!!

  41. Destroy LF

    I literally come to the comments all I see is niggas begging for likes👎🏾🤦🏾‍♀️

  42. Phenomenal 4KT

    Yb was ever bringing that heat 2020

  43. Deborah Kaiser

    Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

  44. Mekhi King

    Every song he make is based off his life

  45. Astin Winfrey

    My fuckin boy is beast

  46. Lih Vro

  47. luminous vevo

    Tuff tuff🎶👑

  48. the flash

    when you gonna do video for Lonely Child/ Rich As Hell as one video

  49. Sarah Perkins

    I wish I had a genie my first wish would be to get out of school for 2000000000000000000000900000999886677544322134679008665 years

  50. Carrion Howard


  51. NGM Darius

    No one: Absolutely no fucking one: Nba Youngboy: ahahchopzoutminneymenblakblak

  52. keegz 15

    Gucci mane is 10 times better then him

  53. Wilens Galette

    They say “that nigga there been trippin’. Put that bitch in orrrder!” I heard that one many times before too, haha. #CLASSIC

  54. Kayondra Cunningham


  55. ftjipee more same music

  56. Porkbun Master 💥🔥

  57. Dorian Rides BMX


  58. Kylen Watkins

    Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Tashawn Sears


    1. Tashawn Sears


  60. Acktive Kaine

    Subcribing to anyone who subs and comments "done" ❗


    Like if youngboy better then 6ix9ine

  62. Xaivier Bordelon

    He want to leave the city, he just need enough of gwuop

  63. lil cj

    who still listing to it in 2019 👇👍🏼

  64. bill mann


  65. Young David TBS ABK 15k

    #TBSABK #YoungDavidTBSABK15k

  66. Yungvevo2x


  67. Keshanti Latimore

    I love this song

  68. Keshanti Latimore


  69. Keshanti Latimore


  70. Keshanti Latimore


  71. Keshanti Latimore


  72. Keshanti Latimore


  73. Yungvevo2x

    Youngboy slid that bitch on my 5

  74. Keondre Lightner

    I'm hot now

  75. Isaiah Stimple

    No one gonna talk about that shitty ass effect on the ground in front of him?? 0:41

    1. lKyoei{AXIS}

      Isaiah Stimple lol omg 💯😂 folllow me on instgram tho @ hotheadrichh

  76. LaLa Land

    I’m banging Green but I get mad and leave out red

  77. FatBoyLeoGangShit

    11/18/19 this shit 🔥

  78. James Jenkins

    Clone my ass you can tell this is him just pay attention to the maniresims

  79. Dayton Milstead

    @NBAyoungboy I'm selling my soul loyalty killer mf tired work just to be broke

  80. prod. logi

    Same choppas as the murder music video

  81. Madina Andrade

    nice song!

  82. Bailey Dooley

    you said you love me gave you my heart then you scarred me for life 💯‼️

  83. young eli


  84. 2 0

    I want em all thats on my dawg we gon get atchu niggas i felt that

  85. Taylor Villegas

    This is good music

  86. Say Ivy

    NBA YoungBoy-I’m not a bad person No/Fan Touch him -NBA YoungBoy Get tf off me on slime😂

  87. karlfire karlfire

    🇭🇹🇭🇹💵💵💵 fire

  88. WhiteGurl LovingMyBabies

    Being loyal brings u pain showing love will get u hated ain't lying about that cuz being loyal to da wrong person will bring u pain and showing dem love will kill u more den u ever think🤦🤦

  89. Y R B

  90. Jae Thug & B

  91. Mike Hines

  92. Everardo Gonzalez


  93. Eli Hotboyz


  94. Savage Mk

    Who here loves nba young boy If you have a chance will you check my CNsel Chanel and subscribe

  95. Itzmenezza -w-

    This a banger tho

  96. The Raidr

    No one give af about when you’re listening jus listen to the damn song 😂

  97. Latronnia Howard


  98. Frank G

    Young boy out did hisself wit this 1, an this beat sick🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥