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  1. Ms Spilkes

    Stay the creative soul you are. Keep moving forward. 💜🎶

  2. Jessica Jung

    Maybe Selena doesn’t have powerful voice like Beyoncé or Adele. But she has powerful voice that makes others cry. I can’t stop crying when I listen to her musics. This is Music❤️

  3. Melisa Şen

    Love you Selenaaaaaaaaaaa💜💜

  4. Jeanine McNeal

    I’m late but I ❤️ everything

  5. wiehny the'pooh

    18 nov.2019.

  6. Isis Sáez

    T E M A Z O

  7. Amanda C. Holmes

    This is so fucking beautiful, I relate to the lyrics so damn hard it hurts. We all know the dislikes are from Justin's cult.

  8. malabar25

    I have to parody this songe about functions 😂

  9. Heer Modi

    She kinda looks as if she is possessed....No hate though. I love her.....🥰🥰🥰

  10. Richard Jackson

    Richard Jackson hi

  11. Andra Kim



    Only You

  13. so young lee

    My most favourite version of Selena


    Only You


    Only You

  16. Roberto Bermeo

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could hear my most recent song in my youtube channel, it's called "La Luna". It won't take that long. hope you like it! I worked really hard on it. Thanks

  17. Rama Sami

    Biggggg love

  18. Roberto Bermeo

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could hear my most recent song in my youtube channel. It's called "La Luna". I hope you like it. I worked really hard on it.

  19. Muhammad Bashir Abubakar

    Muahh sel

  20. لين

    كم عربي قاعد يسمع الاغنيه الحين؟؟؟

  21. midnight.dreams

    Justin :"iS It tOo LatE ToO sAy sOrRy?" Selena : "..."

  22. Yolanda Henjewele

    I feel you Selena. Love you. And you are so strong.

  23. Kiss You

    She is perfect

  24. Jace Norman

    Justin Bieber : love yourself Selena gomez : lose you to love me

  25. Lana banana

    I guess im the only person who is here bc of skam but not after?

  26. Alecorn Shwe

    Who loves selena gomez❤❤

  27. Juan David Estrada

    Re gay, superate

  28. Barbara Holikova

    Prčic baterka

  29. Aleksandra Błochowicz

    Zakochałam się w tej piosence😍

  30. zi zo


  31. Ana Dcosta

    M so happy for her..she finally found herself

  32. stargirl91291

    Poor Selena :(

  33. TKingWorld

    Y’all Let’s See If We Can Get Selena’s Comment To 1M Likes Also Her Video To 1B Views

  34. 이윤서

    so pretty❤❤

  35. Мия Пчёлка


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  37. Alicia Campbell

    why on earth have I never heard this beautiful song wow

  38. AIL Ail


  39. Dani Roft


  40. Cory Logan

    For sake of bringing music lovers NEW SONGS. Come visit my channel and give my original songs a try. The world needs to have what I discovered on the mainstream air waves. Peace.

  41. Kim Seokjin

    SHE is brOKen . Read the capital letters then the rest...

  42. Mss Ny

    Her smile can lie But her eyes can’t lie

  43. Dalia Tarleva

    Justin Bieber is very stupid to leave such a girl. You are perfect

  44. Enjarapu Vasu


  45. Selena Alharbi

    Who's randomly searching Selena Gomez after listening to lose you to love me and look at her now..

  46. Radhika Balhara

    I come to see this video everyday to look if there are any new funny or creative comments but fail to find any🙂🙃

  47. Soumya Saxena

    Back with a bang😍

  48. HTMA_Sushi

    One time to listen, one time to cry

  49. St Bu

    Hey Selena great support from Switzerland 🇨🇭.

  50. Lights Smokers

    I can feels the pain inside you 😥

  51. _나현

    She wins.

  52. Markiplier BiggestFan

    this is the only good song she has ik she cant sing but like this was so well auto chuned that i like it xd

  53. Mercedes Anzaldua

    nice song

  54. Sindy Guevara

    exito para selena es hermosa, no merece llorar por un patan ...

  55. Belena Sinalliao

    Selena can you sell a white or black hoodie merch that says lose you to love me

  56. fatima cherrak

    JB good thing for him his wife love him more than fame and albums what manipulated girl you still use his name

    1. zi zo

      Go from here she sing this song for tell everybody about her feeling and about her experiences

  57. Chloe Lee

    the heart wants you to lose him and love yourself

  58. František Novák


  59. AJ Shetty

    Goosebumps everytime I hear, can anyone relate??

  60. Route21 Music

    Check out my latest track The nights on my chanel 🤘🏽

  61. Jino

    Omg stopppppp this is not about Justin ....... shit wasn’t that serious Selena has plenty of mans after Justin 🤬🤬🤬 how bout the weekend 😶

  62. Shynaely Fossat


  63. cheeehuuu 6381

    She forgot to love herself first... That's where she f*cked up😪

  64. Nhất Saker

    I love you 💋

  65. fatima cherrak


  66. TipsGirls

    She was so Happy this time😥

  67. Channel Green & Blue

    This depresses me for some reason.

  68. Sabrina Vicente

    love this song

  69. no reason

    Everything in life is like that, when you loose it, you understand the worth of it.

  70. Tori Vega

    I’m happy that this song got more views than Justin’s 10000 hours

  71. Matte Swe

    Wow....mmmmm. Keep up the good work.

  72. Salva Moreno Oficial

    A 115 mil beliebers no les gusta este video 😁

  73. Odari Bowman

    I’m happy for Selena if she did like a remix with Demi and Miley this would be great

  74. Hamidur Rahman

    After Justin avoids to Selena it will be so sad, this song felling like sorrow after the breakup.

  75. Brian Justin

    correct me if i'm wrong.......but isn't that a confessional? is this song a confession? wow now i feel all kinds of emotional

  76. drizzit71

    u keep loving urself n be great always.. cheerios :)

  77. nat ste

    Wow...amazing song...i Love it. You are strong, beauty and inspired woman. Never give up Selena.

  78. Dark Rose

    I remember dancing to this in Just Dance 4

  79. Adam Adam

    Be happy to random buddies from the other end of the world :)

  80. HarleenQuinzel

    *I love you selena*

  81. Kimbreana Oree

    Blair after Chuck slept with Jenny 😘😭💅

  82. Beny Popoviciu

    "She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything" - Taylor Swift

  83. sujittra tangtong


  84. Poonam Gupta

    What is this structure? Looks so good.

  85. Cris de Horan

    cada palabra en esta bellísima y triste cancion estan dedicadas para Brian el que me rompió la vida completamente. Me cuesta salir del fondo en el que me dejaste, pero me dejaste una gran enseñanza. El juntos por siempre se rompio, desapareció completamente. Me dolés, siempre me doliste, estando con vos o sin vos me hacías mal y yo creyendo que era culpa mía. Pero no importa solo se que me amo completamente gracias a todo lo que me hiciste sufrir. Lo nuestro paso y eso vos lo superaste en una semana o menos y yo despues de mas de un año sigo llorando por las noches cuando mi cabeza no quiere dejar de pensarte. No importa sola sigo creyendo que voy a salir adelante, porque sí, porque yo soy fuerte y voy a poder.

  86. Jennifer Cruz

    Σταρχίδγιαμας που χώρισες

  87. bie_ ta


  88. Zarina ZX

    Такая душевная и искренняя песня... Я тронута

  89. Tammy Rumplik

    This song, look, dance is fire. Strong confident bold that is our Selena now. Keep watching and playing this song it is too gooood!

  90. Truthis Theway

    If you listen carefully now you will hear. Google "global truth project- the present" to learn the truth of life.

  91. vinita kumari

    Just waiting for the day you die. Me and those 115k dislikers know what you are upto. You do everything for reputation ajd the breakup whcih happened 5 yrs ago you are singing it now fo views and likes you princess you are jealous of the good going relationship between jb and hailey you suck

  92. Christy Muller

    Feeling all these emotions

  93. Mitch Mitchell

    bruh this song is stuck in my head now

  94. LLOB Ll


  95. Rucha Parekh

    Come to India😭

  96. Shane Johnson

    " I needed to lose you to love me" That line at 2:58 , her face at that moment when she sang those lines, it showed peace. she poured her heart out in this song and we felt it. I am so happy for her. So many lessons in this song. Thank you Selena

  97. Adem Karayün

    Sesine sağılık be ablam seviliyorsun

  98. Rebekha o

    Would really enjoy hearing a Selena Gomez x Lewis Capaldi mashup... would probably make some folks feel certain feelings.

  99. Pasang Lha