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  1. Edwardm Walker

    Hello.Is it possible that i well be turned in to a Froggy😕😯😶😐☺😉💞🐸"O"well i quess it would be worthy it.

  2. Trisha K

    This song actually made my younger self feel beautiful.

  3. bkkittykat993

    Whoa. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌞

  4. Carolina Martinez


  5. bkkittykat993


  6. bkkittykat993

    Not fair to Rare!!!!! Yoooo this track and video is so fire. 🌈⭐️😻🤘😘🌹

  7. Raman deep Padda

    The thumbnail looks like Justin is there

  8. Et Europe

    Oh yesss

  9. olesya /marina

    is it just me or did she look like debby ryan for a sec??? ://

  10. Anthony Viado

    Selenators 💖

  11. Julia-Marie Barrieau

    .27/05.2020 4.12pm.

  12. Tarmim Shaikh

    This song should be in fifty shades

  13. Selly VG

    Falta poco para los 100.000.000millones 😍😌

  14. Astrid Krogh

    I rly love Hayley and Justin together, they love each other ❤️ which is of cause what’s matters but I do still ship Justin and Selena 😭😋❤️

  15. Job Korir

    Addicted for life

  16. Emmanuel Oregel

    Me voy a suicidar, y quise escuchar esta canción.💙no se por qué nunca pude ser feliz. ❤️ustedes seas felices 💛

  17. MadaniWTF

    Willirex no me quiere :0

  18. hayley Marshell

    If you want a boyfriend, MY advice stop turing them into frogs 😂 i swear you will find one soon 😂❤

  19. Gigi Mara

    Ich liebe ihre neueste Album. Ich feier den soo sehr. Zuzeit singe ich in der Quarantäne karaoken von ihrer Album. UND ich kann alle auswendig:)

  20. gabrielli cajueiro

    this is a BOP!!!!

  21. Zehra Nur Polat

    Selena Gomez is the best singer and her films are first class and she is pretty

  22. its mireya

  23. Gigi Mara


  24. Gigi Mara

    Good to dancing hahah

  25. samaria jikook

    La vengo descubriendo hasta ahorita pero es arte

  26. Gigi Mara

    Her best song from her RARE album❤❤

  27. Naya Wah

    Was this video recorded by an iphone because the if so the quality is 🔥🔥😱

  28. Geann Jastrow


  29. Gigi Mara

    I love this song

  30. Gigi Mara

    Omg i will candys

  31. Isaac Rodríguez

    2:21 I love this moment❤️

  32. Its Alfiya

    Селена я тебя обожаю 🥰 😻🖤

  33. Arya Raut

    Is it just me or does that frog scene at the end take a shot The Weeknd in Heartless?

  34. Cristo Pichardo

    #Remastered 😭🙏❤️

  35. NaomiSaldivar


  36. Room Amor

    Hello My friend Selena 🌹👈🏽 for you my name is mylove

  37. Jéssica Home Office

    Thanks Manu Gavassi

  38. Bea Olcina.Pérez

    necesito que me peguen un puñetazo en el corazon quiza me duela menos

  39. Dafne Mayté

    don´t tell me nothing but I want to ask Selena or Justin if they miss each other. maybe I´m not the only one. :u

  40. احسان رجب نژاد

    This music is awesome from iran

  41. Nisren Awadat

    Is this about Justin beaiber

  42. Silly Girl

    YASSSS Queen 😍

  43. Erudito Music

    Quem mais veio depois de ver a versão da Rihanna?

  44. May

    I am a writer too, not a song one but these lyrics feel like, something I would also write, and this song just relates too much! Or maybe just selena relates with me too much. I can't thank Selena enough, for how she has helped me bring confidence in my own self and whenever someone calls her name, it makes me smile. I just love you Selena!❤

  45. World is cruel

    How funny but a fact that motivational talks don't help us as much as motivational songs do. Moral of the story: MUSIC TIMEEEEEE

  46. TheTracy1976

    This was amazing ❤️❤️

  47. Lily Tricarico


  48. Jas Muah

    The comments : JUSTIN me : The Weeknd 👁 👄 👁

  49. World is cruel

    No one: Selena: *taking every character in the mv and saving budget* Yes girl- you gon' be a good wife. *Saving money*

  50. Wannaone Trasheu

    9 years later, and still my no 1 jam!!

  51. Prince Prince

    How can I get over this song?

  52. Asmr Jade

    I remeber going to Kissimmee pool water park and diving in the pool and the beat drops. I just love this song so much memories

  53. Florian Berthold

    SELENA I lost MY Heart .I MISS YOU .........................................i think that my Birthday 29.05.1978 .....and 2020 i go an never come back . this is not my WORLD

  54. junior 388

    I can't believe that almost 2 months had passed since the release of this song and I listen to it with the same passion I did on the first day.

  55. salima kibathi

    Was and still is one of my favorite😍😍😍

  56. Bella RDG

    I wish this song would have a music video. Specifically like a jungle tropical kinda era.

  57. Bella RDG

    This is so savage!♥️

  58. Bella RDG

    The beginning sounds a bit jazzy like the Bollywood kinda jazz. I love it!

  59. Samia Shamma


  60. Justen


  61. Camila Gamerx

    Yo me entere en 2020🙄😶

  62. Masuma Nadeem

    The song is straight up fun And I hope no one get Coronavirus it’s spreading to fast and taking to many lives

  63. Juan David TM

    This is the one and only. The other version ya good but this version is a master peace. 👊🏼👊🏼

  64. Danna Paola Chequer Hidalgo

    No entiendo nd

  65. Damar Pun

    She lost him but she found herself 😢

  66. Nura Gold


  67. Dominic Dominic Caulker

    Engendered by heart break, disappointment, stress and depression

  68. 78Crunchyforever

    I feel like everyone is just refinding this song right now for no reason at all. I love it.

  69. clara Miranda

    Caralho Justin. tnc

  70. Masha Mostofi


  71. FunWith_ Jaylyn

    My name is Jaylyn. I met you at Levine children’s hospital when I was 3! I am 10 now! Almost 11! This is my favorite song by you! That is my favorite memory at the hospital. I don’t have many good memories at the hospital so meeting you made my day even at such a young age.

  72. RoyaleGamingRH Congrats Selena!

  73. Ale Araujo


  74. Blue 008

    They fell in love one Summer...

  75. RESEP Lezat

    Am i the only one who think that selena is voice really suit this song.came here after rihana version😄

    1. Sarah A

      It is. Even rihanna's voice is more powerful, still doesn't suit the song as selena's voice does .

  76. bae ironhand

    I love you @selenagomez

  77. N M

    Me watching this to spot nezza hehe

  78. Justen


  79. Mayrix Mayrix

    Aw que nostalgia me da al escuchar esta canción 🥺💗

  80. Justen


  81. Huynh Vinh

    Chorus by Charli XCX sing?

    1. Seo Soojin`


  82. Avani Wanjari

    now show me HOW YOU COVER THIS!! (Hatsoff to this rare song👏👏)

  83. ziga ziga

    Who is better ??

  84. Rose Onet Connect

    Who else just randomly listening old songs of SELENA GOMEZ ?

  85. Estela Martinez

    Quien más vino a comparar de como lo cantó rihanna? Ja pero concuerdo esta canción se hizo para Selena 💕

  86. Mary Maya

    Selena le robó está canción a Aimep3

  87. Simran Shrestha


  88. Avani Wanjari

    Selena, you have given a very rare souvenir to your boyfriend by making this masterpiece! #lotsoflove ❣❣❣

  89. Rose Onet Connect

    Who is addicted to Selena Gomez songs like me .

  90. David David

    Selena gomez!!!

  91. Dafne Laviada

    *best featuring ever*

  92. ziga ziga

    Who is better ?? Selena G - *Like* Justin B - *Comment*

  93. Ey K

    “ my body has had enough “ my body in quarantine cause i ate too much food

  94. Odyssey of Enlightenment



    Queen ps I 💗ve y❤️u


    Queen ps I l❣️be y💙u


    Queen ps I l♥️ve y💖u

  98. sudha shafoan sudha

    producer is finneas. billie's brother. I didn't know. He is really underrated

  99. Jarred Naidoo

    OMG!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤ Selena, Selena, Selena... what a song Girl❤❤❤❤❤❤❤