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  1. trev2x

    We can’t over shadow Boston here tho, that boy was hustlin!!!

  2. Jurica Car

    They all passed him because hes not carefull of him one point some one will cut him down and hurt him badly...dont get me wrong he is epic but its inevitable that he will get hurt

  3. Mario Galeano

    Top 10 players of all time Jordan 6 rings Kareem 6 rings Bill 11 rings Kobe 5 rings Magic 5 rings Timmy 5 rings Shaq 4 rings Brid 3 rings Curry 3 rings Wilt I got lbj at 11 if he can get 1 more rings it will bring him up to 9 and curry down to 10 but I think arby's gonna finish his cover with more rings than lebron James.

  4. vin lab

    Crawford leave top rank ang sign with pbc ... that will answer all the question here..

  5. Darrell Borst

    Of course not, I mean it's totally unrealistic that after all the allegations of cheating the last 9years that they'd do it again right? I mean right? Anyone mentioning new England as a real dynasty is a fucking joke. The Patriots are a joke. And Roger dickbert goodell is a joke.

  6. moe407259

    Orr and I know this may come to be a shock to you but maybe his tweet was just him being funny🧐🤔🤯 these analyses read too much into things sometimes

  7. Hayden Seahorn

    I don’t think you can compare two differnt positions and be accurate

  8. benjams

    Seems like Boston carried the team for a minute there

  9. Provocatively Pure

    Stephen A sounds stupid. Our defense is playing very well.

  10. Tunarrio Davidson

    Bring Flacco back

  11. Cormel

    Complainers are definitely gonna come out of the woodworks. People obviously won’t be hired just bc of their race alone but there should definitely be more opportunities available. Teams often have specific guys they wanna go to when there’s people of all races fit for the job. MLB will figure it out and we’ll keep watching so stfu...

  12. Hector Rodriguez

    what is the big deal? as a Hispanic person I like Baseball and i'm a die hard Yankees fan

  13. Familia Sanchez HVAC

    Anxiety is no joke. I'm not talking about the minor anxiety that everybody gets, I'm talking about the anxiety that makes you feel weak and scared. The anxiety that keeps you from being happy.

  14. Bastardson OfJefferson

    Yet the 76ers just went 13- 2 over the last 15. I've never seen a worst take than this. Everyone knows SAS ain't loved in Philly. Will someone tell that big head loudmouth to TRUST THE PROCESS

  15. Manny Salcedo

    LeBron is a great dad and a great man , god bless him and his family 🙏🏼

  16. WuTangZombie36

    The salt is heavy in

  17. giwrgos alafouzos

    Giannis right now has the highest PER in history of the game.They act like Giannis is someting normal and ANYONE can become him.

  18. Steve Nguyen

    For sure, Embiid's numbers should be higher, but you can't compare too much with Giannis when his coach and roster fit is alot better.

  19. Brad Kirsch

    Fantastic. Now I can just skip the MLB season and just concentrate on the NFL. Thanx Yanks.

  20. Ronald Johnson

    Bruh wassgud with this man who else we gotta beat

  21. Gene West

    Best cheating coach

  22. Kay Q

    Man those glasses gotta go

  23. J-DUBB50

    Pretends to be shocked

  24. Collin Lybarger

    Not what it’s about

  25. Collin Lybarger

    Lol most stupid thing I’ve ever had pop up, who cares what color they are

  26. Niko Gambino

    Diversity is Our greatest strength. Let’s make MLB darker

  27. Ace Inda

    0:11 What a gentleman Lebron James is

  28. Marsonis2ya

    Jenkins clearly wanted to be off that team. He is probably ecstatic at the outcome.

  29. Skateboardian Skates

    Giannis is great

  30. Todd Winthrop

    Who cares....nextttttttttt

  31. Don't get above your reason

    LeBron the commie

  32. markanthony

    If anything Simmons should be more like Giannis. That boy simmons is the same exact player he was his rookie year if not worse.

  33. Tom Cruz

    Now thats a supportive Dad.

  34. tpsin713

    No more bottom feeding titans!! LOL

  35. shawn simmons

    I’m black but so what there aren’t a lot of black players period it’s a Latino sport and white man sport

  36. brell 2-1-5

    of color? I don't think y'all know what that means?

  37. Steve'n o:

    What happened to judging one by the content of their character rather than their skin color?

    1. D Bail

      Finally someone said it!

  38. david boniface

    It's not that big of a deal

  39. AllFromA_Phone

    This kid is gonna be a beast

  40. Mr Paper

    How is this high school?

  41. Julian Ramos

    Stephen A at this point is the white man’s flunky

  42. Blayne

    He should be as dominant but can't be the same monster. We forget Giannis is literally a freak athlete. He has a unique athletic ability that NOBODY can replicate. He's a new age Wilt Chamberlain

  43. MRTUPAC 28

    Don't matter hat color if you are if you can do the job then you should get the opportunity.

  44. Ethan Schroeder

    What does it matter

  45. Ford Pape

    Now they playing together

  46. God

    Actually that Boston kid led them but bronny did decent

  47. Rip Willie Jr.

    The best hood fatherhood ‼️

  48. Sparty

    Who cares?

  49. im fine

    She sounds like a drunk goat that learned to speak-

  50. Mr. Steven Blessed Brackens

    Steve and I are not here for the basketball, I wish you would quit hating on Lamar you a stupid Uncle Tom Lamar is the best football player in the NFL and you should say that and don't make excuses for his passing or his great athletic gifts!

  51. Ethan Schroeder

    Yee yee

  52. sam jones

    Thank god Jim lampley is out of the boxing media; max is quality analyst he has his flaws.

  53. Thomas D

    The nba is now full of guys who don't love the game. The guys who do love the game trade their integrity for rings and checks... oh I chance to play with their friends. What losers me and my friends don't call fouls in 1on1

  54. Stacy Hunt

    It was not the winning basket, He is gonna be a beast, that's for sure...

  55. H4KD Games

    Embiid will be washed up in 3 years

  56. Weaslie

    My boy looks like he just smoked a few blunts😂😂😂

  57. Jomaru Joestar

    He's not as athletic plus his knees are bad he'll never be Giannis he needs an outside scorer and defenders to compliment him.

  58. rob lenn

    He can do it to a certain extent.we been saying he should play bigger he ain't getting quick like gannis bit he can bang up in there facts more stronger and he got the monster Al that's two bigs against gannis that's a crazy series coming up

  59. ChangeWillNeverCome

    One word --- Kardashian

  60. get this mouse to 10000 subscribers

    LeBron son is amazing just play exactly like him.

  61. Mighty Wolf2

    I disagree because giannis has speed and tons more athleticism

  62. Moses Jones

    Ibaka: I'm here with fungi! Me: 😆

  63. michael davis

    Antonio Brown got cut because of a text message while owners are in massage parlours, coaches cheating and I bet Brady and coach are first ballot hall of famers while record breakers like TO wait for years. Seems fair

  64. sangjeong kimcho

    "I saw that missed field goal!" HIS HAND MOTION WAS PRICELESS XD!

  65. Jason Culhane

    There is 8 minutes of side line footage. It seems like it's not the public in denial it's the media

  66. NBA_Wayne

    Lonzo just trying to find a way not to play😂

  67. Quincy Dotson

    His haircut don’t look good 🤮

  68. Sam Iam

    Perkins sound like he’s on one of this 1996 Ecstasy ,

  69. laila haitshan

    nobody is gonna talk about how he pushed tf out of that white kid 0:12

  70. nino f

    embiid didnt respect your opinion when u said it stephen a... Who are you? Why are u questoning shaq? You have no championships youre a comedy show

  71. m ned

    That million dollars laugh haaa haaa haaa

  72. LV sA

    Tc the man. Real nigha

  73. Joe agado

    I want to get oppressed for millions of dollars 😂 but I suck at playing football 🏈 😩😩

  74. Joshua Momah

    U ain’t lying Stephen .A.

  75. Brandon503B


  76. rick hall

    Two things that suck about the Saints: the secondary except for Lattimore and the refs.

  77. Michael Robinson

    Steven A Smith, just come out and say it, you support Trump, you got Trump's? You want to play cards, well we got the Jokers, you play hood, we play Slavery, Jim Crow, we got too many cards, redlining, KKK, Blk. Incarceration, civil rights, and we holding back our big Joker. You want to play cards, but we playing Chess. And I see you as a pawn for the NFL. As the song goes: You Talking Loud But Ain't Saying Nothing! You know who I am for, I put it on all my comments. Seriously! Mic'19 Marianne Williamson 2020/ADOS get involved PS thanks TO you got me Fired up!

  78. Jake Snyder

    Update: Lamar=MVP

  79. Gavin Kitchens

    I think Embiid should shoot less jumpshots but the sixers have more capable options than the bucks, so Giannis can be more of a monster. Also Giannis is just more physically gifted than Joel so of course he’s going to be more of a monster

  80. Mathew Davis

    Who wouldn’t? He’s got the perfect game.

  81. Moses Jones

    SAS be losing credibility talking bout philly coming out the East SMH

  82. M3l203

    Embid has the ability to be the best center we've ever seen just wish he had that drive.

  83. james howard

    jordans six rings sitting right there

  84. Vincent E Stone

    Come on BUD. Pac-Man DON'T suppose to fight you. You're from another generation. Money May DON'T either. RESPECT Your Elders.

  85. byron peterkin

    I'm assuming that Stephen A was joking when he said Lamar was aight 🤔. All Lamar needs to do is just keep getting better at what he does. Nothing says you have to agree with what any of these talking heads have to say 👍🏼

  86. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Rachel looking good

  87. kashhhoutzion

    JOSH 💙💙💙💙💙


    Just think LJ dad was no where to be found Now look at LB.

  89. Panos Ggaming

    Man said Jason Richardson 😂

  90. 33 All the way

    What he tweet

  91. SwaeLee

    blocks 100 misses 1 espn: * hE Should JuST QuiT*

  92. Joey Kelly

    The Steelers winning against Ravens backups would mean absolutely nothing.

  93. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    200th comment

  94. Jimmy

    He dumb smacked

  95. KnucklesUp

    Max lowkey not wrong about the Raps cheering when KD went down. When me and my boys were watching game 5 we were sad for KD that he got injured but we were all like "Thank God". KD was killing us up until that moment

  96. Arnulfo Marquez

    Forget Bronny, that kid Boston looks legit.

  97. co122189

    Awww mang dash juh craZshy mang...mang...💯💯✊🏿✊🏿 Dish ish juss crashzy mang...him and his some have the same level of intelligence...aww mang...

  98. apolo kabali

    Embiid is another version of a player the clippers once had called Olowokandi. Just there to collect a pay check.

  99. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    200th comment

  100. MarkyDBuckets

    Tristan Thompson stuff starts at 2:30 Your welcome