Touropia features the most amazing sights around the world divided into various “best of” lists. Topics can range from landscapes, ancient monuments, islands, wildlife, countries and anything else that we find interesting. We create these lists for entertainment purposes but also to provide a sense of what there is to see in a country, city or continent and hope they are useful as a starting point for your next great travel journey.

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  1. Nagendra Kumar

    I love mumbai city

  2. wonryul jang

    23:05 ~ 23:15 there is not Seoul. It's Song-do, in Incheon. (in the broadest sense, Seoul and Incheon are connected area)

  3. Jessica Tan

    for me, Indonesia is the most special. this country is not like STATE, but like CONTINENT. You can find AFRICA life in Papua, Arabic in Aceh, Tamil in Medan, Chinese in Singkawang, Paris in Bandung and Korea in Bao-Bao Sulawesi. each city has a different cuisine, different languages, different traditions and cultures. there is no country like this in the world.

  4. Md Mazharul

    I go to Australia, help me, my Snapchat user name ariaxxava

  5. LongDang DangLong

    Đức là đất nước giàu nhất châu âu và cũng là người đứng đầu liên minh châu âu EU tuyệt vời được dẫn dắt của Thủ tướng Mác ken là thủ tướng đa tài nhất của liên bang Đức tuyệt vời nhất xin chân thành cảm ơn tất cả mọi người và có nền bóng đá mạnh nhất châu âu và thế giới và các công nghê chế tạo xe và các công cụ tuyệt vời nhất của công nghê cao tuyệt vời và hiện đại bậc nhất về công nghê sản xuất xe trên toàn cầu

  6. Oriental Tours Singapore

    Love seeing my beautiful country, Singapore

  7. Marvin Mainit

    No babylon?


    Definitely would love to visit this beautiful islands!

  9. shilpy shilpy

    India. Is.not.high.beautiful

  10. Piyanat Chumsena

    Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭


    Background music is nice..soothing

  12. Niranjan Baral

    4 cities only from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 congratulations India 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Niranjan Baral

      Only 4 cities from India 😑😑😑 India was so many cities with deferent cultures(Indian cultures, not Western culture;Too much high high Buildings ect.)

  13. ツDimitri

    It’s pronounced “brisban” lol

  14. Mj sambit

    I want to travel whole world but iam poor man

  15. Ida Purisima

    My #1 for me is my beloved country the Philippines!!!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  16. Ida Purisima

    it's more fun in the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  17. Ida Purisima

    She forgot also the batanes island in the Philippines

  18. Ida Purisima

    Wow, Philppines it should be on the top come it's on the number 14?

  19. Travel Addiction

    Thanks for the amazing content

  20. Travel Addiction

    Thanks for the amazing content

  21. Prince_._ abu

    Awesome.... ❤️❤️👌

  22. 久了久了就旧了


  23. rahulbosebose1

    Glacier National park is top on my list for places in USA. Doesnt even make this list. I have been to most places listed in this video.

  24. Travel & Temples


  25. Awi Nawawi

    there is no indonesian city on the list 😂😂😂

    1. Gilang Insani

      Ane dh nunggu 30 menjt nk skop gk ada hahaha yasudah lh mjngkin yg ounya chanel blm pernah ke indo yakan wkwkwk

  26. Karm

    01 Barcelone 02 Grenade 03 Îles espagnoles 04 Madrid 05 Séville 06 Valence 07 Saint-Sébastien 08 Cordoue 09 Tolède 10 Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle

  27. karina andhini

    Indonesian people like it

  28. Baxter Wareham

    Istanbul is partially in Asia....

  29. Ali Salloum

    Astana ,Kazakhstan Beruit , Lebanon Damascus , Syria Mashhad , Iran Vladivostok , Russia What about those?among others ofcorse But I think those are better than few in the list

    1. Rat Soeng

      @Ryfqy Rahmansyah best city is city has rich culture and old city in world but your city small and young so you can't list ok

    2. Ryfqy Rahmansyah

      Can't believe Sharjah, abu dhabi, kuwait city, bali, doha, manama, jeddah, mecca, tel aviv, tashkent, ashgabat aren't included, people always thought that asia was only around india and china , it's not fair

  30. Thiên An Trần

    I will travel to USA in the future !! Such a beautiful place.

  31. RShCovers

    If you’re not into huge cities the best places to live in Canada are Kingston, Halifax, London, St. John’s, Kitchener, Saskatoon, Charlottetown, Barrie, Sherbrooke, Kelowna, Regina, and what the heck Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Been to all except Moose Jaw. Lived in several.

  32. carncats07

    The footage of the Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong is a couple of years out of date. It's been moved twice since that spot.

  33. freewillydp

    01:09 #25 Luang Prabang 02:27 #24 Bukhara 03:40 #23 Mumbai 04:50 #22 Manila 05:56 #21 Taipei 07:14 #20 Xi'an - I was already there 08:24 #19 Katmandu 09:39 #18 Phnom Penh 11:03 #17 Chiang Mai 12:26 #16 Jerusalem 13:51 #15 Hanoi 15:22 #14 Kyoto 16:52 #13 Jaipur - I was already there 18:15 #12 Shanghai - I was already there 19:45 #11 Ho Chi Minh City 21:27 #10 Agra - I was already there 22:53 #9 Seoul 24:24 #8 Delhi - I was already there 25:42 #7 Kuala Lumpur 27:11 #6 Beijing - I was already there 28:40 #5 Tokyo 29:57 #4 Dubai - I was already there 31:36 #3 Singapore - I was already there 33:11 #2 Hong Kong - I was already there 34:36 #1 Bangkok

  34. Eduardo Viajero

    i have been to a total of 200 cities in Asia. I love Asia so much. This channel is cool!!! please focus on Asia.

    1. Oriental Tours Singapore

      Asia is indeed a wonderful continent to visit

  35. flakjacket5

    I knew giza was going to be the number one on your list, but personally I dont find it as impressive as some of the other sites.

  36. Mathilde Diaz

    Malaga is wroth considering next time

  37. HowtoSomething

    Russia is beautiful - Greetings from The Netherlands. Do not listen to our biased media. We see through and try to understand the beauty and tradition (in family life) of Russia.

  38. Mathilde Diaz

    Good 2 c Taipei on the list 👏

  39. Cris Legarte

    Vigan city was one of the wonder cities in the world . There is no other cities in Asia that you could see perfectly preserve pre-colonial Spanish heritage. It' is mix with traditional Philippine designs and Spanish architecture. Vigan means 'beautiful shore'.

    1. Eduardo Viajero

      Laoag is so beautiful and Clean. Too bad I missed Vigan. I have been to 100 cities in Philippines. I really want to put Vigan on my list.

  40. Udo C.-M.

    You have forgotten Aarau and Aarburg :-(

  41. Follow me


  42. #A Minor

    Orthodox is Christian!

  43. reisfreaks

    Would love to visit no 25 again! Laos is awesome.

    1. Eduardo Viajero

      been there twice, its very beautiful.

  44. K-SoS

    And Maldives ?

    1. K-SoS

      Or Oman ?

  45. Zsombor Nagy

    Budapest?, Thx

  46. K-SoS

    Why Russia is never in your rankings🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️( The city of Vladivostok I would have thought in this ranking )

    1. Awi Nawawi

      dude, is the best city in Asia please check the title 😊

  47. Ran And San

    Where is colombo

  48. Jooyeon Naomi

    i'm from thailand and i love krakow and bucharest more than paris and london

  49. Ana Baluta

    I love this video with the places from the world. It's very interesting this world because on the globe are very beautiful cities. 💓💓💓💓

  50. Shubham Verma


  51. Srinath Kothai

    Why many beautiful places missing...?. Very less displayed why.?. Our India is the best in the world..

  52. Nieder mit rassist Nieder mit rassist

    Tehran is also beautiful 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  53. Abdul Waris

    The issue is that asian culture is boring

    1. Jack Burnett

      Asia is amazing


      Abdul , you are boring , doesnot mean cities are boring

    3. Nieder mit rassist Nieder mit rassist

      Asia is big continent Asia beginner of West asia or middle east to central Asia and south asia and south east asia and north east asia

  54. अंशुल यादव

    Those who are interested in historical places they must watch "praveen mohan" CNsel channel

  55. Jooyeon Naomi

    bangkok is really best cities of smiles of happiness

    1. Eduardo Viajero

      it is arguably the best capital city. But Hanoi is giving a very good fight now!

    2. Aditya Gautam


  56. Chafid Wahyu

    Willing to visit bukhara, luang prabang, xian, beijing, shanghai and kyoto

  57. techlover

    Very nice👏👏👏

  58. Asha Green

    not one of these 25 countries are on my bucket list and will remain so

    1. Eduardo Viajero

      tragic for you!

    2. Jack Burnett

      U may not realise these are 25 cities mot countries and some of the countries have more than one city on this list.

    3. Jack Burnett

      Asha Green how sad

  59. Carsten Tonn

    Had 3rd trips to Croatia 🇭🇷 found a lot beautiful places, little towns in Istria. A trip to Opatija and Rijeka must be. Check it out take a Villa & Pool, B&B or use the Silence in an village in middle of Istria to relax. Greatful people and nature.

  60. Bibek Das

    25 best city to visit Europe par video touropia

  61. Bibek Das

    I always watching your video touropia

  62. Bibek Das

    I am your subscriber touropia

  63. Bibek Das

    Touropia is the my favourite you tube channel

    1. Eduardo Viajero

      they seem very credible. unlike other channels who always put Philippines at no.1 This channel is cool and just honest.

  64. Bibek Das

    I love you Europe Europe country is the world no 1 most expensive beautiful sweet very very nice wonderful I love Europe culter I love Europe culter I love Europe food I love Europe Europe is the my all time favourite continent in the world touropia

    1. Jack Burnett

      Bibek Das this is Asia go watch something else if u want Europe

  65. Cobra 1commander

    Why do russians still like going to my country

  66. Rat Soeng

    Siem reap city


    Awesome content 👍 with nice background music too.

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    nice video 7v0J

  69. Chhunkim Sreng


  70. John Kaiken Delos Reyes

    I can't believe Manila is there but I'm happy

    1. Rome Andromeda

      @Eduardo Viajero you're troll yourself 😂

    2. Jimothy Persson

      @Eduardo Viajero 100??

    3. Eduardo Viajero

      well, everyone knows Filipino trolls come to such videos. I have to 100 cities in the Philippines. Manila is great for travel. But Hell to live in. Unless you live in Rockwell or BGC

    4. Jooyeon Naomi

      i like makati and cebu ... hope to visit manila again from thailand

  71. Nidhin Jose


  72. Walking in Hellas * Περπατώντας στην Ελλάδα

    Very niceTime-lapse 👌👌👌👌👌

  73. Siva sai

    First view first like 💖

  74. karmegam Yadav - India karmegam

    India is colourful country.

  75. Syed Ghulam Mohammed

    This video is still incomplete without adding Falaknuma Palace which is also one of The Best Palace and Must visit for everyone. I strongly recommend you to reconsider your list.

  76. Sonia Ali

    Very stunning video. Beautiful environment and culture ❤👍👍👍

  77. Indrarup Saha

    The video is no doubt very nicely made, with apt descriptions....Loved it ! But, it would only give a rough idea of the most known places in India. You should also make a video of the places you have not mentioned here like - the beautiful and largely unexplored North East of India (the Seven Sisters), Spiti (Cold desert), Rann of Kutch (salt marsh), Sunderbans (mangrove forest), The Lakshadweep islands and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands etc.. to name a few..... Love from India !!!

  78. WiR

    Borobudur is not a temple but a sanctuary "only".

  79. Henry Burmeister

    Me in 2020, wishing I could actually go somewhere

  80. X L

    I love Greece very much, both the Country and the people . A lovely hello from Denmark.

  81. Phat-Chewbacca

    What about the Hollywood Sign?

  82. Kenra Vasquez

    I wish I could see one or two of this great ancient ruins before I die..

  83. Palasthi

    Video interessante, complimenti fratello Suscribed liked from 🇱🇰 " 5 CNsel Play Buttons " Watch #Palasthi suscribe like comment

  84. Daily Advertisement

    Me being Indonesian and have one out of 750,000 thousand languages be like- Wait, i live in Pontianak, last time i visited Bali was on 2016.It was when i have 14 or 16. I visited bali, it was beautiful butcha- i don't know how to interact with them- Wait i can just use Indonesian- Sorry for wasting your time :/ anyways salken from West Borneo- bye

  85. Markjay anthony Danico

    Philippines is the best😘😊its more fun in the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😍😊

  86. Crispy

    The Colosseum is cool, but I remember being a bit underwhelmed when I finally saw it. I really thought it would be bigger. I blame the movie "Gladiator". Also, the area in Pisa just outside the leaning tower and the cathedral is just a tourist hellhole.

  87. Dimas Kurniawan

    Raja Ampat : am i joke to you?

  88. Christian 1987

    I made a video of thailand. A music video .. hahah Dont laught .. ‘cause I sing 😭😂

  89. ginodenjoe

    I didn't knew Moscow was in Europe?!? And Istanbul Turkey is certainly not Europe. Amsterdam has not the name of Venice of the north, this name belongs to Bruges in Belgium !!!

  90. Rosemene David

    What beautiful is Canada it 's very super in all sense I like seriously Canada I want the visited again .compliments quit still so for our indentity be always nette. Bravo dear peoples Some Canada.

  91. manuel carvalho

    Óbidos is like a city inside the Castle but existe in the north of Portugal a city inside a fort

  92. Sinal Devi

    been to Australia 4 time and yet there is so much more to discover.

  93. erdno

    1:02 #12 Grand Palace - been there 2:27 #11 Palace of the Popes 3:27 #10 Buckingham Palace - been there 4:28 #9 Schonbrunn Palace 5:56 #8 Potala Palace 7:09 #7 Chateau de Chambord - been there 8:10 #6 Hawa Mahal 9:06 #5 Topkapi Palace - been there 10:22 #4 Palace of Versailles - been there 11:31 #3 Alhambra - been there 12:55 #2 Winter Palace 14:15 #1 Forbidden City - been there

  94. She Yon

    Lhasa and jiuzhaigou are in Tibet . Not in China

  95. Helena yaya


  96. Eury Itucas

    Mabuhay!!!, Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  97. jattatheart111

    what a beautiful state. I am very fascinated by it.

  98. the_Pirate .Ex3

    nah jetzt wird unser Land voll mit diesn Touristen Piefkes einestopft

  99. Saurav V

    Mysore palace never seen before!