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  1. Penelope Skye

    this song passes the vibe check

  2. Penelope Skye

    this song passes the vibe check

  3. Lupitilla Ramirez

    I love the movie

  4. Suburban _ comic7 YT

    NIGGA feels weird to say Disney

  5. Enrike Glz

    El latino bien mandado a la gaver jajaja

  6. Julieska Alondra Perez Herrera

    Da like si te gusto este video

  7. yahaira Rodriguez

    Why is Addison wearing sneekers while wearing a dress

  8. Krissy Winchester

    Who else here ships Addison and Zed

  9. Catelyn Castaneda

    What if Addison isn’t a zombie but the reason the werewolves saw Addison in the crystal thing isn’t because she was the alpha but because she did lead them to the crystal

  10. Water and maison Studios

    in pokemon think of pyroars

  11. Lynn Kappes-Spicer

    I love you guys I can’t wait for zombies 2

  12. Connie Ferreira Martinez

    As mas así

  13. Eye Zodiotic

    I hate how everytime i wake up I hear this song in my head

  14. Dechanel Nickle

    I waiting for zombie 3

  15. Prince_sam1236 ROBLOX username

    Look at 1:17 it’s hilarious if you pause it at that exact moment 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Janeth Melchor

    Is not a race

  17. Brigitte Counts

    i love this song ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️😍❤️😍❤️💙❤️😍❤️💙

  18. Hyper Piper

    My last 2 brain cells...

  19. Sylvia Medina

    I love it os bunch😍

  20. Big Chungus

    Am i the only one that wants Wyatt to be alpha

  21. melanie gomez

    i lovvvve how zed sings!

  22. Nayla Charmant


  23. Nayla Charmant

    Zed does not know how to dance

  24. Happy Little Spongebob

    Who else is only here for Harry 🥵

  25. 찬또가제일좋아

    아니 미친ㅋㅋㅋ 이거 왜 나즈뱅야 발발이치와와라고 치면 나오는거냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  26. Dean Wentz


  27. Santiago Fabbri

    Honestly I think Wyatt Is for some times the real alpha of the pack

  28. Mity Barreiros

    Me listening to this song for the first time: "So this is supposed to be the new "Let it Go"? It's not even nearly as good! Me today: INTo the unKNOOOOOWn

  29. Simply Laveen

    2:18 is my favorite part ngl :p

  30. Tonya Knoblett

    how do you make these videos :)

  31. Andy Bhandari

    Hey Disney I’m just wondering if there’s gonna be zombies 3

  32. Noah Nelson

    truly one of the most elegant pieces of music ever created

  33. Makda Abraham

    I was just watching Eliza and Wyatt. The. Whole. Time.

  34. Tonya Knoblett

    i like your video that i watch it every day

  35. Maite Romero

    Los admiro me gustan sus canciones lla asta melas aprendi

  36. Aileen Rodriguez

    My favorite characters are the leader and her sister and brother

  37. your rat

    2:17 is the Best part

  38. Marleny Rivas


  39. Nora Laburn

    The low part that Julia did and that high part Olivia did 👌🏼

  40. Charlotta B

    What if instead of zombies 2 the song is in maybe they will use it I zombies 3

  41. Jasmine Gavins

    I love all of them songs even the zombies songs

  42. bb8 hdbc

    Have y’all hear cal boy and lilTjay new song

  43. Victoria Khorishko

    Is it just me, or is the castle in this movie the same one as Oliver Queen's mansion in Arrow?

  44. Robert Cherry


  45. Aileen Rodriguez

    I like the song

  46. Team Winters

    Disney heres a good idea for Zombies 4 Have the a witch vampire make the Zombies, Werewolfs, Aliens, and Vampires turn on each other and they have a massive brawl then Addison fixes the issues

  47. Jayden Butler

    For those of you who find it easier to read it without it flashing on a screen: I fell in love With the only girl who knows what I'm about I fell in love With a boy and I can't tell if I fell out After all is said and done I can't just pretend I'm moving on Is it just a part we're playing 'Cause it don't feel like we're fakin' When we're underneath the lights My heart's no longer broken For a moment Just for a moment When we're singin' side by side There's so much left unspoken For a moment Just for a moment A moment in love (just for a moment) A moment in love (just for a moment) But is a moment enough? Way, way back then Always dreamed it's you and me 'til the end Now, we can't play pretend And I'm scared to talk to my best friend Should I stay or let you go? Will you love me when the curtains close? Is it just a part we're playing 'Cause it don't feel like we're fakin' When we're underneath the lights My heart's no longer broken For a moment Just for a moment When we're singin' side by side There's so much left unspoken For a moment Just for a moment A moment in love (just for a moment) A moment in love (just for a moment) But is a moment enough? Maybe Your heart still stops when you see me Maybe it's worth another try Better place, better time When we're underneath the lights My heart's no longer broken For a moment Just for a moment When we're singin' side by side There's so much left unspoken For a moment Just for a moment A moment in love (just for a moment) A moment in love (just for a moment) But is a moment enough? When we're underneath the lights My heart's no longer broken For a moment Just for a moment

  48. Miranda Sings

    Why did they say this song was from zombies 2 if it wasn't in he movie but the way who's here after the premier of zombies 2?


    Someone tell me their making a ZOMBIES 3!! With uhh idk

  50. Destiny Francis

    Sorry. The minute Ben started singing, in auto tune. He was going overboard.

  51. Elias Emanuel Colaço

    i missed brazilian portuguese

  52. Weebish Gacha

    That awkward moment you realise this song isn’t in the Zombies 2 movie 😶 “Genie in a bottle” I see what you did there Ariel 2:49

  53. Robert Cherry

    Nice movie 🥰😍😆💖💖

  54. Eth Mel

    I tried to sing this song on the top of my lungs, and it sounded like a toad. Cuz’ of my low voice....

  55. 27decka  unknown

    Am I the only one that think Wyatt guy is so cute

  56. armando Sagastume

    Adison donde vives?

  57. armando Sagastume

    Me speak spanish

  58. Unirainbows Queen

    Half the views are me lol 😝

  59. Victoria Khorishko

    "I never thought of myself as mean, I always thought that I would be the queen." Me: Hymmmm...

  60. Angelina Olivares Gonsalez

    Enl la vida real Malo y Adison son apareja💖😍🇦🇷

  61. NeyaNation !!!

    Like comment if you agree with me when I say I'm thinking a zoms 3 with vamps or people with magic

  62. PacZilla Killa

    Does anyone else wonder how they get all their clothes if they live in the woods.

  63. Amanda Lara

    Muchas felicidades a Sarahi 🇲🇽 Me encantó 😍

  64. Carly Schoolar

    Love the song

  65. Octavio Urzua

    Latinoamericana ❤️🇧🇴🇨🇱🇦🇷🇪🇨🇨🇺🇬🇹🇭🇳🇲🇽🇩🇴🇺🇾🇸🇻🇻🇪🇵🇪🇵🇦🇳🇮🇨🇺🇨🇷🇨🇴 Creo que son todo a i no inclui a 🇧🇷🇭🇹 aunque son latinoamericano no ablan el idioma español aunque todo vanga derivado de el latin a arriba latinoamericanos y que hermosa voz de carmen sarahí🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  66. Fan Vixtion

    This might sound weird but Shouldn't her boobies be jiggling more?

  67. Werner Pfundner

    The best movie opening i ever seen! Its perfect a 10 out of 10 you never give

  68. Resurgam Victoria

    This music video made absolutely no sense and you all know it.

  69. Cintia Sosa


  70. Gearld Gallicchio


  71. amam uish

    The movie was so so good

  72. xoofftoneverl4nd

    Why couldn't this be in the movie 😍😍😍

  73. Team Winters

    the Descendants series is way better than zombies unless they make a zombies 3 and 4 where Addison finds herself and they make a movie talking about vampires it has no chance of being better then descendants when i was growing up the best Disney original was HSM and Camp Rock

  74. ɑɑӀíվɑհ ɷ

    I like the werewolf songs ;-;


    0:13= Wyatt gets really close to Addison. #teamzeddison but I mean... they look good together

  76. ALonelyRedBed

    LOL I MADE A FULL PARODY OF THIS SONG (PLZ DONT STEAL) You can read it along with the real one i guess I dropped my snowcone (x3) I want to eat it But I can’t I can only look at it hopelessly While it is being eaten by an ant There’s a thousand reasons I should pick it up and eat But also a thousand reasons why i shouldn’t Because i would get sick in a heartbeat You’re just a snowcone I don’t really need you But then again I kinda do Everything i ever loved was inside of that snowcone Without i would always be so alone I’ve had a little of the snowcone I don’t really need you anymore I’m afraid of what i'm risking if i eat you I dropped my snowcone!!!!! I dropped my snowcone!!!!! I dropped my snow- o - o coooone!!!! I have no regret saying this That snow cones are absolutely delicious But when someone hits it to the floor That is very vicious Or am i completely wrong And snowcones aren’t even that good And i’m freaking out Over a disgusting piece of food? Every second is a little harder As i watch the ant eat it Oh how i wish I could eat a tiny bit I dropped my snowcone!! I dropped my snowcone!!! I dropped my snoooow c - o - o ne!!! (oooooooooh) Oh A- ant Can you please stop Eating My Snowcone!!!! (oooooooooh) (oooooh) (Then there’s a bunch more oohs) I want to eat it So very badly I wish i hadn’t Dropped My snowcooooooooone!

  77. April Pasley

    How loves this song as much as me?I can believe that Eliza roasted bucky that is one of my favorite parts

  78. manuel caballero

    This song sucks

  79. Ryan Schulz

    10:18 I was balling like a baby. Idc about your opinion, I thought it was amazing.

  80. Esther Gitimu

    Is anyone else looking back thinking damn that white girl can pop

  81. Elizabeth Childers

    It's funny because if you think about the lyrics, this song means so much more. Its like an anthem for our generation and the sh*t the generations have left for us, and what we are supposed to believe. This proves we don't need to listen to them.

  82. Humna Chaudhary

    jordan singing this song literally sounds like sex. (but like, its a disney princess movie???)

  83. adela bonilla

    Famous birthdays says that Willa played as Wyatt in Zombies 2 -_-

  84. Sasha Reyes

    They just break into dances immediately like if it would actually happen

  85. Azumarill

    Me and my aborted twin coming together at the end to sing the duet

  86. Renata Mendoza 123


  87. debby1523

    The choreography in this is 🔥🔥🔥

  88. The girl who Stan

    I love so much.. how this entire movie was a metaphore for some real and trouble maker feelings.. Me encantó como esta película, entera, sirve de metáfora para problemas y sentires de la vida cotidiana. No solamente esta canción, sino su historia total. Desde Olaf y Sven hasta Elsa y Anna.. Una verdadera obra maestra que debemos enseñar al mundo ♡

  89. Matheus Leiria


  90. Destinee Rose Charlemagne

    You are so cute 🤗😘

  91. Victoria Limon

    U wanna battle with the best good luck let’s go

  92. Milys MR

    I'm falling in love with this scene

  93. Maria Triana Jones

    When I hear this song, I have flashbacks of all the bad that’s happened to me. I wish I could fix it all.

  94. Silvia Ley juan


  95. Pinecoesgirl

    Disney totally ripped him off

  96. Hola soy Sasha


  97. Werner Pfundner

    The best movie Disney ever did! That was an exceptional job from the artists who been drawing that by their hands and it will never be reached by any computer programm!!! The song is so simple and tells you so much!! The song is so great cant be reached!! What a movie

  98. Ravenfire 177

    This is so cool, it's Disney Channel's first-ever rap battle. Bucky vs Zed. And I would vote for Zed, he wants to make a change. Bucky just has a big ego.

  99. Cassandra Miracle

    I thought willow was the beta wolf. Also tell me If I said her names wrong I haven't watched zombies 2

  100. E M

    In the beginning I didn’t think I would end up loving part 2 as much as I loved part 1 but I think it now has my heart! Lol I love them both though! Zombies fan for life!! 🧟‍♂️❤️