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  1. Tony Wu

    Somethings definitely happened on set 😌

  2. hooshi hoodhi


  3. Horny Teen

    Luis_hawk18 on snap

  4. Ross mayor

    You can tell t.i influence her I hear it all in her flow I like the song tho I'm impressed

  5. Fuglicita on IG •

    You know a song is good when its from like 10 years ago and you see comments from 3 days ago

  6. J Chaudjskchx

    She’s so hardworking and hands on with the entire production , respect

  7. Abigail Stump

    People need do listen to the lyrics more than watching the video, she's talking how she started out at the bottom and then worked hard to get rich and at the top

  8. First Name

    Her music is actually decent but people are over her, I doubt she’ll make a comeback

  9. chei ༄

    no way this is 5 years old, i remember watching it when it came out holy shit-

  10. Sladja

    i'm here after a breakup lol

  11. Reese Glenk

    I watched this cuz of just dance

  12. TheRedPandaGamer 16

    crab bat

  13. MaXAtTaCk #Max

    Hey iggy Idk if you'll see this but miss ur music, this song made ny teenage years used to rap this song all the time bc it had major bars, really hope u make a comeback someday remember " hit em with a duce thats a combo"~ Iggy 2016

  14. só acredito vendo

    Iggy minha musa

  15. its Dizzle

    haters mad iggy gotta fitter booty then dem

  16. Catherine Urbina

    I want Iggy to touch my kitty like that 😍🙈

  17. Ioana Tanase

    No one : Me and my sister at 10 years old fightimg over who is iggy and who s rita ora )) i was iggy btw)

  18. Jason Briggs

    I just got $80,000 for some guitars, mmm hoom

  19. Ndubuisi Muna

    Forget about Iggy being underated .. This song would have pushed hard if she feature a market popular artiste like Ariana, Dua lipa, halsey or even nicki

  20. Билли Грегор

    😍😍😍😍😍Rita oraaaa

  21. Jennifer Obijuru

    I just realized those clothes were from clueless Why am I so LATE?.......

  22. {Mix Samy}

    Eu depois de saber a tradução da musica *_*

  23. its Dizzle

    2:25 .. ... .....get served by that

  24. sunita thind

    Cultural appropriation much IGGy. So sick of celebs taking from our cultures and seeing it as some disposable fashion trend. Twerking in a sari 🥻 it cheapens Indian rich culture. Go away Iggy 🤮🤮

  25. Za'Kyra Briscoe


  26. NeedzCxddlez Zzz

    Oh shit- i used to listen to this-

  27. Donna James

    I wonder if Taylor got inspiration from this video to paint the Reputation plane...

  28. Michael Anderson

    Iggy iggy iggy ghot damnn

  29. Noemí Piquer Guarch

    Oingoinh P&G*

  30. Yomna

    This song make me horny when i dance

  31. PhipheeDancee

    No entiendo como está canción no peto si es buenísima 🔥🔥💕😎😎

  32. James Weingate

    Who came here from TIKTOK

  33. caua Menotti

    very good

  34. Elleanna Mcclure

    This song is our new nationinal atham.

  35. lolahouka_roblox


  36. jankeh bojang

    Iggy Azalea - Black Widow ft. Rita Ora

  37. jankeh bojang

    Iggy Azalea - Work

  38. Keffy Moss


  39. Thomas Ray

    Hurry Iggy with new album

  40. Daija Lyrics

    Do you think she and Cardi B would do a song together

  41. m. mache

    IGGY AZALEA AND JENNIFER HUDSON INCREDIBLY stunning preformer songs techniques professionally professional Seleberity Artists singer's I Absolutely love it just in 25k times 30k billions like it 14 stars * * * * * * * * * * * * * * strongly recommended for the world entertainment concept Album's plutonium congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  42. Ryan Wilson

    This is like the definitive “ stupid slut anthem “ What’s the name of that road that goes from L.A to Tokyo again ?

    1. Ryan Wilson

      Ahhhh right the pacific fucking ocean ...

  43. Melinda Arroyo

    thats my dream body :(

  44. Natural Tanvir's Channel

    Is there any successful businesswoman?

  45. Fernando Cano

    Queen 👑

  46. Donald James Jr

    1:15 they started doing Jutsu's

  47. Tatiana Trivino

    name a wacker duo ill wait

  48. Rikko

    Wouw love this Performance!❤🎵👌

  49. YouTube User

    miss vanjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  50. xs

    I came here because of NINEONE, idk about you :))

  51. rihannaturkey

    love you

  52. Brittany Forster

    I love it 😍 so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  53. lanarco barbie

    1:11. she predicted the meme

  54. Argir Argirov


  55. Dima play games

    145 mil views

  56. LIL D

    me: wondering how much they waisted on there wigs

  57. Lavínia Machado

    coffin meme by Iggy

  58. Johanna Kapper

    Charli XCX sounds like Gwen Stefani

  59. Milos :P


    1. Milos :P


  60. Milos :P


  61. Amani Dodson

    "Say mermaid five time, don't speak until you repost this, then touch water."

  62. Eleanor Noonan

    I was a fan of iggy but not anymore she’s talented and a good rapper ppl gotta stop hating on her tho

  63. Jaison Suarez

    this is throwback right here

  64. Fernando Garza

    the male version of karen

  65. Jure Pejovnik

    i listen to this music at least 4 times a day enjoy it every time

  66. Ale Rivas


  67. Dakota Hastings

    I remember when this song was blasted in the radio and we all sang this to the top of our lungs while screaming out the window...... I miss that life.

  68. XxFatima_GamingxX

    you is watching in quaratine? like if you are 👇🏻

  69. Warfighter

    Blimey this song is shit

  70. Michelle Valencia

    Literal yo vengo por lo de TIKTOK.. Alguien mas

  71. Jbslick Tv

    You well never know how good this song is until it comes on the radio in your car

  72. Jan Goh

    I like how she needs an app to tell her that a skirt and a jacket with the same pattern match.

  73. Syeda Begum

    This song is literally catchy mostly cus of Charlie

  74. Παναγιώτης Κακούρος

    Who's just listening to old sons that used to be big hits?

  75. threezE Brit

    Holy just realized this is Hong Kong

  76. shaafirama

    This year was iggy azalea era

  77. Tara Storf

    if i have a crazy child, i will call her Lola, courtesy of this song

  78. wes demaline

    I will watch this on silence

  79. 3rica

    7 years later : Wtf is this iggy?

  80. Tya Campbell

    Slept on 🤚🏽🥺

  81. Omega Lul

    Iggy get outta there he is still alive!!

  82. Vaishnavi Reddy

    *I just don't know*

  83. SirCloud

    *Me in 2014 showing up Fashionably Late:*

  84. Самир Фахрутдинов


  85. Elvina Nnenna Okereafor

    OMG her songs are super cool she's a real artist

  86. Bruno Jussiani

    Queremos Clip

  87. Bruno Jussiani

    Cadê o clipe?

  88. Bruno Jussiani


  89. Richa Gray

    Why does James Charles’ makeup videos get more views than Iggy?

  90. Val .s

    Bill always has blondies trying to kill him

  91. Maya Panchbhai

    Who is here after David gutta festival

  92. Bella Rose

    Finally some church music i can listen to

  93. s llǝɔ uᴉɐɹq ɹnoʎ lɐǝʇs llᴉʍ I

    American mainstream rap in a nutshell

  94. Malikita Horan

    Diamante, diamante eu ganhei do meu macho do um diamante...

  95. 胖太


  96. Therese Traya

    This gives me the vibes

  97. 김민재

    Who's here because heard in tiktok,,,,?

  98. David Al-Suhaily

    I love the song because ass from the girls

  99. notyour nova


  100. Mia Zaheeya

    I just realized her voice tone got more different n more mature now.